The Healing

Joan Z and Neichan

Part Twenty-One

Spike held the thickly muscled body of the other Sentinel to him as they made their way down the hall. Gibbs, as Spike had feared, was already straining to get out of his hold and back to his guide, who was trailing behind them, anxiety radiating off of both. Their determination to go through the bonding had lasted all of thirty seconds. Now they wanted only each other. Spike stepped up his advances and pulled some of Gibbs' attention back to him as he coaxed the enthralled sentinel to move faster.

Tony reached them before they all entered the nesting room. His long arms wound around his Sentinel and incidentally, Spike. But Spike may as well have been a stuffed animal for all the attention DiNozzo paid him. Tony had one thing on his mind, Gibbs, his Sentinel. Gibbs however, wasn’t ignoring Spike. He was torn between the touches of his Guide and the caresses of the other man at his back. His head was moving from Tony’s mouth to Spike’s, sucking and licking at both. They half walked, half tripped forward; Gibbs stumbled and was held up by two sets of hands

Spike pulled Gibbs down as soon as he felt the soft floor of the nest underfoot and the sentinel tumbled to the floor with him. Tony followed them down, using the bulk of his solid body to try to wedge himself between Spike and Gibbs, unbuckling his sentinel’s belt and tugging off his pants as Blair knelt at Gibbs feet pulling off his shoes and socks. Spike, though, was proving difficult to push away, sliding around Tony’s shoving and avoiding the guide's attempted elbows to the ribs. He was wrapped around Gibbs as if they were one person, sharing one body. Gibbs had started to moan.

Blair and Jim reached out and pulled Tony away from Gibbs and Spike. Spike continued stroking and licking Gibbs who moaned with pleasure and called out to his guide, his hand reaching, grasping after Tony even as he reached for him within the bond. Tony was there but a hair’s breadth too far away for him to touch. He writhed, arched his back, it was agony not to be able to touch Tony and hold him for the dance. “Tony, I need you,” Gibbs called again but this time the call was urgent, it held a demanding need. Even in his bonding thrall he was resistant to Spike’s energy. Every cell in his body called out for his soul mate.

Tony’s head shot up and he moved toward his sentinel only to be stopped by Jim’s strong unflinching hold. Blair stroked his arms as Tony called out to his Sentinel, “I’m here; I’m right here.”

It was Blair who spoke to him, softly stroking him, filling him with his healing energy. “Spike has him,” he whispered, grateful to have Jim’s strength helping to hold Tony and to keep him from breaking free and going to Gibbs. “If you go to him he’ll never bond with Spike. This is what you need, both of you. Remember that, Tony. Your Sentinel is safe; no harm will come to him, not from this.”

Tony shivered and laid his head on Blair’s shoulder as he listened to Gibbs call to him and watched Spike pattern his sentinel in exacting detail, until no square inch of the body that Tony loved was unknown to the blond Sentinel. He ground his teeth and felt tears start to trail down his cheeks.

Xander sat beside them. He reached out and tried to comfort the distressed guide. “There was no way to prepare you for how intense this would be,” he said.

Tony made another noise that let them all know how not okay all of this was

“You have to tell Gibbs that he’s doing this to honor you and protect you.” Xander continued. “You need to do it now before Spike’s energy weakens.”

Tony met the younger man’s eyes. They held only sympathy, understanding and truth. There was no hatred; no intention to hurt, he and Gibbs had chosen this. Tony had talked Gibbs into it. They needed it; damn it. As much as he wanted to run away and burrow into a barricaded nest with his Sentinel and no one else, they couldn’t afford it. This had to work.

Tony swallowed hard, squaring his shoulders; he took a deep breath and sat up. “Boss,” he called. “We came here for this. You’re doing this to keep me safe. This will honor me. It will make us stronger. Dance with Spike, Boss; honor our bond and dance with Spike.” He choked, but he got the words out with enough certainty in his tone that Gibbs stopped fighting against the bond.

The older sentinel roared and rolled Spike onto his back, his forearm going to the other man’s throat, hard as a bar of iron, pinning him down. He bit at Spike’s pale skin, reveling in the taste of blood in the brutal contest of warring sentinels bonding, testing each other first, to be certain the other was worthy of being called brother, a warrior to protect vulnerable Guides within the pack. The testing was vicious, but Spike didn’t resist. Gibbs clawed and bit and growled. Red welts rose across Spike’s arms, abdomen and back. Gibbs pushed him to the edge, measured every response, and found him acceptable for claiming. Gibbs tilted his head back and roared again, sending a wave of goose flesh over every man’s skin who heard the primitive sound.

