Third in the Death Becomes Them series

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Cascade of Blood


"Gentlemen, I want answers!" Simon Banks slapped a thick file folder down on the desk, glaring at his detectives. Grabbing up a cigar, he chewed furiously on the end of it. "Do you have any idea the pressure the department is under to find this killer before he strikes again? I'll tell's not pretty!"

"No offense, man, but neither are the crime scenes." Blair Sandburg quailed slightly under the harsh look Simon gave him, but refused to back down. "Hey, I'm not any happier about this than you are."

Simon sighed and collapsed into his chair. He glanced tiredly at Jim Ellison. "Well? Haven't know...picked up anything?"

The detective frowned. "That's just it, Captain. I'm picking up plenty. It just doesn't make any sense!" Jim stood and began pacing. "The MO is basically the same each time, but the scents I pick up seem to...I don't know...change. It's the same perp, I know it is, but it's like he's somehow...different."

"You're sure it's the same guy, then? No chance of a copy-cat?"

"No. No way. But..." Jim scratched his neck in annoyance. "Sometimes, he doesn't smell quite...human."

Simon struggled to keep his jaw from dropping. "What the hell is that supposed to mean, detective?" he demanded.

Jim threw his hands up. "I don't know!"

Blair took a chance, speaking up again. "These...killings have occurred on an average of once a week for the last three months. Jim's senses have picked up some really weird things at each of the homicides that occurred on or around the full moon. Thing that wouldn't normally be described as traits that a human would have."

Simon's head thunked down on the desk. "I don't need this now, Sandburg. Tell me you're not about to come up with one of your wild theories? Please?"

"Well, I--"

The door to Simon's office opened, and Detective Brown stuck his head in. "Got another body, people."

"Damn," Jim muttered. With a weary groan, he stood. "C'mon, Chief."



Jim shook his head. "Different MO, it's not our guy."

"What happened to him?"


The men turned as Cassie Wells joined them. "Excuse me?" Blair asked in disbelief.

"Exsanguination. He was drained dry. I doubt if they'll find a drop of blood left in his entire body."

"What happened to it?"

Cassie shrugged, brushing back a curly lock of her red hair. "No clue. There's no trace of it anywhere around the body; best guess at the moment is that he was killed somewhere else, then dumped here."

At that moment, Simon stalked over, expression furious. "I do not need two sickos running around my town, people. First we get mauled, mangled bodies that look like they've been half-eaten, now we have bloodless ones. Time to earn your pay. Find the ones responsible. And I mean yesterday!"


Xander giggled as he watched Spike shove another body out of the car and into a darkened alley. "I like it here, Spikey. Lots of people. I like people."

Spike grinned, then got back into their stolen vehicle. With a screech of the tires, they were off to find entertainment for the evening.

Not much later, they pulled up outside a dimly lit park. Spike turned off the car and got out, motioning for Xander to follow. The younger vampire obeyed, following Spike deeper into the park.

"Wanna show you somethin', pet." Spike took Xander's hand, leading him confidently across the green. After a short walk, they came upon a secluded glade that featured as its centerpiece a small statue. Spike pointed at it, and Xander obligingly walked over to examine the marble figurine.

He gasped. " looks like..."

"I know." Spike came up and wrapped his arms around his childe. He too stared at the statue, once more overtaken by its eerie resemblance to Angel.

Xander snickered. "Think he posed for it?" He flicked a finger against the statue's barely concealed genitals.

Smirking, Spike rolled his eyes. "Look there." He pointed at the mini-Angel's backside. Xander crouched down and squinted, barely able to make out the symbols carved into the marble. He read the words aloud, "Tight ass, available for free fucks. 555-3523. Ask for Angel." He peered up at his sire, then burst into uncontrollable laughter.

"Nice touch, wasn't it?" Spike grew thoughtful. "Wonder if he ever had any takers?"

Batting his eyes coyly, Xander reached out for the belt loops on Spike's jeans, pulling him closer. "I have a taker," he whispered invitingly.

"Oh, that you do." He dragged Xander up, stripping off his shirt. "Pants off," he commanded, watching avidly as his childe skimmed out of his clothes. "Now mine."

Xander hastily divested Spike of his coverings, licking his lips as he caressed pale skin.

"On your knees. Shoulders down." Spike licked his lips as Xander dropped down, ass high in the air and wriggling invitingly. With a growl, he knelt, swiftly entering his childe's body.

Xander hissed as he was impaled fully, arching his back up as his face was pressed into the ground. He whimpered at the force of the thrusts inside him, grinding his hips back to coax his sire even deeper into him.

