Rating: R - NC17
Disclaimer: Not mine - I just like to play with them.
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Spoilers: None
Challenge: Caliadragon's challenge #24.) Spike has been chipped and taken in by the Scoobies. Just as he and Xander are beginning to become friends something happens and they're both hurt and it's up to Angel to save and care for them. The twist is, it's Dru that saves them and brings them to Daddy.
A/N: No Anya in this story. Let's pretend she never came back after graduation, shall we?



Part One

When Xander woke up, his first thought was "What the hell hit me and did anyone get the license number?" His second thought was "Where the hell am I?" It all came rushing back to him in vivid Technicolor as he opened his eyes to a sea of white.

"Shit! Spike!"


Xander turned his head at the groggy sound behind him and wasn't sure if he should laugh or cry. Laugh because he was happy that Spike was there and he wasn't alone, or cry because Spike was there and hadn't escaped and notified Buffy of the situation.

"Wake up Blondie. We're in biiiiig trouble."

Spike groaned and turned over before opening his eyes. Once he did, he sat up in alarm and then slumped in defeat.

"Bollucks. Hoped I'd never see the inside of this place again."

Xander gaped at him.

"What? That's it? Bollucks? Where's the rage, the indignation? Shouldn't you be pacing and snarling and trying to claw your way out?"

Spike snorted at him and then made a wide sweeping motion with his arm.

"No way to claw out, no point in snarling and getting in a snit. We're not getting out unless they let us out."

"You got out last time."

"I got lucky last time. And they know that. Anything I try, they'll be ready for."

Xander sighed and put his head in his hands.

"Spike? Do you think they realise I'm human?"

"Yeah, Xan. I'm betting they do."

"I thought as much. So now what?"

"We wait. For what it's worth, I'm sorry you got dragged into this; don't know what they grabbed you for."

Xander remembered the previous night; they were walking back from the Bronze - having snuck off to shoot a game or two of pool and have a few beers. The girls didn't realise that since their forced cohabitation they had become somewhat reluctant friends. Both having nothing else to do in their spare time, they spent it together. They had been less than two blocks from Xander's basement apartment when it happened.

Out of nowhere, a bunch of Initiative soldiers came at them. Xander grabbed Spike and pushed him towards the house yelling at him to run. He figured if Spike made it inside then he'd be okay, and the soldiers surely wouldn't bother with him - he was human after all. Unfortunately, there were more soldiers waiting by his house - like they knew that he lived there, and that Spike lived there too. It reeked of a set-up.

One of the men grabbed Xander and punched him in the face, Xander staggered back under the force of the blow but he didn't fall. He drew his arm back to return the favour when he heard Spike roar and then he was jolted with enough electricity to run Willow's laptop. He saw Spike get zapped just as he slid into unconsciousness.

Xander blinked and shook off the memory. He looked at Spike quite seriously and then shook his head.

"There's a reason I'm here, and it can't be good. Those guys were at my house Spike. They were waiting for me - for us. They knew that you lived there, that we would be coming back. Spike, we were set up."

Spike growled and knocked his head back against the wall.

"Slayer's soddin soldier boy. I knew he'd suss it out eventually, bloody wanker."

Just then a doctor in a lab coat appeared, followed by what looked like a couple of orderlies and two soldiers who were well armed and looking for an excuse to fire. The doctor pointed toward Xander and the soldiers trained their weapons on Spike. The door opened and the orderlies stepped inside. Spike made to move in front of the boy but stopped as one of the soldiers stepped closer and took aim.

"One more move demon and I shoot you. Then I shoot him."

He cocked his head toward Xander and smiled when Spike's eyes flashed but he remained still. The Doctor cleared his throat impatiently and the orderlies grabbed Xander and man-handled him out of the cell.

"Be a good little vamp and we'll bring your boy here back in one piece. Or close to it."

The soldier chuckled nastily and stepped out of the cell. The glass wall partition slid back into place and Spike heard the electricity humming through it once again. He realised as soon as the soldier git had said it, that they had assumed that Xander was Spike's lover - or his thrall. So it was his fault that Xander was there, and whatever happened to him would be his fault as well.

