A Beautiful Memory


I watch him lying there in the light of the moon, he's beautiful. Beautiful is not a word that is used to describe men very often but it's fitting in this case. I never thought I would see a man as being beautiful but what did I know? I was barely out of my teens then. I remember the first time I saw him this way, stretched out naked in the moonlight.

He was awake, I could tell. For one thing it was night time and he's a nocturnal creature, the other thing that gave him away was the very prominent hard-on he was sporting.

He knows I like to look at him. He likes it too. A total narcissist he is but that's one of the things I love about him. I watched him for a while, but then I was drawn in by his beauty and I had to touch him. I always give in. I start at his toes, they're very sensitive. I nip lightly at them before sucking one into my mouth. Spike likes this.

I release the toe and repeat the process on the other foot before moving slowly up his body. His knees are ticklish. I enjoy teasing him with that knowledge. He squirms under my touch.

I pull his legs up so he's bent at the knees, feet flat on the mattress. I suck on the skin of his inner thigh. I can hear him panting above me. I lick my way up to his groin but I pass over his cock and make my way down his other thigh. I bite him gently and he growls. He enjoys the teasing as much as I do.

Still bypassing his weeping erection I play my tongue around his belly button. I dip into it a few times before moving on to trace the outline of his abs with my tongue. He has gorgeous abs. They're one of my favorite features about him.

His nipples are pierced with delicate silver hoops. He got them done for me after I mentioned how sexy they would look on him. I was right, they do. I grasp one between my teeth and tug on it. Not too hard, but enough to cause a slight burn. He enjoys a bit of pain, but just a bit.

I soothe away the pain by laving the abused flesh with my tongue. He moans in appreciation. I repeat the exquisite torture on the other nipple. By this time Spike is in full vamp-mode. Golden eyes, ridges, fangs, the works. I love it when he loses control like this before I even touch his cock.

I know I have to do something soon. Teasing him is fun but pleasuring him is even better. I kiss him quickly before swiftly moving down his body and taking him in my mouth. He arches off the bed, one hand automatically coming to rest on my head. He doesn't push, merely rests it there and cards his fingers through my hair.

I release his hard flesh from my mouth and I hear his groan of disappointment. I take his sac into my mouth and he shouts my name. I like that. The way he calls out my name during sex is such a turn-on. It makes me want to stop tasting him and fuck him hard. But that wasn't what I had planned.

I move lower, tracing my tongue around his opening. He pushes back against it. I slip the tip just past the tight ring of muscle and then pull back out. He is growling and panting with pleasure. I do this for a while, teasing his entrance, just to hear him beg.

"Xander. Please!"

That's all I was waiting for. I push my tongue fully inside of him as I reach for his cock. I begin a steady rhythm of strokes as I continue to tongue-fuck him.

I feel his legs begin to tremble. Seconds later he tenses as his orgasm over takes him. I lift my head from between his legs and smile at him. He smiles back. I see the evidence of his orgasm streaked across his chest and stomach.

I crawl slowly up his body, licking up his release as I go. His eyes flash as he watches me, he likes to see me taste him this way. I reach his mouth and I kiss him. He can taste himself on my lips and he grows hard again.

"What about you luv? What do you want?"

I smile at him and reach for the lube. I hand it to him and then I roll off him. I spread my legs and look at him. He knows what I want.

"Fuck me Spike."

And he did.

The recollection of that night has made me hard. I know he's awake. I want to touch him so I approach the bed. I think I'll start at his toes.

The End

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