Spike wallowed in the savage attack, his heart thundered with victorious joy. He was a warrior among warriors; he belonged. He would fight to keep the pack, the hive, safe. His brothers would stand with him. Together they would be stronger, harder, and formidable. His yellow eyes blazed as he opened to it, to the wild energy that started to rush from the man on top of him.

The energy filled him building to a fever pitch. Spike welcomed it, encouraged it. “Yes, my Luv, yes, give it to me, give it all to me.” His voice was deep and raw, as if he’s screamed his joy over and over until there was little or no voice left in him. Gibbs responded with a throaty growl of triumph as he moved up covering the smaller man’s body with his own. Their eyes met, blue fire and yellow flame. The kisses were feral. Soft lips, pressed hard against sharp teeth, split open; blood flowed. The sentinels sucked on the tiny cuts, drinking in the taste of each other as two slick fingers slid deep into Spike, preparing him for the claiming. And then Gibbs was kneeing his legs wide and pushing into him, Spike arched up to meet him and his fangs dropped.

The X-vampire opened his wrist and pulled Gibbs’ head to it. “Drink,” he ordered, “This is my blood, blood I would shed to protect all of us. Drink and join us, Sentinel.”

“Mine,” Gibbs’ roared before partaking of the blood offering and then his mouth fastened on the bleeding wrist drawing the crimson wash into his mouth. Coppery-sweet the blood flowed into him, down into his belly and became a part of him. Spike smiled even as he winced, his skin going tight, hot and wanting. The need to drink was irresistible. He eyed the strong column of Gibbs’ neck and pushing his mouth up against the sweat-drenched temptation of the pulse, he kissed it, feeling it beat against his lips, a siren’s song calling to drink.

“Mine,” Spike answered, as he sank his fangs into Gibbs’ neck and the two sentinels came together and locked into a bond. It exploded dizzyingly over them, binding them tightly. Gibbs let out a groan, deep and echoing, so primal it had little to do with humanity, or with conscious thought. It filled the room.

“Jesus, what’s he doing!?” Tony yelled and jumped up. He found his way blocked by Jim, who shook his head though his expression was sympathetic.

“It’s okay,” Jim said, “We told you it could get intense.”

“Get out of my way,” Tony said through gritted teeth. “He’s hurting him, he’s killing him.” Jim let him charge and caught him, holding him tight.

“Let him come,” Spike said, sounding shockingly normal if terribly drowsy and pleased. “He needs to hold Gibbs while he sleeps. Didn’t think it was going to work, but it did. He’s with us now. Your Sentinel is one hell of a man,” he said, the last to Tony who was on his knees hovering as soon as Jim let him go.

Tony hung over Gibbs, hands searching, looking at the bite on his neck. “We should get you to the ER and have that checked out,” he said grimly. He glared at Spike, his arms going around Gibbs, resisting, just barely, the urge to pull his sentinel out of the other man’s arms and to give the pleased face a knuckle sandwich, while he was at it. “What the hell did you do that for?” he demanded of Spike. You could have killed him if you misjudged the angle just a bit, if you’d hit his artery.”

“No hospital,” Gibbs said, his voice calm and sated. “Just hold me while I sleep.”

Tony obeyed, keeping a sharp eye on Spike who didn’t move away. “Human bites are dangerous, Gibbs,” Tony murmured. “You need to have it cleaned, and get antibiotics, the sooner the better. You made me go when I was bitten.”

The growl caught Tony by surprise. It came from Spike, “Who bit you?” He seemed outraged, offended at the idea… He seemed possessive.

Xander pulled Spike away, “We’ll talk about the need for vengeance later,” he said. “Right now I need to check you over.”

Tony frowned at them and didn’t answer, turning instead to Gibbs and kissing his cheek. “I’m okay,” Gibbs said. “Don’t blame him; I drew first blood.” Gibbs closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

Tony lay down beside his sentinel and pulled him into a more secure embrace. Then he looked over at Spike ready to give him a good piece of his mind but what he saw stopped him. Spike was glowing, guide glow, why hadn’t it registered before? But not only that he was covered with scratches and bites, some of them deep. His lip was swollen where it had split and bruises were starting to appear on his body. Behind him Xander was frantic, looking over Spike’s naked body, searching for all the wounds making sure none were life threatening. He bent down and licked at the worst ones, making Tony grimace. That definitely wasn’t clean.

