Rating: NC 17 eventually
Summary: Xander gets a room mate . . . Spike
Warnings: Season seven spoilers.
Disclaimer: Still not mine! But working on it ;-p
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Dedication: For Ashley, it was her bunny.

The 8 Ball of Fate


Part Three

Xander had been living with Spike for a week now. It was better than he thought it would be. He was only woken by the screaming a couple of times, after that it had stopped. He was concerned at first but then Spike explained that he, the soul, felt safer here, no big evil near by, no slayer upstairs. Xander felt warmth spread through his chest at that statement, he made Spike feel safe. And how weird was it that he liked that feeling? Besides that Spike actually helped out around the apartment. He did dishes and laundry and would vacuum if it needed to be done.

"Honey? I'm home!"

How many times I gotta tell ya Harris? M'not yer honey!"

"Jeez Spike! Watch TV much? I Love Lucy? Ring any bells?"

"Yeah, but you ain't no hot Latino, and I am not a woman."

Xander chuckled and headed for the shower, he was rank after being out in the sun all day and he knew the smell bothered the vamps keen senses.

"You want a pizza or Chinese food tonight pet?"

"You pick, just no sweet and sour pork if you go with Chinese!"

Spike laughed as Xander made an 'eeewww' face. The last time they had ordered Chinese food Spike told Xander how much the sweet and sour pork looked like Dhermythia demon droppings. Then he went on to say that this being the hell mouth and all they very well could be. It was fun living here, even though he had to help out to keep William happy, besides it kept him from getting bored during the day. It was much better than the school or staying at the slayers.

Xander had thrown up for almost an hour. He was very pissed about it too, but when Spike, or rather William had apologized he accepted it. He was getting very adept at telling when Spike was more in control and when it was William he was looking at. Sometimes, it seemed to be a combination of the two. That was the one Xander liked the best, though he wouldn't admit that to Spike.

Xander had been thinking a lot about the vampire in the past week, and it was somewhat disturbing to him. He was beginning to get warm fuzzy feelings for him. The last time that had happened, with a guy, had been Jesse and Xander never told anyone about that. Nope, he just drove head long into his pursuit of the elusive Buffy Summers.

Xander stood under the hot water and released the tension from his sore muscles. Today had been tougher than usual, one of the work crews from the temp agency didn't show up so he spent the entire day hauling lumber so they wouldn't fall behind schedule. One of Anyas massages would be perfect today, but he screwed himself out of those the day he left her at the altar. Actually he screwed himself out of a lot that day.

Xander was still in some amount of discomfort when he walked back into the livingroom. He had opted for a loose pair of sweat pants and no shirt. The air conditioning was acting up and it was a bit warm inside.

"So, oh roomie of mine? What did you decide on?"

"I took pity on ya an' called fer pizza. Meat lovers, no garlic, extra cheese."

"Mmm. Sounds good."

Xander walked slowly to the sofa and eased himself down. Spike watched him with a frown on his face.

"Hurt yerself at work today?"

"We were short one crew, hauled lumber all day."

"Ah. So what? Yer back's acting up?"

"A bit. It'll work itself out, but I'm gonna bail on patrolling tonight."

Spike sighed and walked over to the couch.

"Scoot forward."

Xander looked at him in confusion.


"Scoot forward. Are ya deaf?"

Spike gave Xander a gentle nudge and without thinking Xander complied. Spike sat in behind him and began working the tension out of Xander's muscles. Xander sighed in relief, Spike was very good at this. His cool hands felt wonderful on his heated flesh. He melted into the touch.

By the time Spike was done massaging his back Xander was a big mess of contented goo. He had never felt so good after a massage before. Spike's hands were capable of amazing things. Xander's mind started filling with images of other things Spike's hands could be doing. By this point Xander was getting aroused, he didn't want to be aroused, not by Spike!

