Part Thirty-Seven

Once inside Tara waved her hand around the room and uttered a quiet incantation. The apartment fell into complete silence and everyone began looking around frantically. Tara touched Willows shoulder and whispered something to release her from the spell. She then repeated the process on Spike and Xander.

The four of them, being the only ones capable of speech began telling the others to sit down and to pay attention. Tara released Giles from the spell as soon as she was able to make her way across the room to him. He smiled up at her from the chair he was sitting in.

"Thank you. I think if I'd had to endure another moment of that I may well have slaughtered the lot of them."

Tara smiled fondly at him and handed him the missing lens to his glasses.

"I think you may have lost this."

Giles accepted the lens and shook his head in exasperation as she walked back toward Willow. The silence was a blessed relief from the earlier chaos, but he knew it was only a temporary reprieve. He could see the others glaring at each other. He needed to take control of the situation before they were able to speak again. Although, he'd be quite happy if Ethan and Angelus never spoke again. Damn vampire was NOT helping matters.

"Alright, here is how this is going to go. Wesley and Cordelia will patrol together, as will Buffy and I, and Xander and Spike. Tara and Willow will remain here to watch after Angelus and Ethan and also to finish preparations for tomorrow. Is that understood? Please nod if you are unable to answer."

Spike, Xander, Willow and Tara all answered vocally while the others nodded, reluctantly in Buffys' case. Giles smiled at Tara.

"I think you can release them now."

Tara set about the room releasing each person individually. She could have done them all at once but it would have released Angelus and Ethan as well, and seeing as how Willow and her would be there by themselves she wanted them to remain silent.

"Well I would just like to voice my opinion....."

"Enough Buffy! We all heard your opinion. It's settled, we go out in pairs."

"But Giles."

"I said it's settled."

Spike could see that Buffy wasn't going to let this go so he decided to help her change her mind. He darted across the room and had Buffy against the wall, hand around her throat and squeezing before she even saw him move. She looked at him with wide panic-stricken eyes, and just as he was about to release her he felt the sharp point of a stake in his back.

"Drop her Bleach boy."

Cordelia Chase had a stake at his back and a gleam in her eye. Spike swallowed and slowly lowered the slayer until her feet were on the floor once again.

"No need to do anything rash there, luv. Wasn't goin' to hurt her, just proving a point."

Cordy lowered the stake and smiled at Buffy,

"So was I."

Xander let out the breath he was holding as he stood behind Cordy, ready to defend his lover from his ex-girlfriend.

"Don't threaten my lover again Cordelia."

"Oh chill, Xander. It's not like I'd actually stake the guy over Buffy. Sheesh!"

"See slayer, you do need back up. I'm not at full strength, and I could have killed you just then. Let the watcher go with you. Let the man do his job."

"Fine. But this is so not over between us, Spike."

Giles hung his head and pinched the bridge of his nose. He wondered when his life became such a mess. Vampires in his bath tub, Chaos wizard in his bedroom, witches everywhere and the head of the Sunnydale High cheerleader squad threatening a master vampire with a stake in his living room. Oh yes, of course. It was when he was appointed Buffy Summers' watcher.

"If we are finished with the theatrics, may we go now?"

The group loaded up on weapons and filed out into the night. Willow and Tara sat down at the table and began going over the list of spell components they would need.

Once outside the three teams split up and headed out to patrol their section of town. Spike and Xander volunteered to patrol the worst parts of Sunnydale as Spike was alot stronger than the slayer was at the moment. Buffy wasn't happy about it but she did understand why he was the better choice. Not that she would admit it.

Patrol was actually slow that night, there was a surprising lack of vampires and no other demons were seen at all. Buffy and Giles had gotten exactly two vampires, one each. Cordelia and Wesley had gotten three. The former cheerleader dusted one while the ex-watcher got the other two. Spike and Xander fared better than the rest with a total of five. Mostly because their patrol route went directly near Willy's. Spike had even managed to find a mugger to snack on. The not killing wasn't so bad, at least he was feeding again.

Xander was so happy that Spike hadn't killed the mugger that he decided to reward him for his behaviour, after all he wanted him to continue with the non killing. He waited until they were passing a dark alley, as soon as Spike gave the all clear Xander pushed him into the alley and up against the wall.

"Hey, now. What's all this then?"

"Shhh. Want you."

Xander plundered Spikes mouth, kissing him with as much force as he could muster. Once Spike relaxed into the kiss and Xander was sure he had control of the vampire he deftly undid Spikes' jeans. He took the vampires semi-erect cock into his hand and began stroking it lightly. Spike moaned into the kiss and thrust against the warm hand enclosed around his shaft.

