Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: NC17
Warnings: M/M, non con, violence, angst
Beta: carinas_carinae
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Dedicated to [info]aayesha_r, who inspires me and keeps me going. I promised her a Spander to celebrate an accomplishment and wrote this story with her in mind. This one's for you sweetie. I'm incredibly proud of you and hope you like it.<

You Needed Me


Xander couldn’t stop himself from shivering. It wasn’t that he was cold, exactly, although that was part of it. His body hadn’t fully recovered, yet here he was, on an airplane, determined to make things right. He’d seen the stares of the people around him. He knew everyone was wondering what had caused his injuries. Xander knew that none of them would guess the truth.

He should have just gone to Angel. It’s what Spike had told him to do. But he couldn’t bring himself to do it; he couldn’t face Angel after all that had happened. No, he wanted Spike back, not Angel substituting until the bond faded. Xander didn’t want to lose his bond with Spike and was going to do whatever it took to make things right again. And if the cost was his life? Well, it was a price he was willing to pay. He didn’t have anything else left to lose.

The thought sent a lone tear trailing down Xander’s cheek. He brushed it away impatiently. He refused to give in to the grief and fear and rage that were coursing through him. Well, maybe he would give in to the rage. Just not now, not when his control was so shaky and he could barely fight the urge to scream.

No, he would save all those feelings, bottle them up and have them ready for when he needed them. Xander had no doubts that what he was about to do was completely crazy. But Spike was worth it. If only Xander could convince Spike of that.


Spike slammed into the apartment, ready to tear into Xander yet again. It all bloody well had to stop. No more. It was done; they were done. Xander would accept it and get his arse in the car and get to L.A. Spike was ready to use force, if necessary, to get Xander to comply. The thought sent a chill down his spine. He’d already forced enough on Xander.

It took a moment to register that the apartment was empty. Where the hell was he? Spike swept down the hall, throwing open the bedroom door and trying not to breathe in the lingering scent of Xander, and himself, and sex. He couldn’t resist though. Just one little breath, one last time to have that scent-induced memory wash over him and take him back to when things were better, to when things were great.

He could practically see Xander, laying there on the bed, eyes glazed over with passion. All for him. Xander would smile that crooked smile and Spike would be naked and on him in a matter of seconds. God, Xan was always so hot and Spike just wanted to wallow all over him and soak it all up. His hands could be ice cold from being out, but he’d grab hold of Xander’s and link their fingers together and he could feel the warmth reach all the way through him.

Dammit. Spike forced his thoughts back on track. He couldn’t think of Xander like that anymore. Xander wasn’t his anymore, couldn’t be his anymore. Not after what he’d done. Some things just couldn’t, shouldn’t be forgiven. Even though Xan tried to tell him he understood and forgave him, Spike wasn’t going to allow Xander to just brush it aside and pretend like it had never happened. He was better off alone.


Xander couldn’t believe the heat. It was so hot his sweat was evaporating before it even had a chance to wet his clothes. Of course, his thoughts went immediately to Spike and how much Spike loved it when he was hot. Xander could come home after a day working on the site, and all he’d want was a shower and something cold to drink.

He rarely got that though. Spike would be on him in a matter of moments, wrapped around him and absorbing every extra bit of heat he had. It bothered Xander at first, but then he realized that it was something that he could give to Spike, something that Spike couldn’t get on his own, and after that, he’d let Spike do whatever he wanted.

It had taken Xander a while to get used to the fact that he had a vampire boyfriend. Hell, he still wasn’t entirely used to it, if he were honest. It was a little easier for Spike. He had made it well known that he considered Xander his, and that was that. It had been more complicated for him.

At first, Xander was confused by the whole thing. The transition from friends to lovers had come so suddenly that it all seemed to blur together. All Xander really knew was that one day he realized he needed Spike, wouldn’t know what to do without him, and that was it. He was in one hundred percent. It was a nice feeling.

