Pairing: Eventually S/X
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: None of it is mine. I have no legal rights to any of the characters, story line, etc. It's all in good fun.
Author's Notes: For [info]willowschild who requested/thought of the idea for this story.

Sour Revenge


Part One

Xander looked around the halls for Cordelia. He couldn’t wait to test the spell out. It had been two days since Cordelia dumped him at the Bronze, on Valentines Day of all days, and his plan of revenge was already in action.

Well, yeah, he had only thought of it in a few seconds, but he just had a great feeling about it. Nothing could go wrong because he had the power of magic working for him. He'd felt good ever since Amy cast the love spell last night. She was an experienced witch and there were energy swirls and chest painting and love goddesses, Xander smiled as he once more reassured himself that nothing could go wrong.

He scanned the student lounge looking for any sign of Cordelia, when he saw her sitting with her friends, laughing. Confidently, he made his way over to the table they were all crowded around.

“Morning ladies,” he greeted the group of girls and turned to Cordelia. “Some weather we’ve been having, huh?”

“What do you want? You can't be sniffing around for more jewelry to melt, because all you ever gave me was that Smallmart-looking thing.” Xander was confused; she wasn’t acting love-struck at all.

He leaned over and tried again. “Is this love? 'Cause maybe on you it doesn't look that different.”

“What are you doing? Are you going, like, stalker-boy on me now?” Xander moved back, not understanding what was happening. This was impossible; he knew he felt something happen when he blew that candle out.

He had to find Amy to find out what the hell was happening. “Sorry, my mistake.”

“Yeah, I should say so.” Xander walked away leaving Cordelia and her friends thinking he was more of a geek than ever.

He wandered around the halls looking for Amy. He reached the library doors for the third time, and giving up, went inside.

Giles and Buffy were talking about Angel and … puppies? Xander shook it off, he didn’t want to know.

“I have a plan, we use me as bait.” Buffy looked up to see Xander walking in.

“You mean make Angel come after you?”

Xander shook his head, “No, I mean chop me into little pieces and stick me on hooks for fish to nibble at 'cause it would be more fun than my life.”

Buffy was confused for a few seconds until he realized what Xander was talking about. “Oh, right. I heard about you and Cordy.” Xander nodded but still didn’t say anything. “Look, Xander, I know you feel bad now, but you’ll move on. I mean, Cordy wasn’t so great, right?”

Xander faked a smile and nodded. “Right.” He wasn’t completely lying when he said it. Despite his feelings, he had to admit that there was definitely a weird-factor with him and Cordy being a couple, and maybe she was right to call it all off. Maybe that’s why the spell hadn’t worked. Maybe Cordy wasn’t his beloved.

Giles walked out of his office and saw Buffy where he left her and Xander standing up in front of the table. “Xander, I was hoping you’d pop by.”

Xander looked up to see Giles looking at him, wait not looking at him, smiling at him. “Yeah what’s up? Need me to research some big evil bad that’s going to swallow the world?” Xander didn’t really want to research but he knew that if Giles had actually wanted him to come by there’d have been something horrible going down that absolutely needed as much help as possible.

“Well, no. Nothing besides Angel, that is.” Giles was staring at Xander in a really strange way and Buffy was beginning to get unnerved by it.

“What’s wrong with your face?”

Giles turned to face his slayer. “What do you mean? Is there something on my face?” Giles started feeling around his mouth trying to find what Buffy was talking about.

“Besides that really creepy smile?” Giles gave Buffy a look which communicated how funny he thought she wasn’t.

“Buffy, you should go to class, I have to talk to Xander, anyway,” when Giles said this he turned to smile at Xander again, “privately.”

Xander didn’t know what was up, but judging by Giles suggestive looks, he didn’t want to find out. “Actually, G-man, I’d love to stay and chat but I, um, have a chemistry test and I really should go…” Before Giles had a chance to object, he had sprinted out of the library doors.

As soon as Xander had walked out of the library, he saw Amy walking by. “Amy!”

Amy stopped walking and turned around, “Hello?"

"Amy!" He ran up to her waving his hand.

"Oh, Xander! Hey!" Xander looked around and grabbed her by the arm, pulling them both to the wall so he could talk to her.

"Look I need to talk to you -"

"Xander, if you want me to do another spell for you, I just want you to know that you can't keep asking me to do these things for -"

"No, I don't want another spell, it's just... I don't think the one we did last night worked how we thought it would."

