Quantum Xander


Part Thirty-One

Xander stared at the door in open-mouthed shock. After all, it wasn't every day that two vampires broke into your hotel room and then fled in a fit of babbling and apologies.

"Uh, Spike?"

"Yeah, pet?"

"What the hell was that?"

The vampire chuckled and then turned around to face the still startled human on the bed behind him. He pulled Xander into his arms and kissed him on the temple.

"Minions. Those two were so fresh I could still smell the shit of their deaths on them. Bloody clueless lot, most of them."

"But ... What did they mean with all that Master stuff?"

"Who knows, luv. Chances are we'll find out if we stick around here long enough, I got the impression that I'm being summoned."

Xander groaned and closed his eyes. This was not what he had in mind to do tonight. Go for a drive, get something to eat, perhaps watch Spike scare a few teenagers into giving them their cash - but not being summoned by the 'Master of Sunnydale', whoever that was.

"God, don't let it be Angelus. Anyone but Angelus."

Spike snorted.

"What, you think the Master is any more sane? Please, old bat-face was loopier then Dru most days."

"Oh, right. I actually hadn't thought about him. I figured, you know since Sunnydale wasn't completely overrun by demons that he was dust."

"Hmm, probably. Doesn't answer the question of who's in charge here though, does it?"

Xander shook his head and then wondered if they should put off the summons until after the awkward conversation or if they could put off the awkward conversation by accepting the summons. He wasn't too sure which was the lesser of two evils at this point. Spike answered that unspoken question for him by slipping out of bed and reaching for his jeans.

"You want to come with me or wait here? Could be dangerous, but better to know what we're up against, yeah?"

"Yeah. I'll come with, just don't let anyone eat me, eh?"

Another snort from the vampire.

"Not likely, no one'd be stupid enough to try for your neck. You smell like me, they'll know better."

Spike shrugged into his shirt and reached for his boots as Xander tried to puzzle out what exactly that meant. He was no closer to figuring it out when Spike's voice broke the silence.

"And if they don't... I'll tear their soddin’ heads off before they get close enough to touch you."

And just why did that give him warm fuzzies? Xander couldn't figure it out, but possessive Spike made him feel good. He'd ponder that later; right now he needed to get dressed.

After dressing and leaving the hotel, they drove into town. Neither had any idea of where the Master of the hellmouth would be, so they merely drove around letting their presence be known. It wasn't long before someone noticed. Xander wondered if all the minions in this Sunnydale were as stupid as the two that had burst into their room earlier. By the looks of the three that were slowly making their way towards them, he would guess yes. They were looking at him like he was scarier than Spike, which was just wrong. Spike seemed to think so too.

"Oi! Quit looking at him. What do you want?"

The first of the three vampires stepped forward and bowed his head. Spike smirked at the obvious show of submission. It did wonderful things for his ego, being feared again. He was beginning to feel like his old self again. Amazing after what he'd been through, but Spike had always been resilient. Something to thank Angelus for, if he hadn't been such a sadistic bastard, Spike wouldn't be as strong-willed as he was.

"Master Spike, my apologies for looking at your consort. I bring word from my Master. He wishes to speak with you. If you would follow us, your consort is welcome to attend."

Xander looked at Spike questioningly, he wasn't sure what a consort was, or if it applied to him. Spike just gave him a look that clearly said 'shut up' and turned back to the minion who had addressed him.

"Do I have your Master’s word that no one will touch him?"

If he didn't have that guarantee, he was sending Xander back to the hotel with the bike. It was one thing for him to face off with this Master, it was another to endanger Xander.

"Of course. He will come to no harm, I assure you."

"He better not, or you die slowly, and painfully."

The vampire nodded and turned back to the others that were with him. They headed off in the direction of Crawford Street, and Spike and Xander followed behind them. Once the vamps were far enough in front that Spike was certain they couldn't hear, he spoke softly to Xander.

"Whatever happens, play along. They think you are my consort, so you have to play the part."

"Okay, but what the hell is a consort? I can't act like one if I don't know what it is."

Spike swore softly and shook his head. He didn't have time to explain vampire lore right now. He had assumed Xander would know about these things.

"In short, it means you’re mine. Not like a pet though, like a lover, a confidant. But you don't question me, not in front of others at least. Whatever I say, just go along with it, we can talk about it later okay?"

"Fine. But we are going to talk about this."

"Of course pet, I expect we have a lot to talk about, eh?"

Xander just snorted. Yeah, they had a lot to talk about. Like why Spike had suddenly changed his mind about sex, what that would mean for their relationship, did they have a relationship? Oh yeah, he was really looking forward to that conversation. Not.

When they stopped in front of the mansion, Xander groaned and thumped his head lightly against Spike's back. He so didn't want to be here. It looked more and more likely that Angelus was the Master of this Sunnydale, something Xander really didn't want to contemplate.