Tony looked away from the tender care Xander was lavishing on his satisfied sentinel and down at Gibbs who rested against his chest, except for the split lip and the bite to his neck he didn’t have a mark on him. “Why did you let him do that to you?” Tony asked Spike, puzzled. It didn’t seem to him to be a way to make any kind of lasting bond, more like the way to make an enemy.

“It’s what he needed, to bond,” Spike said, as if it were as natural as rain. “I’ve taken worse when the stakes were a lot smaller. Sides, Luv, I’ll be mostly healed by morning.” Behind him Xander nodded.

Tony bit his lip. They were all freaks; damn it, and he and Gibbs were now joined to them. Tony could feel it and the bond was strong.


The morning sun came in through the skylight and brightened the room. The three couples awoke together, bio-synced, Gibbs, through his bond with Spike and Tony through his bond with Gibbs.

All of them stretched, but it was Xander that spoke first. “I need you to make me glow.”

Spike didn’t have to be told twice and he set about pleasuring his mate.

“We should go,” Tony said, sounding resigned and more than a little down. It wasn’t like him to wake up in a funk. He always woke up happy, and why not? He had Gibbs, his sentinel; he was valued, wanted and loved. But last night something had happened. A blond volcano named Spike had invaded their dance floor and he was still there, a mountain, waiting to erupt, Tony could feel him. All he wanted now was to get himself and his sentinel as far away from Spike as possible, back to DC and away from these weirdos. He wasn’t going to let Spike bite him and he certainly wasn’t going to drink the mutant’s blood. If he said no, Gibbs wouldn’t force him and he was most decidedly saying no!

“We can’t leave,” Gibbs said quietly, not wanting to disturb the couple next to them. “Xander needs us to see this, and I think you need to see it too. What happened last night wasn’t meant to come between us. Spike and Xander are soul mates and so are we.”

“They lied to us,” Tony said, letting his anger take him. “Your bond with Spike is interfering with us; I want to get out of here and get back to our own bed.”

“I know what you’re feeling,” Blair said, putting his hand out to offer comfort. “I felt it myself. Once you bond with Spike he won’t be in the way anymore.”

“It’s not Spike I need to bond with,” Tony said still angry at the situation. “I’m not letting that pervert bite me and I’m not drinking his blood. I want to leave now.”

“Spike’s never bitten Jim or Xander or me,” Blair said, in his most soothing Guide voice and pouring healing energy into his touch. “It’s not usually part of the bonding process. I doubt that he’ll bite you.”

“Damn right he’s not, because I’m not going to bond with him,” Tony said, as he tried to stand.

Gibbs pulled Tony onto his back and rolled on top of him. “We’re not leaving this half done,” Gibbs said. “You’re the one that made the decision to do this; we’re going to go through with it.”

“You planning on holding me down Boss?” Tony hissed. “Because I just said no.”

“I’m planning on renewing my claim, my love,” Gibbs said, lifting his hand to run it through Tony’ soft brown hair. “I’m going to prove to you that you’re still mine and I’m still yours. After that, I promise you, we’ll get rid of this interference you’re feeling, and we’ll do it together.”

“We didn’t lie to you,” Blair said, putting both hands on Tony’s arm. “This is just part of the process. I swear to you, as soon as you bond with Spike this interference you’re feeling will dissolve. You’d know if I were lying, you could feel it.”

Tony could feel it. Blair was telling the truth, or at least what he believed to be the truth.

“You’re my soul mate,” Gibbs said, with a sultry half growl that always got Tony hot. “You belong by side.” He began stroking and kissing his Guide, running his hands over the younger mans body, touching all the erogenous zones that made Tony’s back arch and his skin turn to goose flesh. “Let me show you how much I love you.”

“Oh Jesus, Boss, It’s just…”

“Shhh, my love,” Gibbs said, putting his finger over his Guide’s mouth and then nuzzling his neck and suckling his guide gland.

Resistance was futile; Tony knew it. Gibbs was right, he did need this. He needed his sentinel to take control and claim him. He rolled his head and looked to his side to give Gibbs better access to his neck. Spike was just entering Xander, and Xander was rising up to meet him, wrapping his arms and legs around his sentinel as they rocked back and forth together, in their dance.

