Pairing(s): Xander/Spike

Warning(s)s: m/m implied/actual
Rating: R, adult content
Word Count: 305
Disclaimer: I only play with them, no ownership is implied.
Summary: Set during Season 4, Spike is getting frustrated with his living arrangements.
Feedback: Please, oh please!!
Beta'd by seductivembrace at the last minute! Thanks so much Kat! Any mistakes are me not being able to quit tinkering.



Xander glanced over at his roommate. “What the hell?” he squeaked before clearing his throat and trying again. “I mean-what the hell, Spike?” he asked again lowering his voice to a deeper tone.

Spike sighed out his annoyance. “I’m frustrated and sick of hearing your mouth.”

Xander jumped up from his seat. “Yeah, and how does that lead to you unzipping your pants?” he squeaked.

“Need to get off,” Spike answered simply.

“Right now?” Xander stumbled backwards away from the advancing blond.

“Yeah, now. I don’t deal well with frustration.”

“So you’re just gonna…” Xander waved his hand around in the vampire’s general direction without looking directly at him. “Right in front of me?”

“Well, yeah. You’re the source of my frustration, ain’t ya?” Spike huffed, taking himself in hand.

“I am? I mean-what?” Xander tripped over his couch, ending up in an awkward sprawl across the uncomfortable cushions.

“When I get frustrated I get cranky. You wouldn’t like me when I’m cranky.” Spike leaned over the couch at the cowering boy. “You don’t want me cranky do ya, pet?”


“’Course not. Which is why you’re gonna help.”


“Relieve the frustration.”

Spike stood up straight and gave his cock another firm stroke. “You ever gave a blow job, pet?”

Xander’s eyes widened in shock before he fainted dead away.

“Bugger!” Spike spat. “Don’t think you’re getting off that easy,” he told the unconscious boy. “Just gonna take the edge off and I’ll be waiting for ya to wake up.”

Spike settled back on the lounger as he stroked his cock. He imagined the whelp on his knees, brown eyes staring up at him. Bloody hell! He was already getting impatient. An evil grin appeared as the vampire wondered whether a bucket of cold water worked as well as it did in the movies.

The End

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