They were led inside and left to wait in the large room off the front foyer. There was a comfortable looking leather sofa and two high back chairs in the room, a fire was lit and soft, tinkling music could be heard. In the farthest corner of the room was a small table and chairs set up, on the table was a full tea service.

Xander sat down on the sofa and watched Spike as he cased the room; not a single detail escaped the vampire’s gaze. Eventually Spike returned to Xander and took a seat on the sofa beside him.

"It's not looking promising pet. I'm pretty sure whoever else is here, Dru is with them."

Xander's eyes bugged out and he turned on Spike, he wasn't too hot on the prospect of seeing Angelus again, but Drusilla was completely insane, and she scared the hell out of him. The vampiress was capable of hypnosis and all sorts of other mind games. Xander still remembered vividly what she had done to Giles, not something he wanted to experience for himself.

"Oh, no. No way. I am not staying in the same room as that crazy..."

"Easy luv. That crazy... was my lover for over a century."

Xander nodded his head and wisely kept from making any more disparaging remarks about Dru. Spike and he might be friends, even lovers now, but he knew full well what the crazy brunette had meant to Spike. He still had a faint scar on his forehead to prove it.

"Sorry Spike, but she scares me. You know she wanted to turn me once? Said I had a face like a poem."

A noise from the doorway interrupted what Spike was about to say. They both turned and stared in shock at the two vampires that entered the room.

"Mmm, yes I did say that. You made me love you, and I made you mine."

As Dru twirled and danced around the room, Xander watched with wide eyes as a younger version of himself sat down in a chair opposite him and studied him with open fascination.

"So, this is how I would look if I had lived, huh?"

Part Thirty-Two

"Well, that was downright disturbing."

Spike snorted at Xander's remark. Disturbing didn't begin to describe what they had just been through. Spike had sat for the past forty-five minutes going back and forth with himself. The sight of Drusilla still filled him with longing and pain; then there was Xander, both the living and undead versions of the boy.

Something about the vampire version of his friend called to him, it gave his demon ideas of turning the boy and making him his forever. Of course he couldn't do that - chip. What disturbed him was that he wanted it. For all his good intentions, wanting to keep the boy safe and alive, a part of him was willing to trade his heat and his soul for a chance at eternity.

So what did that mean, that he wanted Xander for eternity? In all his years, Spike had never made a childe, never taken a mate either. Dru had come closest as a mate but she was his sire, and it was her decision to mate with him or not, she chose not. With Dru it had always been about 'Daddy' so Spike knew he would never have more than he already had. In Xander, he saw both childe and mate. It was both comforting and scary as hell at the same time.

The ride back to the hotel was conducted in silence, Xander could tell that Spike was doing some serious thinking. He didn't blame him, hell he had a few things on his mind as well. Like what the hell happened back there.

Dru had danced around the room babbling about how Spike was 'wrong' and 'artificial'. 'Not my golden boy. Impostor!' she had shouted at him. The other Xander seemed to ignore her ramblings and sent her to make tea for her dollies. Spike had rolled his eyes at that, but Xander had seen the pain in those blue eyes as Dru kissed Vamp-Xander and spun out of the room.

There were a lot of questions - mostly about him, a short conversation in which Xander learned that Dru had sired him during the botched love-spell fiasco, and that the scoobies were all dead. By his hand, no less. Angelus had been killed, a joint effort by Spike and Xander to rid themselves of their biggest competition, and that Dru had chosen Xander over Spike. Spike had left town shortly after that and hadn't returned. Until now.

Vamp-Xander had seen Spike’s return as a threat to his relationship with Drusilla, and had Dru send the minions to summon Spike to appear before them. Learning that Spike had made a consort out of a human version of himself intrigued the vampire; he wanted to know how it had been accomplished. A brief explanation on how neither of them were from this reality got Vamp-Xander past his suspicions of Spike's surprising reappearance.

So now, here they were, driving back to the hotel with the blessing of the current Master to enjoy their stay in Sunnydale and to come back and visit again if they wanted.

"It'll be a cold day in hell before that happens, thanks," Xander muttered under his breath. He had no intentions whatsoever of going back to the Crawford Street mansion. Dru still gave him the willies and seeing himself as a vampire was extremely unsettling.

Spike stopped the bike and waited for Xander to climb off before dismounting it as well. He reached out and pulled the human into his arms and breathed deeply. The scent of himself on Xander did a lot to calm his raging demon. He still had a nagging sensation at the back of his mind telling him to turn the man, to make him immortal, but with Xander this close, in his arms, he could push it down and ignore it.

"Hey, Spike? Shouldn't we go inside?"

"Yeah pet. We should."

Spike kept one arm around Xander as they headed back to their room. He wasn't sure what was going to happen once they were inside. He knew that Xander had questions, he just hoped he could answer them.