Hands gripping tightly on Xander's hips, Spike slammed himself forward, forcing himself inside the channel that accepted him eagerly. One hand moved to rake down his lover's muscled back, marking him with tiny lines of blood. Snarling, Spike bent and lapped at the beads of blood, then bit down on a shoulder. "Cum for me, luv. Cum from me fucking you." After that whispered command, Spike bit down again, sinking his fangs in deeply.

Gasping, Xander froze, then his body was wracked with spasms as he came, his dead seed erupting violently from his body. Dimly, he felt Spike shove in a few more times, then let go, filling him with his essence.

Chest rumbling, Spike's body pressed Xander's to the ground, and his hands gently petted trembling skin.

A steady clapping drew their attention, and they sat up, startled. A man stepped out of the shadows, still clapping.

"Lovely performance, I must say."

Xander frowned. "Oz?"

The man moved into the moonlight. "Xander," he answered. "Fancy meeting you here."

Spike frowned. "Looking mighty lively for a dead guy, aren't you?"

Oz snorted. "I could say the same for the both of you."

"I don't get come you're not dead?" Xander tilted his head as he studied the werewolf.

"Well, it wasn't for lack of trying on your part," Oz answered wryly.

Xander shrugged. "Nothing personal, you know."

"I figured." Oz strolled forward, dropping to the ground beside them. "No biggie...I got over it."

"Yeah. You still haven't explained how, though."

"Mmm." Oz gazed at the nude bodies sprawled casually near him, the scent of sex heavy around them both. "The knife Buffy stabbed me with wasn't real silver. She's always had a problem being able to tell the real thing."

"Oh." Xander grinned. "Cool."


Spike watched as Oz continued to stare at his Xander. "Want him?" he questioned abruptly.

Xander's eyes snapped wide with arousal, and he shifted to display himself invitingly.

Oz smirked. "Who wouldn't?"

Spike rubbed a hand down Xander's side. "You were a bad boy, pet," he told his childe. "Tricked Oz into comin' over that night, got him stabbed you did." He leaned down to nip sharply at quivering flesh. "I think he should punish you for that," he growled softly into Xander's ear.

Oz's smile grew, and he bent to give Xander a bruising kiss. "I think that's a wonderful idea, Spike." He stood, waiting patiently for the vampires to clothe themselves. "We can go back to my...playroom." His grin turned evil. "It's not safe around here at night, you know. Some maniac is running around mauling people, leaving a trail of bloody, mangled corpses." He shook his head, tsking. "Such a shame; it's really quite...animal."

Spike blinked, eyeing the werewolf. "I...see. Found your teeth, did you?"

"Let's just say I experienced a, well, change of heart about my...situation."

Laughing loudly, Spike gave the smaller man a friendly clap on the shoulder. "Always knew you had it in you."

Xander joined them, rubbing himself up against Oz. "Wanna play now. Spikey? Can we play? I'm such a bad boy."

Oz took the opportunity to give Xander another kiss. "Gotta tell you, Spike. I think I prefer this Xander. He's so much"

"Oh, you ain't seen nothin' yet, luv."


"I think we might have gotten a break, Jim." Blair walked up to his partner's desk, laying a sheet of paper in front of him. "I talked to some of my students who were friends of the last, um, victim." He swallowed hard. "Uh, not the one we just saw, you know, the, uh--"

"I think I got it, Chief. What did you learn?"

"Well, a couple mentioned seeing her with some guy that none of them knew, they figured he was just another one of the new students who had recently transferred in." He nodded to the paper, which contained a rather detailed sketch. "Alice, she dabbles a bit in art, sketched this for me. She said the guy made her feel 'twitchy', and didn't have any problems remembering him."

Jim examined the picture. The lean, compact young man didn't seem to be at all threatening...until you noticed the eyes which, even on paper, seemed to glitter with malice at the viewer. "Any idea of where to find him?"

"They thought the warehouse district, maybe. They were seen driving off in that direction in a black van."

"Great. Let's go."

Blair scrambled to follow Jim out the door. Neither of them noticed the redhead watching them go with raised eyebrows.


"Ah!" Xander let out a yelp as a sharp claw traced a path down his chest. He banged his head back against the wall, yanking his hands against the manacles that trapped them above his head.

"Oh, did that hurt?" Oz smiled as Xander nodded, whimpering. "Want me to do it again?" A laugh escaped him at the continued frantic nodding, and he obliged. Small streams of blood trickled over his hands as he worked, carving delicate designs into Xander's soft skin. He moved lower, caressing long, bare legs. "You like this, don't you? Being at my mercy; unable to escape."

