Rating: NC 17 eventually
Summary: Xander gets a room mate . . . Spike
Warnings: Season seven spoilers.
Disclaimer: Still not mine! But working on it ;-p
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Dedication: For Ashley, it was her bunny.

The 8 Ball of Fate


Part Five

Xander walked into the dining room to find the table set and laden with food. Spike had done a really good job with dinner. Roast chicken, potatoes, carrots, fresh baked bread and a bottle of wine. Xander wasn't too fond of wine but since Spike had gone to all this trouble, who was he to complain?

He sat down where Spike indicated and they enjoyed a pleasant meal together. That in itself was strange enough, but the fact that they had also had a nice conversation, one that had nothing to do with demons, or the scoobies, or anything hellmouth related was enough to throw Xander for a loop. Spike was acting like a . . . person. A person Xander found himself more and more attracted to. By the time the meal was finished and they had washed and dried the dishes, Xander had almost forgotten that this was Spike he was having such a good time with.

Spike led Xander into the living room and sat him on the sofa. He then turned on the TV and joined him. He could tell that Xander was confused by what was happening, that was exactly what was supposed to happen. It would be easier to seduce the boy if he kept him off guard.

William was becoming unsure of this course of action and it was all Spike could do to keep the soul from screwing the whole thing up. He had worked too hard this week to let it all fall apart over a little guilt. He wasn't trying to hurt Xander, just bed him.

Xander sat and watched the TV not really paying any attention to what was on the screen. He was still trying to figure out what was happening between him and Spike. A thought suddenly occurred to him.

"Uh, Spike?"

"Yeah pet?"

"Does it bother you, being called Spike?"

"Why would it?"

"Just . . . Angel doesn't go by Angelus now so . . ?"

"M'not Angel, am I? I have a soul, but I'm not cursed, I know what I am, and I know what I did. Can't change any of it though can I?"

"Oh. So then you're okay with being called Spike? You don't want me to call you, I don't know, William?"

"Nah. William's a poncey name. I didn't like it much when I was human so I sure don't want to be called that now. You could call me Wil, if you want."

"Wil. Hmm. Yeah, I like that. So, Wil. What the hell is going on here?"

Spike chuckled and then gave Xander a lascivious grin.

"Thought that was pretty obvious pet. I'm trying to seduce ya."

Spike couldn't help but chuckle at the look of confusion on the boys face. He could tell Xander was trying to figure out if he was messing with his head. It was a fun idea, but he was growing impatient with the games. He wanted the human, and he wanted him right now.

While Xander was still busy trying to figure things out, Spike leaned over and pressed his lips to Xander's. It wasn't much of a kiss but it was a start. When he pulled back and Xander didn't automatically hit him or start yelling Spike smiled. He gave William a big 'told you so' and leaned in again.

This time the kiss was more persistent, and Xander wasn't caught off guard. He saw it coming and welcomed it. He decided that he could over analyze it to death later. Right now he just wanted more of those soft lips on his.

Part Six

Spike was surprised that Xander was not only allowing the kiss but wholeheartedly participating in it. He wasn't expecting things to go this easily and hadn't planned on doing more than get his foot in the door so to speak tonight. Give Xander something to think about. This was unexpected.

"Xander, pet. Slow down. Don't ya think this is moving a bit fast?"

Spike couldn't believe he'd just said that. Had to be William's influence, there was no way he would have said anything to stop what was happening.

"You want to stop, Sp - Wil?"

"Yes, er no! I just, I don't want to push you. This seems . . . sudden."

Xander chuckled, if only the vampire knew how much he had been thinking about doing this all week long. He cupped Spike's face and gently kissed him again.

"Not as sudden as you might think. I've been wanting to do this for a while now."


"Yes. But if this is too fast for you, we can slow down. Or stop. What do you want Wil?"

Spike stopped and looked at Xander, really looked at him. This wasn't a game to him, not to Xander. He was really asking what Spike wanted. He was thinking about his feelings, trying to make sure he was comfortable with how things were working out. Damn. Is this the way he was with Anya? This gentle and caring? No wonder a vengeance demon who had spent thousands of years hating and punishing men had fallen for him.

White Knight wasn't a title for Xander, it was a life style. It was who he was, and Spike was beginning to realize that he liked that. He wanted that. This wasn't like what he'd had with Buffy, this was reciprocated. Xander actually cared about him, his feelings, his wants.

"I want you, Xander."

"I'm right here, Wil."

"I can see that, but what is this to you? Do you want me Xan? Me, Spike? I am still a demon, I have a soul but I'm not Angel, I can't be like him."

"Thank God! I hate Angel. That whole brood-vibe he puts out gets on my nerves. I know what you are, and I still want you."

"Well, I'm right here. Have at me."

Spike leered at Xander who cracked a smile before kissing him again softly. Spike moved to straddle Xander's thighs while continuing the kiss. He was fighting to keep control, William was trying to assert himself and Spike did not want to give up his position. He would be damned - again - if he thought he was going to go through all that hard work and planning just to let William get the benefits.

Xander sensed something was distracting the vampire and pulled out of the kiss. He watched as Spike seemed to concentrate for a minute before opening his eyes. Xander looked into those blue eyes and could see Spike's soul. Literally.

"You okay?"

"I'm not sure. I - he - William is being a bit of a prat."

Xander smiled.

"A prat? Why?"

"Bloody Victorian, thinks we're moving along a bit fast. Seems to think we should slow down and get to know one another. I guess he doesn't trust my intentions."

"Ah, I see. Uh, what are your intentions? I mean is this just . . ."

"A quick shag? No. I like you, Xander. I want you. I don't know where this is going but I'd like to find out. I'm not using you. I wouldn't."

Xander could see the truth in the vampires eyes. It was almost painful to look at.