Once inside, Spike flopped down on the bed and picked up the TV remote. Xander grabbed a change of clothes and headed for the shower, he had been hoping to talk to Spike about what was going on between them, but from the looks of things, Spike didn't want to talk just yet.

Spike sighed in relief when the bathroom door closed and Xander started the shower. He got up and began pacing the room, trying to figure out what exactly he was going to tell Xander when he asked about what was going on between them. The truth was, Spike didn't know.

The only thing he knew for sure was that he trusted Xander not to hurt him. On a primal level, his demon had already accepted him as mate, and he hadn't even claimed him yet.

"Not like I can. Bloody stupid chip in me head. Can't hunt, can't defend myself, can't protect what's mine. Bloody useless I am, boy's better off without me."

Spike stopped dead in his tracks at that thought. The very idea that Xander might think the same thing shook him to his very core. He suddenly needed to be close to him, to feel his arms around him. He stripped down and flew into the bathroom.

Xander yelped when he was suddenly pulled against a cool, naked body. He recognised the hands that were stroking his belly and relaxed. He leaned his head back on Spike’s shoulder and closed his eyes. This was unexpected but nice.

"Miss me, blondie?"

"Mmm hmm."

Spike began nibbling on Xander’s neck and then groaned in arousal as the mortal rolled his head to the side to give him better access. It was a huge show of trust and acceptance on Xander’s part, exposing his throat to a vampire, even a chipped one.

"That's nice. Feels good."

Xander slowly turned in Spike’s arms and kissed him. He had completely lost focus on why he had gotten in the shower in the first place. Spike drew away slightly and picked up the tiny bottle of hotel shampoo.

"We need to buy some decent shampoo pet, and some unscented soap. This stuff smells like flowers for Christ’s sake."

"We'll do that tomorrow, right after breakfast. Kiss me again?"

Spike smiled and kissed Xander again, the shampoo momentarily forgotten. When Xander pulled away to breathe, Spike spun him back around and began washing his hair.

Once he had finished lathering and rinsing Xander's hair, he picked up the small bar of hotel soap and a washcloth. He lathered up the cloth and began washing the smooth tanned skin of the man in front of him.

Spike took the opportunity to map out every inch of Xander's body as he washed him, he could feel the faint lines of old scars here and there, likely due to helping the slayer of his world. Spike grimaced at the thought. He knew that Xander thought his friends were different from the versions that Spike had known, but the vampire wasn't so sure. The witch was supposed to be his best friend and she had put a spell on him that essentially changed who he was, just to suit her own selfishness.

Xander rinsed off and then repeated the process on Spike. Sliding soapy hands all over his skin, across strong shoulders, down his well-toned arms. He washed his back, his chest, his unbelievably sculpted abs. Xander knelt down to run his soapy hands down the vampire’s legs and then back up again, still on his knees, he caressed the pale fleshy globes of his ass before turning him around.

Spike looked down at the smirking face of the man on his knees before him. He knew why Xander was smirking at him; it had everything to do with the very prominent erection that was jutting out at him. He shrugged his shoulders at him and leered.

"As long as you're down there... "

Xander choked back a laugh and took up his rapidly shrinking bar of soap. He lathered up his hands and then ran them up the insides of Spike's thighs till his fingers twined into the coarse hair of the vampire’s groin. He smiled at the small groan Spike let out when he wrapped one soapy hand around his cock and began massaging his balls with the other.

Xander laughed out loud as Spike rinsed himself hurriedly, picked him up and strode out of the bathroom with him before dumping him on the bed, still wet and giggling. Spike smiled at him and then pounced.

Part Thirty-Three

God, where do I start? Everything is so fucked up; I've been jumping around from one place to another so quickly I forgot about all the people I left behind on the way.

I mean, what about Angel? Did Riley and his guys get him? Would Buffy allow that? Could she really stop them even if she tried? Shit. I wish... No, I don't wish. No wishing here. I would like to know, if there was some way possible to find out if he's okay. Then again, if he isn't, do I want to know that? Seeing as how there is nothing I can do to help him?

And speaking of Buffy, I wish (damn there's that word again!) I knew for sure if she was aware of what exactly was happening to Spike, what that rat-bastard Finn had done to him. I feel kinda sorry for her, like she didn't have a clue what was really going on around her.

Then there's Willow, the one from the last world that was hooked up with both me and Spike. She helped Spike, healed him, and we just blew out of there and never looked back. To quote Cordy "rude much?", and Spike, shit the guy had been through hell as well and we never tried to do a damn thing to help him, maybe get him the ring from Angel or something. But we didn't.

Now, now we're in some fucked up place where I'm a vampire, Dru is my sire, and I run the hellmouth. Hmm, and no one ever thought I'd amount to anything. The only good thing is that Angelus is dust. The Spike of this world took off after he and my vampself dusted Angelus, and Dru choose me over him. She must have still been under the effects of the spell, 'cause otherwise why the hell would she do that?