Xander whined as a claw softly touched the tip of his drooling cock, teasing him. He tried to thrust his hips forward, and was smacked sharply for his trouble.

"Don't be demanding, now. You're not in charge here." He continued his task, loving the way the blood stood out so starkly against skin that still held its tan from the time Xander had been human.

Spike watched, somewhat awed, as Oz worked. He hadn't known the young werewolf could be quite so...artistic. And his Xander. God, but the boy looked so...fuckable! All shackled against the wall, covered in blood, making those tiny, pleading little groans and whimpers deep in his throat. Spike let his hand stray down to his erection, glad he'd insisted they all strip once they'd arrived at the warehouse that Oz had brought them to.

Oz ignored the other vampire, attention focused solely on the one who was writhing under his claws. Arousal was pouring off Xander steadily, beating at Oz's thin veneer of control. With a loud growl, he stood, positioning Xander down lower so he'd have easy access.

He glanced briefly at Spike for permission, and when he received a shaky nod, he wrenched Xander's legs up and apart, then plunged inside.

Xander screamed, filled with the searing heat of Oz's erection. No one besides Spike had ever fucked him before, so he was unused to the way living, hot flesh would feel inside him. He decided he really, really liked it and, with a groan, wrapped his legs around Oz's slim body, urging him on.

Oz slammed into Xander's body, heedless of any damage he might be causing. Couldn't be too much, because Xander himself seemed remarkably pleased with his progress, and Spike would probably kill him if he hurt the young vampire too badly. Snarling, Oz picked up the pace, unaware that he'd begun to lose his human shape.

Eyes huge, Xander watched avidly as Oz grew fur, his claws and teeth lengthening. He bared his throat in supplication, and Oz dove in to suckle hungrily. Tightening his muscles around the cock that was battering its way inside him, Xander shuddered. His seed shot from him, covering Oz's hairy stomach.

Still pounding into Xander's pliant body, Oz grabbed his ass and squeezed, pulling him as close as possible. Shoving himself fully inside, he let go, cumming with a howl.

Stilling, he leaned against Xander, panting hard. Without warning, cool hands pulled him away and shoved him to the floor. Oz looked up into burning golden eyes.

Growling, Spike crouched over the werewolf, watching as Oz's features returned to their human guise. Bending down, he lapped at his childe's tangy blood that coated slender fingers. He cleaned them, then moved to Oz's stomach, which was smeared with a mixture of blood and cum. He licked at it eagerly, clearing every trace away.

Scooting forward, he bumped his still hard cock against Oz's lips. "Suck me," he ordered, groaning when then hot mouth opened and swallowed him down. Holding onto the smaller man's head, he thrust down, over and over, practically trying to crawl into the heated cavern that rippled around him eagerly.

Almost grinning, Oz continued to suck on the vampire, slipping a hand around and abruptly shoving a finger inside of Spike, scraping over his prostate.

Spike stiffened, clenching down, then exploded, erupting down Oz's welcoming throat. After his spasms ceased, he pulled away weakly. "Well...damn." He blinked, body still shuddering slightly.

Oz sat up and licked his lips. "Yeah," he replied with a grin.

Spike shook his head in bemusement, glancing over at Xander when he heard the other vampire tug at his bindings again. He stood, walking over and giving Xander a slow, sweet kiss. "You stay here and behave now, pet. The wolf and I are gonna go get some dinner."

Xander pouted, but nodded, relaxing against the wall. He watched somewhat sadly as his sire left, followed by Oz. Staring down at his renewed erection, he sighed.


Blair quietly followed his partner across the street to the black van that was parked there. "Think this is the same one?" he whispered.

Jim waved a hand to shush him, then inhaled deeply. He nodded, pointing to his nose to indicate that the smell in the van was the same he'd found at the crime scenes. He pulled Blair close, breathing softly into his ear, "You should stay here, call for backup."

"What?" Blair hissed back. "No way, man! I'm going in with you!"

"Blair..." His head jerked up, and he spun around, gun drawn.

Cassie stood there, grinning sheepishly. "Hi guys," she greeted them in a hushed voice. "Did you find them?"

Jaw clenching, Jim lowered his gun. "What are you doing here?" he demanded angrily.

"Oh, come on! You two never let me help out. Besides, I thought you might need backup."

"You are not backup. You're not even a detective!"

Cassie rolled her eyes, arms crossed over her chest.

Sighing, Jim handed her his cell. "Here, you stay here, call for backup... real backup! Blair, you come with me." He turned and crept into the building.

Blair shrugged at Cassie apologetically, then followed his partner.


Xander stiffened as he heard two heartbeats steadily drawing closer. Then he relaxed, smelling his sire nearby. Everything would be fine.

