Second in the Death Becomes Them series

Rating: NC-17
Pairings: S/X, S/X/Krycek (Hey, my first threesome!)
Category: X-Files crossover, humor
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Series: Sequel to Death Becomes Them
Summary: Spike and Xander meet up with a Russian rat and some nosy Fibbies.
Warnings: Torture? Violent sex? More blood? Some death?
Disclaimer: If they were mine, I would never really have time to write, now would I? :)
Author's notes: Works sucks. Here's another depression-lifting addition to my collection. And my very first crossover! :) BTW, I'm in denial. Alex Krycek did *not* get his arm cut off! Not in my world. Maybe hacked on a little, but it's still attached, darn it!



Part One

"Scully, it's an X-file!" Fox Mulder sat on his desk, excitement gleaming in his hazel eyes.

"They're serial murders, Mulder. Not exactly an X-file." She rolled her eyes as her partner bounced in place.

"Oh, come on Scully. They were drained. Exsanguinated. Their blood was sucked out. I'd say that makes it an X-file."

The short redhead paced the cramped room. "We've seen victims in this state before; not often, but it does happen. There's nothing to suggest that anything other than a set of senseless, bizarre killings have taken place. Now granted, we need to catch this killer, but I doubt there's anything that calls for labeling this an X-file."

"What about the bite marks on them?"

A sigh. "What bitemarks?"

Mulder pulled out a manila folder, opening it and extracting photos of the four victims that had turned up in the last week. "These bite marks." He pointed. On each corpse, two sets of marks were plainly visible. Twin holes puncturing the throat and left wrist. The marks on the wrist were darker, as if intense pressure had been applied to them prior to death. No traces of spilled blood showed anywhere in the pictures, except for perhaps a few spots on torn shirts and blouses.

"All right, granted that is a little unusual, but it's no reason to assume --"

"Unusual? Someone--something sucked their blood out. And what do you know of that does that?"

Scully groaned, dropping a hand over her closed eyes. "Let me guess. Vampires?"

Mulder beamed. "Exactly!"

"Mulder...what would vampires be doing in D.C.?"

He shrugged. "I don't know. Sightseeing?"


"It's big." Xander looked up at the obelisk. The Washington Monument towered over them, looming against the starlit backdrop of the night sky.

"That it is, pet."

Xander turned in Spike's arms, rubbing up against his Sire. "I'm horny."

Cocking an eyebrow, the blonde asked, "Starin' at the Washington Monument makes you horny? Those Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials didn't seem to do much for you."

Xander grinned, licking his lips. "Yeah. But this one gives me ideas. All huge, and erect, jutting up in the air like that. Reminds me of you." He pulled back and stealthily made his way to the base of the monument, Spike following close behind.

"Pet? What are you planning?"

"C'mon, let's climb to the top!" He leered over his shoulder. "I wanna fuck at the top of this giant stone penis."

"I'm all for that." Sporting matching grins, the two vampires snuck inside.

The climb to the top took an inordinate amount of time, as they kissed at each of the 897 steps, not leaving one out. Finally, there were no more steps, and Spike picked up his Childe, carrying him farther into the room. He tossed the brunette to the floor and began to strip.

Xander drooled as his lover's flesh was revealed. Quickly, he regained his feet, flinging his clothes off in haste. A moan escaped him as he was crushed to his Sire's chest, his mouth plundered.

Spike looked around the room, noting the windows. He pulled Xander over to one, shoving him up against it. The thought of the view anyone with a high-powered telescope pointed in their direction would get made him laugh wickedly.

Xander gasped as he came into contact with the chilled glass, wriggling his body closer to the blonde's. "Siiiire!"

"Got a problem, pet?" He reached down to take hold of Xander's leaking erection.

"Gaaah...mmmph." Xander suckled hungrily on the tongue that had forged its way into his open mouth.

Spike proceeded to rub himself ferociously up against his Childe, marking the younger vampire with his scent, claiming him. Tearing his mouth away from clinging lips, he spun the brunette around, pressing his front into the window. "Gonna fuck you now, luv. Up here, above the city, where anyone who wanted could see."

Xander nodded his head frantically, willingly submitting to whatever his Sire demanded of him. A low moan escaped him as cool fingers made their way between his lips.

"Get 'em wet for me, Xanpet. Gonna shove 'em up your arse, get you all stretched out for me. Then you can have my cock. You want my cock, don't you?"

Xander nodded again, sucking on the slim fingers, laving them with his mobile tongue. He pushed his ass back against Spike, rubbing the other's cock between his cheeks.

Snarling, Spike removed his fingers with a wet slurp, holding Xander in place with one hand while the other prodded for his opening. He hissed in satisfaction as the lubricated digits made their way inside his luscious Childe's body.

Whimpering sounds escaped from Xander's throat as his prostate was stroked harshly. He parted his legs, opening himself further for Spike's explorations.

"That's right, pet. You're hungry for it, aren't you? You crave it more than the blood that sustains you, don't you?" He removed his fingers, slamming himself into the loosened passage.

Xander howled, hips writhing as he attempted to screw himself back onto the length of flesh drilling into him. He began to pant reflexively as his Sire fucked him hard, pulling out almost entirely before thrusting in once more, raking his prostate over and over. His hands scrabbled at the window for purchase, and his cock slid over the glass, leaving a sticky trail in its wake.

Spike's movements sped up, and he laced an arm around Xander's chest, twisting and pinching the stiff nipples he found there. With his other hand, he reached under Xander's cock, pushing against the flesh that was stretched tight around his still-moving cock.

