Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: NC17
Disclaimer: Not mine. Not profit being made. Joss is God.
Summary: Written for [info]fall_for_sx Because of Andrew, Xander finds himself in a situation that only Spike can get him out of.
Beta: Thanks go to [info]wildannuette.

What Happens in Africa, Stays in Africa


“Oh, God. This is wrong. So very, very wrong. It’s wrong on so many levels it’s become its own level of wrong. If you looked up wrong in the dictionary, this would be its explanation. It’s --”

“Bloody hell, would you shut up already! You keep nattering away like that and I’ll leave your bloody useless arse behind, Slayer’s threats or no.”

Spike was decidedly not having a good week. It had started out all right, all things considered, what with seeing her Buffyness standing over him as he woke - like a thousand dirty wank-fantasies come true, but had then come to a screeching halt as the first word out of her mouth had been ‘Xander’.

Just his bloody luck that since Angel took over W&H - even though that had been long since destroyed, the LA division at least - and the Slayers and Watchers no longer trusted him, he became the go-to souled vampire by default. And seeing as he was the only one that could get Harris’ arse out of the mess he was in, they came to him. Or rather she did.

Not bloody fair if you asked him - which they didn’t. He never could say no to Buffy, not when she looked at him like she had that night. Eyes wide and full of hope, lower lip slightly protruding and trembling just the tiniest bit. And when she spoke, the slight waver of her voice, the little hitch in her breath, when she’d explained how what had happened to Harris had been all her fault, well, he had to agree to fix it, didn’t he? It wasn’t as if Angel could have done it, even if he had been asked in Spike’s place. So, within hours, he found himself on a plane headed for Africa, to rescue Xander bloody Harris.


But that was then, and this was now. And right now, he needed to get Harris to stop complaining and shut the hell up before the clan leader of the Mayembe came back to witness the claiming.

“But I’m not gay, Spike, and even if I were, I certainly wouldn’t be gay with you!”

Shrugging out of his coat, Spike leaned against the cave wall. “S’me or him, Harris. And while I might be better than average, at least I’m built like a human. You’ve no idea what them Mayembe have hidden under their loincloths.”

Xander turned a very unattractive shade of pale green and his eyes widened to comic proportions. “You mean --”

“Like a horse,” Spike snorted. “Really not what you want for your first time.”

“I’m going to kill Andrew,” Xander muttered as he reached for the buttons on his shirt.

“Can’t believe I’m saying this, but, it’s not really his fault is it? The bloke can’t pronounce ‘vampire’ correctly, what the hell did you lot think you were doing letting him negotiate a peace treaty?”

“He was suppose to offer him his choice of cows not brides! And hey, while we’re on that subject, do I look like a bride to you?”

“The words are eerily dissimilar in Mayembe dialect, and well, you are kind of pretty, what with that thick wavy hair, tight, firm body, and that disarming smile.”

“Wha…? You… Pretty? Me?”

That ought to shut him up for a while, Spike thought as he continued to undress. Truth was, if not for the personality that came with it, Spike wouldn’t have minded having a go at the body that belonged to Xander Harris. A few years in Africa had done wonders to it.

The soft middle that had accumulated after so many years of Twinkie eating was nowhere to be seen. The Sunnydale tan had only deepened into a richer shade of bronze, and the muscle that had always been there, was now sculpted and defined. If it were anyone but Harris, Spike would be looking forward to this.

Shucking off his boots and skinning out of his jeans, Spike looked up in all his naked glory to find that Xander had not managed to remove more than his shirt and now stood staring at him. “What?”

His question seemed to snap Xander out of his daze. “So going to kill Andrew,” was muttered as Xander flushed and turned away while unfastening his shorts.

“Yeah well, if we make it out of this in one piece, I may have to hold him down while you gut him. Slowly.”

A noise outside drew both their attention and Xander looked up - deer in the headlights expression on his face. Spike stepped up in front of him and looked him in the eye.

“You need to calm down, and you need to do it now. You’re supposed to be mine, right? That’s what the girls told the Chieftain. It’s the only reason he hasn’t had you already. If you go out there looking like you’re being led to slaughter, he’ll know he was lied to. Then we’re both going to be in trouble.”

Xander nodded and took a deep breath. “Right. Okay. I can do this.”

“Good. Just follow my lead.” Spike reached for the waist of Xander’s shorts and Xander all but screamed as he jumped away from him. “Bloody hell.”

“Sorry! Sorry, I didn’t mean to…”

Sighing, Spike reached out again, slowly. “If it helps, close your eyes and think of Jessica Alba.”

“She’s not my type. And somehow, I doubt Jessica Alba has a penis. And even if she was my type, and did have a penis, I still wouldn’t want her to fuck me with it!”