All his doubts and fears had melted away in that moment. There might be scary things out there, things that were terrifying beyond his wildest imagination, but nothing seemed quite so bad with Spike by his side.

Hell, he needed to stop this. Stop thinking about what was, and think of what was to come. Xander took a long drink of water from the bottle at his side and looked out over the vast landscape. Soon. He was getting close; he could feel it.


“Peaches, the whelp make it there okay?”

“What are you talking about, Spike?”

“Xander. He there?”

“No. Why would Xander be here?”

Spike squeezed the phone in his hand until the plastic started cracking. “Have you heard from him at all?”

“No. Spike, what’s going on?”

Spike slammed the phone down, not bothering to answer Angel. He went back to the bedroom and flung open the closet. His side loomed before him, empty of all his clothes. He forced his eyes to the other side. Some of Xander’s clothes were gone as well. Where the hell was he?

His eyes drifted back to the empty side of the closet. It still didn’t seem real that this wasn’t his home anymore. After he’d told Xander it was over, he’d come in and tossed everything of his into a bag. There wasn’t much.

He’d been tempted to take something of Xander’s, just some little keepsake like he still had from Dru. Problem was, he wanted to just pack the whole place up. It was home, the first place he’d really called that since he’d been turned. At one of the lowest points in his life, along had come Xander. He’d brought Spike into his home. Made it their home. Things hadn’t seemed so bad after that.

He should have known it was too good to be true. The way he felt for Xan? It wasn’t something that came along everyday and it was a damn sight too good for a demon like him. All he’d done? Yeah, he didn’t deserve Xander’s love. He knew it, had known it from the start, but how do you pass up a love like Xander’s? You don’t. You take what you can get and hope it doesn’t kill you to give it up.

Spike wasn’t entirely sure it wasn’t going to kill him to give Xander up. And he was pissed because he shouldn’t care. He was soulless again after all. What did it matter?


It was funny just how much the place was like Spike described. Not that he doubted Spike, but usually when someone described something and you got a picture in your head, it wasn’t right at all. This was exactly as he’d pictured it. It was just one of those funny things, Xander supposed.

He realized as he entered the cavern that he wasn’t hurting so much now. Xander knew that it must be adrenalin. He wasn’t in the best shape for this, but it seemed like now or never. When was the right time to fight to get your life back? Xander didn’t want to put it off another day, wasn’t sure he could even make it another day, truth be told. He could feel the effects of Spike’s bond fading, and knew things were about to get rough for him.

Spike had told him that their bond would make him stronger, make him heal faster. He’d never gone into what would happen if it were broken. It hadn’t crossed their minds that they wouldn’t be together forever. From the moment they’d realized they belonged together, that was it. Then again, they’d never considered that some random demon would take a notion to remove Spike’s soul and what the ramifications would be for them if that happened.

Xander hadn’t had a clue what it would mean to be faced with a truly soulless Spike. It had never really crossed his mind that it was a possibility. Spike was just Spike. Xander’s everything. Then fate had stepped in and torn everything apart.

Xander wondered how much worse his condition would be if they’d taken that final step like they’d been talking about. Spike wanted to make him a full consort. Xander didn’t know anything about it, and hadn’t been willing to go there just yet. Being bonded was enough for now, or so he’d thought. He couldn’t imagine what would happen if he’d been rejected as a consort, and now he was really glad they’d waited.

The bond made them close and made them both stronger, although in different ways. Being a consort was so much more than just being bound together. The only thing Xander had really known was that if he died, then Spike died, and vice versa. At the time, he’d not wanted to do that to Spike. Xander wasn’t convinced that he was going to live to see thirty and hadn’t wanted to drag Spike down with him.

He had to keep looking at the positive. At least this way, if he didn’t succeed, Spike would never even know that he’d tried, and failed. Either way, his vampire would live to see another day.


Spike stood at the doorway to the apartment, trying to force himself to leave. He should just forget about Xander. If the idiot hadn’t gone to Angel like he’d been told, then he deserved what he got. Except that he didn’t. And Spike knew it. Xander hadn’t done anything wrong besides fall in love with a demon.

