Rating: NC17
Pairing:  Spike/Xander
Warnings: M/M



Welcome to the World of Woo

Xander stood in the basement bathroom, staring at his reflection. He looked exactly like he felt, like he had been well and thoroughly fucked. The thought caused his smile to widen. He admired the dark spots on his neck and shoulder, reminders of the previous night.

He shifted to see them better and felt a twinge of pain in his ass. It made him grin even more. Every nerve ending was alive, thrilled with the pleasure he was still feeling. Xander couldn’t help it. He was so happy he threw his arms above his head in victory and shouted, “Woo!!!!”

The movement served as another reminder as his muscles protested and his ass twitched. He turned from the mirror and nearly ran back to the room and the vampire still there, laying on his bed.

Spike opened one eye lazily as Xander reentered the room. What was with all this “Woo!!!” nonsense and why the hell was the whelp capable of being that excited at this ungodly hour? Especially after Spike had given him the shagging of his young life just hours ago?

The sight that greeted him answered his question. The whelp’s cock was standing at attention, begging for more. And he was grinning from ear to ear, just as he bloody well should be after Spike’s attention.

Xander leapt onto the bed and straddled Spike’s body. He leaned down and kissed the vampire passionately, using lips, teeth and tongue to show just how excited he was this morning.

Spike’s cock immediately responded, leaping to life and pressing itself up into Xander’s body. Xander lifted his body and pressed himself down onto Spike’s erection, impaling himself again.

Xander sighed happily as Spike thrust up and forced his cock further into the stretched hole. Xander started bouncing up and down, arching his back and letting gravity take over as his body moved.

Spike grabbed Xander’s hips and controlled the movement, angling himself so that his cock stroked Xander’s sweet spot with every stroke, watching the whelp’s expression as his breath quickened and his heartbeat raced.

Xander grasped his cock and started pulling it in time with Spike’s movements. He was soon keening and groaning as his body once again felt the pleasure of Spike’s body inside of him.

It wasn’t long before Xander shot his release, covering the vampire’s chest and stomach with his fluids. Spike followed and Xander stilled his body, feeling Spike’s cum filling him again. He squeezed his ass, holding both cock and fluids inside his body, loving the fullness.

Finally he collapsed on top of Spike’s chest and began sucking and nibbling on the vampire’s neck. Spike stroked his back, listening as breathing and heartbeat began to slow. “What was all that for, pet?”

Xander raised his head and looked up at Spike. “Just a little welcome to the world of woo, Spike.”

Christmas in the World of Woo

Spike waited until Xander slipped out of bed to go to the bathroom. Then he slipped from the bed himself and gathered up the brightly wrapped package he’d hidden behind the mountain of laundry in the corner. It was the one place he was sure Xander wouldn’t look.

He jumped back onto the bed after sitting the box on Xander’s side of the bed. It was hard for him to act casual and relax into the covers but he wanted to hear Xander’s reaction when he saw the box.

Not that he was going soft or anything, but every time the whelp made one of his funny little noises it just made Spike’s heart, well, not his heart precisely, but it made something inside him go all tingly.

With a sigh, Spike rolled over and accepted the fact that he was getting soft. There was nothing he could do though. Xander was irresistible and Spike wasn’t known to have the highest levels of self restraint.

Finally, the water shut off and Spike tried to hide his smile in his pillow. Xander tiptoed out of the bathroom, hoping Spike had drifted back to sleep. He always woke up when Xander got out of bed even though he pretended that he didn’t.   This morning, Xander stayed in the bathroom for an extra long time even though he was nearly bouncing with anticipation.

He snuck over to the laundry pile. Spike’s gift was hidden near the bottom under his most pungent dirty socks. There was no way Spike would go look there. After pulling the wrapped box from the sock, Xander gave it a little sniff to see just how much of the smell had rubbed off on Spike’s present.

His nose curled. It wasn’t pretty. But maybe Spike would get the wrapping paper off fast enough so that the smell wouldn’t bother him. Xander sighed. Next year, he’d think of a less pungent hiding spot.

Spike cracked open his eye to see what the hell was taking Xander so long to get back to bed. Sheesh. He was taking forever. And damned if he wasn’t digging in the laundry pile. Finally, Spike couldn’t stand the anticipation anymore and he sat up.

“Oi, pet! Get your arse back into bed. How’s a vamp supposed to surprise ya when you wander all over the damn place?” Spike would have continued his lecture until Xander was snuggled back beside him but he noticed the package in Xander’s hand and the goofy smile on his face.

“Aww. Pet. You got me a pressie?” Spike smirked as Xander blushed and hurried back over to the bed.  Spike shook his head. It was no wonder he was always having to save Xander’s ass out on patrol. How the hell he didn’t notice a gigantic package sitting on the bed was beyond Spike.