Xander used his other hand to get himself out as well. He took both their cocks in hand and began stroking once again. As he was doing this, an evil thought occured to him. He smiled into the kiss before changing tactics.

Spike felt Xander pull away from his mouth and whimpered, he wanted that sweet hot mouth back. As he felt Xanders warm breath gusting across his throat he decided this was good as well. Then Xander bit him, hard. Spike howled and shifted to game face. That was exactly what Xander wanted.

Xander lifted his head and looked into Spikes yellow eyes.

"Don't change back."

Spike opened his mouth to reply but before he could utter a word Xander was kissing him again. He felt the first tentative touch of his lovers warm tongue on his teeth and shuddered.

Xander lightly ran his tongue all over Spikes sensitive teeth, he wrapped his tongue around one of Spikes fangs and sucked. The vampire bucked hard into his hand. Xander wrapped his other hand around their cocks and did it again. Spike began thrusting wildly as Xander repeated the process on his other fang.

Xander was almost as worked up as Spike was. The feel of those razor sharp teeth under his tongue, the fact that he could hold such power over this fierce and deadly creature was almost his undoing. He nicked his tongue against the vampires fang and sped up his hands as he sucked fiercely. He could taste his own blood in Spikes mouth and it only excited him more.

At the tast of Xanders blood, Spike was gone. He came with a howl, shuddering and shaking against his human. He knew Xander was close as well, he just needed a little push. With that in mind Spike pulled back from the kiss and dipped his head toward Xanders neck. Xander, wide eyed with passion, bared his throat to the vampire. He let loose a scream that would have frightened most demons as he felt Spikes fangs enter his throat as he spilled his seed.

Spike pulled back from Xander and licked his lips, he smiled and Xander could still see traces of his blood on Spikes fangs. He kissed him again and licked at the blood. Spike shuddered and began growing hard again. Spike eased Xander away from him and smiled.

"Time to go luv, we need to report back to the watcher and then I'm going to take you home and... take you."

Xander nodded enthusiasticly and did up his pants.

"Come on then, the faster we get back to Giles place, the faster we can go home."

"I do like the way you think, luv."

Xander and Spike practicly ran back to the apartment complex to check in with the others.

Part Thirty-Eight

When Spike and Xander arrived the others had already returned. They gave their report to Giles and were headed out the door when they were intercepted by Buffy.

"Where do you think you two are going?"

"Uh, home, Buff. Why?"

"Home? Uh uh. No way! Xander, it is your turn to stay with Giles tonight. I'm going home."

"But ... Aw man! This sucks!"

Xander could tell that Spike was just as disappointed as he was. They had plans. Plans that involved being naked, sweaty, and maybe even covered in chocolate sauce. Xander was just getting a good pout going when Wesley approached.

"If you would rather not stay, I will. I mean, it's no secret that Spike and Angelus have... history. Perhaps it would be better if they were not forced to be around one another right now."

Xander was so happy he could have kissed Wesley, actually he did and just hadn't realized until he heard Spike growl.

"Oops. Sorry about that Wes, just ... thank you! Thank you so much. Come on Spike. We are so out of here."

Xander Dragged Spike out the door and toward their apartment. Wesley turned back and saw that everyone was staring at him in shock.

"What? Did I do something wrong, or would you rather put up with watching those two groping each other all night?"

Cordelia started to laugh at the bewildered expressions on the others faces.

"I think it's because Xander just kissed you. That and the fact that Spike let you live."

"Oh. Well I can't say it was expected or even wanted, but it happened. Get over it. Now I suggest that we all try to get some sleep tonight. Tomorrow will be stressful enough as it is."

The others filed out leaving Giles and Wesley alone to watch over their 'guests' for the night. At least they would still be silent as Tara was kind enough to leave the spell on them.

Giles looked over at Wesley who was slumped down on the sofa looking like a kicked puppy. He began polishing his glasses and sighed. He wanted to help the man, but how? It wasn't as if he approved of his relationship with the souled vampire, he couldn't. It was different with Xander and Spike. Spike was a souless demon, nothing to lose there. He had proved himself to be capable of love and commitment. Giles believed that Spike truely loved Xander, even if though their relationship had started out as victim and saviour.

Angel was a good man, however he was a horrible demon. The proof of that was shown when he tortured Giles, killed Jenny, and terrorized the children. He didn't trust the vampire, and he was proven right. The powers may have made his soul permanent, but it wasn't fool-proof. Drusilla had managed to bring Agelus to the fore, making the souls presence the weaker of the two identities and if they didn't find some way to break that spell the powers warrior would be forever trapped in his body with Angelus in charge.

