Warnings: This is an in your face, AU, slash/slave fic, with all the horror that that implies. It is dark! Jim and Blair are not the personalities that you may be used to. Please keep this in mind when deciding whether or not to read this fic.

The Purchase

Joan Z

Part One

He didn't look up when he heard the sentinel and the trainer enter the room. He didn't even look at their feet. He continued looking at the floor tracing the grain in the wood with his mind.

"Stand up," the sentinel barked. "Look at me."

The guide stood and lifted his eyes slowly. The Sentinel was a big man, over six foot tall, muscular build with broad shoulders and short brown hair. He avoided eye contact and focused on his forehead.

"Look…At…Me…" the sentinel repeated, adding an extra tone of firmness boarding on anger. The guide shifted his gaze to the sentinel's eyes. They were blue, flecked with gold and beautiful. A shiver went through him as he felt a mild empathic link.

Jim smiled when he felt the light touch of the guide’s mind. He could bond with this one, he was sure of it. "I'm Sentinel James Ellison. What's your name?"

"Guide," he answered.

Jim reached out and gently cupped the guide’s face. "What was the name your parents gave you?" he asked, with a firmness that told the guide this man would suffer no delay.

Every muscle in the guide's body stiffened, his breathing stopped and his head pounded as he sought to obey the sentinel but his mind was blank. Blank, he thought blank's not allowed, not while a sentinel is touching you. he broke out in a cold sweat and his blood pressure began to drop.

The sentinel's eyes suddenly flooded with concern. The sudden change in emotion made the guide gasp. Jim stroked the long auburn hair, "It's okay," he said, in a tone intended to soothe. "I won't punish you, I just want to know your name."

"He is a high degree empathic," the trainer said with pride as Jim ran his hand through the soft curly locks and let his eyes wander over the guide's body. "He has been conditioned beyond mere training. This is a perfect example; he can no longer remember his name. At this moment he is truly just 'Guide' and will remain that way until claimed. All that he will become will be given to him in his link to a sentinel. He is well worth the price. I understand you have encountered failure in attempting a bond with lesser empaths."

Jim turned his head growling at the trainer. "Your point?"

"We guarantee a successful bond," the trainer said, with a drop of perspiration appearing on his brow. The last thing he needed was an angry Alpha, and this one's reputation was legend. "You'll receive a full refund should you fail to establish a solid link."

Jim stopped stroking the guide and advanced on the trainer with a predatory look on his face.

The trainer backed up, stuttering an apology. "I I'm s s sorry if I've off offended …"

Jim grabbed the trainer by the throat and pushed him against the wall. The guide, terrified at the sentinel’s anger, dropped to the floor curled into as tight a ball as kneeling would allow. "If… you've offended me?" the sentinel asked letting his anger color his voice as he lifted the man off the ground and glared into his eyes.

The trainer remained silent and raised his hands in a submissive position.

"The failure to bond with a guide was not mine," the sentinel growled "The guides were of insufficient empathic ability."

"Yes, of course they were," the trainer said with a squeak to his voice. "I apologize, I misspoke. I did not mean to insinuate that the fault was yours."

"Apology accepted," Jim said, as he dropped the trainer and turned back to the guide. A feeling of arousal washed over him, as he looked at the quivering ball curled up on the floor, his curly auburn hair fanning out, moving slightly with each breath. He was beautiful. Jim wanted to take him right there, just tear the thin cotton briefs away and feel himself buried balls deep inside the guide, his guide. He wanted to hear him whimper and feel him shake as he took his pleasure. Jim pushed the thought aside. It wouldn't do to show the worm of a man that called himself a trainer any of his lust. "I'll take him, but I want to know his name," Jim said turning away from the sight of his guide. "His real name."  

"This way to my office Sentinel Ellison," the trainer said as relief flooded over him and he headed for the door. "I'll get that information for you and finalize your paperwork. You've made a wonderful decision and I'm sure you'll be quite happy with your purchase."

Jim scowled at the man's back and then turned to his guide and tapped him on the shoulder. "Come on Chief, let's go."

The guide stood up and followed.

Part Two

Exam Room Doctors Office.