Amy tilted her head and gave him a confused look. "What do you mean? Cordelia isn't acting any different?"

Xander started shifting his weight from foot to foot nervously. He didn't know how he was going to explain to Amy that the librarian was treating him like...that. "No, she's not. And, um, Giles was-"

"Xander!" Xander turned around to see Larry running up to him. "Hey, Xander, can I talk to you for a minute?"

"Larry, hi. I'm kind of talking to Amy here but -"

"Yeah but this will only take a minute, I swear." Larry pulled Xander by his wrist away from Amy.

"Look, I know you're having some problems coming out, and I don't want to put any extra pressure on you, but I was just thinking.” Xander recognized Larry’s smile as the same type that Giles had given him back in the library. Something strange was definitely going on, and he didn’t have time to have this deranged conversation with Larry. “We have a lot in common, you know? And I know I haven't always been the nicest to you, but maybe we could-"

"Larry! Stop right there! I don't think you understand completely. You see, I'm not gay! Really, I'm not!" Xander was freaking out. He was being asked a guy. He looked around looking for somebody to help him out. He didn't know exactly who to look for, but he had to find somebody to bail him out. Just then as he was looking around, he saw Amy walking away.

"Amy, wait!" When she didn't hear him, he sighed and looked the other direction, to see a group of guys walking straight at him wearing the same smile he saw on Giles and Larry.

“Oh, fuck.”

Part Two

Xander turned away from the approaching group of guys and bolted back into the library. He looked around to see Buffy going through books and no Giles in sight. He let out a relieved sigh and approached Buffy.

"Hey, Buffy! Good ol' Buffy!" Xander smiled sheepishly as he kept moving closer to her. "You know that I'd never, ever get mad at you, no matter how bad you screw up, right?"

Buffy looked up from her book to her friend, who was acting "Xander, what are you-"

"Even if you did something really bad, like blackmailing a witch to do a spell for you. And then if, oh say, the spell went terribly wrong, I wouldn't hold it against you. Well, not if you felt really bad about it and needed help."

Buffy, not being too bright, stared at Xander quizzically for a few moments while he just stared back with raised eyebrows. "Xander, did you-"

"Xander!" Giles emerged from the book stacks wearing the same goofy grin he had a few minutes ago.

"Can I ever just finish one sentence?" Buffy turned to Giles angrily and saw him staring at Xander again. She recognized the look on his face but couldn't remember from where.

"Yes, and you just did, so now that you've used up all of your sentences for the day, would you mind leaving so I can talk to Xander about something extremely important?" Giles never took his eyes off Xander as he addressed Buffy.

Just then, Buffy put all the pieces together. She remembered that look; that was the way Giles had looked at Jenny before he found out that she had known about Angel's curse. And that must have to do with what Xander was talking about when he said he'd forgive her no matter how much she screwed up.

She turned to Xander, her expression a mixture of anger and disappointment. "Xander!"

Xander turned to see Buffy staring at him like she just found out, well, like she just found out that Xander tried to cast a spell that backfired and was now making her watcher act very strangely.

"Xander, can I talk to you a second?" After a few moments she turned to Giles and added, "Alone?"

Giles looked extremely offended and, finally breaking his stare at Xander, turned to face Buffy. "I don't think there's anything you can say to Xander that I can't hear."

Buffy didn't have enough patience to argue with her watcher so she turned back to Xander to get the full story on what the hell he was doing with magic and why it was making Giles act like a teenage girl with a crush.

"Fine." She rolled her eyes at Giles and looked at Xander once more. "I can't believe you were messing with magic! I mean, like, what? Did you just figure that we didn't have enough going on, so you should just cast a spell to make Giles act all drooly?"

"Xander! You cast a spell?" Giles was staring at Xander again in a more serious way, making Xander feel even worse than he already did.

"I didn't -"

"I'm so proud of you!" Giles' face grew a tremendous smile as he stared at the handsome young man in front of him.

"Okay, this is beginning to get a little strange," Buffy said. Then, after seeing Xander's horrified face, she added, "-er."

Xander nodded and started walking towards the books. "We have to find a way to reverse the spell."

"Well, we need to know what kind of spell and if it affected anybody besides Giles." Buffy started follow Xander into the never-ending world of books about demons, amulets, warlocks, witches and, most importantly: spells.