"We will figure this out. Tomorrow after Spike performs the spell, we will have our abilities back and we will find away to restore Angel."

"Thank you Rupert. You must think I'm such a fool, getting involved with a vampire."

"It is none of my business who you are involved with. We cannot chose who we fall in love with, I have made greivous errors in that department myself."

Wesley looked up at the older English man.

"Was it the wizard? Ethan Rayne?"

"Yes, sadly I was not always the respectable British watcher. We were involved along time ago, when we were in our teens. I was a very different person then, wild, unrestained. We got into dark magics, raised demons, got wasted. Typical teenager stuff."

Giles smiled at Wesley and was relieved to see the man smile back at him.

"Thank you Rupert. I think I shall try to get some sleep now."

"Take the spare room, I shall sleep out here."

"Are you sure? I don't mind the sofa."

"It's fine, I was going to try to relax with a cup of tea and a book for a while anyway."

"Very well then, goodnight."

Giles put the kettle on for tea as Wesley went up to bed. He had no idea how they were going to help Angel, without the original spell they had no way to know how to counteract it. He only hoped that Willow and Tara had some ideas, because he was fresh out.

Cordelia went back to Buffy's house with the others. Since Dawn was staying at her friends house all weekend there was an extra bed and it was safer if they all stuck together. The four women were sitting around the table in the kitchen drinking hot chocolate. Buffy started to giggle and the others looked at her strangely.


"Why are you laughing Buffy?"

"I was just thinking, I mean how strange is this? Both me and Cordy's ex's are getting it on with men."

Cordelia snorted.

"At least your ex is a vamp. I mean they're known for having no sexual preference. Xander is human, and was very much straight when I dated him."

Willow grinned and started bouncing in her chair.

"Oooo, and don't forget about Wesley. Didn't you guys have a thing for each other back in highschool?"

Cordelia mock-glared at Willow, and Buffy started laughing harder.

"Maybe it's Cordy? She turns the men-folk gay."

"Hey! I do NOT make men GAY! If anything, I'm so irrisistable I ruin them for other women."

Cordelia grinned and they all burst out laughing. It was good to lighten the mood, things were too serious at the moment. When the laughter died down Cordy frowned and asked the others what they thought about Spike and Xander as a couple.

"I don't know, they seem to be in love. I know, me being the slayer and all I should stake Spike for Xanders own good but he's not a normal vampire. He loved me once, I remember how that felt. I know he won't let anything or anyone hurt Xander so I'm okay with it."

Tara and Willow smiled at each other, they both were remembering the sweet kiss they saw them exchange in the kitchen at their apartment.

"Yeah, and you should see them together, I mean wow. I didn't know Spike could look so hot in sweatpants."

"Willow! Aren't you gay now? And when did you see Spike in sweatpants?"

"Earlier, Tara and I went to Xander and Spikes to teach him how to cast. They had just woken up and they were both wearing nothing but sweatpants. They kissed in the kitchen, it was so sweet I wished I had a camera."

Buffy and Cordy were looking at the other two with curiosity.

"Sweet? Somehow I just can't picture Spike, 'Mr. torture my boss with hot pokers' doing anything sweet. Sexy? Hell yes, but sweet?"

They laughed again. Buffy shook her head.

"What do you suppose they're doing right now?"

Willow and Tara giggled. They had a very good idea of what they were doing, and they had the soundtrack of it running through their heads. Cordy gave Buffy a 'duh' look and patted her on the shoulder.

"What do you think they're doing Buffy? They tore out of Giles place like the devil himself was after them. I bet they didn't even make it home before they were all over each other."

The girls were all picturing Spike and Xander together and smiled. It was a nice visual after all.

Part Thirty-Nine

About half way home Spike pulled Xander into a dark alley and pressed him against the wall. Xander closed his eyes, he could feel the weight of the vampires body against him from the chest all the way down. It was exciting, but different from usual. Something was off about the way Spike was holding him there. He opened his eyes to see the yellow eyes of a demon staring at him. He swallowed hard and reached out to trace the pattern of his lovers scar with his fingertips.

Spike was angry, he didn't want to be but he could not hold back the feeling of rage that he felt seeing Xander kiss Wesley. He knew it was innocent and meant nothing but his demon was howling at the disrespectful actions of its intended mate. He needed to make the human understand that he belonged to him, no one else.

As Xander opened his eyes, Spike waited for the fear to assult his senses. It didn't come. Instead, he watched tranfixed as the man reached out to him, tracing lightly over his scarred eyebrow and across his brow ridges. As Xander continued to pet him, Spike was able to calm the demon within and get a better grip on himself.


The word was spoken with such love, such longing that Xander shuddered.

