Disclaimer: Spike and other Buffy-verse characters belong to Joss Whedon. I am just keeping them alive in our hearts.
Fandom: BtVS – AtS
Genre: Slash
Pairings: Angel/Spike
Rating: FRAO Adults Only, NC17
Warnings: Mild sexual torture. If you like KINKY SEX you will want to read this.
Acknowledgments: Thanks to my Beta’s Minnimax
This Fic takes place the morning after Imaginative Use of a Hairdryer
It contains mild sexual torture and Kinky sex. (But hey, our guys are vampires, right?) I hope you enjoy it.
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Black Roses and White Chocolate

Joan Z

It was just after 12 noon when the vampires awoke in each other’s arms. Spike was the first to speak. “That was hot, Angel, in more ways than one. You want to play again?”

“Play yes,” Angel said, “but not with the hair dryer. I have something else in mind.”

“What could possibly top that?” Spike asked.

“Have I ever let you down?” Angel asked.

“Hundreds and hundreds of times, Luv,” Spike said, “but only after getting me up first.”

“And up again,” Angel said.

“Ummm,” Spike said as he licked Angel's neck, “can’t keep a good vamp down.”

Suddenly Angel moved, straddling Spike and flipping him onto his back with his hands above his head. “Is that a promise, Boy?” Angel asked as he looked into Spike’s blue eyes.

“It’s a promise,” Spike said as a shiver of anticipation ran through his body.

“I’m going to call room service,” Angel said, “close your eyes and don’t move.”


A few minutes later room service arrived and Angel rolled the cart into the room. “Keep your eyes closed,” Angel said, “don’t move and don’t say a word.” Spike felt something soft ghost across his skin. “If you can guess what this is I will give you 2 treats,” Angel said, “if not, I will give you another clue and if you guess it you get one treat and I will get one treat. If you still can’t guess it then I get 2 treats. The one with the most treats at the end of the game gets to choose the treats he wants.”

Spike’s cock was already dripping pre-cum as Angel moved the instrument of torture over his body.

“What is it, Boy?” Angel asked. “Speak up.”

“Silk scarf,” Spike guessed, “to tie me with.”

“Wrong!” Angel said. “Are you ready for your next clue?”

“Yes, Master,” Spike said.

Guessing a silk scarf and calling him Master were the signals Angel was waiting for; now he knew the kind of game Spike wanted to play. He turned the rose in his hand and laid the stem on Spike’s shoulder and then he pulled it, at an angle, down his chest across his nipple. Spike gasped as the thorns bit into him. “Do you have another guess?” Angel asked.

“A rose” Spike said.

“Right,” Angel said. “I’ll give you a treat right now if you can tell me the color.”

“Black,” Spike said without hesitation, he knew black roses were Angelus’ calling card.

“Right again,” Angel said and then he began licking the blood filled scratch. When he got to the nipple he stopped. “Do you like your treat?” he asked.

“Yes Master,” Spike said.

Angel twirled the rose in the pool of pre-cum that had gathered on Spike’s stomach and then he began running the moist petals up and down the length of Spike’s cock as he leaned it to suck on Spike’s still bloodied nipple. Spike moaned and arched his back in an attempt to get more friction on his aching erection. “Now, now, none of that,” Angel said as he slapped Spike’s cock with the head of the rose. “We’re not finished yet, you haven’t even begged me for relief. Are you ready for your next round of guessing?”

“Yes Master,” Spike answered.

Angel picked up a fresh rose and dipped it into the fondue pot. When he pulled it out it was dripping with white chocolate. He moved quickly and swirled the thick hot liquid over Spike’s previously neglected nipple.

Ohhhh! Spike moaned at the feel of the hot mellifluous fluid.

“Do you have a guess?” Angel asked.

“Candle wax,” Spike said.

“Wrong,” Angel said. “Are you ready for you next clue?”

“Yes, Master.”

Angel dipped the rose back into the melted chocolate and brushed it across Spike's lips. “Taste,” he said.

Spike licked his lips. “Mmmmm,” he said, “it’s white chocolate.”

“Yes,” Angel said, “you can open your eyes now. That’s two treats for you and two treats for me.

Spike opened his eyes and looked around. He saw a tray with black roses, squares of white chocolate and a fondue pot with a candle burning under it.

“Game over. What do you want for your treat?” Angel asked.

Spike rolled over and looked into the fondue pot; he picked up some squares of chocolate, broke them into pieces and dropped them into the pot. Then he turned and looked at Angel. “Sit up with your back against the head board,” Spike said and then he gave Angel a rose for each hand. “Hold on to these and don’t let go. I’m feeling a bit peckish and I fancy myself some candy covered cock.”

Spike took a rose, dipped it into the white chocolate fondue and began painting the sweet liquid onto Angel’s erection. Angel gasped as he felt the hot concoction spread over his shaft. He closed his fists around the rose stems and the thorns bit into his palms. When the rose would no longer release its chocolate coating onto Angel’s flesh Spike laid it back on the tray and picked up a fresh rose. He tickled Angel’s balls as he licked the chocolate from Angel’s cock. Angel arched up, seeking more friction on his aching, dripping need. “Now now, Luv,” Spike said, “I’ll have none of that; this is my treat and I get to enjoy it for as long as I want.” Spike continued with the painting, tickling and licking, repeating the process over and over again until Angel was reduced to begging for relief.

“One or two more rounds, Luv,” Spike said, “Then maybe you can have your treat.”

Angel moaned as he watched Spike swirl another black rose around in the white chocolate. “Please, Spike, please!”

“Please what, Luv,” Spike asked as he held up the dripping rose.

“Take me, swallow me, I can’t take this any longer, I need you!” Angel pleaded.

“You don’t want me sliding my wet tongue up and down your tall hard cock, stopping at the top to suck your pre-cum and then licking my way back to the base all the while tickling and massaging your balls?”

“What I want is to be down your throat or up your ass in the next sixty seconds and if you don’t make it happen, I will,” Angel said.

Spike tilted his head and looked at his lover, “Promise?”

Angel roared, grabbed Spike pulling him onto the bed and slamming him onto his back. “You cheeky bastard,” Angel said as he grabbed the lube and spread it onto his weeping cock.
Spike giggled and then gasped as Angel lifted his legs to his shoulders and pushed two slick fingers into his ass.

Angel was in no mood to waste time on preliminaries. He scissored his fingers a few times, then pulled them out and plunged his full length into Spike’s willing hole.

Spike moaned at the pain and pleasure of being stretched a little too fast. “Ohhh, Angel, fuck me hard, Luv.”

“That, I will, Lad,” Angel said, reverting back to his Irish brogue and then he began a punishing rhythm.

Spike tilted his head back and roared with pure joy at the sensations that were filling his body.

Angel slipped into game face and bit into his boy's beautiful neck as he pumped his seed into him.

The bite brought on Spike’s orgasm and he changed too and bit into Angel’s shoulder. Angel collapsed on top of Spike and rolled to the side when he felt Spike's fangs retracting.

Angel pulled Spike to him in a kiss. “I love it when you drive me insane like that,” Angel said.

“That’s why I do it, Luv,” Spike said, moving in to lay his head on Angel's shoulder.

“We still have treat number two,” Angel said, “Do you have any ideas?”

“I think I’d like another go with the hairdryer,” Spike said.

“That makes two of us,” Angel said as he pulled Spike out of bed.

The two vampires headed for the bathroom.

The End

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