The guide knelt on his kneeling pillow trying to figure out the sentinel that had purchased him. Since leaving the Guide Preserve the sentinel had put a wall around himself. The Guide reached out with his empathic sense to touch the wall and test its strength. It got an immediate response from the sentinel.

“Not now, Guide,” Jim said with a half growl, he tightened his control, hiding his joy at the guide’s desire for contact,  not wanting the guide to know how eager he was to claim him. It wouldn’t do to let his property think it had any power over him. He would have to punish him for that little presumption. A spanking would do nicely. He gave his guide a lust filled predatory glare and let down his wall for a moment. He saw his guide give a small quiver before, again, blocking his feelings from the guide.

The guide turned his mind away from the sentinel and thought about what he had learned while his papers were being passed.

His name was Blair. He tried to remember anyone using that name but he couldn’t. The trainer told the sentinel that his mother called herself Naomi. The mother guide had escaped during transport for re-sale after her Sentinel owner passed away. She managed to elude recapture for nearly four years. He was between two and a half and three years old when they were found. Naomi was sold to a breeding house and he was sent to a maturation house until old enough to undergo conditioning and training. The “Stud” that impregnated his mother was never located so he had no official pedigree but his high empathic rating made him a desirable guide for the higher ranked sentinels.


The doctor entered the exam room. “Sentinel Ellison,” he said, offering his hand, “how good to see you again so soon. I’m glad to see you found a guide.”

“Yes,” Jim said as he shook the doctor’s hand. “I took your suggestion and tried Lake Island Guide Preserve. I could feel this ones empathic ability as soon as eye contact was made.”

“Yes, that is an excellent test of bonding compatibility. Did you know guides were bred as a slave race at the same time scientist were breeding sentinels?” the doctor asked rhetorically. “Guides were intended for use in brothels, bonding was not allowed. Lesser-ranked sentinels than yourself, that were able to establish a firm bond, were executed and higher ranked sentinels were bred in search for the perfect solider. Guides were looked at by the breeders of the time as merely a way to keep sentinel soldiers under control. But higher ranked sentinels require guides with higher empathic abilities. It was a vicious cycle. Those were brutal times. Things are much better now, since sentinels gained their freedom and took over the government. Wars are practically non-existent and every sentinel can claim his own guide. Brothels have been shut down and replaced by Guide Preserves where guides are trained and treated humanly.”

“Well, listen to me,” the doctor said with a laugh, “going off on my own little rant. Of course you know the history.”

“Quite well, Doctor,” Jim said, letting the barest minimum of annoyance creep into his voice. Doctor Joyce was the best guide doctor in the area, even if he was a bit too talkative for the sentinel’s taste. Jim took a deep breath and exhaled bringing his anger under control. He did not want to traumatize his guide again as he had done at the Preserve, anger was a difficult emotion to block.  “You may begin the exam now. The guide’s name is Blair, please address him directly.”

“Thank you, Sentinel Ellison, I just want to quickly go over the guide’s pedigree with you,” the doctor said as he began to thumb through the claiming papers. “Oh, that’s a surprise, he doesn’t have a pedigree.  His mother was an escapee and re-acquired approximately four years later with her child. Father unknown.”

“Yes,” Jim said, showing, what was for him, infinite patience. “The mother was claimed by a Sentinel on the East Coast. He died of wounds sustained in the line of duty. The guide escaped while being transported for re-sale.”

“In those days GPS tags were very expensive,” the doctor said. “Not all guides had them and those that did could easily remove them.  Now that they are required by law, and anchored into bone, escaped guides are virtually non-existent.” The doctor turned to the next page. “Oh, good, Lake Island did a complete genetic workup and there were no genetic diseases present.”

“I’d like you to do independent testing, doctor, I intend to breed the guide, and I will need the documentation. Stud fees will help him to earn his keep.”

“Certainly, Sentinel,” the doctor said with a smile. “An excellent idea. You will have to deny him completion to keep his sperm count high for his stud duties.”

“That’s not a problem,” Jim said, as he stroked Blair’s hair. “What I want to know is how vigorous can I be when I claim him. I don’t want him made unavailable because he needs to heal.”

