Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: NC-17
Summary: None really, just smut.
Spoilers: "Spiral" Or my re-written version of a particular scene, anyway.
Disclaimer: I promised that if I could just use them for sex, I'd get them back to Joss relatively undamaged. I haven't heard back, so I'm assuming he agreed. :)
Note: I couldn't tell if the shack had one room, or two. I made it two. The boys needed it, trust me. ::giggle::

Last Night of Our Lives


Xander felt a twinge of sympathy as he watched Spike fumble with the lighter, the blood-soaked cloths wrapped around his hands hindering his movements. Sighing, he crossed the room and gently took the lighter away, flicking it to provide a tiny burst of flame.

"Thanks." Spike lit his cigarette, inhaling the smoke deeply.

Xander watched as full lips pursed around the cylinder, cheeks hollowing with the slight suction. His breath caught, and he unconsciously leaned in closer. Catching himself, he shook his head. "You know those things'll kill you," he remarked conversationally.

Spike just glared at him out of the corner of his eyes.

"Oh. Right." Xander scuffed his feet, staring around the room awkwardly. "Have I mentioned today how much I don't like you?"

Spike snorted, nodding. "Might 'ave let it slip in...once or twice." They both grinned.

"How're your feelers?"

Giving an exasperated sigh, Spike responded, "It's nothing compared to the little bits we're gonna get chopped into when the Renaissance Faire kicks the door in."

"Right." Xander crossed his arms over his chest, casting a sidelong glance at the blonde. After a moment, he inched closer, breathing in the heady scent of nicotine, leather, and Spike.

Spike stood his ground, determinedly ignoring the waves of pheromones that were fairly pulsing off the human's body.

"So, we could..."

The vampire sighed, looking up at Xander. "Don't."

Xander took on a wounded expression. "What?"

Sighing, Spike rolled his eyes. "We said we weren't gonna do this again, Xan."

"I know." Still, he shuffled a bit closer, then reached out to lightly pet an angular cheek.

"I don't think this is exactly the right time for it, anyway."

Xander smiled. "Hey, twenty-four hours from now, we could all be dead. Or deader. Hell, this could very well be the last night of our lives. Don't you wanna...go out with a bang?"

"What, so now you don't care if all your mates find out who you're shaggin'? You were singin' a different tune not so long ago." Spike twitched his head, shaking off the warm, wandering fingers.

"Little late now. The Buffster figured it out, and nagged Anya until she spilled the beans."

Spike chuckled. "Bet that went over well."

"They were all pretty cool about it. You know, considering." Xander's eyes lit mischievously. "They were quite entertained by Anya' descriptions of some of our escapades."

Shaking his head, the blonde huffed in mock annoyance. "Never did meet a bird who could bloody well keep her mouth shut."

"Off topic, now." Plucking the cigarette from Spike's mouth, Xander dropped it to the floor, grinding it out under his heel. He sidled up next to the smaller man, rubbing against him invitingly. "Come on. You know you wanna."

"Mmmmm." Spike leaned in to lick up Xander's neck. "One last shag...old time's sake, an' all that rot?"

"Yeah, sure," he murmured breathlessly.

Blue eyes flicking over to their captive currently affixed to the post, the vampire asked, "What about our audience, pet?"

"Don't wanna shag him," was the whispered reply, accompanied by a wet tongue sliding along cool cheeks. "Wanna shag you."

A bolt of lust shot through Spike, and he growled. Twisting around, he shoved Xander away and began pulling at his clothes. "Bloody hell," he muttered when he found himself unable to properly undress. Warm hands brushed his away.

"Let me." Quickly, Xander shoved his worn duster off his shoulders, and it crumpled to the floor. Nimble fingers made short work of the belt buckle, and within moments, the brunette had Spike's pants unbuttoned and shoved down his thighs. Meanwhile, the vampire had managed to remove his own shirt, then began tugging at his lover's clothing.

Xander moved back a step, hastily shucking off his shirt. He watched as Spike kicked off his boots, peeling tight jeans all the way off. "You know, it's not strictly necessary to get fully naked."

Spike barely paused. "Might be my last shag, mate. Gonna damn well make sure it's a right proper one." He eyed the other man. "So? Strip!"

Never one to argue in the face of such logic -- at least not when that logic provided him with naked companionship -- Xander did as he was commanded. He'd barely removed the last item when his head was yanked forward and his mouth very thoroughly plundered. Moaning, he wrapped his arms around Spike, writing in an attempt to meld their flesh together.

Careful not to injure the human, Spike shoved him gently to the floor, kneeling over him. "Got anything handy, pet?" he asked, pulling the annoying bandages off his hands. The cuts were mostly healed by now anyway, and it would make things easier.

Xander's face fell, and he cursed.

Spike groaned. "You have got to be kiddin'!"

"Oh, hey, how'd I guess?" The feminine voice made both men jerk in surprise.

