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Title: Unexpected Storytellers
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: S/X
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters, story line, anything. If you see it and recognize it, it's not mine. In fact, it's probably property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, or one of those big important people.
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Dedicated to: [info]sorot

Author Note: Thanks to [info]kitty_poker1, my lovely beta. *hugs*

Unexpected Storytellers


Spike grabbed Xander by the front of his shirt and pulled him to the nearest wall. Xander was too busy concentrating on Spike's mouth, which was deeply and violently kissing him, to feel his head collide with the plaster.

Spike swiped his tongue along the bottom of Xander's as he reached down to stroke the cotton-covered erection poking into his leg. When he did, he got a high-pitched whimper from his lover in return.

With a smug smile, Spike pulled away from Xander's mouth and started kissing his human's neck, tasting his pulse under his tongue. He ran his hand up and down Xander's crotch before stopping on his pants' button.

Spike's other hand, entangled in Xander's hair, held his boy's head still as he licked Xander's neck from above his shoulder to under his ear so slowly that it seemed they were in some strange dimension where everything around them moved fast and they were stuck in slow motion. It was that feeling that made Xander's heart flutter and cock jump.

Xander pushed his hips forward against Spike's hand and words started spilling out of his mouth. Words like 'please', 'fuck me', 'now', and sometimes all of them together forming 'please fuck me now! Spike! Fuck!'

Spike chuckled at Xander's words. Well, he did say please… With a nibble on Xander's ear, Spike popped open Xander's trousers and pulled them, and his boxers, down to his knees. He wrapped his hand around Xander's newly freed dick and started stroking. As soon as Xander felt the contact on his erection, he threw his head back against the wall again and groaned so loudly that, in order to stop the neighbors from hearing too much, Spike had to put his mouth over Xander's to keep him quiet.

As Spike's tongue was fucking Xander's mouth, Xander tried to talk, but when he wanted to say 'Spike, don't stop' he ended up saying 'pie don't top.'

'That's right, love. Pie don't top, I do.' With his free hand, Spike finished undressing Xander. With one quick squeeze of Xander's throbbing erection, Spike moved both of his hands until they were on either of Xander's hips and he guided the boy to their bed.

Spike shoved Xander onto the bed, and he started to undress himself as Xander watched with anticipatory eyes. The sight of a naked Spike never got old for him. He loved the way his lover's body shone in the night and how sexy it looked when Spike's muscles flexed as he moved.

After he pulled off the remainder of his clothes, Spike looked up to see Xander staring at him. He couldn't resist the look of desire on his boy's face and, before either of them knew it, he jumped on top of Xander and started kissing him ferociously.

"I warmed up your blood. Did you start writing the story?" The clicking on the keyboard came to a stop when Xander interrupted Spike's train of thought. Spike turned around from the computer to take the mug that was being handed to him.

"Yeah, I was just up to the best part. Now, if you don't mind -"

"You, kiss ferociously? Spike, what is this crap?" Xander cut Spike off as he started reading the screen. He pushed Spike away from the computer and pulled up a seat.

"I only wrote the truth." Spike tried to defend himself, but when Xander turned around to give Spike a 'you're-not-fooling-anyone' look, he slumped into his chair and sighed.

"Honestly, Spike, you're the first guy I've ever been with, yet everybody else I've ever kissed has kissed less like a girl than you."

"Hey!" Spike sat up straight for no reason other than to make a dramatic gesture. "If you want to keep complaining about how I kiss, go right ahead, just don't expect me to keep it up if you hate it so much."

Xander's face immediately changed from reprimanding to a charming fake smile. "You have the manliest kisses ever, you big bad evil vamp, you."

"Shut up, Harris." Spike wasn't being angry so much as playful and Xander just rolled his eyes and turned around to read the rest of the story with the occasional sigh and shake of the head.

"Stop doing that!" Xander turned around to see an aggravated Spike staring at him.

"Doing what?"

"Making those noises! You obviously have a problem with it."

"So?" Xander thought it was pretty obvious that he had a problem with the story, considering how he was just patronizing Spike for it.