"Spike, what's wrong? You're so tense, so ... "


Spike growled and swooped in and kissed his love possessively. Xander gave himself over to the kiss and pulled Spike closer. When they parted Xander was gasping for breath and the only thing keeping him upright was the pressure of Spikes body holding him against the wall.

"Yours. Always yours."

Spikes lips were on his again, softer this time more of a kiss than a claim as the last one had been. Xander wasn't sure exactly what was going on in his lovers head, but he did know something was wrong. They needed to get this dealt with before it got worse. Xander pulled back from the kiss.

"Spike, talk to me. What's this all about?"

"You kissed the ex-watcher. I didn't like it."

Xander had the intelligence not to laugh at the jealous vampire even though he desperately wanted to.

"Spike. I don't want Wesley. Only you, always you. I'm yours, see this?"

Xander pulled his collar down and showed Spike his mark.

"This means that I'm yours. I asked for this mark, I wanted it. I want you. Please don't be angry at me, or Wes. I didn't mean to kiss him, I was just so happy that we didn't have to stay there. I wanted to be alone with you."

Spike smirked at Xander. Seeing his mark and hearing the boys words had gone a long way toward soothing his rage.

"Had plans for me, did you luv?"

"Oh yeah."

"What kind of plans? Tell me, what do you want to do to me?"

Xander swallowed and looked the vampire in the eye. He pulled him in and kissed him before whispering in his ear.

"I want to take you home, undress you, and lay you on the bed. I want to touch you, kiss you, taste you. I want to cover every inch of you in chocolate and lick it off your pale smooth skin."

Spike shuddered at the mental picture Xander was painting.

"What else?"

"Hmm, I want to drive you so insane that you beg for me to take you, I want to have you writhing beneath me as I slowly thrust into you. I want to hear you howl my name as I bring you off. I want to bite you, right here."

Xander leaned in and nipped at Spikes neck.

"Mark you as mine, just as I am yours. I want to taste your blood on my lips as I cum."

Spike growled and dragged Xander out of the alley and towards their apartment building, he wanted Xander to touch him that way, to bite him, mark him. It was all he could do not to cum in his pants listening to Xanders words, smelling his arousal, feeling his hardness pressed against him.

After a few blocks of dragging the boy, Spike gave in to his urges and scooped Xander up into arms before running towards home. Xander just laughed and held on tightly. He was just as eager to get home as Spike was.

Buffy showed Cordelia to her sisters room before heading off to bed. The past few days had been rough on her both physically and mentally. It was hard realizing that the one thing you thought you always wanted ~ to be normal ~ wasn't what you wanted after all. Buffy missed being the slayer, and all the responsibilities that went with the job.

The other thing that was bothering her was what had happened with Angel. Not so much the fact that he was with Wesley, it did freak her out some what but it was his admission about Giles that her thrown for a loop. Angelus had entertained sexual thoughts about her watcher. Buffy tried to convince herself that it was Angels feelings toward Giles that were bothering her, but she knew deep down it was her own confused emotions that were causing her to act out. She was mortified at the way she had behaved. Calling Angel a pervert and stomping off like a spoiled brat. She loved Angel, she always would but she knew now theirs was a doomed relationship from the start. He is a vampire and she is a slayer. It never would have lasted.

The real problem was her feelings toward Giles. At first she thought of him as her stuffy but likeable watcher. Those feelings eventually deepened into a platonic love for the man who was a mentor and a friend to her, but lately she had found herself thinking of him as a man, not a watcher, a mentor, or a friend. She admitted to herself that Xander was right back in highschool. What she needed was a man who knew who she was and what she did, and was okay with it. But was Giles that man?

Buffy groaned and pulled the pillow over her head. She was never going to get any sleep if she didn't stop thinking.

Part Forty

Spike barely stopped to lock the door behind them before carrying Xander into the bedroom and tossing him on the bed. He kept thinking about the things Xander had said, about wanting to bite him, to mark him. He couldn't remember ever being so turned on before. He stripped out of his clothes quickly and then stripped Xander as well. Once they were both naked Xander pulled Spike down ontop of him and then rolled them over.

This was exactly where he wanted to be. In bed with his lover. He wanted to be inside him now but he had said that he was going to make him beg to be taken. So with that in mind, Xander began gently touching every available inch of that pale smooth skin. He grazed his fingertips across one pale pink nipple and smiled when his lover gasped and arched into the touch. He wasn't sure who would give in to the need for more contact first but he was going to hold out for as long as he could. He loved the way Spike looked when he was like this. Naked, hard, glowing in the pale light of the moon. He was so sexy, panting for unneeded breath and shifting in and out of game-face.