Spike sensed the mortals sudden panic. He wondered what had set him off all of a sudden. Then he caught it, the faint hint of arousal in the air. Spike smiled a truly wicked smile. He just thought of something else he could do to keep himself from getting bored. Time to play 'entice the human.' Yeah, this was much better than the slayer's basement.

Part Four

It had been a week, one whole week since the 'back rub of doom' which was how Xander mentally referred to it. He had been avoiding any touchy situations with Spike since then. It wasn't helping though. Spike had taken to wandering around in an old pair of Xander's jeans. They were too small for Xander but still too big for Spike and they barely stayed on his hips. Add to that the still broken air conditioning and Xander was in hell.

This morning he had accidentally walked in on Spike getting into the shower. Spike never showered that early in the morning, hells he was usually sleeping at that time. He said he'd spilled blood on himself and wanted to get cleaned up. It sounded reasonable, but heck, he could have said he was getting ready to meet the Queen for tea and Xander would have just nodded along. He couldn't get the image of Spike standing there naked out of his head.

He kept playing the image over and over in his mind all day long. By the time work was finished he was half hard and half insane. He didn't know whether he could go home or not. Part of him wanted to strangle Spike and the other part, well the other part was not allowed to speak anymore. Strangulation was good. Much better than doing naughty things to male vampires.

Spike was quite satisfied with his progress, he couldn't rush Xander into this, nor could he let the boy know he was being set up. William was not happy about the idea, but he liked Xander and wouldn't be opposed to a relationship with him. He was just too painfully shy to suggest such a thing, and if Spike wanted to do the pursuing he would stay quiet about it so long as Xander wasn't hurt. Walking around all week in those low hanging jeans was a nice touch as well. A fluke really, he had thrown them on one day so he could take his things down to the wash. The reaction he got from Xander though was enough to make him keep wearing them. That and they were really comfortable.

Thinking back on that mornings bathroom incident, Spike smiled. He had planned that perfectly, all he had to do was stand about naked in the bathroom until he heard Xander stumble out of his bedroom. He gave the rehearsed 'I spilt blood on myself' speech but by the look on the boys face he could have said he was getting ready to go shag the watcher and he would have just agreed and walked off. Yeah, he was sure the image of him in all his naked glory was permanently etched in the boys mind.

It was time to up the ante a bit, pull out the big guns. Tonight, Spike was going to cook dinner. He had heard the old saying about the way to a mans heart being through his stomach. In Xander's case that was probably true, the boy loved to eat.

Xander headed home with a feeling of dread in his gut. He just knew that Spike was going to find out that he'd been thinking naughty thoughts about him. It was wrong, so very wrong. Spike wasn't gay, and he was very much in love with Buffy before the whole 'soul' thing. Before that it was Dru, and there had been Harmony as well. Then again, Xander wasn't gay either! He had always like girls, girls with their nice curvy bodies and soft round breasts. Not men, with hard lines and well-defined muscles, whose hands felt so good on his heated skin . . .


Xander stopped in the middle of the sidewalk and glared at his building. He just knew Spike would be in there, sitting all innocent like in front of the television. As if he weren't flaunting his nakedness in front of him, trying to seduce him with the sight of all that pale silky looking skin. Xander shook his head. No, not with the soul, Spike with a soul wouldn't play him like that. It wasn't an act, it was innocent. Spike was just reacting to the heat that was all.

Xander headed inside and took the stairs up to his floor. He unlocked the door and stepped inside, it smelled good in there, really good. He went back out into the hallway and looked at the number on the door. Yeah, it was the right one. He went back in and closed the door. He sniffed. It smelled like roast chicken. He could definitely smell chicken, and he was sure he smelled potatoes and carrots as well.


"Yeah pet?"

"You . . . cooked?"

"Well, yeah. I can cook you know."

"Oh. Uh, why?"

"Just felt like it. 'Sides, you eat crap, you know. All that fast food isn't healthy, should eat something good for ya more often."

Xander was too confused to have this conversation. Spike cooked? Spike cared about his health? It was too much.

"I'm going to shower."

"Alright, supper should be ready by the time you finish."

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