Xander came to a screeching halt beside the bed. He literally was screeching. Spike put his hands over his ears. Yep, there was another of those sounds he just loved. Spike waited for it.

Xander noticed the package and couldn’t help the screech that erupted from his mouth. He didn’t think Spike was going to get him a present this year. “WOOOOOOO!!!!”

Spike grinned. There it was. Xander was always talking about the World of Woo they were making together. Spike pretended to think it was ridiculous when Xander added more and more things to the list he would Woo over. In reality, Spike was constantly trying to think of new and exciting things to try with Xander just to get him to make that sound again.

Xander leapt onto the bed and into Spike’s arms. “Oi, pet! Watch the jewels!” He pulled Xander closer though and settled against the head board with Xander between his legs. Just as he was about to start getting frisky, he caught a whiff of something unpleasant.

“Bloody hell, Xan! Tell me you didn’t put my pressie in the dirty socks?”

Xander blushed and looked down at the slightly rumpled package. He placed it sheepishly in Spike’s hands. “Merry Christmas, Spike.”

Spike could tell that Xander was about to die of excitement so he put his own slightly aromatic package to the side and gestured to the larger package beside him. “Go ahead, Xan. You go first.”

Xander yelled “Woo!” again and reached over to grab the box. He lifted it carefully, then gave it a little shake. He put his ear close and shook it again. Spike dropped his head back onto the headboard with a thump. No one could draw out opening a pressie like his Xan.

Xander finally couldn’t wait anymore and tore into the box. His eyes opened in shock at the contents. “Um, Spike?”

“Yes, pet?”

“What’s this?”

Spike snorted. “It’s your pressie, pet. Keep digging.”

Xander pulled out the book on top. “30 minute meals? Seriously?”

“Oi! Gotta start taking better care of yourself. Quit puttin’ all that pizza and junk in ya. That Rachael bint says she can make quick and healthy in 30 minutes. I figured we could handle that, yeah?”

Xander nodded, gave Spike a quick kiss and put the book aside. He continued digging in the box. He pulled out a package of socks next. Eyebrow raised, he turned back Spike. “Pet, seriously, have you smelled your socks? They cannot be saved.”

Xander nodded, kissed Spike again, and turned back to the box.  Next came a gigantic bag of chocolate kisses. Spike didn’t wait for Xander’s reaction. He simply lifted the bag from Xander’s hands before he became distracted by his favorite treat.

Xander gave Spike a little elbow to the stomach in protest but it wasn’t hard enough to hurt and he dug right back into the box. An assortment of comic books came next and Spike again plucked them from Xander’s hand.

This time Xander turned to glare at him. “Spike! I want to look!”

Spike held the comics away from him. “Not till you look at the rest of your pressies!” Xander growled at him, causing Spike to chuckle. Xander turned backed to the box though and continued digging.

Finally he pulled out the final item. Spike worried when Xander stilled. “WOOOOO!!!!” Spike figured the pretty glass dildo that Xander had been eyeing was a good choice after all. Xander finally moved and turned to kiss Spike soundly. He wanted to continue and break in his new present but he was too anxious for Spike to see what he’d gotten him.

He pressed the smaller package into Spike’s hands and turned to watch him open it. Spike didn’t know what Xander would have gotten him but he quickly dispatched of the smelly paper and tossed it as far away from the bed as he could.

Then he slid open the box and gasped at the contents. Inside was a keychain, shaped like a globe. Xander had written Woo on the bottom along with an X. A key was attached. “Uh, Pet? What’s the key for?”

Xander blushed. “Well, you know how I said I didn’t have enough money to move out yet? I kind of lied a little. I found us our own place.”

Spike grinned and pulled Xander to him for another round of kisses. He clutched his globe to him and whispered against Xander’s lips. “I love the World of Woo, pet. I love you, too.”

Xander pulled back and looked at Spike. “WOOOO!!!"

A Woo Anniversary

Written for the nippleplay prompt for my kink_bingocard. Beta:  [info]carinas_carinae

Yes, Xander could admit it. He was whipped. Not p-, uh, that word he wouldn’t say because he had lots of female friends kind of whipped. But whipped, never the less. Maybe he should just say he was wrapped right around someone’s little finger. Yeah, that was it.

Six months. It had been six full months since that first night with Spike when’d he’d shouted his pleasure with a resounding “WOO!” that Spike still found amusing. Well, it was a Woo-worthy moment! If you’d had Spike doing that to you, you’d have been yelling “WOO!” too.

They’d moved in together. He’d given Spike the key to their world over Christmas. Spike had given him so much more. Of course, Spike insisted he only stayed around for Xander’s “tight arse”, but Xander knew better.

He’d gone from being called whelp, to pet, to luv. It gave him warm fuzzies every time Spike said it. “’Lo, luv.” That’s all it took. Two little words and Xander was a big squishy puddle of goo, which normally led to him being bent over the nearest surface and “shagged stupid”. Whatever that meant.