"So just tell me what you're thinking instead of shaking your head and making those noises that you probably think are sighs."

"It says 'Spike's other hand, entangled in Xander's hair, held his boy's head still as he licked Xander's neck from above his shoulder to under his ear'. You keep referring to me as your boy, or your human."

"Well, you are mine. Or, at least I'd hope you are because if you're somebody else's then I don't think they'd be too happy with what I've been doing to you every night." Xander turned a bright shade of pink as Spike continued talking. "Besides, we're writing erotica. The lovely readers want you to be mine or else they wouldn't be reading it, would they?"

With a not-too-disagreeing shrug, Xander started reading the story again. "Okay, so you got me there, but there are more things wrong with this."

"Yeah, like what, pet?"

"Well, the whole thing. I mean, you're being all rough and dominant," Xander looked down and in a quieter voice added, "and we both know that during sex you're really careful and you make sure that I never get hurt."

Spike smiled and wheeled his chair closer to his adorable lover. He put his hand on the back of Xander's neck and kissed the top of his head. "Pet, I'd never hurt you and I'd rip off anybody's head if they ever even thought about it."

Xander looked up into Spike's eyes and gave him a genuine smile. He leaned in to give Spike a kiss to show him how much he appreciated the sentiment when Spike cut him off in a more joking voice. "Besides, love, if I were to hurt you as much as I could, I wouldn't be able to shag you again for weeks." Xander gave Spike a confused look so, with a pat of Xander's ass, Spike added, "Your bum would be too sore and bruised for any kind of contact."

Xander's eyes bulged at Spike's words and the vampire could only laugh at the pure horror on his mortal boyfriend's face. Mentally, he wondered if Xander was more afraid of not being able to have sex for a while or of being shagged good and proper.

Spike leant back into his chair and seemed to have a mental debate with himself. Then, when it seemed he'd made up his mind, he smirked and gave Xander a seductive stare. "You just gave me a brilliant idea, pet." Xander nodded to show he was listening and motioned with his hands for Spike to continue. "Save my story, open up a new document, and you write your own. Then, when you're done, we'll see if I like yours."

Xander's face lightened as he began to understand. "And if you do..."

"...you get to be the one doing the penetratin'."

Xander smiled, nodded and clicked the floppy disk icon on the screen. Before Spike could stop him, he saved the file as 'Spike's disgrace of a story'.

Xander paused for a few seconds, staring at the new document he'd just opened. After thinking for a while, he grinned and started typing away.

Xander came home, took off his jacket and shoes and put some leftover pizza in the oven. He was watching it cook when Spike came behind him and started placing light kisses up and down his neck.

Xander smiled and looked at his watch. Two minutes. He was home for a mere two minutes before Spike managed to give him an erection. Of course, he wasn't surprised it was so fast. There were some times when Xander could get hard just from looking at Spike, but, hey, that's what love does to some people, right?

He closed his eyes and leaned into the feeling of Spike's cool lips against his jugular. After-work-sex was one of his favorites. Right between early-morning-sex and while-watching-TV-sex. Oh yeah, and there was also the during-dinner-sex. And the post-patrolling-sex. And -- oh, fuck it! All sex was his favorite sex, as long as it was Spike-sex.

Spike rested his hands on the front of Xander's chest before slowly and gracefully gliding them down his ribs. Now kissing the back of his boyfriend's shoulder, Spike felt Xander's body react to the cold hands sliding down over his belly.

Xander knew that Spike had planned everything he was doing, but once that expert hand stroked over his hardened cock, he mentally apologized to Spike's plan as he kicked it out the window, for he'd just made his own plans.

Spike was caught off guard when Xander swiveled around to bring their lips together. Their tongues thrust into one another's mouth as their erections rubbed together. Spike reached his arms around to Xander's backside and, without warning, grabbed his ass.

With a devious smirk that even Spike had to give him a lot of credit for, Xander broke apart their kiss. "Don't know what you had planned, Spike, but I have an idea of my own," Xander said. Before giving Spike a chance to give him that 'confused puppy' look he had mastered so well, Xander cut him off with another long and heated kiss.