The touch caused Xander to squeeze his ass muscles in response, and Spike howled as the smooth walls surrounding him rippled. With a final thrust, he came hard, emptying himself deep inside his Childe's body. Still rocking softly, he tilted Xander's head to the side and bit down into the creamy neck.

As Spike's fangs pierced his flesh, Xander closed his eyes in ecstasy, clamping down on the softening flesh inside him, cum spraying out of his cock to coat the window.

Spike withdrew his fangs, licking the drops of blood that welled up. With a sigh, he pulled out of Xander's limp body, hoisting his Childe and carrying him back to where their clothes lay.

Xander blinked, grinning dazedly up at his Sire. Purring, he ran his hand up a bare leg. "Love it when you fuck me like that, Spikey. When you cum inside me, and I can feel you there for hours. Every time I move."

"Anytime luv." He kissed Xander softly and lovingly. "I'll fuck you any way you want me to."

"Mmmm, good." A few more kisses were exchanged, until Spike pulled away reluctantly.

"C'mon now, Xan. We gotta get a move on. Places to go, humans to drain. Pull yourself together!" Chuckling, he dressed, watching in hunger as Xander pouted for a moment, then dressed as well. "Aw, don't look like that, luv. We still have all those steps to go back down!"

Xander perked up, nibbling his lower lip suggestively. Laughing, the vampires began their descent, already groping wildly. The only evidence of their impromptu visit was the musky scent of sex permeating the room, rising from a rapidly drying puddle of semen that had dripped down the window.

Part Two

"Mulder, this is ridiculous."

Mulder popped some sunflower seeds into his mouth, raising an eyebrow. "What? All the other victims were frequent visitors to clubs in this district, it's not a stretch to think that the next one will be as well."

"Not that. The whole idea that we're dealing with some supernatural creature who lives off the blood of humans. It's a bit farfetched. Vampires are a myth!"

"Scully, Scully, Scully. I would have thought you'd have learned by now. All myths have a basis in reality. And some are the reality."

Slumping down into the front seat of the car, she gave her partner a sideways glare. "Fine. But if any bloodsucking fiends make an appearance, you get to arrest them."

Grinning, Mulder turned back to his surveillance of the club.


Clear green eyes watched intently as two figures crept away from the obelisk. Silently, a leather-clad figure peeled itself away from the wall, darting from shadow to shadow, tailing them. Alex Krycek held his breath as the two paused, turning in place and sniffing the air. He closed his eyes briefly in relief as they moved on, the blonde pulling the dark haired one into a passionate kiss first.

Carefully, he followed them, using every skill he possessed to avoid detection. It was uncanny the way these two seemed to be so aware of their surroundings. Then again, if what I've been told about them is true, it makes sense.

He'd heard rumors about this duo. And old Smokey had ordered him to keep an eye on them, so some of what he'd heard must be true. On the other hand, maybe they're just your average psycho killers trying to make a living. He snickered silently.

He had to admit, though -- from a professional standpoint, they were good. Silent, fast, deadly. Everything a killer could wish for. Although they certainly had an...interesting MO, to say the least. Wonder if the old man is going to try and recruit them?

He stopped walking, darting behind a nearby car as the two he was following made their way inside an abandoned warehouse. Home sweet home? He peered through a grimy window, cursing as he lost sight of the men. Debating, he finally decided to follow them inside.

With as little noise as possible, he snuck through the building, following the faint sounds that sounded like someone...crying?

He saw a flash of movement, and pulled out a pair of binoculars. Focusing them, he stared in shock. There was a young girl, in her early twenties perhaps, tied spread-eagled on a bed. She was frantically trying to squirm away from the two who were looking at her with intense hunger.

Krycek watched as the brunette nuzzled the other man's neck, then turned to the bed, climbing on all fours to straddle the cringing female. He barely suppressed a cry as he watched the man's features melt, twisting into a strange parody of humanity. Even from where he was, he could detect the golden gleam from beneath half-closed lids. He continued to watch, spellbound, and the head lowered to the screaming woman's neck, fangs flashing in the dim light before plunging into her neck.

The... vampire?... immediately pulled back, jumping off the woman. The leering blonde took his place, face also changing as he leaned down to lap at the streams of blood pumping from the violated neck. The brunette settled himself on his knees beside the bed, reaching up to gently untie the woman's left wrist. He brought the struggling appendage to his mouth, fangs gleaming again as he bit into the tender skin. Krycek could hear as the woman's hoarse screams grew fainter, saw her movements become sluggish.

Finally the two released the corpse, having drained her while losing barely a drop of blood, and quickly untied her, shoving her onto the floor. They practically tore each other's clothes off, then began to give each other what looked to be very professional blowjobs. Krycek watched intently, becoming aroused himself, as they both arrived at screaming climaxes.

They turned to face each other, kissing gently, at odds with their earlier violence. Eventually, the blonde pulled the other from the bed, and they dressed in tight, black leather outfits. Finally looking at the corpse crumpled on the floor, they appeared to argue for a moment, then the brunette hoisted her over his shoulder, and the two left.

Krycek let out a breath he hadn't known he was holding. Damn, that was about the hottest thing I've ever seen! Sure, the woman had died, but in a manner that was so...personal, intimate. And the 69. Woah! They could give me head anytime they wanted! There had been some definite deep-throating action going on there, a not inconsiderable task considering the above average size erections they had sported.

He licked his lips. Down, Alex. You have a job to do here. He snorted softly. Guess I know why Smokey is so interested in them. Geez, Mulder would have an orgasm if he could get his hands on what looks to be two very real vampires. A half-smile playing about his lips, Krycek once again resumed his job of tailing the two.