"It's not just Giles. And, um, I know what went wrong I think..." Xander's voice became quiet with embarrassment for what he knew would come next.

"Great! Well, not great about it just being Giles, but you know what went wrong! That'll help, right?" Buffy turned around from the bookshelf she was looking through to face Xander. "So, what went wrong?"

"Well, it kind of..." Xander trailed off when he found what he was looking for in the book he was flipping through.

"What?" Buffy rushed over to see what Xander was looking at.

"Oh, God." Xander handed the book to Buffy and buried his face in his hands.

"Diana, the Goddess of Love... You did a love spell?" Buffy looked up to Xander, who was looking back through a crack in his fingers.

"Just keep reading."

Buffy nodded and continued reading. "A spell which makes the person in question lusted after by the gender of his true love. Spell can only be broken by true love's kiss..." Buffy stared at Xander's reddened blushing face. "What is this, a fairy tale?"

Xander stared off into space, wondering what the book meant when it said 'lusted after by the gender of his true love.' He felt sick. Really sick. He had to go somewhere, he didn't know where, but somewhere not there.

Without a word to Buffy or Giles, he darted out of the backdoor, running as fast and as far away from the school as possible.

Part Three

A few blocks and much running later, Xander found himself downtown near the movie theatre. He knew he could keep running, but he didn't exactly know what he was running from. When a few men passed, giving him the eye, he was suddenly reminded of what he was running from.

He frantically looked for a safe spot to rest his legs and sort things out without being noticed by any more hormonal men. As he glanced around, he noticed a good, dark, well-hidden alley next to the movie theater. He quickly made sure that nobody was around before he made his way over.

Disheveled, Xander sat down in the shadow behind a dumpster. He put his arms around his knees and brought them as close to his chest as possible.

What the hell was he supposed to do? If his 'true love' was supposedly a guy, then that would make him gay. But he wasn't gay; in fact, he was as far from gay as possible. He liked boobies and soft and silky skin. He liked lean frames, not bulky manliness. So he wasn't gay, and that meant that his true love wasn't a man, so the spell was wrong.

But then, if the spell thought that his true love was a man, and it said that it could only be broken by true love's first kiss, then that would mean he'd have to...

"Oh, God," Xander moaned under his breath. He didn't kiss guys! He wouldn't kiss a guy! So it was settled, then; there will be no kissing of anything with a penis. He'd just have to find some other way of breaking the spell, and, if worse came to worst, he'd just never talk to anything male again. How bad could that be, only talking to girls for the rest of his life?

Xander, pretending to be reassured, stood up. As soon as he stepped out of his shadowed hiding spot, he looked up to see a group of adult men staring at him as if they were starving and gazing at a huge turkey dinner.

"Uh, hi guys," Xander said, nervously backing away from them. "Can I, um, help you?"

A large smile on each man's face answered Xander's question more than he appreciated. "Yeah, I was afraid of that." Xander kept backing away, but the men kept coming closer and closer. He watched one of them lick his lips and move his hand from behind his back to rub the front of his pants.

Xander was beginning to feel extremely violated and dirty so his mind quickly scrambled together a plan to give him time to think. "Hey, okay! I've got an idea." Xander stopped walking backwards and stood up straighter with more confidence. "So, you guys want to have some fun?" He waggled his eyebrows at them and when two more of the men started rubbing their bulging crotches, Xander figured the answer was 'yes'.

"Okay, so, um, I need to get a few things, but if you go to, uh, 1630 Revello Drive, I'll meet you there, okay?" Xander prayed that Buffy could handle herself with a bunch of drooling horny men. Remembering himself from not too long ago, he assured himself that, yes, she could handle drooling horny men.

Then, as another thought crossed his mind, he grabbed one of the men who was starting to walk towards Revello Drive and closed his eyes. He knew he'd never be able to forgive himself for what he was about to do, but he had to find out if he could do it. So, without further procrastination, Xander leant forward and planted a kiss on the man's mouth.

Xander felt the man reach around him and pull their bodies closer together and kiss him much harder. That, of course, wasn't all he felt. His eyes shot open as he felt something long and hard and most certainly not a roll of pennies rub against his leg.

He shot his hands up and pushed the man away. There was definitely no way he could do that to every man until he could find his 'true love'.