Spike was considering the merits of a penis-having Jessica Alba and missed the look of panic on Xander’s face. “I can’t do this, Spike! I can’t.”

“Don’t really see that you have any other options, Harris.”

“Doesn’t this freak you out at all? Last I knew, you were all about the ladies, Buffy in particular.”

Spike shrugged. “Never mattered much to me. Most demons aren’t all that bothered by gender.”

Xander blanched. “You mean… You and Angel?”

“Christ no! Had Dru then, didn’t I? And the great pillock was all but chained to Darla’s bed. No, Angelus and I never…” Spike shuddered.

“Thank God,” Xander responded.

“So, you ready?”

“No. Couldn’t you just… kill me instead? One little bite,” Xander said, baring his neck and closing his eyes. “I know you can make it less painful if you try.”

Tempting as the offer was, Spike had to decline. “And spend the rest of my days in fear of her Slayerness? I don’t think so, Harris. Let’s just go out there, have a shag, and be done with it.”

“Easy for you to say,” Xander muttered. “Not your ass getting ‘shagged’ is it?”

“It will be if we don’t convince this blighter that we’ve done this before. He doesn’t buy it, and I get to become wifey number two, so don’t screw it up!”


“Yeah, ‘oh’. So, would you mind terribly trying to relax and at least act as if you enjoy my touch?”

Xander swallowed. “I’ll try. But can’t you, you know, thrall me or something?”

“Oh for the love of… Who do you think I am, bleedin’ Dracula?”

“So, no thrall then?”

“No thrall.”

Xander was quiet for a moment but Spike knew that it wouldn’t last. He’d lived with Harris long enough to know when the boy was trying to find the courage to admit to something. Finally, Xander looked up at him, the vulnerability in his eye almost enough to make Spike flinch.

“Will it hurt much?”

Spike considered telling him yes, that demon sex always hurt, but well, he just couldn’t. “It doesn’t have to, not much anyway. Always hurts a bit your first time,” he admitted. “Normally, what would happen is that I’d take you out there, bend you over, and ream you good and proper. That’d be enough to show that you’re mine.”

“But?” Xander asked hopefully.

“But, I can’t do that, for obvious reasons.”

“Buffy,” Xander concluded.

“Yeah,” Spike agreed, thankful for the easy out. Truth was, he didn’t want to hurt Harris. He might not like the man much, but he respected him enough to do this without humiliating him.

“Um, call me stupid, but don’t we need some kind of… lubrication? So it won’t hurt?”

Spike rolled his eyes. “All the slick in the world won’t keep it from hurting if you’re not relaxed.”

“Great, cause, you know, I’m gonna be totally relaxed waiting for you to … do that to me in front of a bunch of demons!” Xander all but shouted.

“Calm down,” Spike hissed. “You want them to hear you?” Xander shook his head. “Good. Now, as I was saying, you need to relax, to accept that this is going to happen and let yourself enjoy it.”

“But --”

“I know, you’re not gay. Doesn’t mean a damn thing, Harris. You like being touched don’t you? Being licked and sucked? Does it matter whether the hands stroking you are female? You think my mouth will feel any different when it’s wrapped around your prick?”

To his amazement and shame, Xander felt a stirring in his loins at Spike’s words. “You’re gonna --”

“Gotta relax you somehow, don’t I?”

“Well, yeah, but --”

“Just go with it, yeah? Remember why we’re doing this, the consequences if we don’t succeed, and that anything… odd… I do to you, is in preparation of not hurting you. Right?”


Spike blew out a breath, slowly reached for the zipper on Xander’s shorts and when he wasn’t rebuffed, carefully dragged it down. Hoping that things would go more smoothly, but knowing they were running out of time, he quickly dragged both the shorts and Xander’s boxer-briefs down at the same time. Xander stepped out of the pile of clothing at his feet and allowed Spike to take his hand.

“Show time,” Spike muttered, and led Xander toward the mouth of the cave.


There was a huge fire-pit in the centre of the clearing and sitting in a semi-circle around it were the Mayembe. The Chieftain was in the middle, the only one not sitting directly on the ground.

Xander tried not to look at him, especially at his cloth-covered groin. The very idea of what the thing was packing made him break out in a cold sweat. He might not be gay, and he definitely didn’t like Spike, but as the vampire had stated, at least he was built like a human.

On the ground between the fire and where the Chieftain was sitting, there was a simple pallet of straw. Xander swallowed nervously as his fingers clenched around Spike’s hand. Spike darted a quick look at his companion, and tried to squeeze back reassuringly. He might not look it, but he was a bit nervous about this as well. It had been sometime since he’d been with a bloke, and even longer since he’d cared whether he hurt him or not. Plus, he didn’t care much for the way the Mayembe were looking at him.