"Mulder, I don't think this is doing us much good." She glowered at the neon sign that announced the entrance to the "Den of Night" club. "We don't know who we're looking for, of even if the next victim will come from this nightclub! We have nothing but suppositions to work from!"

"Scully, the killer is a vampire." He rolled his eyes at her exasperated sigh. "Ok, he at the very least thinks he's a vampire, or has some obsession with them. The "Den of Night" sounds like an ideal hunting ground for him."

"But we have no description, nothing to pinpoint who he is."

Mulder shot up in his seat, straining forward and squinting through the glass. "I wouldn't say that, Scully." He nodded toward the entrance. "How much of a coincidence do you think that is?"

Catching a glimpse of the man Mulder was staring at, Scully snarled softly. "Krycek," she hissed. Feral smile on her face, she exited the car, Mulder close behind.


Krycek watched as the two pushed their way to the front of the line, easily making their way into the club. "Den of Night." How fitting. He let about ten minutes pass, then casually sauntered up and got in line himself. Bored expression fixed firmly on his face, he stood there.

The voice beside him made him curse inwardly.

"Well, well. Look what we have here. A rat. Wonder where the sinking ship is?"

Krycek turned slowly, trying to look as unthreatening as possible. Damn, damn, damn! The petite redhead and her taller partner fixed him with cold glares. He smiled weakly. "Fox, Dana! Fancy meeting you here!"

"Skip it, you traitor. You're coming with us." Mulder reached for the assassin, pulling him out of the line.

"Hey, watch the leather!" That earned him a smack upside the head, and he glared at Mulder, lip curled. "You can't do this. You have nothing on me."

"I'll think of something." With an entirely too pleased expression, Mulder shoved him up against his car, holding him in place while Scully snapped a set of handcuffs on. Without further ado, he was hustled into the backseat, Scully sliding in after him with her gun trained on him the entire time.

As they drove off, Scully tossed a glance up front. "Where are we taking him? He's right, we don't really have anything to hold him for."

Krycek smirked. "Aw, no evidence of my dastardly deeds? Poor dears."

"Shut up, fucker." Mulder was silent for a moment, then a cheerless grin grew on his face. "I know someone who's just been dying to see you again. Hey Scully, think Skinner might want to have a chat with our little rat here?"

"I'd be willing to bet on it."

Part Three

Krycek's head rocked back from the force of the blow. He felt a trickle of blood make its way from his nose, and he sniffled reflexively. Shaking his hair out of his face, he glared up at the furious agent. Mulder's eyes glinted with rage as he drew his hand back again.

"Agent Mulder! That's enough!" Skinner strode forward and grabbed the agent's arm, preventing him from striking the restrained man any more.

"But sir, he--"

"Mulder!" he barked, turning his steely gaze on him. Sullenly, Mulder subsided, stepping back a pace. Satisfied, Skinner returned to his inspection of their prisoner.

Krycek spat on the floor, the blood and saliva mixture narrowly missing the Skinner's feet. "You know, for such sticklers for the law, you sure aren't hesitating about breaking it now. You have no reason to hold me!"

Mulder lurched forward, snarling. "You traitorous bastard! You're a murdering spy!"

A sneer slid across his face. "Prove it. What evidence do you have to back it up?"

"Stop it! Now!" Skinner rubbed his forehead, unable to decide which man was irritating him more at the moment. "Scully, what's your take on this?"

"Well, sir, I do find it highly suspicious that he made an appearance at the time and place we were staking out for our current case. I believe he may have some connection to it."

Skinner nodded. "Krycek? What do you know about this?"

"Me? Not a thing. I was just out for a night on the town. Since when is that against the law?"

"Since your nights involve killing innocent people!" Mulder ground his teeth, fingers twitching with the desire to reach out and strangle the life from the smug bastard handcuffed to the chair in front of him.

"God, Mulder! You're so na´ve! What makes you think any of the people I've supposedly killed were innocent?" He shook his head, mocking him. "Get real!"

Sick of the exchange, Skinner grabbed Krycek's hair, pulling his head back harshly. "I am not in the mood for this. What. Do. You. Know!"

"Nothing!" Krycek hissed, teeth bared.

Skinner growled, moving away, and angrily began pacing. He halted as he noticed Mulder conferring quietly with Scully, who was shaking her head vehemently. "Agents?" Both heads snapped around to look at him. "Am I missing something here?"

Now grinning, Mulder pulled a small vial from a pocket in his trench coat. "Sir, I just remembered, some...friends of mine gave me this earlier today for testing."

Skinner took the vial, examining the amber fluid inside. "What is it, and why is this relevant to the situation."

"It's a type of truth serum, it's supposed to be very powerful, although it does have some side effects."

"And those would be?"

Mulder shrugged. "They didn't say."

He sighed. "Do I want to know how your 'friends' got their hands on this?"

"Um, probably not, sir. But I thought we could try it out for them."

"If I may?" Scully moved closer. "Sir, this isn't right. We can't just give some drug when we have no idea what it will do. No matter how much I dislike him, it's not ethical!"

Skinner thought for a moment. "As much as it pains me to say this, I'm afraid I have to agree with Mulder. We need this information, and so far, he's the only one we know of who can give it to us. And he won't, not voluntarily."

"Sir, I--"

"Scully. It's not up for discussion." He looked at the vial again. "Did your friends tell you how to administer this?"

"Just like any other injection. I'm sure Scully has a syringe on her somewhere." Fairly bubbling with glee now, Mulder looked at his partner, who nodded reluctantly.

After Scully had fetched the syringe, she filled it with the serum. "How much, Mulder?"