"I'm tired of chasing after people who don't want me. I'm sick of being convenient. I want to be with someone who wants me, who isn't using me just to feel alive, I want someone to care about me. Do you understand that Xander? Do you know what I'm saying here?"

Xander nodded his head and gave Spike a sad smile.

"Yeah, I know. I've been there too. I was used and tossed aside most of my life. I was never first choice, never the 'one', always just runner up. I don't want to be used anymore either. Maybe William is right, maybe we should slow down."

"Is that what you want?"


"What do you want Xander? Do you want me?"

Xander looked up at Spike and saw the raw need in his eyes. Oh yeah, he wanted. He wanted very much.

"Want me Xander, please want me?"

"I do. I really do."

Their mouths met half way and then they were kissing like there was no tomorrow. Xander stood, taking Spike with him. Spike wrapped his legs around Xander's waist and held on as he was carried into the master bedroom.

Part Seven

Xander deposited Spike onto the bed and then crawled up the length of the vampires body until they were face to face. He studied the gold tinged blue eyes, the slightly open mouth, heard the panting breaths from a creature that had no need to breath.

Was this the right thing to do? The sane thing to do? He wasn't so sure, but he didn't think he could stop now if he had to. Here was the very object of his week long fantasies draped across his bed panting and almost game-faced. It was even more of a turn on than he had expected.

Spike lay watching Xander watch him. William was sure that this was where the human would realize what was happening and put a stop to it. Spike was hoping that for once, William was wrong. He wasn't sure what he would do if Xander stopped. He was too close to getting what he wanted, what he needed - someone who truly cared about him.

Xander shook off his doubts and just let himself go. He wanted Spike - William - Wil, whatever. He wanted the vampire and he was sure that the feeling was mutual. He leaned in and kissed those tempting pink lips again.

Spike groaned with satisfaction when Xander kissed him again. He could feel William's surprise and delight that they had not been rejected. He pulled gently at Xander's shirt, untucking it from his trousers. Xander returned the gesture and soon they were both naked and still kissing and touching each other.

Having never done this before, Xander wasn't sure what the next step was supposed to be. Who was going to do what? Just as he was about to ask he felt cool hands cup his bottom and pull him closer. He felt his cock brush against Spike's and he groaned. It was like nothing he had ever felt before and he liked it. He thrust against him again and felt Spike shudder.

Spike wasn't going to push Xander into anything tonight. He knew this was virgin territory for the boy and didn't figure he was prepared for it. A nice bit of frottage would do just fine. He gently maneuvered Xander into position and pulled him flush with his groin.

Xander picked up on the idea almost immediately, it felt good and took the pressure off of the whole 'who did what to whom' debate. He continued to thrust against Spike as the vampire matched his pace. Before long they were both gasping and moaning.

Spike felt William coming closer to the surface, he was too far gone to try and suppress the soul from emerging. He was surprised when instead of pushing him away, William seemed to wrap himself around the demon until they were one entity, simultaneously enjoying the pleasure that was being given to them.

Xander was close. He wanted to let go so badly but he never wanted to stop either. The sensation of having another man beneath him, another cock rubbing against his, was so intense that he couldn't hold back any longer. He buried his face into Spike's neck and sucked on it hard as he came.

Wil - the essence of Spike and William combined - felt Xander's hot mouth on his neck and then hot spray on his stomach and chest. He let go with a howl, and his cool seed joined the mess that was already between them.

Xander rolled to the side and pulled Spike with him. He kissed him again gently.

"That was. . . wow."

"Yes it was. Are you okay?"

"Okay? Why wouldn't I be?"

"I don't know, just that you had sex with a vampire, a male vampire. Isn't this the part where you scream and run off?"

Xander chuckled. This was so much like William that he had to laugh. He knew it was Spike, but it was the Spike that he secretly liked the best. The Spike that was equal parts demon and soul. He hugged the vampire to him and kissed his forehead.

"I'm not running, or screaming. I knew what I was doing, who I was doing. I told you, Wil. I want to be with you."

"We - I want to be with you as well Xander."

"Good. Now lets get cleaned up before we stick together."

Xander watched the vampire get out of bed and walk toward the bathroom before following. He wondered if he was even aware of the fact that he was slowly becoming one with the soul. That he was less 'Spike' and 'William' and more 'Wil' every day.

In the bathroom Spike stood under the shower watching as Xander came in behind him. He still felt William wrapped around him and decided that it wasn't an altogether unpleasant feeling. Perhaps he would stop fighting his souls presence and they could be at peace together. They did have something in common after all, Xander.

Having made the decision, Spike felt the soul seep into his being. He gasped at the prickly sensation as they merged together. He felt Xander reach out for him and hold him close. He wrapped his arms around the warm body of his lover and just allowed himself to be held.

"Hey, you alright?"

"Yeah, just . . . different."

"The soul?"

"Yes and no. We've joined, we're one."

"So, no more schizophrenic vampire? Just you?"

"Yeah, you okay with that?"

"Me? I'm good. I just want you to be happy. Are you happy Wil?"

"Yes, for the first time in a very long time I'm happy."

Xander kissed Wil and then they washed off and went back to bed. As they were drifting off to sleep, wrapped in the others arms they both felt complete, like they had found what they had been searching for their entire lives. Xander smiled as he thought about the reason they were here together. A simple game of pool had changed his life. Maybe it was coincidence, maybe it was fate. In Sunnydale you could never be sure.

Across town at the Bronze, the eightball rolled slowly across the pool table in the dark club. Tara picked it up and looked at it, then rolled it back across the table to her companion.

"We did a good thing, right Joyce? They're where they belong now right?"

"Yes, they are. Now we just need to get Buffy and Willow together."

The two spirits linked arms and walked out into the night. They had their work cut out for them on their next project.

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