They stood between the pallet and the Mayembe, Spike looking proud and defiant, Xander - eye closed, with his head down, and his hands in front of him covering his modesty - with his shoulders hunched forward. The very image of submissive. Spike waited for the Chieftain to address them.

Xander listened as Spike and the Mayembe had a short, terse sounding conversation. He was growing more nervous by the second. First of all there was the fact that he was about to be deflowered in front of a bunch of demons, secondly, it was Spike doing the deflowering and thirdly, there was nothing in the way of lube anywhere to be seen. Regardless of what Spike had said, Xander knew that this was going to hurt.

Spike cursed under his breath. He could smell Xander’s anxiety increasing the longer they stood there. The Mayembe finally stopped trying to barter for Xander, and demanded that they prove their claim. Spike turned to Xander, gently lifted his face with both hands, and leaning in as if to kiss him, spoke softly against his lips. “Remember, I won’t hurt you.”

Xander let out a somewhat shaky breath, nodded his head slightly, and let the kiss happen. He tried to imagine it was someone else. Carmen Electra, Pamela Anderson, hell, even Jessica Alba, but it was no use. He knew who was kissing him, whose hands were stroking lightly along his hips. He knew it was Spike, and even knowing that, his body still responded. Maybe the vampire was right. It didn’t seem to matter that this was a male mouth on his own, that those were male hands touching him. It felt the same as any woman he’d been with. At least it had until Spike moved in closer and his cock pressed into Xander’s thigh.

Spike felt it the moment Xander tensed. He knew why it had happened too. Unfortunately there was nothing he could do to reassure him other than keep things soft and slow. Not wanting to startle him, and therefore ruin everything, he gently slid his mouth from Xander’s and slowly descended to his knees, stopping to kiss and lick and suckle at various patches of skin on his way down. By the time he reached his destination, there was some interest at least on Xander’s part.

“Relax,” Spike whispered before gently grasping Xander’s semi-erect penis and sucking the head slowly into his mouth. Xander tried, desperately to do as he was told but it wasn’t easy. He closed his eye, widened his stance for balance and put his hands on Spike’s shoulders.

The Mayembe were speaking to each other in soft tones, and Xander half-wished he could understand them. If they were buying this, it would be nice to know.

His attention diverted, he wasn’t giving Spike the reaction the vampire was hoping for - or at least that’s what he assumed - and was therefore completely taken by surprise when he suddenly found himself buried to the root in a tight wet throat that was doing it’s best to swallow him whole.

“Nnnngh,” Xander moaned and tightened his grip on Spike’s shoulders as his knees threatened to give out. His body might not have been showing much interest before, but damn, there was definite interest now. Who knew that vampire’s gave the Best. Head. Ever?

Spike for his part was using every trick he knew to make sure Xander enjoyed this. Hopefully he could keep him from panicking later, when things progressed to the next step.

“God, Spike…” Xander moaned, his head falling back and his eye clenching. He took back his earlier statement. If he was going to be gay, he would definitely be gay with Spike.

Spike somewhat reluctantly released Xander and gently pulled the man down to his knees. Must be all the junk food that makes him taste so sweet, he thought to himself as he licked his lips. “Easy now, just gonna lay you back and make you a bit more comfortable.”

Xander nodded, still somewhat dazed, and let Spike manoeuvre him on the makeshift bed. Once he was sprawled out on the straw, Spike slid down between Xander’s legs and took up where he left off. Xander did hid best to ignore the eyes upon him and concentrate on what he was feeling, what Spike was making him feel. Surprisingly it didn’t take long for him to, if not forget, then at least not care, that the Mayembe were watching.

Spike carefully lifted one of Xander’s legs and bent it back toward his chest as he let the man’s cock slip from his mouth. He moved lower, licking and sucking at Xander’s balls as he slowly brought the other leg into the same position. He spent several minutes acclimatizing Xander to this position before dragging his tongue down the man’s perineum, and licking around his hole.

Xander squeaked, stilled, and then tried to sit up. Spike growled softly and put a hand on his abdomen in warning. Remembering Spike’s cryptic remarks from earlier about doing anything odd, Xander did his best to just go with it.

It felt strange, being licked back there. Although, it did tamp down on his fear of being taken dry. Saliva mightn’t be as good as lube, but it was better than nothing.

Seeing that Xander wasn’t going to freak out over this, Spike set about preparing him as best as he could. He delved deeply with his tongue, making sure to get Xander as wet as possible. When he was sure he had accomplished that, he wet two of his fingers and slowly inserted them, one after the other. Xander tensed, as expected, and so Spike took him into his mouth once again, giving him something else to concentrate on while he stretched him out.