The statement made Blair shiver; the sentinel didn’t want to be gentle.

“Well let’s see how good a job Lake Island has done preparing him,” Dr. Joyce said with a smile as he put on exam gloves. “Blair, stand up and let’s have a look at you.”

Blair stood but continued to look at the floor. He was naked, having been ordered to take off his clothes as soon as he came into the exam room.

“Good muscular development,” the doctor said as he ran his hands over Blair’s shoulders and chest. “You’ll need to exercise him an hour a day for maintenance; light weights and lots of repetitions. I recommend a minimum of three days a week, six is optimum.”

“Again, not a problem doctor. I have a Bowflex and a treadmill at home. He won’t want for exercise.”

The doctor began to squeeze and roll one of Blair’s nipples between his fingers. “Very nice, they harden quickly,” he said as he took the other nipple between his fingers. Do you plan on having him pierced?”

“What’s your recommendation?” Jim asked.

“I recommend piercing. Over time clips can cause desensitization and stretching. With piercing the nipple sensitivity is enhanced and stays that way. You’ll have his cock and sack pierced as well?” the doctor asked.

“One or the other, I’m not sure about both.”

“It’s mostly cosmetic, of course,” the doctor said, still sounding entirely too happy for Blair’s taste. “It’s just a matter of what you find more esthetically pleasing. Lets have a look at your package Blair.”

The doctor covered his gloves with cold lube and then picked up the guide’s cock. Blair did his best to ignore the assault.

“He has a good sized cock,” the doctor said and then reached his other hand to lift his balls. “Good size testicles. Now lets see how he reacts to stimulation.” The doctor began to stroke Blair’s cock and it began to harden. “Nice feel, and good reaction.” The doctor continued to stroke the guide as he talked. “I would have to check his sperm count of course, but from this preliminary exam I would say he will make a very profitable stud. Yes a good length and thickness when hard and see, he's already dripping precum. You should consider putting him in the show ring. A championship would increase his stud value.”

“Doctor,” Jim interrupted, he was tired of the doctor's constant digression from the subject of bonding. “You still haven’t answered my question. How vigorous can I be when I claim him?”

“Yes of course,” the doctor said as he dropped Blair’s cock. “I apologize for my distraction. It’s just that I don’t often get to examine such a lovely specimen.” The doctor turned his attention back to the guide. “Bend over the table Blair, I want to see just how tight you are.”

Blair did as he was told, spreading his legs to give the doctor access. He knew better then to resist. It was hopeless and would only get him punished.

The doctor slid a slick finger into the guide and then a second; a third finger met with some resistance and a small whimper from the guide. The doctor pulled out and took off his gloves depositing them into the waste basked. He washed his hands as he talked to the sentinel.

“The guide has received only minimal stretching, as is the standard practice at Lake Island. They did explain to you about bonding through pain?”

“They mentioned it. I wanted to ask your opinion. The other guides I attempted to bond with were fully stretched; there was very little pain involved in claiming them. I’m not sure I understand why they recommend bonding through pain.”

“It’s simple,” the doctor said, “the bond is deeper. Sentinels such as yourself require a deeper bond. You gag and tie the guide so that he has no way to communicate with you except telepathically. He will of course resist at first, which is only natural, his first reaction will be to send his pain to you telepathically. Then he will begin to beg you to stop, again telepathically, each step in the process deepens the bond. The last step in the bond is when he gives you full access to his body and his mind. He accepts the pain and welcomes his role of guide in your life, when that happens the bond is fully formed. It won’t be achieved in one attempt. For one month you should give your guide no affection or pleasure and don’t allow eye contact, exercise and discipline only. The bond is part of the discipline of course, along with food water and rest. He must remain calm and submissive at all times, anything else is punished. You need to establish your place as his Master.”

“It will take a month to establish a bond with him?” Jim asked. “I thought it would be much quicker then that.”

“The bond will be fully established within days,” the doctor answered. “The remainder of the time you will simply be reaffirming it.”

“Which brings us back to the question of how vigorous should I be?” Jim asked again.