Anya had poked her head around the doorway, and was rolling her eyes fondly. "What else would the two of you be doing when we're facing the end of life as we know it?" Sighing, she ducked out for a moment, reappearing with her satchel in hand. Digging through it, she extracted a tube, casually tossing it over to them. "Well, at least one of us remembered to come prepared." She smiled. "Have fun! But, um, try not to take too long, ok? Buffy wants to talk with that guy, and for some reason, she doesn't want to see the two of you having sex." A frown appeared briefly. "I don't see why not. I think you're very fun to watch." With a wave, she vanished again, closing the door behind her.

Xander giggled as he held the tube of cherry flavored lubricant out to Spike. "That's Anya for you. Never leaves home without her supply of frying pans, canned meat, and lube. Gotta love a girl like that."

Spike snatched the tube away. "Enough talking, luv. Want my cock up your arse." He squirted out a stream of gel, rubbing it briskly onto his erection.

Xander wiggled in anticipation. "Gotta love those sweet nothings." He gasped as two slim fingers immediately burrowed into him, stretching him quickly. There was a slight burn as a third finger joined them, and Xander's head tossed back and forth at the wonderful friction.

Almost panting with eagerness to get inside the deliciously hot body under him, Spike removed his fingers and spread Xander's legs wide, hands pushing his thighs up. Legs obligingly wrapped themselves around his waist, and Spike slid forward, his cock pressing easily into Xander's smooth, slick channel.

Hissing as he was once more filled with his lover's thick flesh, Xander tightened his muscles reflexively. Spike groaned in appreciation, and began to move inside him. Xander thrashed as his body was penetrated again and again, prostate tortured mercilessly as the vampire unerringly hit his mark time after time. His hands flailed about, and he looked over in confusion when one grasped onto something solid, yet moving.

Peeling his eyes open, he stared uncomprehending at the boot that he held clasped in his fist. Following the leg it was attached to, he looked up a cloaked body until his eyes locked with Gregor's. The knight had twisted in his bonds, trying to avoid contact with them, and was now sneering down at them with contempt.

Xander would normally have made some sort of acerbic comment at this point, perhaps along the lines of something involving the removal of a large stick from one's nether parts, but Spike chose that moment to increase the tempo of his thrusts. Brain cells that normally would have been designated to carry this message to his mouth died a quick death. Or maybe just found something better with which to occupy themselves.

Spike's fingers dug into Xander's hips as he tried to pull the human even further onto him. He was grunting now with each advance into his lover's willing body. Hands pulled at his hair, and he leaned down, pressing his lips firmly to Xander's, tongue stealing inside to claim his mouth.

Xander whimpered, leg muscles clenching to drive Spike into him, hands running furiously over cool, pale skin. He was being taken, possessed, and he loved every second of it. Craved it...burned for it...pleaded for every touch. His low cries seemed to fill the room as he was impaled, branded with Spike's ownership.

Spike snarled as he released his claim on the human's mouth, instead moving lower to gnaw at the juncture between neck and shoulder. He suckled ferociously, raising a deep red welt, marking Xander as his.

Xander's breath hitched and he tensed, then his head thumped back against the floor. His body convulsed as he orgasmed, thick warm fluid coating his belly.

The scent of Xander's completion, the milking contractions around his cock, the continued needy cries being wrenched from the human's throat...all these served to drag Spike's climax from him, and he surrendered to it, pouring himself deep inside his lover. He was unable to stop though, and continued moving within him, slower and slower, until he had softened too much to be able to advance again. Then he collapsed on top of Xander, gasping for unneeded air.

Xander could swear he'd felt his bones melt. He was sure they must have, because there was no way he was ever moving again. His legs had slipped limply from around Spike, and were now sprawled out loosely to the sides, allowing Spike to settle further between them. "Gah..." he muttered, absurdly proud of the coherence of that statement.

"Wzzst," Spike replied, mustering the energy to burrow his face into Xander's neck, licking the damp, salty skin.

"Afndst," Xander agreed. He sighed in contentment, not even registering Gregor's mumbled words of disgust and condemnation. He was too busy scraping together his remaining brain cells, hoping there were enough left to eventually propel himself off the floor. Although that plan did have the disadvantage of separating him from Spike... He decided to reconsider his options.

Their lazy, satiated daze wasn't to last, though. The door opened again, and Ben stepped inside.

"Hey, Buffy wanted me to--woah!" He halted, then spun about, neck flushing red. "Geez, now I know why they were arguing about who had to get you guys. Um, I didn't...interrupt anything? Did I?"

Spike grunted, and the two remained unmoving.

"Oh. Um, good. Uh...B-Buffy said she's gonna be in here in three minutes, and she doesn't want to see any skin." He'd been confused by the message, but it now made sense. Having accomplished his task, he left quickly.

With matching groans, the men levered themselves up. With many lingering touches, they dressed each other, pausing often for wet, sloppy kisses. A loudly cleared throat got their attention, and they turned to see Buffy in the doorway, foot tapping impatiently.

"Finished? Good." She jerked her head toward the door. "Go check the supplies. See if anyone's hungry." She made a warning noise in her throat when they leaned toward each other again. "Now," she ordered firmly.

Grinning sheepishly, Xander took Spike's hand in his own, and they slipped past her. And although the Slayer noticed that Spike's hand was firmly plastered to Xander's butt as they walked, she wisely chose not to say anything.

The End

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