Spike had a few guesses of what Xander's idea could be, and judging by how his boy was acting, he had to admit, he didn't hate it.

Answering Spike's unspoken question, Xander positioned his hand on Spike's backside in an unmistakable way. When Xander put a bit of pressure on Spike's entrance, he was answered with a low and inviting "ungh".

"I was really, really hoping you'd say that, Spike," Xander said.

Neither one of them was leading the other when they made their way to their shared bedroom. The same bedroom that had witnessed more hot and steamy sex than a honeymoon suite in Vegas.

They fell together onto the unmade bed. The same bed on which, months ago, they'd made love for the very first time. Xander began unbuttoning Spike's black silk shirt as Spike removed Xander's jacket and threw it to the side. They worked together as fast as they could to discard all of their clothing. In moments, both men were wearing nothing but each other's lips.

They'd had basically the same order of events almost every day for the past months, but, this time, it wasn't Spike who was the one grabbing the lube, but Xander. Xander groped the bedside table for the tube of KY and, once he found it, he started to prepare Spike and himself.

Spike was not as surprised as Xander had guessed he'd be when he pushed the slick finger inside his hole. Even though he was expecting it, Spike still had to break their kiss to pull in an unnecessary breath at the coolness of Xander's index finger.

As Xander continued his attentions, Spike had to admit his boy was a fast learner. He sighed and closed his eyes to enjoy and savor the first time of feeling Xander inside him.

Xander was up to his third finger and his cock was already wet with pre-come. He hoped that Spike was prepared enough, because he couldn't wait any longer. He withdrew his fingers from Spike's ass and added an extra layer of lubrication to his hardness before sliding inside.

Once Xander was fully inside Spike, they both froze to cherish the moment. It was such a familiar position, but they were both on the other side. Xander was feeling everything Spike felt every day and Spike was feeling what Xander felt.

Sure, Xander'd had sex before, but he'd either been in a woman or Spike was in him. He had never been inside a man before. It felt so good and it took all of his self-control not to come right there.

This was equally difficult for Spike. He'd fucked and he'd been fucked, but this was different. This was Xander. Xander who was hot and sweet and sexy and everything Spike could ever want and love. When he was living with Angelus, Darla and Drusilla, he'd had sex with each of them. Of course Drusilla was the most frequent, but there were still those times when Angelus and Darla would come after him, taking whatever they wanted.

This only made Spike value Xander even more as he was filled with this hot human man.

As if pulled by a magnet, their mouths met again and Xander started thrusting in and out of Spike. He didn't hit the prostate each time, but, for his first time, he hit it more than enough to make Spike's hips leap up as he cried Xander's name encouragingly.

Their hips found a rhythm and kept with it until both men were dying to come. Xander grabbed in between them and stroked Spike's cock. At this feeling, Spike came hard enough to see stars and stripes and Xander finished inside him.

Xander pulled out of Spike and rolled over to lie down next to him. They stayed there, motionless for a while, filling the room with the sound of heavy breathing. The first of them to say something, however, was Spike when he turned his head and declared, "We have to do that again, some time."

Xander nodded, happy to hear Spike say those words.

Xander stopped typing and turned to Spike. With triumph, he smiled at the sight that greeted him.

"Say one word and I'll tear your bloody throat out," Spike growled.

"I'm going to take that risk," Xander replied. Then in a singsong voice, he taunted, "You liked my storryy, you liked my storryy!"

"Did not."

"Spike, I think your argument would be a little more believable if your hand wasn't on your dick." Xander giggled and ducked as Spike threw a pillow at his head. "You know what that means, don't you?"

Spike remembered the deal, and, he had to admit, the boy did earn it. "Yeah, I know what it means." He felt ashamed at allowing himself to be fucked by a mortal boy, but he knew a deal was a deal. Spike did many evil things, but lying wasn't one of them, so with a sigh, he asked, "When and where, pet?"

Xander gave Spike the most evil smile he'd ever seen. "I'm thinkin' here and now."

The End

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