“He's not fully stretched,” the doctor said, “so you’ll have to use plenty of lubricant and enter slowly. You’ll be able to feel how much he can endure; take it to that level; it’s part of the bonding process. If he does pass out from the pain check for bleeding, if there’s none he’ll be fine and there's no need to bring him in. I’ll give you a pamphlet; it explains the process in detail. I doubt if you will have a problem with it. All the other sentinels I have talked to tell me that they found it exciting and invigorating. You can call if you have a problem, but I don’t anticipate any. I’ve never gotten a call. ”

Blair didn’t move as he listened to the doctor and sentinel discussed the claiming as if he weren’t there. He forced his mind to focus on the first moment their eyes had met. There was warmth in that look, and there had been comfort in his voice. It wasn’t the look or sound of someone that would hurt him. The trainers at Lake Island had taught him obedience and submission, along with the history that ‘The Sentinel Project’ had been conceived by genetic engineers to develop super solders, but the sentinels had trouble adjusting to peacetime, they were wild and uncontrollable. Guides were developed to ‘guide’ the sentinels back to stability and civilized behavior. Blair had been told it was his only reason for existence.  

Jim grunted. “Thank you Dr. Joyce,” and then he turned to Blair, still bent over the exam table. “Get dressed, Guide,” he said. “We’re going home.”

Part Three

Jim came into the loft apartment, hung his keys up by the door, and then walked over to the coffee table to put down the box he was carrying containing the pain bonding kit. Blair entered and immediately dropped to his knees, quietly waiting for the sentinel’s orders. Jim scowled when he turned back and saw him. “Stand up Blair, and give me your coat.”

Blair did as he was told, keeping his head lowered to avoid eye contact.

“Look at me, Guide,” he said, as he took Blair’s coat. “You can forget that no eye contact crap the doctor was spewing. I want you to look at me when I speak to you. I want to be able to judge your reactions.”

Blair lifted his head and looked into his sentinel’s eyes.

Jim pointed to his side. “The bathroom is over there.”

Blair’s head began to turn to look where the sentinel was pointing, but then suddenly snapped back to look into the sentinels eyes.

“Shit,” Jim muttered, “talk about micro management,” then speaking louder, “you can look where I’m pointing, Guide. See the bathroom?”

Blair looked where the sentinel was pointing. “Yes, Sentinel,” he said, hoping the sentinel would give him permission to use it.

Jim pointed in another direction as he showed Blair the small apartment. “Upstairs is the bedroom, down the hall is the kitchen, the room under the stairs I use as an office and exercise room. You’re standing in the living room. You can use the bathroom whenever you need to. You don’t have to ask permission every time. Basically, I want you available when I need you and out of sight when I don’t. The number one rule is don’t bother me. You’ll exercise when I exercise, eat when I eat, sleep when I sleep and keep the place clean and neat. You’re allowed to ask questions about your responsibilities around the house but I’m not interested in engaging in small talk. Got it, Guide?”

“Yes, Sentinel,” Blair said relieved that the instructions were simple and easy to follow.

“Good,” Jim said. “You were shivering in the truck so go take a warm shower. I’m going to make us some lunch; come into the kitchen when you’re done.”

Blair came into the kitchen twenty minutes later. He could smell the soup the sentinel had prepared along with a roast beef sandwich.  

Jim sat at the kitchen table and looked up as Blair entered. “Sit down and eat,” he said pointing to a chair across from where he sat. “According to this owner’s manual, you’ve been trained to cook and keep house, you're certified in CPR and other first aid, as well as fully knowledgeable of sentinel needs.”

“Yes, Sentinel,” Blair said after swallowing his first spoonful of soup.

“Did they teach you anything about bonding through pain?” Jim asked, hoping he could get more information from the guide; it was a futile hope.

“The guide submits to the sentinel, nothing more,” Blair said.

“That’s just great.” Jim said, anger showing on his face and in his voice. He felt like punching the table into splinters.  “When you finish eating, wash the dishes and then go upstairs and wait for me. I want to read the pamphlet the doctor gave me and then I’ll come up.”