The gang is all dead here, all of them. From what I understand, the spell that Amy cast lasted a lot longer in this dimension. After Dru vamped me, I used it to get to Willow and Buffy. I killed them, no turning, just death. I killed Jenny, Joyce, Cordy, and the Cordettes, and finally, Amy. Once Amy died, the spell wore off. By that time, Giles was easy pickings; he came after me - vamp me - but Dru did some freaky mind shit to him and then my vampire self snapped his neck.

Vamp-me took great pleasure in telling me all the gory details. I'll spare you those, but I now know without a doubt that I am not a nice demon. None of the girls died virgins. Vampire Xander is a sadistic, cruel bastard and I hope to hell we get out of here without having to see him again. Plus I think it's giving Spike ideas.

Spike, another topic worth scrutinising. What the hell are we doing together? I mean yeah, there's the sex and that's not a bad thing, but I don't know where this is going, or even if it's going anywhere. I think I'm in love with him. No, I'm pretty sure I know I am. It's his feelings I'm not sure about.

I wanted to talk to him last night but two minions burst in here and there was confusion and babbling and then we went into town, met with My vampire self and his looney-tunes sire. When we got home - and since this is where we live essentially, I'll call it home - Spike didn't look like he was in any mood to talk so I went to shower.

I was barely wet when he joined me, I don't know what set him off, but something was bothering him. He plastered himself to my back and began kissing my throat; it was very nice but not enough to distract me from the slight shaking I could feel. I didn't comment on it, just pretended I hadn't noticed. We washed each other, again it was very nice getting to touch him, have him touch me... but I'm getting off topic again.

After the shower, Spike carried me out to the bed and did very nice things to me. I won't go into detail, (sorry but since I don't know who might read this, I just won't) but needless to say, we needed to shower again when he was finished. After the second shower, we finally talked.

I asked Spike what was bothering him, told him that whatever it was he could tell me, I'd understand. He looked at me with such... hope I guess is the word I'm looking for, but it hardly does justice to the emotion I saw in his eyes. He told me, haltingly and with much growling, raging, cursing and crying, what Riley had done to him. Lets just say, if I had known this when I was still there, Buffy would have been finding pieces of him all over Sunnydale.

After that confession, I just held him for awhile. Then he told me that he was afraid to be intimate with me that way, of course he didn't quite say it so nicely, but what I wrote sounds so much better than "I don't think I'm ready to bend over for ya yet". That was why he told me that morning he wasn't ready. Because he wasn't - still isn't - ready for that.

It was the blood he'd gotten from Willy that pushed him past his reluctance. He explained to me that after surviving this long on stale animal blood, fresh warm human blood acted like an aphrodisiac, making him horny as hell. I admit I was a bit insulted at first, but then he told me that if all he were after was a shag, there had been several whores in the bar he could have had easily. He just saw me standing in the sunlight and he said he had to have me, "sod the consequences". So, now that I understand why he wasn't ready, and why he still doesn't want to risk me topping him, we can hopefully see where this thing between us is going.

My only fear is that he's with me because I saved him, because he sees me as some kind of... I don't know, superhero sounds so lame but I can't come up with anything better. I mean, if it were Deadboy that saved him instead of me, would he be sleeping with him now? I know it's not fair, I shouldn't question it but I've always sort of been the convenient one, I don't want that again, not this time.

Cordy used me cause I was easy to manipulate; I did anything she said, as far as keeping our relationship a secret so she didn't look bad to her friends. Willow and the whole fluke thing in high school, well hell, that could have been a spell for all I know. Revenge for dating Cordy and not her. 'Cause look how well that turned out, Oz forgave her, everyone forgave her. Cordy hated me after that, Oz was never the same with me, Buffy and Giles both blamed me as well.

We won't go into Faith. Period.

Then there was Anya. Newly human and in desperate need of friendship and guidance. Not that I minded so much, but she seemed to know that I was just a big fluffy puppy who wouldn't hurt anyone. So she glommed onto me and I sucked up the attention like a sponge. I knew, deep down that I was just a convenience, that's why I called off the wedding at the last minute. She had only dated one guy her entire human lifetime, how did she know I was really the one? I wasn't sure, so how could she be?

I want more this time. I don't want to be convenient, or easy, or safe. I want to be loved damn it! I want to be wanted for me, for just being Xander Harris. Is that too much to ask? Am I expecting too much from an emotionally crippled vampire? Probably, but I can't help it. I want this to be real, for both of us.

The hotel room door opened and Xander closed his book before looking up. Spike had gone shopping; he left Xander a note and took off before he had woken up.

"Mornin' pet. Brought you some brekkies."