"I don't know. That looks about good."

With another hard look at Skinner, Scully went over to Krycek, who was struggling futilely. "For the record, I really do object to this."

"Do it, Scully."

Sighing, she carefully inserted the needle in Krycek's arm, injecting the drug. The three FBI agents watched as the man slumped forward, shivering.

After a few minutes, Mulder began tapping his foot impatiently. "How long will this take?"

"Gee, Mulder, why don't you try asking him something as see if he tells the truth?" Scully responded sarcastically.

Mulder crouched in front of Krycek, staring into his glazed eyes. "What's your name?"

"Alexei Nicolai Krycek," he rasped out.

"Your age?"


Smirking, Mulder went on. "How old were you when you lost your virginity, and who was it with?"

"Mulder!" Scully protested.

"Oh come on, Scully! Lighten up. Well, Krycek?"

Krycek glared at him dully, trying to bite back the words that just wanted to spill forth. Gasping, he choked out, "Eight. My uncle Mikhail."

Taken aback, the three simply stared for a moment. Biting her lip, Scully shot Mulder a furious glance. "Just get on with it, will you?"

Slightly subdued, Mulder nodded. "Do you know who the killer we're looking for is? The one who exsanguinates his victims?"

Relaxing as the serum gained a more powerful hold on him, Krycek smiled. "Killers. Two of them."

Mulder was surprised. "Two? That's unusual."

"Lovers. They kiss a lot. And fuck. Such pretty boys."

"Yes, thank you for that observation," Skinner interjected. "Where can we find them?"

Krycek giggled. "Missed 'em. Went to the club. Gonna follow, got snatched away. Bye-bye pretties."

Mulder snorted. "God, he's wasted. Guess that was the side effect Froh--um, my friends talked about."

"How long ago did you two pick him up? Is there any chance they'll still be at the club?"

Krycek took this question as directed toward him. "Nope nope. Gotta dance, gotta run. Can't stay and spoil the fun. Gotta go home and fuck and fight and suck and bite." More giggles ensued.

"Um, he's right sir. It's almost morning, they're long gone by now. They may have already picked up another victim."

"Wrong again! Already killed tonight. Never more than once a night. It's a rule. Too many corpses spoil the soup!"

Mulder loomed over the prisoner. "Already killed? Who? Where?"

"Girl, tied to the bed. Bite her neck, bite her wrist, blood blood suck the pretty blood. No more blood, all gone." His eyes grew wide in remembrance. "Pretty. Sucking. Mmmm, sucking cocks and kissing and touching. Pretty blue eyes, all golden."

"Yeah, enough with your kinks. Where? Where are they?"

"Home sweet home. Gotta get home before morning, bad sunlight."

Mulder smiled triumphantly. "See? It fits with the vampire theory."

Skinner narrowed his eyes. "The what theory?"

Scully spoke up before Mulder could. "The killer--killers may have a vampire fetish, even believe they are vampires. Hence the cause of death and aversion to sunlight."

"I see."

Mulder once again turned to Krycek. "Where do they stay? Can you take us there?"

Smiling, eyes shining brightly, Krycek nodded. "Home. Gone home."

"Great." Mulder brushed himself off. "Let's go."

Part Four

Skinner was driving, Scully next to him in the front seat. Mulder was in the back with Krycek, attempting to grill the man.

"Did you kill my father? You did, didn't you? Why?"

Krycek stared at him blankly, then snickered. "Your eyes spark all pretty when you're angry."

"Answer me!"

"I always liked your ass. Very fuckable. Can I fuck you?"

"What!? No! Tell me about my father! And Scully's sister. And the Consortium. Tell me about the Smoking Man!"

"I bet you'd be so tight around me. I'd love to have my dick up your ass. Don't like you much, but you're probably a real good fuck."

Mulder snarled, pounding his fist into the back of the seat. "Shut up!"

Scully twisted in her seat, flashing Mulder a wry smile. "Well, looks like he'll tell the truth, but he seems to be stuck on one topic. I think he's got an obsession with sex. Although I would have never pegged him as being gay."

"Not gay. I'm an equal opportunity employer." He licked his lips as he stared at Scully now. "Wouldn't mind fucking you, either. Pretty pink lips. They'd look nice stretched around my cock." He tilted his head curiously. "Ever given head? Bet you're good at it. The little ones always are."

Scully snarled, spinning back around to stare grimly out the front window. Mulder just slouched down in resignation, upset at being thwarted.

Krycek leaned forward, nudging Skinner with his shoulder. "Hey, Wally. Gotta turn here. Almost home now." He stared out the window avidly as a dilapidated warehouse came into view. "We're here, we're here!"

The four exited the car, staring at the building. Eagerly, Krycek bounded forward, stopped only by Skinner latching onto his arm. "C'mon! Maybe they'll be fucking and we can watch!" He pulled the AD with him as he headed for a side door.

Scully glared at Mulder as he passed her. "I told you we shouldn't have given him that stuff. Who knows how long he'll keep this up!"

"Hey, it got us here, didn't it? We'll catch the bad guys, and go home to a well-deserved rest."

She watched as he followed the others, trailing after him. To herself, she muttered, "I have a very bad feeling about this."

Krycek shushed them, leading them through the warehouse. He tiptoed toward a room, pointing energetically at the door. The agents drew their guns, flanking the doorway, then Skinner pushed it open.

The room reeked of sex and blood. On the bed, two naked men were tangled together, pale limbs entwined.

Skinner motioned for Mulder and Scully to move in beside him, until all three weapons were trained on the sleeping figures. "FBI! Don't move!"