Nearly an hour later Blair could no longer stall going upstairs to the bedroom. He silently climbed the stairs and undressed; folding his clothes neatly in a pile, and using them as a kneeling pillow, he knelt down at the foot of the bed and waited for the sentinel.

Jim was not happy. The pamphlet the doctor had given him was full of reasons why the pain bond was better then an ordinary sentinel/guide bond, but said little about how to successfully complete it. Causing the guide pain was one thing, but causing injury was something else all together and the pamphlet said nothing about how to avoid injuring the guide. He could not afford to have another failed bonding attempt; not with this guide, who had shown that they were bond-compatible. He needed this, and although he didn’t like to admit it to himself, he was desperate for it. He was having far too much trouble controlling his temper and the beating he had given the perp…well, he was lucky the bastard had a history of violent behavior or he would have been relieved of duty. As it was Captain Banks “gave” him paid vacation time to go find a compatible guide.

At Dr. Joyce’s suggestion he had looked into Lake Island Guide Reserve and learned of their reputation. He wasn’t sure he wanted a conditioned guide. It seemed to him they were high maintenance. All he wanted was someone who could channel away the anger that built up on the job. Now this…this bonding through pain. He gave a heavy sigh and tossed the pamphlet across the kitchen table, got up and walked into the living room. Maybe the kit he brought home would have more information of exactly how to achieve the bond.

Blair could hear the sentinel leave the kitchen and his heartbeat began to race. He wanted to run and at the same time knew that it was useless to try.

Jim could smell the scent of fear mixed with guide scent and he could hear the increased heartbeat. It was stimulating and he opened his mouth to take a slow deep breath, letting the taste of his guide run over his tongue. His cock was suddenly, and achingly, hard. He wanted to take the stairs two at a time and bury himself balls deep in his guide. He had to get a hold of himself. If he were too vigorous he would injure the guide and that would make the bond with him more difficult, or worse, impossible.

“Guide,” he called, not daring to go up the stairs, knowing that any small movement would cause him to lose his negligible control. “Were you trained in oral satisfaction of your sentinel?”

“Yes, Sentinel,” Blair answered.

“Come here, Guide, now!” Jim called as he unzipped his fly and pulled open his pants. He listened to his guide’s bare feet padding down the stairs and across the living room floor and he watched the guide run toward him cock and hair flapping. Then the guide slid to a stop and fell to his knees between his sentinel’s legs.

Jim wasted no time tangling his hands in the thick curly hair and pulling his guide’s head toward him.

Blair opened his mouth and slid the sentinel’s huge cock between his lips and over his tongue. It tasted much better then the hard rubber dildos he had been forced to perfect his oral techniques on, but this was the first time he had ever done this on a living person. He relaxed his throat muscles and deep throated the sentinel cutting off his own air but continuing to give the hard cock the pleasure he was taught to give. When he couldn’t hold his breath any longer he pulled back, only long enough to exhale and gulp another breath, before again swallowing the sentinel’s ridged member.

Jim sat back and gasped when his guide took him deep. He nearly lost it, but when the guide pulled back and took a breath he was able to regain control. Then Blair swallowed him again and the unbelievable pleasure filled his body. He tightened his grip, his hips rose and he stabbed even deeper into the warm wet mouth as he released his cum down the guide’s throat with a triumphant growl.

Blair waited, feeling the sentinel’s cock gradually soften and shorten, until Jim let his hands drop from the tight grip they had in his hair. Thankfully it was only a moment and then Blair pulled back gasping to catch his breath.

Jim opened his eyes and looked at the guide, his mouth open, chest heaving and face flushed. “Jesus, Guide, do they teach all the guide’s to do that?”

Blair looked into his sentinel’s eyes, “A guide submits to his sentinel,” was his only answer.

“Go back upstairs and wait for me,” Jim said, as he fastened his pants.

Blair got up and started toward the bedroom. Jim watched him go, and smiled, that little interlude was enough to give him back some control, he felt more confident now that he would be able to complete the bond. He turned to watch his guide climb the stairs to the loft bedroom admiring his firm round ass; Jim licked his lips, after tonight it would no longer be virgin territory.

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