Spike set a brown paper takeout bag on the nightstand along with a cup of coffee and a bottle of orange juice. He then unpacked the other bag in his hand, pulling out soap, shampoo, shaving cream, razors, toothpaste and a toothbrush. Xander raised an eyebrow but said nothing as Spike also unpacked a couple bottles of lube as well. He just opened the bag on the table next to him to see what Spike had brought him for breakfast.

"Blueberry muffins?"

"They were out of chocolate chip. What, you don't like blueberry?"

"No, actually, they're my favourite. Thanks."

Xander grinned and dug into his breakfast. Spike snorted in amusement and watched his lover eat. There was something immensely satisfying about watching Xander dig into his food. Spike sighed wistfully and wished he could taste things the way he used to when he was alive. It just wasn't the same now, the only thing that really held any flavour for him now was blood - and that onion thing they used to do at The Bronze, bloody brilliant that thing was.

Xander finished the last of his coffee and headed for the shower. He stopped to kiss Spike on the way.

"Thanks for bringing me breakfast, and for doing the shopping."

"Eh, was awake. Nothing better to do."

Spike pulled Xander closer and kissed him deeply before releasing him and giving him a gentle push toward the bathroom. Truth was, he didn't trust the vampire version of Xander not to try something, so he had no intention of letting his lover leave the room until they shifted again.

Once Spike was sure that Xander was in the shower and wouldn't be coming back into the main room for a few minutes he pulled a medium-sized black leather bound book from deep inside one of his dusters pockets. He treated it with a dab of the oil that the warlock Xander had given them and then sat down to write. It seemed to help Xander after all, so he figured he'd give it a try.

Part Thirty-Four

So, here I am, William the Bloody with a soddin' journal. Well, I ain't gonna write in it like some bloody chit. So I'll just make like I'm writing this 'cause I plan on letting you read it at some point, okay love?

Xander, I don't know what possessed you to help me, but I am deeply grateful to you. You will never know how close to the end I was, how easily I could have given up hope on ever having a better life. You saved me. Poncy as it sounds, I owe you my unlife.

I can't tell you all the things that I've been through; reliving them just isn't in the cards for me right now. Might just send me right around the bend to think of some of it. The lesser extent of the damage, you already know. I was raped, beaten, tortured, mutilated. I've had things inside me that no vampire should ever have inside them, crosses, holy water, stakes, UV lights.

You're probably wondering right now what's going on between us, wish I could tell you. Truth is I don't know. I know I want you, I need you - so bloody much I'm afraid of what will happen when you realise how pathetic I am and decide you're better off without me. I know that I don't deserve you, but I'll do whatever it takes to keep you with me as long as I can.

Since this is my book, and I don't have to let you read this unless I want to, I can admit to myself in here that I love you. Don't know when it happened exactly, but I do. Won't tell you though, too scared of running you off.

You've given me back my life, my freedom. You gave me safety, security, loyalty and friendship. You gave me the sun, Xander; words can't express what that means to me, hopefully someday I'll be able to show you. You make me whole; with you I want to write bloody poetry and read it to you in bed. I used to be a poet, back before I was changed. You bring out the man in me, Xander. That's a good thing.

When I made love to you - and that is what I did - it was because I wanted to, wanted you. I hope you know that it wasn't just sex, that I wasn't using you. I wouldn't, not you - not ever. I'm not ready to let you take me, but it's not because I don't want you, it's just that I'm afraid. Yeah, that's right. The Big Bad is afraid. They hurt me, love. They hurt me so badly I don't know if I'll ever recover. I hope you can understand that, and that you'll be patient.

Meeting you as a vampire has been an enlightening experience - you make a bloody gorgeous demon, love. A part of me wants to turn you so badly it makes my teeth itch. My demon screams out for you. Not because I want to kill you, because I want to claim you, keep you forever. I don't know what I'd do if I lost you now. I need you so bloody much it scares me. The rest of me though, well, the rest of me wants you forever as well, but as you are, warm and human and so bloody perfect. I love dipping into your body, feeling all that heat surrounding me, holding me tight. Bloody amazing. Don't want to give that up any time soon, or at all.

I know you're eager to get home, to get back to your mates and all, but I hope we don't get there too soon. I don't want to share you just yet; I'm selfish that way. I like having you all to myself, holding you close, watching you sleep. I'm afraid I'll lose you when we get to your world. To your friends, your life, your Spike. He must realise what a fine man you are, even if he doesn't say anything. I'm jealous of myself, bloody ironic, innit?

You gave me so much, my life, my freedom, your trust, your... innocence. You give and give, Xander. And I take and take. What the hell do you get out of this? I'm no prize, pet. I know that. Wasn't when I was human, nor after I was turned - Angelus wanted to stake me so many times it wasn't funny, even worse now. I can't even be a proper vampire, can't protect you from other humans.

