Pairing: X/S
Rating: PG 13
Summary: The gang get drunk and play a game. Just a silly fic.
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Authors notes: Sorry if this is confusing, but I wanted to try my hand at dialoge only. Oh, and I personally would have no problems playing with Giles. ;-p

Truth or Dare


"Truth or dare?"


"I dare you to show us what you learned at the ladies club in Oxnard."

"No way!"

"It's a dare, you have to do it!"

"I'll take the consequences!"

"Fine, kiss Spike."


"Yep, that's the consequence, anyone who doesn't do the dare, or tell the truth has to kiss Spike."

"Wills! You're gay now! You shouldn't want me to do this!"

"Hmm, you have a point. It must be the alcohol then, cause I do want you to do this. So does Buffy, don't ya Buff?"

"Yep, now get over there and shake your moneymaker!"

"No way! Where's the bleached one? I'd rather kiss the undead than strip for you two."



"Get in here. Now!"

"Oi slayer, you're not the boss of m..mrph....What the bloody HELL was that then?"

"Gee fangless, after a century or so I'd think you'd know what a kiss was."

"Ha bloody ha Harris! What I meant was why the hell did YOU kiss ME?"

"It was either that or strip for these two, I figured better to kiss the undead then make an ass of myself."

"Right then, can I go now?"

"Nope, you have been selected as tonights consequence. Everytime someone chickens out they have to kiss you."

"It's just you three playing right? No watcher?"

"No, eeww gross! We wouldn't play drunk truth or dare with Giles! Yuck, Spike you're a pig!"

"Drunk truth or dare?"

"Yeah it's fun. You get drunk and ask each other truth or dare. If the person says truth, you ask them a question, something really embarrassing and they have to answer truthfully."

"And if they say dare?"

"Then you dare them to do something really embarrassing."

"And if they refuse they have to kiss me? So what, I'm just supposed to sit here and watch you lot make asses of yourselves all night? Never mind, sounds like fun, on with it then."

"Buffy it's your turn."

"Xander, truth or dare."

"Why me? Fine, truth."

"What was the name of the person you slept with in Oxnard?"

"Pucker up fangless."


"Not a bad kisser whelp. This could be fun."

"Thanks, I think. Willow, truth or dare."


"I dare you to.....tell Buffy what you really think about her pink leather pants."

"Xander! I.. Fine! I think they make your ass look good, really good."

"Thanks Wills, my turn! Xander, truth or dare."


"I dare you to kiss Spike!"

"But that's.. Fine whatever."



"Don't know 'bout the rest of you but I'm getting there."

"Shut up Spike."

"Buffy, truth or dare."

"Um, truth."

"Why did you make me kiss Spike?"

"No fair! I either tell you, or I have to kiss him!"

"Yep, what's it gonna be?"

"Tell him Slayer, I ain't kissing you again."

"Fine, I made you kiss him cause it looked hot."

"My turn. Xander, truth or dare?"

"Wills, pick on Buffy!"


"Fine. Dare. And don't dare me to kiss Spike."

"Fine, I dare you to ...."(leans over and whispers in Xanders ear.)

"What?! Willow, where did you even hear about that? Never mind."

"More kissing then eh?"

"Definately! I'm not doing that."

"I dunno, could be fun, I know I'd enjoy it." (Smirks.)

" heard that?"

"Oh yeah, vamp hearing. Well come on then, make with the lips already."


"Buffy, shouldn't they be stopping?"

"Who cares! Look at them."

"Mmm, they do look hot together. Do you think they're gonna...?"

"I don't know, what did you say to Xander?"

"Um, well I told him to (blushes) take Spike into the bedroom and....."(leans over and whispers in Buffy's ear)

"Wow! I'm impressed. I didn't think you knew those those words! I think we should leave them alone."

"Yeah, we shouldn't watch them."

"Nope, we should definately go."

"Come on, you can walk me home."



"Yeah Spike?"

"Who did you sleep with that you wouldn't tell the girls about?"

"Oh, uh...."

"What, after that you're going to be embarrassed!?"

"No just, you can't tell them okay."

"I won't. Who was it?"

"No one. I didn't sleep with anyone."

"So, why didn't you just tell them that?"

"Cause I wanted to kiss you again."

"No complaints here pet, you can kiss me anytime."

"How about now?"


The End

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