Sex and Candy

by FireHorse

An Answer to Scorpio's Halloween Challenge

Spike wasn't all that fond of Halloween. There'd been no such thing when he was a child. Hordes of anklebiters roamed the streets, all begging for sweets, and none of them big enough for a snack, let alone a meal-even if he could have eaten them, which he couldn't. And on top of *that*, his Xanpet had to work tonight, some overtime or something for his new job, so now he had nobody at home to harass. It just wasn't fair!

"Hey Mister! What are you supposed to be?" Spike looked up from his internal grumblings and saw...Xander, standing there with a mob of the aforementioned anklebiters and rugrats.

"Yeah, mister, what are you supposed to be?" Xander's voice was full of laughter. He glared at the nearest moppet, holding hands with Xander, and shifted into gameface.

"Ooh! Cool! How'd you do that?" came a chorus of irritatingly high-pitched voices.

"Are you supposed to be a vampire?" This from the small astronaut standing boldly in the front of the group. "'Cause everybody knows vampire's don't have yellow eyes, they have *red* ones." The child packed an amazing amount of pompousness mixed with pity into that single sentence. Pompous, 'cause he knew that, and pity, 'cause the grownup obviously didn't.

"Yeah, mister, aintcha never seed a real vampire before?" This came from a cowboy, obviously the partner of the astronaut.

Xander was making an effort to keep a straight face, but it wasn't very successful. Spike glowered.

"This your overtime? Nanny to a pack of little blighters?"

"Yup. It's fun. I haven't been trick-or-treating since, well, in a long time."

"And what are you supposed to be, pet?"

"Who me? Oh. I'm cleverly disguised as a responsible adult."

They stood at the bottom of the sidewalk as the mob trooped up to the nearest porch and shouted for candy. As they trooped back down, several of the munchkins fished in their bags and stuffed the result into Xander's pockets.

"What's this then?" Spike held up a packet of shoestring licorice.

"Well, they say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach..."

"Is not. Between the 4th and 5th rib's easiest."

"And I do not want to know how you know that. Anyway, I might want into your heart, but I do want into your pants. I've been trying to get your attention for a while now--maybe you should change your name to William the Oblivious--and tonight, I'm prepared. Restraints, so I can tie you to the chair and ravish you." Xander took back the licorice and put it in his pocket, where Spike could see several more packages of the stuff.

"Handcuffs." Xander held out a necklace-sized string of candy beads on elastic. "It should fit you ok. And a matching cock ring." Xander held out another string of candy beads on elastic string, this one bracelet-sized.

As Xander was casually rocking Spike's world, they'd continued down the sidewalk to the next house. This one had some sort of maze on the porch that the kids had to work their way through to get to the door.

"A gag," he held up an enormous cinnamon jaw-breaker, "although I may not use it, since I have other plans for that mouth of yours. Then again-you ever had cinnamon on your bare skin? No? We'll share, I'm a generous kinda guy. And..." Xander rummaged some more and came up with a handful of suckers in various sizes, shapes and colors.

"Toys!" He handed Spike the one that looked vaguely like a unicorn's horn, long and twisty. And ridged. "And the best part is, they're all edible!"

Spike grabbed Xander and dragged him into the shadow of the hedge that lined the sidewalk. The anklebiters were still on the porch, so he knew he had a few minutes. Backing Xander into the hedge, Spike kissed him, long and hard, and was more that a little amazed to feel Xander respond in kind.

Xander pulled away first, panting. He handed Spike the smaller string of candy beads, stretching the elastic until it fit over Spike's wrist.

"Half an hour, Spike. These kids live next block over, then I'll be home."

Spike nodded and said nothing. When Xander turned away to count heads, Spike headed for home. Maybe Halloween wasn't so bad after all.

Pop Rocks

Spike was nervous. Not that he'd admit it or anything, but the mortal had plainly taken lessons from somebody in torture. Not the painful, bloody kind, but the I'm-going-to-die-if-I-don't-come-right-NOW kind. For a supposedly innocent mortal, and one young enough not to have much experience... Spike was nervous. Not that he'd admit it or anything.

