Lay Me Down

Joan Z

Spike's poem to Xander

Walking in the moonlight
Love un-expressed walks with me
Fighting in the moonlight
Does he know? Does he see?

The others hear his banter
They see a demon slain
They laugh at what he's saying
But I can feel his pain.

I want to give him comfort
Stroke his body, hear him sigh
I want to give him comfort
Wipe his tears, stop his cry

I want to touch him lovingly
On sheets of silk we'd lay
I want to say words lovingly
From him I'll never stray

Willingly I'd give my life
To keep him safe and sound
I'd say the words repeatedly
My true love I have found

Come to me my Xander
No longer play the clown
Come to me, my darling one
Come and lay me down.

Xander's answer to Spike's poem

They see the demon stalk the night
I see the man walk moon's pale light.

They see you sneer,
your harsh words toll.
I see a man that plays a roll.

They say you have no soul to bear
I see the love you want to share

I feel you as a part of me
I wonder just how that can be

Your muscles ripple as you fight
Your fights a dance that lights my night

Your blue eyes shinning melt my heart
I want to tell, but words won't start

I feel your skin caressing me
I feel it's silken ecstasy

I want your heart and nothing more
All else's a sham that I deplore.

I wish that you could see me clear
I would forever hold you dear

I'd have no need to play the clown
If only you would lay me down

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