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Pairing: Giles/Xander

Broom Cupboard Drabble


Giles was not a happy person on this fine Tuesday afternoon. His life was, if anything, kind of falling apart. In the sense that the ceiling was actually caving in and there was a giant dinosaur looking creature standing on the roof of the newly built Watcher's Council.

"Okay, so...this was totally Andrew's fault," Xander informed him.

Giles knew that. He knew this because the dinosaur had been conjured during Giles' lunch hour. Giles often spent his lunch hour in the broom closet down the hall--like a bloody teenage boy, of all things--with Xander pressed against the wall, panting. Not from running. Not from saving the world. But from his pants having been pushed down past his knees and Giles pressed up behind him, hands clutching his hips...


Giles blinked and cleared his throat. "Yes?"


"Right, right. I'll get the sword, you get the ax." Xander gave him a funny look as he passed. A look which quickly slipped into sly. Xander grinned and bounced along behind him as they meandered down the hall, lazily heading out to save the day.

The End

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