Summary: Giles and Xander are together, but there’s something else they want.
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Spike/Xander/Giles
Season: Season 5, AU in a world where Giles/Xander are together.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: m/m, implied threesome
Word count: 956
Disclaimer: Joss owns all.
Beta'd by: spikeslovebite

Giles Doesn't Even Have Cable


The two bodies were pressed together, the lights of the Bronze flashing hypnotically below them. A firm hand grazed over the denim clad erection making the younger man grunt and thrust his hips out, desperately seeking more pressure.

Warm breath tickled his ear as the body behind him pressed closer. The two leaned against the railing as they watched the writhing bodies on the dance floor. Buffy and Riley were snuggled up close, Buffy’s eyes closed as she let the ex-solider guide her along the floor, free to just enjoy herself. Willow and Tara were off to the side of them, staring into each others eyes. But that wasn’t what held their attention.

“You want him,” a husky voice whispered in his ear. It wasn’t a question.

Xander groaned, eyes nearly black with lust as they focused in on the blonde they had both been watching as they ground against each other. “Yes,” he answered breathlessly.

They watched as Spike scowled at the couples dancing as he sat alone at the table.

“And if I said you could have him?” The hot breath in his ear was making his legs feel weak.

“Oh God!”

“Not nearly,” the hoarse reply came.

One hand slipped into Xander’s loose cargo pants as another slipped beneath his shirt, which was thankfully untucked to help hide what was happening. If anyone were to really look at the two men it would be obvious. Not that the thought didn’t up the excitement for them both, but with the darkened loft and the way the two were curled around each other, they weren’t really worried about being discovered.

“Giles, we don’t have to-“

“Don’t you think I’ve wondered as well? Wondered if that rude little mouth was useful for more than talking shite?” Giles asked gruffly. “Wondered what it would be like pounding into him as he’s fucking you? Or would you like to be in the middle of that particular jumble? To be sandwiched between us, both of our attention on you…pleasing you?”

Xander whimpered at the images Giles was conjuring. The hand in his pants dipped lower, sliding over the head of his cock and gathering the precum before stroking its way back firmly, causing Xander to groan loudly, unable to muffle the sound.

Suddenly the object of their attention swiveled his gaze upward, his eyes immediately finding the two men. His eyes flashed gold before turning away crossly. Almost jealously, Xander thought to himself, leaning his head back against Giles’ shoulder. His eyes never left the vampire who had turned back to glare at the dance floor.

Xander thought back to the night almost a month ago, Giles had been teasing him all night, making suggestions of different kinks and toys that they could try. Giles was draped across his back, slowly stripping his cock while whispering naughty propositions into his ear when his voice roughened and took on a coarse, guttersnipe quality. Xander came before he could stop himself, horrified when he realized that he had screamed Spike’s name. Giles had pounded into him relentlessly, not stopping until Xander had cried out his name about a half a dozen times just to prove he knew who he was really with.

Shaking himself out of his lust-filled memories, he focused back on Spike who was studiously ignoring them. “I want,” Xander answered.

“Go fetch the car, love. I’ll be along in a moment,” Giles said, slipping his hands out of Xander’s pants before giving him a quick kiss and headed for the stairs.

Xander headed down the back stairs, not wanting to be seen by his friends.

Giles didn’t hesitate as he made his way to the table where the vampire sat, cups and purses scattered on the table. He was looking rather forlorn. Hopefully, that would be changing soon.

“Hey, Giles,” Buffy chirped, coming back to the table. “Where’s Xander?”

“Ah, yes, he’s waiting in the car.”

“Apocalypse? Need to round up the troops?” she asked, reaching for her purse.

“Uh, no. Actually, I just needed to see if Spike was available to look at some…text for me.”

“Oh? On a Friday night? Can’t it wait?” Buffy asked as Willow and Tara joined them.

“Geez, Giles, I thought when you and Xander got together, you’d loosen up a little, not make Xander stuffier,” Willow teased.

“Yes, well…Spike? Would you care to give us a hand with those texts?”

“I think you have everything in hand, Watcher,” Spike growled, stubbornly refusing to meet the Watcher’s eyes.

Giles leaned in, hoping the thrum of the music would cover most of the conversation. “Yes, but sometimes two hands—or six, as the case may be—are better than one.” Giles straightened. “I assure you, you’ll be well…” His eyes flicked down to Spike’s crotch quickly. “Compensated,” he finished with a smirk, his tone dripping with innuendo.

Spike swallowed hard. “Compensated, huh?”

“Very well,” Giles all but purred.

“Right. T-texts. Better get on that, then,” Spike stammered, bolting to his feet and grabbing his duster from the back of his chair. “Gotta be ready to save the world and all that.”

“I’ll see the rest of you later,” Giles said as he turned and headed for the door, Spike right on his heels.

“Poor Xander,” Buffy sighed. “Stuck with those two, researching all night.”

Willow nodded. “Yeah, it’s such a shame. I thought Giles would at least get out more when they hooked up. Now all they do is stay in all the time. Xander must be so bored.”

“I d-don’t know. I-I think Xander would find ways to amuse h-himself,” Tara stuttered, unable to hide the small smirk on her face.

“Pfft!” Willow waved her hand dismissively. “Giles doesn’t even have cable.”

The End

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