Worthless. That's what I am. I won't tell you that though, figure it out on your own sooner or later. Me, I'm hoping for later. I want to have as much time with you as I can before it all gets blown to shit. Don't know what I'll do then, just wait for the dawn I suppose; ring comes off, after all.

Spike heard the shower turn off so he put his book back into his coat pocket. He removed the last of his morning purchases from the bag he had left on the dresser. He grimaced. This was not something he was looking forward to.

Xander stepped out of the bathroom and walked over to the dresser. He looked over Spike's shoulders at the box of hair colouring he was scowling at. He smiled at his lover's look of annoyance.

"I hope that's not for me. I like my hair just fine thanks."

"Funny pet. I was just thinkin', might do some good if I wasn't so recognisable. What with being out in the day and all."

Xander thought about that for a minute before answering. It was a good idea, not only was Spike's look very... attention-grabbing, it was easily recognised by anyone who knew him, demon or human alike.

"Good idea. We don't know what we might run into out there; the less you look like... well you, the easier it'll be for you to move around without drawing attention. We should get you new clothes as well."

Spike instinctively wrapped his duster around him tightly. He didn't want to give up his coat; he had worn it steadily for the past three decades. It was a part of who he was, just like his boots and his hair. He sighed and hung his head; if he was going to change the hair, he could give up the coat. Just until they got back to Xander's world though. Then the coat comes back on and the hair gets bleached.

"Right. First the hair, then the clothes."

"Need any help?"

"Nah, been bleaching it for years, this can't be any harder."

Xander got dressed and flopped across the bed while Spike went off to dye his hair in the bathroom. Xander tried to picture Spike with the light brown-coloured hair that the girl (snort) on the box had. It just didn't work when he combined it with the slicked-back look the blonde favoured. Maybe he could get him to try it without the gel.

Half an hour later, a brown-haired, towel-clad Spike emerged from the bathroom. Xander swallowed hard and sat up on the bed admiring the view in front of him. Spike looked good, very good. His hair was still mussed from when he'd dried it; the towel hung precariously from his hips and small droplets of water still clung to his chest and belly.

Spike looked over at Xander and smiled smugly at the look of rampant lust on his lover's face. He guessed that answered the question of whether he looked like an utter git or not.

"So, pet. What do you think?"


Spike laughed and pulled Xander to his feet before kissing him deeply. The boy might not know how to express himself in words, but he always got his point across. In this case Spike was taking 'mphurgle' as 'you look damn sexy, please shag me now?' And who was he to say no?

Xander ran his fingers through the damp, darkened locks; despite decades of abuse, Spike's hair was still soft as silk. He pulled away reluctantly to draw breath and then got a wicked idea in his head.

Before Spike knew what had happened, Xander had ripped his towel away and sunk to his knees in front of him. He took the vampire's still soft member into his mouth and sucked it down to the root.

"Christ! Xander!"

As the cock in his mouth began to swell and lengthen, Xander slid it out of his mouth slowly and then sucked just the head back in. He smiled around his mouthful of vampire as the former blonde began to babble nonsense and pant for breath. He'd never done this before, but he was encouraged by Spike's response.

Spike looked down at the fully dressed human who was sucking him off so intently. It was quite a sight actually, him completely naked, cheap hotel towel pooled at his feet, and Xander completely dressed except for shoes. It made his already hard cock twitch in realisation. He had a bit of a kink here, not one he had ever known about before.

Xander let Spike's cock slip free and lowered his mouth to lick and nuzzle at his balls instead. He sucked first one and then the other into his mouth, rolling them on his tongue. Spike's skin tasted clean like soap, but underneath there was a distinct earthy flavour, heavy with a faint coppery tang.

Spike felt his knees begin to give way when Xander started licking and sucking his nuts. It was all he could do to stay on his feet as his lovely boy licked and sucked at them. He reached down to stroke himself off, unable to take any more of this exquisite torture, when his hand was gently clasped and held still.

"Uh uh, no touching. Mine."

Xander released Spike's hand and wrapped his fingers around Spike's cock. He began stroking the shaft with one hand as his head bobbed up and down, taking as much as he could into his mouth. He felt Spike's hand come to rest on his head, petting his hair and urging him to go faster. Xander sped up and began sucking harder, suddenly desperate to bring Spike off, to taste his release. He felt Spike stiffen and then heard him cry out as his mouth was filled with lukewarm liquid.

"Xander! Fuck! Xander!"

Xander swallowed and looked up at Spike while licking his lips. He watched as Spike's eyes went from blue to yellow and then back to blue. There was something totally erotic about seeing Spike's demon face watching him taste his cum. Spike must have thought so too, because Xander suddenly found himself flat on his back on the bed with a naked, panting vampire on top of him. Too bad the universe hated him and chose that moment for them to shift

Part Thirty-Five

Xander would have laughed at the look on the woman's face when she woke up to find two men in her bed - one of them naked, a motorcycle in front of the dresser, a decent sized pile of bills on the bed and a pile of clothes and a duffel bag on the floor. He would have laughed, except for the very large man who was lying next to her still asleep.