Xander tried to ignore the burning in his ass. Spike had warned him that it would still hurt a little, and he was doing some very nice things to Xander’s cock in reparation. In fact, if it wasn’t for the pain distracting him, he would have already come down Spike’s throat. He was sure of it.

Spike had added a third finger and done as much as he could to make things easier for Xander, but the time had come. Releasing the rather tasty piece of flesh he’d been feasting on, he sat back on his heels and looked down at the man before him. This was not the Harris he’d briefly had to live with back in Sunnydale, that was for sure. And if this was what demon-girl had seen, he could better understand why she’d stayed with him for as long as she had. The boy was sexy as hell when he was aroused.

“Spike?” Xander questioned, softly, bringing the vampire out of his musings.

“Sorry, luv. Not the best time to be wool gathering.”

“Is it time then?” Xander asked, anxiety leaking into his voice.

Spike nodded. “Turn over, on your hands and knees will be easiest for you.”

Xander swallowed and nervously got into position. Spike groaned at the sight before him. The tanned skin of Xander’s back gleaming in the firelight, the long lean legs that spread apart as he nudged them, the firm rounded cheeks of his arse, and the wet, glistening pucker of skin that was just begging to be plundered, well it was almost enough to snap his patience and drive him to plunge deep and hard without any thought or care for Xander’s well being. Almost, but not quite.

Unable to deny himself one last taste, He spread Xander’s cheeks apart and plunged his tongue inside, probing and stretching. He pulled back quickly, spat in his hand, slicked himself up and then slowly began to press himself forward.

Xander tried to relax, he took deep even breaths, recalled the wonderful sensations of Spike’s throat muscles rippling around his hard cock, and even went so far as to reach down and stroke his flagging erection. It helped somewhat, but it still hurt.

“Easy, luv. Almost there,” Spike whispered, while softly stroking his back and side. Xander nodded slightly, and lowered his head to the ground. Spike pushed the rest of the way in and stilled.

They couldn’t wait long however, and before Xander knew it, Spike was moving. Long, slow strokes that stretched and filled him in ways that he’d never imagined, and when he shifted, ever so slightly, to lessen the tension in his lower back, Spike brushed across something that shot little bursts of pleasure racing up his spine. He couldn’t help the small moan that escaped.

Knowing that he had inadvertently found Xander’s prostate, Spike made sure to hit it again. And again and again and again. Xander’s tension lessened, and his arousal grew. Before too long, Spike could almost forget that Xander had never done this before as the man was moving with him in perfect synch, pushing back against him and circling his hips. His responsiveness was incredible!

Xander for his part was beyond caring. Sex was something he was good at. Something he seemed to have a natural affinity for and this, while different from anything he’d ever even considered doing, was still sex. It felt good, and that was good enough for him. Enjoying this would probably save him. And if it didn’t, well, he might as well have one good memory of gay demon sex to look back on when he became the Chieftain’s new bride.

Whether it was the newness of the act, the fact that they were being watched, or just that he hadn’t had sex of any kind in months, Xander found himself on the edge far sooner than he would have thought possible.

“Spike, I’m gonna...” Was all Xander managed before he tensed up and came in great spurts across the straw beneath him. Spike dropped his forehead to Xander’s back and with a few short, hard jabs, found his own release.

Xander all but collapsed after that, and Spike, as he was resting most of his weight on Xander, went down with him. Hot, sweaty, and well shagged, they lay quietly until the Chieftain got to his feet, and without comment, walked away.

Spike put a hand over Xander’s mouth when he went to speak and shook his head at him to stay silent. Xander nodded his acceptance and they watched, warily, as one after another, the Mayembe stood and followed after their leader.

When they were sure that they were alone, and that the Mayembe weren’t coming back, Spike rolled away from Xander and got to his feet. Putting a hand out to help Xander to stand, he was surprised that the man took it.

“Can I talk now?” Xander whispered.

“Yeah, they’re gone.”

“Gone? As in, not coming back? As in we convinced them?”

Spike nodded. “Yep.”

“Ooookay,” Xander said, rubbing at the back of his neck. “Well, this is a little awkward.”

Spike chuckled. “It is. What say we agree that what happens in Africa, stays in Africa, and go get dressed. We have a long walk back to the village, and I’d kinda like to make it back before the sun comes up and I become so much dust in the wind.”

“Yeah,” Xander said with a nod, as they headed toward the cave where their clothes were. “That wouldn’t be good.”

And as strange as it seemed, Spike believed he meant that.

“And on the way,” Xander added, “We can devise a way to get back at Andrew.”

The End

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