Spike and Xander woke simultaneously as they heard unfamiliar heartbeats drawing closer. Sniffing the air, Spike whispered to his Childe, "Four of them. With guns. One is our little tail from the last few days."

"Can we kill them?" Xander whispered back.

"Shh. Not yet. Let's play first."

"Mmm. 'Kay."

Feigning sleep, they listened as footsteps sounded, drawing closer. The door to their room slowly opened, and three of the invaders stepped inside.

"FBI! Don't move!"

Lazily, they opened their eyes, ignoring the humans. Spike stroked his hand up Xander's chest, tilting his head back and kissing his plush, swollen lips.

The agents watched, stunned, as the men kissed, not acknowledging them. Finally, the men parted, and two icy gazes settled on the intruders.

"Y'know, it's generally polite to knock before barging in on people." Spike lifted his scarred eyebrow as his hand unconsciously played with one of Xander's nipples.

Xander arched backward, purring. He reached down to stroke his cock, uncaring about their audience.

Skinner gaped, then pulled himself together. "I said, don't move!"

Spike sighed, reaching down to still Xander's hand. "Hold that thought, pet." Slowly sitting up, he glared at the gun-wielding humans. "Is there a problem here, officers?" He paid no attention to their response, instead looking beyond them to their companion. "Hey, look pet. It's the bloke who's been following us!"

Xander peered out, grinning. "He's cute. Can I have him?

Krycek giggled. "Anytime, babe. My ass is yours."

Xander bounced on the bed excitedly, nuzzling under his Sire's chin. "I want him. Let's keep him, Sire."

"We'll see, luv."

Mulder hissed in frustration. "Excuse me, is anyone listening to us here?"

Spike and Xander exchanged a meaningful look. "No, not really."

"Well, you're under arrest for suspicion of murder. So get up slowly and face the wall."

"" Spike stood defiantly, crossing his arms over his chest. "You see, there's one thing you're forgetting, here." He looked around the room. "We are not amateurs. Did you really think we'd leave ourselves defenseless...especially when we knew we were being followed?" He nodded to Xander, who casually flipped a switch by the head of the bed.

The agents started as a loud creaking noise filled the room. Suddenly, a huge net woven of some very fine yet extremely strong material and lined with tiny weights flew out of a panel that had opened in the wall. They shouted as it wound around them, clinging tenaciously. Mulder managed to get a shot off before his vision was obscured, and he had the satisfaction of hearing the blonde man grunt in pain.

Hissing as the bullet tore through his shoulder, Spike clutched at the wound. "Xander! Secure them!"

Face tense with anger over his Sire's injury, Xander quickly complied. He bashed the struggling agents repeatedly, until they had ceased moving. One by one, he carefully extracted them, stripping them quickly then tying them up in a sitting position. He wrestled the limp figures over to the wall, shoving them against it, not even making a cursory effort to be gentle.

With a final kick to each, he turned to Krycek, who had watched the proceedings with a wide grin on his face as he snickered uncontrollably. "Spikey, what should I do with him?"

Krycek sauntered into the room, walking straight up to Xander. Licking his lips, he looked the young vampire up and down. "Whatever you want to, gorgeous."

Wincing, Spike joined them. He sniffed at the man, wrinkling his nose. "You"

Krycek nodded as seriously as he could manage. "They gave me the pretty drug, all golden honey colored, sparkled so pretty. Wanted me to tell the truth." He managed to look offended. "They never believe anything I say."

"Well, luscious, you ever tell 'em the truth?"

Krycek pouted, then giggled. "Nope!"

Spike looked Krycek over. "Never heard of a truth serum that gets someone high like you are."

"New drug. Lots of yummy side effects. You're bleeding. Pretty red. Can I touch it?"

Xander's eyes dilated as he gazed at the stream of scarlet that trickled down Spike's chest. "Siiiire..."

Spike rolled his eyes. "Oh, help yourself pet."

Happily, Xander pounced on his Sire, knocking him gently to the floor and crouching over him. Bending down, he began to lap at the wound, purring in contentment.

Krycek watched for a moment, then spoke up. "It's not fair. I'm the only one not naked." His lower lip stuck out temptingly, and Spike growled as he stared at it.

"There's always a remedy for that, luscious."

Smiling again, Krycek stripped, flinging his clothes across the room. Then he knelt next to Spike, running a finger through the sticky trail of blood on his chest.

Xander looked up, eyes glowing. He captured the stained finger in his mouth, then began sucking on it. Biting down gently, he pierced it with a fang, licking up the drops of blood that welled out. Smiling, he took the finger and pressed it against Spike's mouth.

Spike lapped at the digit, concentrating on the strange flavor imparted by the drug. Looking up into bright green eyes, he asked, "How long 'til that stuff wears off?"

Krycek shrugged, removing his finger and staring in fascination at the ruby red drop that formed there. He licked it, humming softly.

Spike sat up, cuddling Xander in his lap. Reaching out to gather the human close, he began to pet his soft hair. "Well, we're not going anywhere until nightfall anyway. We'll wait it out."

Krycek sighed. "Why?"

Spike leered at him. "'Cause I want you willing and coherent when Xanny and I fuck you, pet."

Krycek blinked. "Oh. Ok."

Xander laughed and pulled Krycek closer to him. "Spike's good at it. You'll love it when he fucks you."

Spike laughed, his chest vibrating with pleasure as he held his two dark-haired beauties. "By the by, luscious -- what's your name?"

Part Five

Mulder groaned as he swam back to consciousness. His head throbbed, and when he opened his eyes, the light in the room seemed to lance through his skull. Finally, he managed to focus his vision, the sight greeting him making him certain he must be seeing things.