So, six months and he wanted to do something special for Spike. Wanted to give him something to show just how much the vampire meant to him. It had taken him a while, and a bit of reading in some of Giles’ books, but he’d finally found it.

Now he held in his hot little hand a box from a local shop, had candles lit and scattered around the bedroom, and a bottle of Jack on ice on the bedside table. He was as ready as he’d ever be.

Spike came strolling in a few minutes later, dropping his duster over the nearest chair and stalking towards Xander with a clear look of want in his eyes. Xander stood there waiting, completely naked in the candlelight, his cock filling just from Spike’s presence.

“’Lo, luv.” And Xander melted and Spike pulled him close for a kiss that stole Xander’s breath and leeched his remaining brain cells from his head. When Spike pulled back, he tugged gently on Xander’s dark curls and smiled that lethal smile that made Xander’s asshole spasm with want. “What’s all this, then?”

“Happy Anniversary.”

Spike just looked at him for a moment before breaking into a broader smile that made Xander’s knees weak. “Six months today, innit’ luv?”

“Yep.” It was all the response Xander could manage as Spike’s hands started to roam possessively, gripping his ass and spreading it, moving around and stroking his cock, his balls, then back up, tweaking his nipples.

“You my pressie?”

Xander dropped his head, suddenly shy and nervous. Spike lifted his chin and locked their gazes together. “Told you, pet. Don’t want you shy around me. Love you like this.”

Xander nodded, reaching behind him to the table and handing over the little box. Spike opened it and frowned a little before recognition hit. “Do you like them?”

“Oh, luv, they’re perfect. Didn’t know you’d go for this.”

“Want you to mark me as yours, Spike. Want to wear your jewelry and be yours.”

Spike popped the little rings from the box and held them up to Xander’s chest. Twin gold hoops that would soon be dangling from his nipples, a sure sign of the vampire’s possession.

Xander stepped back to the bed and lay back across it, cushioning his head on the pillow and spreading his legs just the way Spike liked. “Please?”

“Would love to.” Spike stripped off his clothes, and climbed onto the bed straddling Xander and rubbing their cocks together. “Gonna mark you. It’s gonna hurt, and you’re gonna love it cause I’m doing it.”

Xander arched under him, gasping out “Yes!” before reaching up to grasp Spike’s arms tightly. Spike kissed him again, fumbling in the bucket for ice. He trailed kisses down Xander’s chest, laving one nipple and bringing it to a stiff peak. Then he swirled the ice around, circling his target until Xander whined and moaned.

Another kiss and Xander felt his nipple pulled taut, stretched from his body and the jab as the post pierced his skin and came out the other side. He moaned and Spike latched the hook and released his nipple. He admired it for a moment before licking around it, stealing the drop of blood into his mouth and savoring the taste of his boy.

“Want the other, luv?”

“Yes, Spike. Please.”

The process repeated, Spike licking and icing and pulling and stabbing and releasing and cleaning. Xander arched under him and Spike slid back between the cradle of his thighs, throwing Xander’s legs over his shoulders.

His fingers crept into Xander’s hole, found it stretched and lubed and ready for him. He groaned and slid into the delicious heat. Xander clenched around him, holding him deep inside and Spike stilled, staring down at his boy and the gleaming gold reflecting from his nipples in the candlelight.

“Beautiful, luv. Perfect like this, all for me.” Spike moved, thrusting slowly as deep as he could, pulled out and did it again, going faster and deeper and harder. His hand slipped down, pulling Xander’s cock, jacking it quickly until he felt the trembling begin.

He bowed down, pulling one golden ring gently between his teeth, unable to resist even though he knew the flesh was tender, needing time to heal. Xander grabbed his head and held it there as he gently nursed at the sore flesh and rode his boy.

“Coming, Spike. I’m coming.” And then he did, spraying them both with the proof of his love, his essence, and Spike soon followed, filling Xander’s hole to the brim with his fluids and still pumping, not wanting it to end.

Spike held himself there, slowly lowering Xander’s legs, pulling back to look at the golden ring, now glistening wet from his attentions and he couldn’t help another thrust forward as his cock filled again.

“God, luv, the things you do to me, for me. Love you, Xan. Love you.”

Xander’s eyes widened and he pulled Spike to him, pressing their foreheads together and letting his lips trace over Spike’s. “Love you, too.”

“Happy Anniversary.”

Xander smiled up at him. “Woo!”

Things That Make You Go Woo!

For [info]heeroluva who suggested that Spike needs lessons on how to do laundry.

Spike eyed the large pile of clothes in the corner with a wary eye.  Sure, the pile of laundry might make an excellent hiding place for Christmas presents since neither he nor Xander ever touched the damn thing, but there came a point in every man’s, er, vampire’s life when he just had to suck it up and get the job done.