The demon in him crowed. Yes, Xander was in love with him, demon and all. But without the soul Spike was no good for him. Hours after it had been ripped out and look what had happened? No, leaving Xander was better. Ending things was the right thing to do, even if all he wanted was one more taste, one more burst of heat.

Dammit. Spike turned around and stared at the apartment. Where would he have gone? He had to find Xander, just to know that he was okay. It had nothing to do with souls or lack of souls. Xander was still bonded to him, that’s all it was. The demon considered him a pet, that’s all.

Spike’s gaze landed on the computer and with a start he realized that Xander would have gone to see Red. That’s where he must be. Fuck. Red couldn’t help. Xander needed to be with a vampire right now while the effects of the bond lessened. It would be horrible for him if he tried to make it through this on his own.

He booted up the computer and signed into Xander’s email. The whelp wasn’t all that creative with his passwords. “Donutboy”? Yeah. He’d figured that one out on the first try. No creativity. Spike’s own “bigbad666” would be much harder to crack.

The email finally loaded and Spike scanned through the recent emails. There. Flight Itinerary. He opened the email and sat there stunned. Oh, fuck, no. He couldn’t. Fuck. Spike grabbed the phone and hit redial.

“Angel? I need to get to Africa. Now.”


As first tests went, this one was a doozy. Face your worst nightmare? Bah. Clowns and ventriloquist dummies had nothing on him these days. Hell, he could even face a world without chocolate. Hmm. Maybe it would be a world without twinkies? That would be tough, but he’d even go through that for Spike.

But no, Xander had better fodder for his nightmares these days. Much more recent ammunition that he could still feel each and every time he took a step. Xander looked around and tried not to scream. It was too soon. He couldn’t face this again. Not yet.

Spike was there, but this wasn’t the Spike he knew and loved. No, something had happened. It was like the demon was in full control or something. Xander didn’t understand it, but he did remember what Spike said about Angel losing his mind when he lost his soul, how Angelus was completely insane and out of control after having the soul in with his demon.

That was the only thing Xander could think of as Spike stalked over to him. This wasn’t the tender gaze of his lover. No, this was pure demon. Xander tried to reach out to Spike, but his arm was wrenched behind him and Xander felt his shoulder scream in protest.

His clothes were ripped and torn. Xander tried to fight Spike off, but he couldn’t stop him. Nothing was getting through. Spike wasn’t even in there. This was some feral creature, not his Spike.

Xander was shoved onto the ground, his legs forced apart. He fought. God, he fought. But in the end, nothing changed. He still had the pain and the bruises and the fear and the ache so deep in his soul that he couldn’t see past it to anything else.

Xander knew there was a point to this. He tried to force his mind away from the terror and think. Face your worst nightmare. Something wearing the face of the one you loved doing this? Yeah. It was his worst nightmare. Xander had been thinking of little else since that moment, and all that had happened afterwards. Spike was leaving him because he didn’t have a soul, because he was all demon. And the demon had done this.

That was the thing though. Spike was a demon. He’d always been a demon and always would be. It was something Xander had allowed himself to forget. Now he reached up his hand, stroking the distorted face in a way that he’d never considered when this was actually happening.

Xander loved a demon. He did. He loved him. And if the demon needed this, needed to convince itself that Xander was his, well, then, that was okay. It was like Spike was always telling him. “You’re mine, whelp.” Xander imagined Spike saying it in that sexy growly voice even as his nightmare played out around him.

He looked up into the face of his nightmare and their eyes locked. “I’m yours.”

The nightmare ended.


Fuck. It was really all Spike could think of at the moment. Stupid fucking airplane won’t fly any fucking faster. Stupid fucking whelp with his stupid fucking hero complex. Stupid fucking souls.

Spike forced himself to calm down, at least a little. He was losing it, and needed to have it together if he was going to get Xander back in one piece. Stupid fucker was his. Even if he’d thrown him away. Didn’t change anything, now did it?