Three naked men twined about each other, so closely melded it was near impossible to tell which arms and legs belonged to which person. Mulder shivered. His eyes widened comically as he noticed his state of undress, and he began struggling in his bonds.

Beside him, Scully and Skinner were also beginning to regain consciousness. Scully let out an outraged squeak at discovering her nudity, while Skinner remained impassive.

"Hey, would you three knock it off and give us our clothes back?" Mulder managed to inject a fair amount of annoyance in that demand, almost as if he were scolding a child.

The mass of flesh stilled, and three faces turned to stare at the captives.

"Oooh, Sire, they're awake!" Xander wriggled away from his clinging companions, crawling toward Skinner. "Can I kill them now? Please?" He turned pleading eyes on the blonde, nearly quivering with excitement.

Krycek pulled his lips away from Spike's nipple. "Um, do you have to kill them?"

Xander pouted. "I want to kill them!"

Spike ran his fingers through Krycek's hair. "There any particular reason we shouldn't kill 'em, Lexei?"

"Well, sort of. I mean, there's this whole conspiracy thing going on, and they are sort of important. If you kill them, chances are the human race will be taken over by aliens and it won't be too long before everyone is dead, or worse." He shrugged. "But, whatever."

Spike tossed his Childe a regretful look. "Sorry, pet, looks like you gotta let 'em live."

"Not fair." He sat petulantly, arms crossed over his chest.

"Now, now, luv. If all the humans are gone, how are you planning on eating? You have to admit, there's an up side to having Happy Meals on legs runnin' around everywhere."

"God, you people are sick!" Scully had managed to turn sideways, hiding as much of her body from the men as she could. She glared at Xander from under the fringe of her hair.

Xander smiled sweetly at her, making his way over to her and stroking her hair. "She reminds me of Wills, Spikey. Same pretty hair."

Realizing he would be unable to get loose, Mulder turned his energies toward trying to profile their captors. He glanced at Xander, figuring he was the youngest and would be easiest to figure out. "Wills? Who's that?"

Krycek snickered softly, leaning up to whisper in Spike's ear. "Spooky's going to try and get in your lover's head."

Spike smiled wickedly. "Should be an interesting trip for him." They settled against each other to watch the show.

Scully cringed as Xander kept petting her, remarking over her 'pretty hair' and 'sparkly eyes.' She cast a frantic glance at her partner, wondering what Mulder was up to.

Xander was oblivious to her distress, stroking her skin softly as he looked at Mulder. "Wills? She was my best friend."

"Was?" Mulder did his best to look interested.

Xander nodded. "She died a few months ago."

"Oh, I'm sorry."

"Why?" Xander gave him a bewildered look.

"Well, I mean, it must have been hard losing such a close friend."

"I didn't lose her. I know right where she is. She's buried in the ground now." He frowned. "Except for her heart. I ate that."

Scully gulped, trying to edge away from the young man.

" killed her?"

Xander pulled away, glaring at Mulder. "I would never kill Wills! She was my friend." He managed to look offended at the suggestion. "No, Angelus killed her."

Mulder felt the situation spiraling out of control, and tried to recover. "I'm confused, why don't you tell me the whole story?"

The vampire glanced at his Sire for permission, and Spike nodded. "Go ahead, pet, you deserve to brag." He pulled Krycek closer. "He tells this story good, doesn't he?"

Krycek nodded, leaning into Spike's embrace.

Smiling, Xander sat cross-legged in the center of the room. "Ok. So, Angelus was back, and we knew he'd come for me 'cause he always wanted me when he was Angel. But Spike had Sired me already, which would piss him off. And Oz was coming back into town too, so it was like a whole Scooby reunion.

"So I kill myself, and Wills and Tara find me, then Anya comes in and she's all mad and doing her vengeance thing and kills Tara. So Wills gets pissed and blasts Anya with this really cool spell. Then Angelus shows, and I'm dead, so he rips Wills' heart out. And Oz shows up all mad because Angelus just killed his girlfriend. So he dusts Angelus, which is about when Buffy shows.

"Of course, Buffy is pissed 'cause she still had a thing for Angel, so she and Oz fight, and she does her slayer gig and stabs him. Riley saw it all, and he's pissed 'cause his girl still has a thing for Deadboy, so he offs her. Now Giles shows and goes all Ripper seeing how his slayer just got slain. So Riley's dead, and Graham comes in all upset because he and Riley had been screwing around.

"Now, Graham shoots Giles, and he's all sad 'cause his man is gone, so he shoots himself too." Xander smiled again. "It was so beautiful. All this blood splattered everywhere, and then Spike fucked me on my bed, surrounded by all the lovely corpses and such." He sighed. "What a great honeymoon!"

Scully gagged audibly, and even Skinner swallowed hard. Mulder was occupied trying to muddle this entire thing out, and went over the list of names.

"Could you clarify a few things for me?" At the eager nod he received in response, Mulder went on. "Could you explain to me who all those people are?

"Oh, sure. Angelus was Spike's Sire, he was Angel when he had a soul. Wills' was my best friend, Oz was her werewolf ex-boyfriend, and Tara was her current girlfriend." He chuckled. "Wills and Tara were witches, they used to do 'spells' together." He laughed some more.

Mulder totally missed the undertones in that statement. "I...see. What about the rest?"

"Um, let's see. Anya was my ex-girlfriend. She used to be a vengeance demon. And Buffy was the Slayer, Giles was her Watcher. He used to be Ripper back when he was younger. Riley was dating Buffy, Graham was Riley's fuck buddy from the Initiative."