Blair nearly ran into Jim when he halted abruptly. "What--" Jim covered his mouth, pulling him forward and pointing. Blair's eyes widened in horror as he saw the bloody figure chained to the wall. "Oh god..." he breathed. "Is he--?"

Jim listened carefully, then shook his head. "No heartbeat, Chief. And he's not breathing, either." He began to walk slowly toward the body, gun drawn. As he drew closer, his nose wrinkled. "Damn."

"What? What is it?"

"Smells like sex in here, Chief." He nodded toward the body. "He smells like it."

"You mean...oh shit." Blair felt disgusted by the depravity that drove people to do things like this. "Poor guy," he whispered sadly. He moved out from behind Jim, walking over to the still figure. "Do you think..." his words were cut off by a thud, and he spun around.

"Don't you people know it's rude to waltz in uninvited?"

The blonde man grabbed Jim, holding a knife to his neck. "Drop it, mate," he ordered in a steely voice.

Jim slowly lowered his weapon, letting it clatter to the floor.

"You. Curly. Grab the keys off the floor and unlock those cuffs on my boy."

Gulping, Blair edged over and picked up the keys. He moved over to the body, flinching as his shaky hands worked at the locks on the manacles. When they finally opened, he expected the body to fall to the floor. He was shocked when, instead, the dead man opened his eyes and spun the two of them around, wrenching Blair's arms up and locking them into the manacles.

Jim couldn't move, he felt like his senses were going crazy. He wasn't picking up any heartbeats or signs of respiration from either of the men, and they gave off a distinct scent of death. This wasn't possible. He would have sworn they were dead, but they certainly appeared to be living.

"Pet. Come take care of this bloke for me, would you?"

Xander grinned and walked over to his sire, kicking the discarded gun away. "This is getting to be a habit, Spikey." Cocking his head, he stared at the captive as if trying to decide what to do, then quickly punched him.

The blow didn't totally knock Jim unconscious, but he would never have believed the young man could pack such a punch. By the time he recovered, he found himself trussed up in a set of manacles matching the ones Blair sported. Shaking his head to clear it, he glared at their captors.

"You won't get away with this," Blair informed them, struggling against his bindings.

"Beg to differ, but I truly think we will." Spike smirked at the man, grabbing Xander as he walked back over, pressing a kiss to his neck. "You're dirty, pet," he told him, grinning.

"Not my fault. You wouldn't let me clean up after Oz was done playing." He wiggled his naked body against Spike, licking the side of his face.

"I don't get it," Blair interjected into the lovers' reunion. "I thought he" He glanced over at Jim.

"What, dead? Well, simple enough. We are." Chuckling, Spike released Xander and moved to stand next to Blair. "You're a pretty one," he commented blandly, trailing a finger down Blair's cheek.

Blair twisted his head away from the touch.

"Not interested? Pity. I wouldn’t mind watching my Xanpet fuck your tight little ass." Spike shrugged and walked back to Xander. He gave Jim a derisive glance. "Don't think either of us could fuck you, though. Already looks like you got somethin' else shoved up your ass."

Everyone looked toward the door at the sound of a muffled shriek. Oz entered, dragging Cassie with him, hand clamped over her mouth. He yanked it away when she bit him, slapping her with an angry snarl. He shoved her toward Xander, who caught the struggling woman with a grin.

Jim narrowed his eyes at the man who strongly resembled the one in the sketch, catching his distinct scent. "You," he growled. "You're the one we've been looking for."

"Let her go!" Blair shouted at Xander, pulling his arms forward again, trying to escape.

Xander frowned at him. "Why?" He stroked the woman's curly red locks. "I like her hair, Spikey. Red is my favorite color."

"Tell me somethin' I don't know, luv." Spike chuckled as he watched his childe sniff deeply at the woman's neck. "You know, you were such a good boy for us, you deserve a treat. Go on."

Shooting his sire a delighted smile, Xander bore Cassie to the floor, looming over her. "Shh, pretty girl. Only gonna hurt you a little. Once you're dead, you won't feel a thing." He snickered at the flurry of renewed struggles his assurances produced in the woman. "Oh yeah," he groaned, "I like it when you do that. Your fear, makes me so horny." Bending down, he licked Cassie's face. Then, he shifted to gameface, provoking a horrified scream from the woman under him. Easily holding her down, Xander plunged his fangs into her neck.

Spike sank to his knees next to Xander. He ignored the cacophony of shouts from the men behind them, leaning in toward his childe's neck. Slowly, he let his fangs sink into Xander, drinking his blood even as Xander drained the human he held captive.