Xander suddenly remembered something and stood up. Spikes eyes flew open when he felt Xander withdraw from the bed.

"Where are you going?"

"Forgot something. Stay there. Don't move."

Xander ran out of the bedroom. Spike waited, none to patiently for him to return. He didn't move but he wasn't happy. He was quite enjoying Xanders exploration of his body even though the slow pace and light touches were driving him insane.

"I got it!"

Xander bounded back into the room, one hand behind his back and smiled at Spike.

"Got what?"

Xander held up a bottle of choclate sauce.

"I told you I was going to cover you in chocolate and lick you clean."

Spikes eyes lit up in anticipation and he leered at his lover.

"Get on with it then."

Xander crawled back onto the bed and straddled the vampire. He pulled his hands up above his head and told Spike to hold onto the headboard and not to move. Spike did as asked and waited for Xander to start.

Xander sat back on his heels and studied the canvas before him. He couldn't decide where to start. After a few minutes of deliberation, and a warning growl from Spike, Xander uncapped the chocolate sauce and began drizzling it on Spikes chest.

The sauce was warm, that in itself was a treat as far as Spike was concerned. He could discern a pattern in what Xander was doing but he wasn't sure what it was.

Xander looked at his work and smiled. He knew Spike didn't have a clue what he had done but that was okay. He leaned down toward Spikes chest and began licking the first letter of chocolate away with his tongue.

Spike definately felt what Xanders tongue was doing. He payed rapt attention as every last trace of chocolate was cleaned from his chest. Once finished Xander sat up and smiled at him.

"I love you too."

"Figured it out did you?"


"Did you like it?"

"Yeah. Do it again?"

"Of course. There are still lots of places I haven't tasted yet."

Xander went back to his task of drizzling warm chocolate on his lovers skin and then licking it away. He rubbed the chocolate around each pale nipple before sucking them clean. He filled Spikes belly button and then scooped it out with his tongue. Of course he couldn't resist holding the vamires erect cock so that it stood uright and pouring the syrupy substance onto the tip, watching as it dripped down onto the smooth white skin of his shaft. He watched it pool in the coarse hair around the base before he began slowly cleaning it off with soft, short licks.

He bent Spikes knees up to his chest and drizzled the sweet liquid onto his balls, letting it run down across his perenium. He swooped in and stopped the flow just as it reached the entrance to the vampires body. Xander began lapping at the tiny pucker, making sure it was completely devoid of chocolate before working his way back up and cleaning the rest of his lover.

As much as he was enjoying the taste of his lover drenched in chocolate, he wanted to taste him without it. Xander put the bottle of sauce on the night stand and leaned in to kiss Spike.

Spike moaned happily as he was kissed by sticky sweet lips. He growled approvingly as he felt a slippery finger enter him, it was soon followed by another. By the time Xander had worked three fingers into him, Spike was begging to be taken. And just as Xander had said he would. he thrust into him slowly.

Spike was indeed writhing beneath Xander. Every stroke was a pure pleasure, he wanted it to last forever, but at the same time he was desperate for more. He tried to reach out, to touch Xander but his hands were returned to their previous position, gripping the headboard hard enough to break it.

Eventually, Xander began to increase his pace, he removed one of Spikes hands from the headboard and guided it to his own erection. He covered Spikes hand with his own as they began to pull Spike in tandem to Xanders thrusts.

Xander let go of Spike and began to pound him hard and fast. He leaned in and nudged the vampires head to the side, revieling the smooth expanse of his throat. He kissed the spot he wanted to mark and then sank his teeth in to the smooth silky skin. He drew a small amount of blood and then pulled back to look at his lover.

Spike was in complete game face, he almost came the minute Xanders teeth broke his skin but he wasn't ready for this to be over with yet. When he saw his love with blood on his lips, his blood, it was too much for him and he howled as he came. Xander mashed their lips together as he joined him.

Spent and exhausted, Xander lay sprawled across Spikes chest breathing in harsh bursts. Spike wrapped his arms around him and held him there. He began to purr softly and Xander lifted his head to look into his eyes.

"I love you."

"I know, I love you too."

"Spike. . ."

"Yes, pet?"

"About this Mating thing?"


"Can we do it soon? I mean if you still want to that is."

"I'd do it right now if I could luv. But we need things first, and we'll have to ask one of the witches to help."

"Oh. Uh, what kind of things? And why do we need Wills or Tara?"

"I'll explain later, but right now... I need a shower. Some one got chocolate sauce in my short hairs."

"Mmm, guess I should help you get cleaned up then shouldn't I?"

"Sounds like a bloody good plan to me luv."

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