Skinner chose this moment to speak up. "Werewolf? Witches? What, next thing you'll tell us is that Mulder's opinion about the vampire thing is right."

Xander gave him a patented 'duh' look. "Um, hello? Angelus? Spike? Me? You're not too sharp, are you?"

Mulder leaned forward. "So, you do think you're vampires?"

Xander started laughing, soon joined in by Spike, and even Krycek had a few chuckles. Calming down, Xander looked at Krycek. "I thought you said he was smart."

"Maybe I was wrong."

Spike wiped a tear away, gasping for unneeded breath. "Oh, wait Xan. You didn't tell 'em about your parents yet."

"Oh yeah!" He giggled. "Oops! Can't leave that out. I actually got to kill them myself. Daddy looked so pretty with his intestines hanging all over the living room. And Mommy lost her head!" He rolled on the floor, laughing hysterically.

Mulder's eyes flew wide. "Oh my god. I...I remember that." He shot Scully a glance. "Just a few months ago, in this little town in California. A Mr. and Mrs. Harris were found murdered in their living room, and the basement was full of dead people. There were a lot of bodies, and the ones identified were known to be friends or acquaintances of their son, one Alexander Harris. The son was never found, and he's the main suspect..." His voice trailed off, and he stared at Xander, horror dawning on his face.

Xander grinned. "Hey Spikey, we're famous!"

"You killed all those people?" Scully looked faintly green around the gills. She had read the case file, and knew the state the bodies were in when they were found.

"I did not! Just Mommy and Daddy. The rest all killed each other. Well, I killed myself too, but that doesn't count, because I'm already dead."

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Skinner was getting fed up listening to the insane ramblings of this boy.

"Let's play doctor!" Xander made his way back to Scully, pulling her close, her ear pressed against his chest. The woman grew paler as she realized what was missing.


Xander released her, making his way back over to Spike and Krycek. She gazed at him in disbelief, hardly willing to accept what she'd discovered. "Mulder? He...he doesn't have a heartbeat. And he' Like a...a corpse."

Xander nuzzled Spike's neck. "I'm hungry. Can't I eat just one of them?"

"No pet, no killing. But why don't you have some of the big one? He looks like he could take losing a few pints. And bring some back for me." Patting his Childe's shapely ass, he sent the young vampire off.

Xander contemplated the large man, deciding where he should start. All three agents gasped with shock as his face seemed to melt, changing. Yellow eyes burned at them, and fangs descended, slicing easily into the skin at the crease of Skinner's elbow.

Skinner bellowed, trying to move away from the sucking mouth. Hands latched onto him in a grip that should have been impossible for a human. But then, it was obvious Xander was anything but human... He grew lightheaded, spots starting to waver in his vision.

"Enough, luv. Let him go."

Xander pulled away with a slurp, licking drops of blood off his lips. He hurried back to his Sire, offering his neck.

Eyes on the three restrained humans, Spike vamped out and bit into his Childe, savoring the sweet blood. Krycek joined in, nibbling playfully on Spike's neck.

Mulder glanced anxiously at his superior. "Are you all right, sir?"

Skinner nodded dazedly.

Angry now, Mulder shot Krycek a scathing look. "You don't seem at all shocked by this, Krycek. Maybe you've been helping them. Been in on it the whole time."

"Geez, Mulder. You guys have been out for hours, and we had to do something while I was still high, since Spike wouldn't fuck me. I already got the complete story. And I'm not doped up on your wonder drug anymore." He arched his back as Spike stopped feeding on Xander and both vampires turned their attention to him. Mouths attached themselves to his nipples, and he flung his head back, moaning.

Mulder watched in what he swore was disgust as those mouths roamed over his enemy's torso, leaving behind trails of red marks. Beside him, he heard Scully's breath come faster as she too was drawn to the scene.

Krycek felt two cool mouths descend on his cock, licking up and down the sides. Then Xander took the head in his mouth, while Spike moved lower and began lapping around the wrinkled skin of his opening. Krycek grunted as a tongue slipped inside him, flicking against the walls of his anus. When he felt himself swallowed whole, he thrust up, bucking himself deeper into Xander's willing mouth.

Spike worked the tight ring with his tongue, pressing in and out to loosen the muscles. Moving away, he bit Xander's shoulder, sucking in a mouthful of blood. Spitting some into his palm, he worked the salty fluid into the opening, gradually making it looser and wetter. Another mouthful of blood which he spat directly into Krycek, then he pulled up, shifted Xander around so he was straddling Krycek's face, pushed the man's legs up and apart, and plunged inside.

Krycek felt the fluid enter him, then a cock appeared above his face. Reaching up, he pulled Xander closer, opening his mouth wide to allow the cock entrance. As the abnormally cool organ slid down his throat, he felt himself stretched wide and entered. He shuddered as he was pierced by both the vampires' cocks. The thrusting inside his ass was making his prostate howl with pleasure.

Xander watched avidly as his Sire's cock slid into the warm body beneath him. He sucked harder, fondling Krycek's balls as Spikes' cock pistoned in and out of the man. He felt his own cock being sucked strongly, and moved his mouth off of the human.

Leaning forward just a bit, he began to lick his blood off of Spike, tongue flicking around the large cock and over the taut ring of Krycek's ass. He laved the skin eagerly, occasionally slipping his tongue into Krycek along with Spike's cock.

Spike hissed, stilling as he yanked Xander's head up. His eyes glowed yellow as he pulled his Childe into a kiss. "Fuck me, pet."