The other men looked at Xander's new tonsil-hockey teammate with deadly jealous expressions. Before they started tearing each other apart, Xander stepped between them and held up his hands to ward them off. "Just go to that address and, uh, you'll all get a taste of me - oh, God, that didn't come out right." All of the men in the group went from irate to lusting faster than the blink of an eye. "1630 Revello Drive!"

They all turned away and started walking as Xander breathed out with nervous relief.

Once Xander was sure there weren't any penis-bearing people around, he went to the only place that he knew nobody went to during the day: The Bronze.


Spike watched Drusilla dance to the sound of the sun. He loved moments like this when she'd dance, unknowing of his watching eyes in the shadows. Then, as a new character entered the scene before him, anger washed over his face.

Angelus saw Dru swaying back and forth in between the sunrays that came through the cracks of the roof and couldn't resist approaching her. He put his hands on her hips and kissed her neck. He made sure to put on a good show for their hidden spectator, who wasn't as hidden as he'd thought.

Spike sat on the edge of his wheelchair, angrily watching Angelus silently taunting him. He knew that Angelus sensed his presence, and what enraged him even more was that he knew Drusilla sensed him, too. Yet, still she let Angelus touch her how he pleased.

And that's exactly what he was doing, touching her how he pleased. Angelus slowly slid his right hand from Dru's side to rest right under her navel. When Dru started bouncing and humming with joy, Spike lost it.

Angelus chuckled as his grandchilde rolled out to the shadowed street behind the factory.

Part Four

Spike wheeled himself down a shaded street of the town. He was pretty glad that the sun was almost setting, because he didn't want to go back to the factory just yet and only so many streets were shaded.

He looked over at a couple as they passed by him, each giving him a sympathetic look.

He scowled at them. If there was one thing he hated more than his stupid wheelchair and poofy grandsire, it was when stupid mortals stared at him with compassion. He growled at the sunlight keeping him from kidnapping them and doing nasty sorts of things to their bodies. He stopped wheeling at the edge of the shadow to watch the sun set and imagine exactly what he could do to them to wipe away all sympathetic feelings (or any other for that matter) that they'd ever have again.

He entertained himself with images of him forcing the boy to watch as he raped his girlfriend. His scowl turned into a smile as his imagination continued to feed him thoughts of carving his name into human flesh and licking up the spilled blood.

As another person passed him, barely out of his reach, Spike watched with hungry eyes. He could hear the pounding of heartbeats and it was driving him insane. Spike's stomach let out a load roar as he cursed at the sun for still being out.

As if suddenly reminded, he jerked his head back at the setting sun. Just a few more seconds and he'd be free to roam the town like the predator he was.


Esther was on her way to her house from the coffee shop when she saw a poor blonde fellow in a wheel chair. He was seated in the shade, which seemed a bit odd to her considering it wasn’t so hot out that somebody would want to keep to the shadows, especially when it was so close to nightfall.

The young man smiled at her as she walked towards home. It was then Esther noticed the burn marks on his cheek. She was overcome with sadness as she realized the boy must’ve been hurt in a fire. It was such a shame that somebody so young and attractive had to be constrained. He had all his old age to be crippled and weak, he should be able to walk and run around while his youth gave him such privileges.

He started to look for something in his jacket pocket and Esther was a bit disappointed when he pulled out a cigarette and lighter. Too many young people were smoking these days and this young man should be even more careful. He was already hurt; it would be a shame for his lungs to be damaged.

When he started to light the cigarette hanging from his mouth, the lighter dropped from his hands onto the ground. "Oh, just my luck!" Esther was taken back by the sound of a proper English accent. You just didn't hear those too much in Sunnydale.

She frowned with sympathy as the poor man tried to reach his fallen lighter. She knew how it felt to be limited by health and, even though she didn't like young people smoking, she decided to help him anyway.

Esther reached over to pick up the lighter from the ground. As she bent over, she felt an icy cold hand grab her arm. She immediately knew the hand belonged to the young man in the wheel chair, but still she cautiously followed the arm with her eyes. The arm led to a shoulder, the shoulder led to a neck and on top of the neck she saw the most dreadful and horrifying thing happen to the young man's face.

She let out a frightened scream as she was pulled up onto the devil's lap and it covered her mouth with its hand. She felt a strong pain in her neck and fainted as the last of her life was sucked out of her body.


