Pairing:  Xander/Angel/Spike
Warnings:  m/m, implied m/m/m
Beta:   [info]aayesha_r

Written for ladyvirgo1956 who requested the following:
Pairing: Xander/Angel/Spike
Rating: Any will do. Your choice.

Summary: Xander and Spike decide Angel needs to loosen up. Chaos ensues.

Captain Broody Pants


Meetings are stupid, borin’, soddin’ wastes of time.  Angel is a stupid, borin’, soddin’ waste of space.  Well, these days at least.  Who wants to listen to him drone on and on in his high and mighty penthouse office with his moronic secretary who gives people completely ridiculous nicknames that, for some reason, stick?  I mean, the git can’t even take a little time out from his busy schedule for a quick shag?  Since when?

It seemed like emergency measures would have to be taken, and I was the only vamp brave enough to do it.  Okay, so brave might be stretching it as all I planned on doing was callin’ Harris to get his hot little ass down here to plow some sense into Captain Broody Pants.

Yeah, that would do it.  No real bravery required, which suited me just fine.  I could just imagine it.  Harris would come storming in, well, maybe not storming ’cause storming and Harris just weren’t words that went well together.  Harris would come…sauntering?  Nah, he didn’t exactly saunter either.

Hmm.  Harris would come tripping in.  (Yeah, that’s more like it.)  Angel would jump to his feet, ’cause that’s what he always seemed to do these days.  He’d say something stupid like… “Xander?”  Yeah, that’s our Angel, not very original.

Harris would regain his balance and give him that look of his that says he’s starvin’ and you’re the main course.  Damn, he looked hot when he did that.  Not that he’d ever given that look to me or anything.  Well, maybe a few times.  

Yeah, then he’d move on over to Angel and they’d glare at each other for a minute or two just to give Angel time to process the look.  Then Harris’d push him back down in his seat.  Angel would be too surprised to not just fall down in it gracelessly.  Oh yeah.  

Then Xander, well, he’d be a little aggressive then, see?  He’d lean over Angel and pull his tie open, loosen it right up, and reveal that thick neck.  He’d lean down and nip it, right on that spot that Angel likes so damn much.  Not that he’d know that spot exactly…except, well, he kinda did.  But I’m not supposed to know about that.  Wotever.

So after he’d gotten a good chomp on, Angel would be moaning and tossing his head back.  Well, Xander my boy would just crawl right up into Angel’s lap.  He does this thing with lap dances that he learned some summer or other.  Let me tell ya, it’s hot as fuck.  

He’d be all grindin’ and makin’ Angel pant for it, and then he’d just pull his dorky shirt right off over his head.  Now, the boy is pretty ripped, not that you’d know if from those god-awful shirts he wears.  He is, though.  All pretty tan skin with rippling muscles.  It’s a sight, I tell ya.

Angel’d be all googly-eyed over the sight, ’cause he hadn’t seen it in a while, either.  Then Xander’d arch his back and lean back onto the conference table.  Well, it’d be too much for anyone to resist, so Angel leans right down and sucks up one of those pert little nipples.  

Fuck.  I’d still be watching, of course.  And maybe strokin’ myself a bit.  Just cause I could.  Xander’d start writhin’ and moanin’, ’cause he has this thing about having his nipples played with that just makes him go a bit nuts.  

Those little moans o’ his would be enough to get Angel so hot and bothered he wouldn’t even care.  The next thing I’d know, Angel would have Harris naked and bent over the table.  He’d be lining up, gettin’ ready to push that fat cock of his into Harris’ hot little hole.  

Then Angel would give a little moan, ’cause Harris would be all stretched out and slick for him.  I’d just lean back in the chair strokin’ myself in time with Angel’s thrusts, watching the action with a smirk.

Nobody can resist that arse of Harris’.  Nobody.

Just when I was at my peak, Angel and I would lock eyes.  He’d grin at me, thankin’ me without words ’cause we don’t do that whole say it out loud business.  I’d give him my sexiest smirk and he’d call out my name…. “Spike!”

“Oh fuck yeah, Peaches!”

Then I’d come all over the place, just as he was filling Xander.  “Spike!”

Er, wait.  Why’d he yell at me again?  I figured he’d gone and collapsed after that orgasm.  It’d been a while, and when they’re pent up like that….


“Bloody hell, wot?”

I blinked and realized that I was still in the meeting room, cock hanging out and my jiz leaving white streaks all down my shirt.  Angel looked like the top of his head was about to explode, and everyone else was running for the door.  

No time to waste now.  I flipped open the phone and hit speed dial 8.  “Harris?  Get your arse over here.  This is an emergency!”

Then I took off running, Angel chasing after me.  Course, I let him catch me after a bit, ’cause I knew Harris would be along and then we’d have even more fun.

The End

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