He leaned back in the seat and tried to clear his thoughts. All he could picture was his Xander. No big surprise. Xander was all he’d thought about for months now. Spike remembered the first day he’d realized that there was something more to Xander than what he’d thought.

Spike was at the apartment, just staring at the telly, lost in his thoughts. Xander had come home from work, and he had a cooler of blood. Xan had been getting him the good stuff ever since he’d moved in. Spike hadn’t questioned it, but as he heard Xander stowing it away in one of the fridge drawers, he just had to know.


Xander had looked up at him, puzzled. “Why what?”

“Why are you doing this? Why are you letting me live here? Why do you get me human blood?”

Xander’s forehead had scrunched up and he’d shaken his head. “You’re my friend, Spike.”

And that was it. All the explanation that he got. ‘Cause for Xander, that’s all there was really. You were either his friend, or you weren’t. When you were in that exclusive club, there was nothing he wouldn’t do for you. And Spike was in.


As the second part of the trials started, Xander was really glad that he’d started paying better attention to Spike on patrol. He’d never really remembered all the little tidbits of demons past when he fought with Buffy. Spike made him remember though. He told him all the little ways you could kill each and every one, usually while fighting with said demon and demonstrating the lesson.

Spike had fought a demon like this before and he’d told Xander how to kill it. Of course, Spike had made it look really easy. He’d just grabbed hold of that little tuft of hair on the demons head and yanked it right out. Poof…dead demon.

The demon Xander was facing obviously knew its weakness and had a piece of armor covering its weak spot. Xander could use a bit of armor to cover his weak spots about now. He was getting his ass kicked. One solid punch right to his chest sent Xander flying across the cave and he landed with a thud against the rock wall.

Before he could recover enough to get to his feet, the demon was on him. Xander threw one arm up and blocked the teeth that were lunging for his neck. The other arm came around and slipped under that armor and Xander pulled with every ounce of strength he could muster.

He felt a rip, heard a crunch, then the demon was collapsing on top of him. Xander shoved the body to the side, gasping when he realized that the demon’s teeth were still buried in his arm. And yuck, the crunch he'd heard was his arm. This was not good. Seriously not good.

Xander ripped his shirt and wrapped it around his arm as tightly as he could manage. It could be worse. Spike was always telling him that. As long as you could still fight, you could still win. He could do this. He could make it through these trials and get Spike back. He had to. He just had to.


Spike gripped the wheel tightly as he sped the jeep through the night. He was terrified of what he was going to find. What if he didn’t get there soon enough? What if the trials had started? Worse, what if they’d ended?

Instead of focusing on the unknown, Spike thought back on the first time he and Xander had kissed. It was one of his favorite memories. They’d just been standing there in the kitchen. Xander had come home from work all hot and sweaty and Spike had kept accidentally on purpose brushing up against him.

Xander had spun around and grabbed him. Their eyes had met, locked, and then Xander had slowly pulled him in and kissed him. Just like that. Out of nowhere. Xander’d pulled back and looked at him after a moment, and when he saw that Spike was okay with it, he pulled him back in and tried to suck his tonsils out.

Fuck, the whelp could kiss. Those lips of his should be put in some sort of hall of fame or some such rot. Course, anybody who wanted those lips was going to have to go through Spike to get them.

If the whelp made it. The thought caused a painful constriction in Spike’s chest and he rubbed his hand across it, trying to soothe the ache. Spike couldn’t imagine Xander not being in the world and wondered what the hell he had been thinking pushing Xan away? He should have claimed him when he had the chance, made Xander his forever.

Fuck propriety, fuck waiting for the right moment. So he didn’t have a soul. So forever was a big fucking commitment. So fucking what? He should never have ended things with Xander, no matter what had happened. He should have listened when Xander said they’d work it out.

Spike remembered the look in Xander’s eyes when he’d come back to himself after the demon had taken control. He’d never forget that look for as long as he lived. Xander’s face, bruised and bleeding, and his eyes so full of pain. He’d looked at Spike like he didn’t know him anymore and then Spike had remembered.