Xander stood on the second floor of the Bronze, looking over the railing at the empty club. In less than an hour people would be pouring in, and then they'd start looking at him and mentally undressing him and harassing him and as much as Xander loved to be harassed and mentally undressed, it wasn't such a turn on when it was done by penis-bearing, boobless men.

Shit, shit, and shit! There was never a time in Xander's life when he was feeling any more suicidal than now. Not only suicidal, but also confused. He wasn't gay, but everybody kept telling him otherwise. First Larry, then this Goddess of Love and now every guy in Sunnydale. Did he send out a gay vibe? Was 'I'm Gay' written on his forehead for everybody but himself to see? Why was he always the last to find out everything, even if it had to do with his own life?

He couldn't be gay -- it was impossible. Just the thought of it made his stomach all tight and painful; how could he possibly live like that?

Xander shut his eyes as tightly as he could and prayed to any and every god that was listening for a vampire or something to just come and kill him because anything would be better than this.

He walked down the stairs and made his way to the couches in the back. He really enjoyed the lack of crowd he'd usually have to work his way through. It made Xander realize that the Bronze was really a better place to be when you're alone in it. It also made him realize, just a second later, how poorly this place was guarded: anybody could come in at anytime and they wouldn't be stopped.

For a few seconds, as Xander enjoyed the aloneness, he forgot why he was there in the first place, but, of course, that didn't last too long.

He needed Giles. Giles would tell him what to do, along with how ashamed he should be for playing with forces beyond his comprehension. And even though he really, really didn't want a lecture at the moment, Giles would know how to stop it. Then, once Giles figured it out, he'd tell Buffy what to do and she'd stop it. They'd probably use Willow, too, for hacking into some computer and finding information and stuff. Yep, they'd all get it done and save Xander.


Xander buried his face in his palms and let out a much needed sigh.


Spike dropped the old woman's dead body and wiped the blood from his mouth. He felt better already, although he should have saved something for Dru. She loved a good present and what better present then jewelry and bloody body parts?

He leant over to the body and stared at it for a few moments, deciding what to do. When he caught sight of a beautiful ruby ring, he knew exactly what he wanted to give his black princess. With a smile, Spike ripped off the ring finger from the hand and put it in his coat pocket.

He wheeled himself into the night-coated street and looked around, wondering what to do next. Then, he spotted the Bronze; completely barren, yet something inside made him attracted to it. He didn't know why; after all, he'd been there plenty of times before when he was spying on the Slayer and it wasn't like there'd be anybody good to eat considering it wasn't open.

So it was settled, then. He wouldn't go to the Bronze. It'd be stupid and pointless and a complete waste of time...

Spike continued listing reasons why he had no reason to go as he wheeled himself straight to the empty club.

Part Five

Spike sat surrounded by boxes outside the back entrance of the Bronze. He had no idea what had possessed him to go there, but he half-thought it had to be some kind of spell. It wasn't too farfetched an idea considering that he was in Sunnydale, home of anything unusual or scary.

But what interested Spike was why. Why would a spell send him to an empty club when he could be elsewhere, having fun with some virgin? So, Spike had to admit, he was indeed very curious to find out what lay behind the door, summoning him. He also had to admit that his body was feeling tingling sensations all over from just standing there. He knew that nothing good came from magic, but the physical pull was too strong to deny, so he opened the door and cautiously pushed himself in.

At first glance, the club looked as empty as he guessed it was, but a humming sensation all over his body told him different. That, and the sounds of movement coming from the lounge areas. Spike closed his eyes and concentrated. There! He could hear the heartbeat and uneven breathing. He could smell... human. That's it? He was drawn to this club by a human?! But still, he felt drawn to it, so Spike concentrated even harder. He recognized the smell, but he couldn't put his finger on where he knew it from.

Spike inhaled once more. Human... male... young, he listed the qualities of his unknown mortal. Strong cologne... fear... pain... really good smelling cologne... confusion... what kind of cologne was that, anyway?

Curiously, Spike soundlessly positioned himself by the stairway. Once he had a perfect view, he could make out the body of a teenaged boy. No, in age he was a boy; the person sitting before him was definitely a man. And such an attractive one, at that. He looked hurt... and strangely familiar. Spike kept examining him until he recognized him, finally. It was one of the slayer's friends, Xander he thought.

