Gay Pride


“Pet, I’m not going to be in any parade,” Spike said.

“Sure you are, Spike!” Xander declared. “It’ll be fun.”

Spike huffed. “I’m sure it will be,” he said sarcastically. “Still not going.”

Xander stomped his foot. “Where is your gay pride?”

“I don’t have any,” Spike replied. “And even if I didn’t I wouldn’t march in a bloody group wearing a t-shirt with a multi-colored flag.”

“I’ll wear the shirt then. You can carry the sign,” Xander said and held up the sign that read “Take A Stand.”

Spike went back to watching television. He figured if he ignored Xander eventually he would take the hint and leave Spike alone.

Xander stood there; shirt and sign in his hand. “Fine I guess I’ll just ask Andrew to come with me. I know he’d love to go with me.”

It was a bluff. There was no way in hell that Xander would actually phone Andrew to do something let alone ask him to go to a gay parade. He watched as Xander pulled out his cell phone started going through his contact list.

“Hey, Andrew?” “Yeah, it’s Xander. I was wondering if you wanted to go to a parade with me?” “Yeah, the gay parade. I should have known you’d heard of it. Anyway, Spike doesn’t want to go and I really don’t want to go by myself so I was hoping maybe you’d come with me.”

How dumb did Xander think Spike was? Obviously Xander was on the phone with Buffy or Dawn and was just trying to trick him to agreeing to go. Well it wasn’t going to work.

“Dinner?” “I guess we could grab a bite to eat.” Xander shot a look at Spike.

Spike snorted. Xander was now trying to make him jealous? His boy never gave up!

“Sure, I’ll pick you up tomorrow morning at nine,” Xander continued. “Great, thanks I’ll see you then. Bye.” He hung up the phone and set it down on the table. “There you go. You don’t have to come with me. Happy?”

“Sure, pet. You just enjoy your day with Andrew. Don’t let him be trying anything with you,” Spike said sarcastically.

Xander huffed. “Andrew has the major crush on you not me. If anything he’ll just be grilling me about you all day. Maybe I’ll give him some information to give him something to think about tomorrow night,” Xander said with a grin. “I’m going to take a shower. Order us Chinese? Extra Moo Shu Pork.”

When Xander left the room Spike pounced for Xander’s phone. There was no way he had actually phoned Andrew. Hell would freeze over before Xander volunteered to spend an entire day with the annoying brat. Spike hit the redial button and listened to it ring waiting to hear one of the girls voices. When the other line was picked up he opened his mouth to rip them a new one.



“Spike?” Andrew chirped. “What are you doing phoning me on Xander’s phone?”

Spike growled. “Xander actually phoned and invited you to go to the gay parade with him?!”

“Yup! I’m really excited too. Have you decided to join us? The three of us would have so much fun!” Andrew said happily. “I don’t know why you don’t want to go. It’s supposed to be really gloomy so the sun won’t be a problem for your condition.”

“Oh, I’m going to bloody be there,” Spike snarled. He hung up on Andrew.

Xander popped his head out of the bathroom. “So you’re coming then?”

“Bloody manipulative git,” Spike scowled.

Xander smiled innocently. “Want me to wash your hair?”

“Want you to wash more than that!” Spike replied, pulling his shirt over his head. “And I’m only going because I don’t every single guy there giving you their phone number. You are a nummy treat after all. My nummy treat.”

“So you’ll wear the shirt?” Xander asked, allowing Spike to enter the bathroom.

Spike growled and slammed the door behind him. Why did he love someone who annoyed him so Goddamn much? Loves Bitch, that’s what Spike was. And he loved every bloody minute of it!

The End