Xander's eyes dilated, and he stared at Spike in wonder, then tore himself away from Krycek.

Krycek moaned at the loss. He was no longer being fucked, the mouth on his cock had disappeared, and then the lovely bit of meat he was feasting on was taken away. He opened his eyes to glare at his lovers. Then he saw what was going on, and relaxed, waiting patiently for Xander to get in place.

Xander was more excited than he could remember being for a while. It wasn't often his Sire wanted to be fucked, and he wasn't about to turn down the opportunity. Not that Xander had any complaints about their relationship...he loved being fucked by his Sire's wonderful cock!


Spreading Spike's cheeks apart, he swirled his tongue over the tight bud, working it inside. Then he pulled it out, laving his fingers and using them to stretch the opening. He kissed a curved cheek, fangs pressed questioningly against the soft skin.

"Yeah, pet. Bite me." Spike moaned when he felt Xander nip him lightly, then use the blood to lube him. Without any further ado, Xander knelt up and pressed inside his Sire, whimpering softly.

Together, the three began rocking, setting up a hard rhythm that all found satisfying. Spike was impaled on Xander's cock, and his own was lodged inside the fiery depths of the human whose erection he began to stroke.

Krycek stared up into the burning eyes of the vampire fucking him. Wanting more, he tilted his head, offering his neck. "Please..."

Spike's eyes flew wide, then he bent and mouthed Krycek's neck. "Lexei?"

"Yesssss. I want you to. Do it!" He shouted hoarsely as he felt a faint pricking in his neck, followed by a pulling sensation. Holding the blonde head close to him, he offered his wrist to Xander.

Kissing the man's wrist, Xander bit down, sucking in blood made even more delicious by the arousal coursing through it.

As the second set of fangs entered him, Krycek convulsed around the cock still pounding into him, his cum shooting out to coat his and Spike's stomachs.

Both Spike and Xander removed their fangs when Krycek came, neither having any desire to drain the man. Shifting again, Spike thrust harder into the still-quivering ass, biting deeply into the wrist that was suddenly pressed to his mouth. He tasted his Childe, and tilted his neck.

Pounding relentlessly into Spike's tight body, Xander took the implied invitation and began to feed lovingly from his Sire. Unable to hold back his orgasm, he came, pouring himself into Spike's grasping channel.

Spike too had reached his limit. Feeling Xander's seed flooding him, he thrust one last time, burying himself deep in the mortal and cumming hard.

The three collapsed in a heap, Krycek panting softly while the other two just lay on him limply. After a few moments, the vampires' features returned to their human guises, and the satisfied group looked like a trio of debauched angels.

Their forgotten audience was also panting, the sound loud in the still room. Mulder tried to hide his reaction, and even Skinner seemed affected by what had just played out before them. Scully's cheeks were a fiery red, the rest of her body flushed to match.

Groaning, Xander pulled away from Spike, who, with some reluctance, gave up possession of Krycek's ass. He kissed the human, then his Childe, then both at the same time. The three tongues mated, sliding wetly over teeth and into mouths. Spike pulled back, caressing Xander's hair. "That's the only thing I'll ever regret about turning you, luv. I miss having your ass burning around me."

Xander just smiled. "You could always spank me, try and warm it up."

"Mmm. Maybe next time, Xanpet." They cuddled for a bit more, ignoring the distressed noises that had started to emanate from their captives. Eventually, though, Spike sat up. "It's past sunset, luv. We should be on our way."

Groaning, Xander stood, gathering all their clothes into a pile. He and Spike dressed quickly, then started to help Krycek back into his clothes. "You ok, Lexei? We didn't drink too much, did we?" Xander looked faintly worried. He had grown to like Krycek in the short time they had been...acquainted. He didn't want to hurt the human.

"Yeah, I'm good. A little woozy, but I've lived through worse blood loss than that." He pulled on his leather jacket, brushing the dirt off it.

Fully dressed now, they all looked at each other, not wanting to part. Finally, Krycek heaved a sigh. "Gotta say, it's been an interesting experience."

Spike leered. "Same here, luscious."

Krycek blushed a bit at the nickname, but recovered. "Oh, and you two might want to get out of the area. My 'employers' seem to be a little too interested in you."

"Will do. Can't stay anyway, what with them knowing about us an' all." He glared darkly at the agents, then returned his attention to Krycek.

"You know what they say. Don't get mad, get even." Krycek grinned, then went to where the agents' clothes were stashed. Retrieving Mulder's cell phone from his jacket, he dialed 911. In a serious voice, he reported a hostage situation involving three FBI agents, giving the address of the warehouse then hanging up. "Well, that should make for some interesting news when they show up."

Spike laughed, pulling him in for one last kiss. "I like you, luscious. You're not bad for a human. Or maybe it's because you are bad!"

Xander sidled up to him, tugging him over for a deep kiss. "Bye Lexei. I'll miss you. Next time, maybe Spike will let you fuck me."

Krycek licked his lips at the thought. One more kiss for each, then he turned to leave. Pausing, he reached into a pocket, withdrawing a pen and a scrap of paper on which he scribbled something. He handed the paper to Spike. "I think I might be able to help with your...problem." He tapped his head, giving the blonde a significant look. "You can reach me at that number, just leave a message." Winking at the two, he slipped off into the shadows.

Spike stared after him, astounded. He hugged his Childe close. "Well, how 'bout that. Maybe there's hope for me after all, luv." Kissing each other softly, the vampires gathered the few things they had lying around and strode out, leaving behind a trio of naked, shell-shocked Fibbies.

After a few moments, Mulder's haughty voice broke the silence. "I told you it was vampires."

The End

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