Both vampires pulled away before draining Cassie completely, turning and rolling together as they shared a bloody kiss.

Oz took their place, pulling the woman's neck up to his mouth. "Scream for me," he whispered, then morphed into his half-werewolf form. "Scream," he coaxed again as he tore his claws into her weakly struggling body.

Blair screwed his eyes shut, trying desperately to block out the sight. But he could still hear. Hear the tearing of flesh, the crunching of bone. Hear Cassie's screams of agony dwindle, the thrashing of her body slowly diminish. Hear the slurping, sucking sounds that Oz made as he feasted on warm, juicy flesh. Blair's stomach roiled.

Oz looked up from his meal, watching as the vampires began to get more involved. He growled, dropping Cassie's cooling body. He stalked over to the two, pouncing on them.

Spike laughed as Oz tried to crawl between them, yanking the werewolf's face up for a kiss. "I'm gonna fuck you now, wolf," he said clearly, then flipped the smaller body over so Oz was on all fours, ass in the air. "Xan, get under him, suck him off."

Xander did as he was told, positioning himself so he was able to get Oz's cock into his mouth. He began suckling greedily, humping up when Oz's mouth closed around the tip of his own erection.

Spike grinned and shoved two fingers into Oz's tight hole. Pulling back, he bent forward and tongued it open, loosening the muscles and providing a minimal amount of lubrication. He used both tongue and fingers in this manner until he was satisfied, then knelt up. Moving close, he swiftly sheathed himself inside of Oz.

Oz groaned around Xander's cock as he was entered. His own fingers pressed into Xander's still loose opening, searching for the small nub. The young vampire shuddered under him as he found the right spot, and Oz continued to work it diligently as he sucked and Spike thrust inside his ass.

Xander briefly released Oz's cock to lick down to his balls and back to where his sire's cock was invading the werewolf's body. He let his tongue run along the stiff flesh of Spike's cock as it thrust in and out, then moved back to pay attention to Oz's erection. He sucked fiercely, twisting Oz's balls with one hand while his other circled the ring of muscle that was stretched wide around Spike.

Oz moaned, cumming hard in Xander's mouth. He kept working at Xander's cock and prostate, not giving the vampire a moment's rest. It didn't take much longer for Xander to lose it, thrusting into Oz's mouth as he came.

Spike just continued with his fucking, loving the heat that surrounded him. God, he missed that about Xander! But he wouldn't trade his slightly unbalanced childe for the world. With a snarl, he plunged deep, cumming hard. He continued moving for a few moments, then collapsed.

Xander let out a muffled 'oof' as he was squashed under the bodies of the other two men. Releasing Oz's softened cock, he squirmed out from under them, snuggling up next to his sire. "Love you, Spike," he whispered, eyes bright.

Spike stroked his cheek gently. "You too, pet."

Xander grinned. "And I really like Oz, too." He nudged Oz onto his back. "You wanna play some more?"

Oz smiled. "How about I get some dessert, first?" He rolled his eyes at Xander's suggestive leer. "Not that kind!" he said, smacking Xander's ass, which only served to encourage the young vampire. Shaking his head, Oz sat up and crawled over to Blair, who was looking faintly green as he tried to avoid seeing what remained of Cassie's body.

Jim kicked out, trying to connect with the smaller man. Oz was too fast, though, and moved out of range.

Xander frowned, standing and moving toward Jim. "I don't like it when people try to hurt my friends," he grated out, voice thick with malice. He gave Spike a pleading glance. "Can I kill him? Please?"

Spike laughed. "Be my guest."

Happily, Xander lunged at Jim, kicking a leg with enough force to snap the bone. He did the same with the other, effectively keeping the man from retaliating. Gameface on, he leaned in, latching on to the man's jugular. From the corner of his eye, he could see Oz begin to gnaw on Blair's arm, blood squirting out between his teeth.

He backed away suddenly as the sound of a siren pierced the silence, noticing that Oz too had his head cocked, listening.

"Fuck. She must have called for backup before I smashed the phone." Oz swore violently as he darted for his clothes, pulling them on hurriedly.

Spike and Xander did the same, quickly dressing. "What about them?" Xander asked.

"Leave 'em," Spike answered shortly. "Guess it's time to get out of town."

"It's almost sunrise," Oz told them. "I can give you a ride, the windows in the back of my van are blacked out."

"Ta, mate."

The trio finished dressing, then hurried from the room. Oz paused only for one last glance at Blair. He smiled darkly as he looked at the seeping wound he’d left on the man. "Oh, you're gonna have so much fun next month." Laughing, he raced after the others.

The End

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