"Bloody hell."

Part Two

By the time Xander was brought back from wherever it was he had been taken, Spike had worked himself into a frenzy imagining all manner of things they could have - and probably had - done to the young man. He was told to stand in the far corner of the cell as the door was opened and Xander was flung onto the floor. As soon as the door closed and the soldiers left, Spike rushed to him and rolled him over onto his side. He gasped at the sight of him.

Xander's face was pale; he had a few nice bruises on it as well. Spike could smell blood; he began to check the unconscious man for injuries, thankful when he encountered no broken bones and only a few minor cuts and scrapes. He had several painful-looking needle marks on his inner elbows and finger shaped bruises around his upper arms.

"Oh, Xan. I'm so sorry."

Spike took off his coat and laid it on the floor before rolling Xander onto it and trying to make him a bit more comfortable. As soon as Spike turned him onto his back, Xander moaned in pain and Spike's sensitive nose picked up the lingering scent of semen. His face shifted and he snarled in impotent fury. The bastards had raped him.

There was nothing Spike could do to change what had happened to him, but he could try to make him more comfortable. He rolled the young man back onto his side.

No sooner had he finished his arrangement of the human, then the soldiers came back. The Doc and the orderlies were nowhere to be seen. Spike narrowed his eyes in hatred and memorised their faces. Someday they would pay for what was about to happen, for what they had done to his friend, and for anything else they did to them in the future.

"So. It's to be one of those visits is it?"

The first soldier - a tall well-built black man stepped forward.

"Come along quietly and we just take you. Make a scene and ... Well, next time we won't be so easy on your boy."

Spike snarled and bared his teeth at the soldiers; unfortunately, as soon as his brain provided the image of their bloody deaths, his chip kicked in. He heard the door open and felt the sharp blow to his head before he blacked out.

Part Three

When Xander came to, he found himself curled up on Spike's coat, but the vampire was nowhere in sight. He sat up and winced at the flare of pain in his ass. He couldn't believe he had been raped. He was a man; men raped, they didn't get raped. He took a moment to wonder why he wasn't more upset; he should be freaking out about now. Right? Then it occurred to him that he was probably in shock. Denial. It really was more than just a river in Egypt.

He turned his thoughts away from himself - if he didn't think about it, it didn't happen. The pain he was feeling was from something else entirely. It was just that he'd been constipated, that was all. Like when he was younger and had eaten an entire pound of cheese. He hadn't gone to the bathroom for a whole week and his parents had taken him to the hospital. They'd given him an enema. He had hurt for days afterwards.

That thought firmly in place, Xander closed his eyes and pictured their rescue. Buffy would come to realise they were missing and she'd storm the base and save them. Except that she was dating one of them. And she had no idea where the base was. Xander shook his head. It was hopeless; he knew Buffy. She would assume Spike was behind this - that he'd found a way to get the chip out and had killed or turned him.

"Damn it!"

Xander pounded his fist into the floor and then winced as his knuckles split and blood ran down his hand. Just then, the doors opened and Spike was thrown inside. Xander looked up in horror at the faces of the two men who had... Not going there, he decided. He looked at Spike, saw the condition he was in and all the rage and anger he had been suppressing came to the surface.

"You fucking bastards! You assholes! He can't even defend himself!"

Xander flew toward the door but it was already closed and all he got was a severe jolt for his efforts. He flew back from the door and landed hard beside the crumpled form of the vampire. The soldiers laughed.

"Aww, isn't that sweet. He's all worried about his boyfriend. Don't worry, lover, we took real good care of him."

Xander shot them a murderous glare and turned his attention to Spike. He heard the soldiers walk away and sighed in relief. He needed to make sure Spike was okay, and he didn't want the soldiers to see how much he did care about the vampire, it would only make things worse on them.

"Spike? Oh, God. Spike, are you okay?"