Xander looked so hurt and upset that it almost tore Spike up to just look at him. Who would hurt such a perfect entity as this? It had to be the slayer. That stupid, good-for-nothing, sorry bitch. Spike already knew he was going to kill that slayer, but now he was going to do it even more.

Spike watched as Xander reached his hand up to his face. With the back of his hand, he wiped something away. Shit... tears. Xander was crying and Spike couldn't take it anymore. He was just about to approach Xander when the front door burst open.

"I knew I'd find you here, Xander." Was that the watcher? Shit, it was. Why the fuck was Xander so scared of that old ponce?

Spike looked back and forth from the Watcher to his startled sweet prince and he realized Slutty the Slayer hadn't hurt him, after all. It'd been tight-ass the watcher. Well, Spike was not going to let that old man hurt a hair on the boy's head.

Both Giles and Xander yelped and turned around in fear when they heard a growl come from behind the stairs. Xander almost fainted when he saw Spike emerge from the shadows, but Giles just got angrier. "Oh, so you're here with him, are you? Xander, I'm sorry to do this, but I'd rather see you dead than with a vampire - Spike, no less," Giles said, reaching for the fire axe by the door.

"I'll tear you to bits before you even think about hurting my Xander," Spike snarled. He wheeled himself between Giles and his boy, never breaking his feral glare at the watcher.

Xander was confused as hell. Giles, G-Man, his old-person friend was coming after him with an axe and Spike, evil, undead, William the Bloody was saving him. He never thought he'd say this but, "Spike, please don't let Giles kill me." Then, when Xander saw Spike's face morph into vampire features, he hastily added, "but don't kill him! Please?"

It was too late - Spike didn't hear him. Giles was rushing towards Spike with an axe and Spike seemed strangely unalarmed. Once Giles was within two feet of them, Spike leaped out of his wheelchair and pulled Giles to the ground. "Were you paying any attention, you sorry poof?" Spike snarled as he sat on top of Giles, folding his hands around the watcher's bleeding head.

"Spike! No! Don't!" Xander cried out, praying that Spike wouldn't kill Giles.

He sighed with relief when Spike turned around, still in game-face, instead of breaking Giles' neck. "But he tried to hurt you, love," Spike pleaded. "Can't I just kill him a little?"

Xander shook his head and gave Spike a sturdy "No", knowing that Spike'd do what he said. After all, he was 'hopelessly in love'.

"If I have to watch you two be together, I'm begging you to kill me rather soon," Giles said from the floor, too hurt to move.

"Hear that, pet? He wants it!" Spike smiled like an eager little boy and his eyes became even more yellow with desire for violence.

"Spike, good, nice, Spike," Xander said, cautiously. "Can you please not kill Giles? Or me, for that matter?"

Spike's face went from demon to human in a second as he walked over to Xander. "'S okay, love. I wouldn't do anything you don't want... just curious, though, how do you feel about eternal life?"

Xander's eyebrows shot up as he trembled with fear. "Heh, well, um, we couldn't just start with a coffee? A movie, maybe?"

Spike smirked as he stepped closer to Xander, running his fingers along his exposed neck. "Such a good vampire you'd be..."

"No! I'd be horrible at it! I'm allergic to, um, blood, right?" Xander took a few steps back, nervously, desperately wanting to be elsewhere. But, where? He'd never feel safe anywhere, and he'd always feel so guilty. Everything was going wrong and it was all his fault. Why did he always have to fuck everything up?

Spike noticed Xander's face fall into sadness, and he continued inching closer to him, in spite of his attempts to back away. "Shh, pet. Don't need to be upset. Take good care of you, I will, promise."

Spike's hands went from Xander's neck to behind his head. He stroked the boy's hair for a while, staring and admiring his young, clean features.

Xander stared back at Spike, not admiring but frightened. Here was Spike, William the Bloody, evil, undead, master vampire who used to entertain himself by sticking railroad spikes into people. Xander cursed himself for paying attention while researching because knowing all this information didn't exactly comfort him. I know what would be some useful information right about now, Xander thought. What to do when you're about to be kissed by a bloodthirsty, evil vampire!

Spike's face was just a millimeter from Xander's when Giles' voice could be heard from across the room. "Oh, hell, I can't watch this!"

The room shone completely white for the few seconds that their lips were connected. Once it dimmed, Spike popped open his eyes and threw Xander to the floor. "What the hell did you do to me?!"

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