Unexpected Packages

Kahuna Burger

"We got a package."

Xander snatched the small box away from the undead moocher wandering in the door. "And by 'we' you mean, ME, the person who actually lives h- oh." His rant was cut short when he noticed that the scrawled address lable did indeed read 'Xander and Spike'.

"Yeah, oh, though I suppose as the tenant of record in this basement abode, you can open it."

"Who would send a package to both of us?" He tore open the generic UPSP box as Spike pulled a bottle of whiskey out of his coat and set it on the coffee table.

The vampire took an overt sniff and shrugged. "I'd say Dogboy. Aside from the lingering weed, he's the only one knows I might be found here who is far enough away to need to send mail."

Xander grabbed the bottle and took a quick swig. He was too sober to acknowledge any ongoing reasons for Spike to be found in his basement. Thus fortified, he opened the package to find an empty Jack Daniels bottle and a roach clip holding only the tiny end scrap of a joint. Puzzled he pulled the note out from underneath and read it.

"Guys, wanted to thank you, it was just what I needed after the White Room and the thing with Wills. I'll be in town for the Fourth... Do you think we could try it sober?"

Spike held very still, obviously unsure if Xander would be able to deal peacefully with even the oblique reference without the plausible deniabilty of a good buzz. After a long moment of looking at the empty bottle in the box, the young man picked up the full one from the table, only to reseal it.

"Oz usually has pretty good ideas," he said, moving a little nervously towards Spike.


"Yeah, but... not something we've tried... might need to practice a little before the Fourth."

The vampire wanted to smirk, but found himself smiling instead. "Better give it a shot then. Wouldn't want to disapoint the pup."

The End