Besides, Xander told him that there would be no more sex until the laundry was done this weekend.  His boy didn’t often make statements in that tone but when he did Spike knew he was serious.  There may have also been something said about running out of underwear.  Spike really didn’t see why Xander bothered.  He just tended to rip them off anyway.  

For some reason though, Xander couldn’t stand the thought of going commando, and Spike had to let his boy get away with his little whims every once in a while.  Those little things were part of the reason Spike was so fond of the whelp, after all.

Problem was, now Spike was left without nookie and that just wasn’t acceptable.  With a sigh that nearly shook the rafters, Spike waded into the pile and started sorting.  Jeans in a pile.  Scary Xander shirts in a pile.  Sexy Spike shirts, yet another pile.  Towels, pile.  Sheets…whoa, there were a lot of sheets…5 piles.  Socks and underwear, pile.  

Shit, no wonder Xander was determined.  This was a fuck-all lot of laundry.  But that’s why he had a handy master vampire who was at home during the day and could occasionally help out with such domestic needs.  Not that Spike planned on making this a habit or anything, but for nookie, he’d do a lot of things.  For Xander nookie…even more.

Spike got the first load piled in - sexy Spike shirts, of course - and followed Xander’s carefully printed instructions over the washer.  There would be no more laundry catastrophes on his watch, thank you very much.   His dreaded chore underway, Spike curled up on the bed for a nap, and if he dreamed of warm, fresh-smelling, straight from the dryer sheets, with a fresh-smelling, straight from the shower Xander, he’d never tell.

The first several loads were completed without mishap, and Spike figured he could get at least one more done before Xander was due home.  With a happy little wiggle, he gathered up a load of sheets and stuffed them into the washer.  Lifting the big orange bottle from the shelf, Spike frowned when he realized just how light it had gotten.  When he poured the remaining soap into the cap, there was barely enough to cover the bottom.  Well, hell.  

Knowing Xander’s habit of keeping spares on hand, Spike returned to his gaze to the shelf.  Ah, there it was.  Not the same color bottle, but this brand may have been on sale or something.  Awww, how sweet.  It was named after his little niblet.  That must be the reason Xander bought it.  Sentimental sap.

This new bottle didn’t have the convenient little measuring cap, so Spike used the other one and filled it up to the line.  Pouring the soap over the clothes, Spike slammed the lid shut and returned to his nap.  The dryer buzzing had interrupted a really good dream, in which he’d had Xander tied up and was fucking him for hours.  

Vowing to return to the dream and wake up in time to make it a reality when Xander got home, Spike curled back up on the bed and closed his eyes with a smile.  When he woke up, he thought he was having a nightmare.  Everything was white.  He was surrounded.  There may have been a slightly unvampire-like shriek, but if no one was around to hear it, Spike reminded himself that it didn’t count.  

And as if that nightmare wasn’t enough, the door opened and he heard Xander’s panicked voice calling his name.  “Xander, pet, I’m down here!”

Xander carefully descended the stairs and when he caught sight of Spike, he burst out laughing.  

“Oi, pet!  I’ve been attacked!  Nothing funny here!”

Xander snickered again.  “Uh, Spike, what exactly were you doing before you were so viciously attacked?”

“Well, luv, I was being a wonderful helper and took care of some of that laundry for ya.  Think we can shag now?”

Xander eyed the suds that were filling the basement and wondered just how long it would take him to clean them up.  “Spike, I hate to break it to you, but I’m going to need to get this cleaned up.”

“Aww, pet.  Come on!  Laundry’s nearly done!  I even used that new soap you bought.  Handy, it being named after the niblet”

Xander rolled his eyes and shook his head.  “Spike, Dawn is dish soap.  For dishes.  Not laundry soap.  These are suds…you weren’t attacked.”


“Yeah, oh.”  

Spike tapped his foot, pissed that his plans had been foiled, then remembered one very telling part of his recent dream.  The part where there was a fresh-smelling Xander.  Dish soap could make a man fresh-smelling, now couldn’t it?

With a grin, he ran and slid his way through the suds until he reached Xander’s side.  Moments later, his arms were filled with naked, dirty man and he gathered up suds and proceeded to rub him down very well.

Xander soon joined in on the fun and had Spike naked and sudsy, too.  Spike even let Xander show him how to make funny stuff out of the bubbles, and he added his own pile to Xander’s head, claiming it was brain matter.  What?  Big Bad.  ’Nuf said.  Xander gave Spike a beard and made him say “Ho Ho Ho”.  

Then fun became more fun when Spike lowered Xander to the sudsy floor and they were surrounded by a wall of bubbles.  Spike proceeded to show Xander just how much fun getting dirty again could be.  And yes, he even got Xander to yell Woo!

The End

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