He’d gone crazy, kicking and hitting everything in his path, until he’d heard a little whimper of fear from his Xan. Then he’d stopped, stripped off his duster and wrapped it around Xander and helped him home. It had taken him a while to get Xander situated, and even longer for him to remember what he’d done in those first few hours without his soul.

After Xander’s first nightmare, Spike realized that he had to go. He couldn’t stay with Xander like he was. Xander deserved better. He deserved someone with a soul, someone who wouldn’t hurt him, ever.

Spike still believed that. He believed that Xander deserved someone better than him, someone who had a soul and who would never hurt him. Problem was, that wasn’t who Xander had. He had Spike. And things were going to be really fucked up sometimes, and shit would happen, but by God, no one would ever love Xander the way that he did and the whelp was just going to have to deal with the rest of it.

If Spike could get to him in time, that is.


Xander wished Spike was here to tell him how to defeat this demon. He’d never seen one like it before. It was giant and lopsided and hunchbacked. Spike had always told him to go for the head first with demons he didn’t know. Most things could be killed by taking off its head, but you had to be able to reach the head to cut it off and that wasn’t happening with this one.

Xander took another hit and went flying. He was weakening, quickly. There was little offense going on in this fight. He was just trying to stay alive. Xander tripped over the corpse of the last demon he’d killed and grabbed the knife that was sheathed against the demon’s side.

He stood shakily again and swiped the new demon’s arm as it swung towards him. The demon roared and its blood dripped onto the ground. It started to bubble and sizzle and Xander knew he really didn’t want that blood to touch him. Xander backed away, still holding the knife up, wondering what the hell he was going to do next.

As he dodged swings and tried to figure out a plan of attack, Xander realized that he should have left Spike a note to let him know where he was. He wished he’d had one more chance to make love to him, to wash away the memory of their last painful time together, and leave him with a memory to cherish.

Xander ducked a blow and spun around to kick at the demon. It stumbled forward and Xander danced backward a few more steps. He’d just have to remember their first time, instead of their last time. That was it.

Spike had come home from a night of killing whatever it was he killed and he was hyper. Xander had already been in bed. They hadn’t done much more than kissing before, but seeing Spike like that made Xander want more. It was all still new to Xander and he wasn’t really sure how to proceed. Spike was being surprisingly patient with him, not pushing at all, and Xander was grateful, but at the same time a little annoyed.

He kind of wanted Spike to take the next step. Xander just didn’t know how to let him know. That night though, Spike had come in bouncing and had taken one look at Xander sprawled sleepily in the bed and he’d pounced.

Xander hadn’t really imagined Spike as a making love kind of guy, but that’s exactly what he’d done. There was no fucking to it. Xander had never felt so completely cherished in his life. By the time Xander’s legs were spread and over Spike’s shoulders, he’d wanted nothing more than to have Spike buried deep inside his body, to truly have Spike be a part of him.

Spike had pushed in slowly, then leaned in and kissed Xander senseless yet again. And that was all it took for Xander to come. Spike hadn’t even started moving and he’d blown his wad. Spike had pulled away and looked at him with a knowing smile, then kissed him again. He’d thrust slowly once, twice, a third time, and Xander felt Spike’s come shoot into him.

The feeling was indescribable. And yeah, maybe a little gross to have someone else’s spunk dripping out of your ass, but Xander ignored that part and focused on the fact that there was a part of Spike inside him. Forever. Nothing could take that moment away from them.

Xander was glad that he’d remembered how loved he’d felt that night, because as the demon came for him again, he realized that he wasn’t going to make it out of this alive. It was sad really, that he’d realized just how much he loved Spike right then when he was about to die.

The demon’s claws were heading straight for his stomach. Xander knew there was no way he could stop them in time. Instead, he moved closer, raising his arm and stabbing the demon through the chest before he went down. He’d known pain before, but never like this. He wished Spike was here.