Spike was up off of Xander and getting dressed faster than Xander could blink. He had to give the guy credit for putting his vamp speed to good use. Xander leapt off the bed and held up his hands in platitude. The last thing he needed was for her to start screaming and wake up the big guy.

"Hey, sorry. Must have been some kind of mix up. We'll just be going now, no need to wake up your husband or boyfriend, whatever. Just... here,"

Xander scooped up the cash on the bed and held out a handful of it to her.

"Take this and we'll call it even okay?"

All of this was said in a quiet, somewhat calm voice. Xander really didn't want to get the shit kicked out of him for: a) being in bed with the guy's wife, or b) being in bed with the guy's wife and having a naked man on top of him, or c) trying to defend said naked man from the big guy currently drooling on his pillow.

Spike, meanwhile, had quickly stuffed everything into their bags and his coat and was trying to quietly push the motorbike out the hotel room door. Xander dropped the money on the bed beside the still-shocked woman and fled the room behind Spike.

Once they were outside and away from the threat of violence, Xander slid down to the ground and began to shake. Spike looked down at him, concerned for his emotional state after what had to be very traumatising for him.

"Hey, you alright luv?"

Xander looked up at Spike, tears streaming down his face and burst out laughing. Spike took a step back and watched with trepidation. He wasn't sure what exactly was wrong with his pet, but he was going to fix it.


"Oh God, Spike! Her face! Did you see her face?!"

Xander continued to laugh and Spike couldn't help but smile. He hadn't exactly been paying that much attention at the time; he was more concerned about getting the hell out of there before the mountain of a man sleeping next to her woke up and twigged to the situation. In retrospect, he had to agree that it was pretty fucking funny.

"Yeah, but yours was better."

Spike snickered as he remembered Xander holding a wad of bills out in front of him like a shield.

"Giving her money, luv? She probably thinks we're a couple of kinky buggers who like to have someone watch."

Spike laughed even harder as the implications of what he'd just said leaked into Xander's head. They both sat, back up against a brick wall two buildings over from the hotel and laughed until their sides hurt.

"You know, we still need to get you some clothes. Wanna go to Wal Mart?"

"Why in hell would I want to go there? I may be an evil demon, luv, but even I don't deserve to be dragged through Wal Mart."

Xander chuckled and stood up, he reached his hand down for Spike and pulled him to his feet.

"Come on, if you're a good little vampire, I'll let you push the cart."

Xander smiled at Spike and got a kiss in return.

"You're barmy pet. I'm not pushing the soddin' cart."

Xander laughed and climbed on the bike behind Spike and they raced off toward the Sunnydale Mall. Also known as Wal Mart hell. Spike shook his head as he realised he must be in love; he was willingly going to Wall Mart.

Inside the store, Spike looked around in terror. This was bad; there were housewives everywhere, little kids in strollers, babies crying ... old people in blue smocks grinning at him and trying to give him a cart. Spike sighed in relief when Xander took a cart and put one arm over his shoulders and steered him toward the men's department.

Since it was the middle of the day, it was relatively empty. Xander picked out some faded blue jeans for Spike and some white t-shirts. The former blonde pouted prettily and Xander traded the white shirts for grey. Two light blue button-down shirts later and they were off to footwear.

After much grumbling and cursing and bribes of future sex acts, Xander persuaded Spike to get some normal running shoes and give up the Doc's for awhile. They picked out a decent looking pair of runners, and then Spike pointed towards the electronics department.

"Can we get a walkman? Maybe some CD's?"

"Sure, come on."

Xander left Spike looking through the music section while he picked up a CD walkman and some batteries. He turned around to go back to Spike when he ran into himself, and... Spike. Not his Spike, a blonde Spike.

"Holy hellmouth Batman! Spike, do you see that? It's me! How? Oh God! Is he a vamp? Tell me he's not a vamp?"

"He's not a vamp."

"I'm not a vamp."

Both Spike and Xander answered simultaneously. Xander sighed in frustration and ran his fingers back through his hair. He looked over to where Spike - his Spike, was rifling through the CD's.

"Look, it's a long story. Let me get Spike and then we'll all go sit down and talk. Okay?"

Xander didn't wait for an answer; he just headed back to the music section and collected his vampire. He leaned in and whispered to Spike about the current situation and stifled a laugh when his lover complained about having his double see his 'poncy' hair colour.

The other Xander took one look at Spike with brown hair, no gel, and burst out laughing. Spike - blonde Spike - scowled, as did the other one. Xander put his arm around his brunette vampire and gave him a squeeze. He leaned in and whispered in his ear that he thought he looked sexy as hell, then he nipped him on the earlobe lightly.