There was no answer. Xander brought his hands to the vampire's face and lifted his eyelids. No response. His knuckles were still bleeding slightly and he gently brushed them over the vampire's lips. He almost shouted for joy when a pale pink tongue slipped out and licked the smear of bright red away. There was no other response from the still form, so Xander did the only thing he could think of; he dug his fingernail into the worst of the cuts - opening it further - and then stuck the bleeding wound into Spike's mouth.

Part Four

Spike tasted blood. Sweet, hot, delicious, and totally human blood. Something he had missed desperately since becoming chipped. Something that haunted his dreams and followed him into his waking moments. Something he'd thought he'd never taste again. If this was a dream, he didn't want to wake up.

He had to wake up, though; had to know how badly those wankers had worked him over, if any of the damage was permanent. That and he needed to know if Xander was okay. He could smell the boy's scent so he knew he must have been taken back to the cell after passing out for the second time.


Spike croaked and then swallowed. His eyes flew open in shock. Not a dream. He had tasted blood, Xander's blood!

"Spike? Oh thank God!"

Spike felt himself pulled into strong arms, and the shock of being hugged by Xander Harris was wreaking havoc with his higher brain functions. He wanted to ask him if he was okay, why he was bleeding, why he had fed his own blood - even if it was just a small amount - to a vampire, to him. But he found himself enjoying the feel of being held, the heat from the human seeping into his cold bones.

"I was so scared you weren't going to wake up."

"Shhh, pet. I'm all right."

Spike managed to extricate himself just a little from the warm embrace and looked up into Xander's eyes, suspiciously wet with unshed tears, and offered him a small smile. Had Xander been about to cry? Over him?

"Are you okay, Xan... What those bastards did... I'll see them all dead for it. I promise you that!"


Xander croaked, and then found himself unable to speak any more. His throat tightened and the tears finally spilled from his eyes. He shook with silent sobs as the events of the previous hours finally caught up with him. He felt Spike's arms tighten around him and was insanely grateful that the blonde understood.

"S'okay, luv. Let it out, I've got you."

Spike purred softly and petted the crying man until he finally fell into an exhausted sleep. He licked his lips and a soft smile graced his face. Xander cared about him; it was more than just not wanting to be alone. Blood didn't lie.

Part Five

Waking up with a warm body in his arms was a novel experience for the Master vampire. One he thought he could get to like a lot more than was prudent for him. Xander was still asleep, his hot breath gusting across Spike's neck; his heart beat a steady thump in his chest, the sound of it rousing Spike from his slumber. He was hungry. But Xander wasn't food to him, hadn't been since they'd become friends. You didn't eat friends - it just wasn't cricket.

A new scent invaded Spike's senses and he sat up, gently displacing Xander from his chest. There on the floor was a tray of food. Scrambled eggs, toast, a carton of orange juice and a Styrofoam cup filled with coffee. Cold coffee most likely, as Spike had no idea how long the food had been sitting there.

"Xan, wake up, pet. Looks like room service has been by."

Xander stirred in his sleep and blinked open sleepy eyes. He smiled up at Spike and then reality came crashing in on him. He sat up in alarm.

"Oh god. It wasn't a nightmare."

"No, it wasn't. Come on, now. Panicking isn't going to help. If we're going to get out of here, we need to keep our wits about us."

"I thought you said there was no hope? That they'd be ready for anything you tried?"

"Yeah, well, I'm not going to just stand by and do nothing as they..."

Spike trailed off and turned away from Xander.

"I can't just sit here and wait for them to come back. I won't let them hurt you again, not if I can help it."

Xander swallowed the lump in his throat and tried to lighten the mood.

"So, what did we get for breakfast? I'm pretty sure I put in an order for eggs Benedict."

Spike snorted.

"You got what appears to be scrambled eggs, toast, juice and coffee. Stone cold most likely, but at least they plan on feeding you."

Xander looked at the tray and then at the vampire.


"No worries, Xan. I can go awhile without feeding. Eat up, need to keep up your strength."

Xander nodded and picked up the tray, the thought of cold eggs and soggy toast doing little for his appetite, but Spike was right. He needed to eat.

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