The caves were dark and there was no movement inside. Spike could sense Xander, knew he was close, and looked around to see where he was. He couldn’t see him, but Spike had other senses and he turned to them. He listened closely, making out the faintest of heartbeats. He hurried towards the sound and was almost on Xander before he saw him.

Xander was half lying under a demon, its claws buried in Xander’s stomach. His boy was hurt, and hurt bad. Spike knelt over him, easing the claws from Xander’s body and holding his hands over the wound. He barely brushed his fingers over Xander’s cheek. “Xan? Luv? Come on, baby, wake up.”

Xander didn’t move and Spike nearly came unglued. He carefully ran his hands over Xander’s body, grimacing with each injury he found. “Come on, luv, you need to wake up for me. Xan, please. Open your eyes, pet.”

Xander grimaced and his eyes slowly opened. He saw Spike leaning over him and smiled. “Did I do it? Did it work?” His voice was weak, but the smile was all Xander.

“You did great, luv. Now, we need to get you fixed up and out of here, okay?”

“Okay. I love you, Spike.”

“Luv you, too, Xan.”

“I know this is just a dream, but I’m really glad you’re here.”

“Not a dream, baby. I’m here.”

“Can’t be real. Spike said to go away, so I did. I wished you were here to tell me what to do, though. God, I was so scared. You think that’s what it was? I wished for you?”

Xander coughed and Spike saw blood trickling out of his mouth. “You’re gonna be okay, luv. I’m here. I’ll take care of you.”

“I just couldn’t do it without you, Spike. I need you, you know? I didn’t know how much. I should have let you claim me or whatever. Should have found out what you wanted and just done it. I could have been your consort. God, I’m so stupid.”

“Don’t say that, Xan. You’re not stupid. You’re mine. I wouldn’t have a stupid boy, now would I?”

“I don’t feel so good, Spike.”

“I know, luv.”

“Will you stay with me? I’m kind of cold. I know you like me when I’m hot, but please don’t leave me.”

“You’re perfect, Xan. Just as you are. Now don’t you give up. You fight for me, you hear? We’re going to make you better.”

Spike carefully lifted Xander’s body, wincing with each whimper of pain Xander made. He started towards the entrance to the cave, and only realized something was wrong when Xander tensed in his arms. He barely noticed the ripple in the air, he was so focused on Xander and keeping his boy alive. His demon knew there was another threat and forced his attention away from Xander for a moment.

He snarled, glaring into the shadows. Spike didn’t see movement but knew something was there. Lowering Xander back to the ground, he stripped off his duster, covered Xander with it, then rose to his feet. He’d kill whatever the fuck was in here and then he was getting Xander out. They didn’t have much time.

A demon stepped from the shadows, one that Spike recognized well. He would never forget it. “Did he do it?”

“He has successfully completed the trials.”

“I knew he could do it. My boy, he could beat anything you threw at him.” Spike turned back to Xander, and sat by his side. Xander’s heartbeat was fading fast. Spike realized that there was nothing he could do. Xander wouldn’t want to be turned and that’s the only option Spike had left.

“His request was for your soul to be returned to you. It shouldn’t have been able to be taken. You passed the trials yourself to earn it back.”

“Yeah, well, tell that to the damn demons and their fucking warlocks. They wanted to see if they could get it back out and it worked. My boy here thought…well, it doesn’t matter. Just fix him, yeah?”

“I’m sorry. That wasn’t what he came here for.”

Spike lifted Xander’s body, cradling the cooling body in his arms. “Don’t you get it? He’s my soul; he’s the reason I’m here. I don’t need anything but him. If I don’t have him, what’s the fucking point?”

He turned and walked away, realizing too late just how little his soul really mattered. The sun would be up soon. He and Xander would meet it together, go out together, just the way it should be.

Spike was barely outside the cave when he realized Xander’s heart was slowing further. He dropped to his knees, pulling Xander tighter, pressing fleeting kisses across his face. “Luv you, Xan. Luv you so much. Should never have left you. So sorry I hurt you. So sorry I let you down. Should have gotten here sooner, told you I didn’t need the soul as long as I had you.”