Tony closed his eyes and concentrated on the things his sentinel was doing to his body. Waves of pleasure washed over him, he moaned and with that sound the last of his resistance, along with his anger, was washed away.

Gibbs heard the sound and understood it’s meaning. Their bond was as strong as ever. The hormones and pheromones released by suckling Tony’s Guide gland had done their job, they had calmed his guide and renewed his trust in his sentinel. Gibbs knew he would have to tread carefully. He would have to get Tony to say yes to the bond with Spike and the first step was letting him know that their Sentinel/Guide bond was still intact, still strong and show him he was still loved above all others. Gibbs lifted his head and turned his guide's face toward him. “You’re my life,” the sentinel whispered with such a look of devotion that Tony’s heart melted and his cock hardened even more. “Without you, I’m nothing.”

And then Gibbs kissed him. Not the hard demanding kiss of an aroused and wanting man, but soft and loving. Gibbs' tongue brushed Tony’s lips, asking for entrance and Tony opened to him. Their tongues met, licking and tasting each other in a miniature dance.

Tony moaned again and arched up trying to rub his aching member against his sentinel's hard, hot body. He lifted his foot and ran his instep along Gibbs softly furred leg. He loved the combination of hair and hard muscle, especially on his feet. It gave him the same joy he remembered as a child running barefoot over a newly mowed lawn. He pulled his head out of the kiss, “lube,” he breathed, sending a message to his sentinel of what he so desperately wanted and needed.

Gibbs began kissing his way down Tony’s body; stopping to give love bites to his guide's sensitive nipples. Tony hissed and arched up again and that’s when he heard Xander call out to Spike, he couldn’t help himself he turned his head to watch.

“Mine!” Xander called, as his body seemed to explode in pleasure and began to glow.

“Yours!” Spike answered as he pumped his seed into his soul mate.

For a moment Tony was lost in confusion. His mind told him Spike and Xander had it backward but his empathic sense told him it was right, and the couple was one. A vision flashed through his mind, of the priest at his sister's wedding. “Let no man put asunder.” Tony whispered.

“Impossible,” came the answer from Gibbs, just before his warm wet mouth closed over Tony’s hard and dripping cock.

Gibbs took his time giving oral pleasure to his guide as he readied him for claiming. Tony tried to push away the awareness of his sentinel's bond with Spike, but no matter which way he turned Spike was there, within the bond. “Jethro, help me,” he cried out; it was a plea from his heart.

Gibbs moved up beside his guide. “Do you trust me?” he asked, stroking Tony’s face and hair.

“With my life,” Tony answered.

“It’s time, my love. We’ll do it together.”

Tony nodded, giving his consent; Gibbs moved behind him and held his guide in his arms.

Spike came to them and knelt beside Tony. “It’s okay,” he said as he began to pattern Tony’s body. “Your sentinel has you; he won’t let go.”

Spike’s energy coupled with the touch of his sentinel filled Tony with a feeling of comfort and security and he slowly relaxed into the bonding process. Tony became lost in the dance. Two sentinels held him; two sentinels valued him as his soul twirled with theirs.

Tony never felt Spike enter him; he was only aware of the dance. He rose and turned in perfect precision to the beat of the drum that was his sentinel’s heartbeat. He was home, the only home he would ever want; he was in his sentinel’s heart and mind.

Gibbs was also lost in the bond. The synchronized heartbeats, the feel of Tony’s back rubbing against his hard and aching cock, the scent of his guide’s pheromones and the feel of his skin as he held his guide in his arms filled his awareness. Then it happened, something shifted within him, both subtle and monumental. He suddenly saw what it was to be a guide, to be responsible for a sentinel and how his guide loved him unconditionally. “Tony, my own,” he screamed as all the nerves in his body fired and the three released their seed.

“Yours forever,” Tony answered as the three-way bond locked into place.


That afternoon Sentinel General Leroy Jethro Gibbs took Sentinel Detective James Ellison in a sentinel-to-sentinel bond and the core of the resistance was formed. The General and his guide returned to Washington D.C. that evening.

Ten days after the Sentinel Tribunal refused to issue Sentinel Prime Peter Wall and Sentinel Prime Captain Graham Miller an Order of Sundering from Guide Wesley Pryce, the sentinels in Washington State received certified letters requiring them and their guides to report to the new Department of Guide Proliferation, located at the old Washington Genetics laboratory, for the deposit of sperm, in accordance with the new laws requiring Guides and Alpha Sentinels to procreate.

The End

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