The other Xander stopped laughing and watched his double openly display affection to the vampire in his arms. He looked over at his vampiric companion and then looked down at the floor guiltily. He heard Spike snort at him before stomping off in the direction of the food court.

"Lovely, now he's pissed at me again."

Xander and Spike looked over at the man who had just spoken. Seemed like things were not all peaches and cream between this world's Spike and Xander. They looked at each other and then looked at Xander.

"So, where to? I assume you still want answers?"

"Yeah, fangless probably went for..."

Xander trailed off as he saw the brown-haired version of Spike begin to tremble before his double shot him a nasty look and pulled the vampire into his arms. He could hear his twin whispering to him and petting him. He wondered what had set him off.

"Er, hey? Uh, Spike probably went to get onion rings, he likes them for some reason; we should catch up."

Xander watched as the other him headed off in pursuit of his Spike, never taking his arm off of the vampire's shoulder. Life in Sunnydale just got stranger and stranger.

Spike sat at the little table munching on onion rings and brooding. Not that he would admit that. Things had been going okay for him and Xander, sure none of the scoobies knew they were a couple, and Xander was always very careful to never show him any affection in public, but alone, they were good together. They had argued some about why Xander wanted to keep them a secret. Spike wasn't one for hiding his affections, if he was in love - or even serious like, he wanted to flaunt it, show the world.

It was an old argument. One that had been rehashed just last night when they were at home watching TV. Dawn was out with Willow and Tara at the movies and they were laying on the sofa cuddling and watching an old movie. As soon as Xander heard the doorknob turn he leapt off the couch and sat in the chair.

Now, today, they were out picking up work clothes for Xander and a new pair of jeans for him and whom should they run into but themselves. Well, a strikingly similar version of Xander and a Spike with poncy hair. Spike couldn't help but be angry at the way the other Xander expressed himself so freely with the dark-haired version of himself. Biting his ear in the middle of Wal Mart for Christ's sake. His Xander would never do that.

"Speak of the devil."

Spike muttered to himself as he watched two Xanders and a Spike come toward him. The other human was still showing physical affection to the vampire and scowling at the other version of himself. Spike wondered what his pet had said to piss the other man off. His Xander had a mouth on him, that was for sure.

Xander sat down and shot an apologetic look at Spike. He really didn't want to get into this again, especially in front of their... guests. He couldn't understand why it was such a big deal to Spike to go public with their relationship. It would only cause problems.

"So, you want to start with why you're here or how you got here?"

"Or why your hair looks like that?

Spike couldn't resist throwing in the barb. His double looked entirely too much like the man he used to be before he was turned. Throw in a pair of wire-rimmed specs and he would pass for William just fine.

"Vengeance demon, curse, dimension-hopping, hoping to get home, needed clothes."

"And my hair colour is none of your soddin' business. Wanker."

Xander smiled at his lover and reached under the table to squeeze his thigh. Spike looked smugly at his double and then leaned over and kissed his Xander on the lips. He could hear the other vampire's subvocal growl. He pulled back from Xander's lips and smirked at him.

"That was the edited, edited version pet. Don't think I've ever heard you sum it up better."

This world's Xander and Spike exchanged a look before they both sighed and shook their heads.


Xander had to ask, she was the only vengeance demon he knew. Besides, from the look of things, she had good reason to curse them. One more reason for him to keep his relationship a secret.

"I think so, yeah. I sorta left her at the altar and then well, this."

"Not to be nosy, but were you two shaggin' when you were still with her?"

"No. I can honestly say I was not shagging Spike when I was with An. He's not the reason I walked away."

Spike studied them both carefully, there was something else going on here; his double wouldn't even look at his Xander, and he kept sneaking glances at Spike's mouth.

"So why'd she curse you as well then? If you weren't buggering the boy when he was hers, why'd she send you along?"

Xander groaned and thumped his head on the table. Tact was something that was lost on Spike. He honestly wondered why he put up with him. Well other than the fact that he was different when it was just the two of them.

"She didn't. I got picked up along the way."

"So you're not even from his world? Did you know the Xander from your reality then?"

"Not well. I kidnapped him once, but he moved to L.A."

Spike looked at his watch and then sighed. He pushed his chair back and stood up.

"Well, this has been fascinating, truly, but we need to get going."

He turned and looked at his Xander and then smirked. A truly evil glint in his eye he continued.

"Your wife will be looking for you after all, won't she?"

Xander pounded his head on the table again. Spike smiled a satisfied smile and began strolling away, whistling a happy tune. He stopped at the edge of the food court and called back over his shoulder.

"Come on pet, you know she gets in a right tizzy when you don't come home for lunch. Don't want to get her batteries in a bunch now do ya?"

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