Spike lifted his head and looked down at Xander’s face. There was the slightest twitch, so soft that someone else might not have even noticed. But Spike did, and he held onto that as proof that Xan was still here, listening and fighting. “Xan? Come on, baby. You can do it. Fight for me, luv. Come on, Xan. Come back to me.”

Spike needed to get him help and knew he couldn’t just sit here waiting for Xander to die in his arms. He stood again, rushing Xander towards the jeep. “You’re gonna be okay, luv. Just stay with me. I’m gonna get you help.” He carefully placed Xander inside and rushed to the driver’s side.

They sped away into the night and Spike didn’t even think to look back towards the cave. The demon there stood watching them leave and whispered, “Request granted.”


Spike and Angel stood in the center of the room, waiting for Xander to come in so the ceremony could begin. Spike was enjoying the time, taking the opportunity to share his excitement over his soon to be consort.

“Oh. fuck yeah, Peaches, you should have seen it! Bodies everywhere, and there was my boy all covered in blood, knife in hand. Was the most beautiful sight I’d ever seen.”



“I thought you said Xander was unconscious when you found him.”

“Yeah, so?”

“Never mind.”

“So, this soddin’ huge demon is coming after him and WHAM it slams into my boy, rippin’ him all up. Xan just goes fuckin’ WHOOSH and the knife goes in, right in its chest! Dropped like a stone, it did!”


“I know, makes you speechless, yeah? The best part was when we got to the hospital. They’re all runnin’ around and thinkin’ Xan’s been attacked by a lion or somethin’ cause of the big bite wound on his arm. Did I tell you how big that fucker was that Xan killed? Mouth like a fuckin’ shark. Teeth all over the place. No match for my boy, though.”

“I bet.”

“Exactly! Man, they thought he was a goner for sure, but I knew better. Told ‘em he’d be fine. Just give him a few days. And sure enough, few days later, Xan’s awake and right back to himself, just like I said.”

“Of course.”

“Yeah, and soon as he was up and at ‘em, my boy told me I’d better get with the claimin’. Wanted to shag right there in the hospital, he did. He’s insatiable, you know.”

“I can’t imagine.”

“Yeah, well, you better not be imaginin’ any shaggin’ with my boy. I’ll kick your arse.”

“So where is your wonder boy, anyway?”

“Oh, he’s out at the car still. Wanted to talk to Red before the big ceremony you know. She’s right pissed that we won’t wait for her to get here to do it. Xan said we weren’t waitin’ anymore, though. We’d wasted enough time, he said.”


“Yeah, she says this is like him gettin’ married without her or some such. Told her there were no fluffy dresses or flowers involved, but she wasn’t convinced. Said we were makin’ it forever and that was the same thing and she should be here.”


“Well, Xan’s not waitin’. Made him wait to get back home as it was. He said he was ready but I wanted to make sure, you know? Got to take care of my boy.”


“Yeah, so now we’re gonna make it all official-like.”

“You made a good choice, Spike.”

Spike didn’t say anything; for once, Angel had said all he needed to. Xander came in and smiled widely at Spike. He nodded briefly at Angel before crossing to Spike’s side. “You ready?”

“Born ready, pet.”

Xander rolled his eyes and turned to Angel. “Thanks for helping.”

“This is one time that I don’t mind being the head of the clan.”

“So, Spike hasn’t really told me what all this entails. We don’t have to like do it in front of you, do we?”


“Course not, luv! Wouldn’t let Peaches see that fine arse o’ yours. He’s just gonna get with the blah blah stuff and then we’ll take it upstairs and shag the night away.”



“Have you been in my chocolate again?”

“Wot? No. Would never do such a thing.”

“It’s just, you seem a bit hyper.”

“Yeah, well. Luv ya. That’s all.”



“Make me your consort already, would ya?”

And he did.

The End

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