And the things Xander had done with Halloween candy...

Clearly, he'd underestimated the threat. Earlier in the evening, Xander had handed him a bracelet made of candy beads on elastic string and told him it would do for a cock ring. Spike had gone back to the Basement of Doom, stripped, put the 'cock ring' on as instructed, and had lounged on the lumpy mattress until Xander had returned. He'd tied Spike down to the unfolded sofa bed with licorice strings, knotting them together and lassoing Spike's toes and fingers, then tying them to the support bars that ran around the mattress. He had then given Spike strict instructions not to break them, or he'd stop. And the bloody sod had!

Xander had been all over him, hot tongue licking cool skin, teeth nipping. Inexorably, Xander had worked his way towards Spike's straining cock. He'd snaked his tongue under the elastic, lapping at the coarse curls, playing with the beads and driving Spike wild with teasing. When the first bead had crunched between Xander's blunt teeth, Spike had come all over himself, snapping most of his 'restraints' in the process.

Well, how was he supposed to hold still when Xander was doing that?!

Xander removed the erstwhile cock ring and patiently tied him back down, although not without a few chuckles, and Spike, embarrassed at his inability to withstand the torture of a mere mortal, dared him to do his worst.

Xander did.

Keeping one hand on Spike's thigh, just thatclose to touching his balls, Xander unwrapped the long twisty lollipop. He licked up the ridges. His pink tongue swirled around the spirals. An amazing amount of the length of it went down Xander's throat and was removed s-l-o-w-l-y, coating those luscious lips with a candy glaze. If Spike weren't already dead, he'd be dying of sexual frustration. In between slurps, Xander told him that it was called a 'unicorn horn' and then told him everything he'd ever read, heard or speculated about unicorns. And all the while he stroked the fine soft skin on the inside of Spike's thigh, but never--not once--had he touched anything other than Spike's thigh.

Then he set the lolly down on a napkin and opened a bag of Pop Rocks.

"Xander? Pet?"

"Yeah?" Xander was muffled by his sweater.

"What are Pop Rocks? They didn't have those when I was a little nipper." Spike's nervousness increased at the truly evil smile that crossed Xander's face.

"You've never had Pop Rocks? Ooh, boy, are you in for a treat. Here. Try some while I get undressed. Don't swallow, just hold it in your mouth until it dissolves." Xander ripped the corner off of the red bag and pinched it into a funnel.

Warily, Spike opened his mouth and allowed Xander to pour some in. Almost instantly, the candy in his mouth started making noise, hissing and popping against his tongue.

"Wha?" Spike was startled, to say the least. "What are they doing?" Spike mumbled around the fascinating mouthful.

"The better question would be, 'what are you going to do with them?'


Spike watched in consternation as Xander finished shucking out of his jeans and underwear, then gracefully settled, kneeling straddled over Spike's thighs.

Eyes alight with mischief, Xander poured a few of the red crystals in the puddles of come scattered across Spike's belly. He carefully set the bag behind him, between Spike's knees, then sat back and watched as the candy crystals soaked up the come and started foaming.

Spike was in agony. The stuff on his belly was killing him. He exerted every ounce of control he had, feeling himself shifting into gameface as he struggled not to twist and writhe. Evil vampires weren't supposed to be-

"What's the matter, Spike? Ticklish?"

Damn. He'd never live that down, especially if the bloody Slayer found out.

Bracing himself on Spike's prominent hips, Xander leaned forward and licked up the foamy cherry-flavored puddles, drawing random designs with the tip of tongue, making Spike squirm. He licked Spike's erection, paying special attention to the tight arrow of skin under the head. When it was good and wet, he sat back, and Spike closed his eyes and groaned in frustration.

He opened them moments later to a frightening sight-Xander holding the bag of Pop Rocks.

"This is where I find out what you're gonna to do with those, right?"

"Remember, don't break the licorice. That's all I've got, and if you break that, we can't keep playing. Okay?" Xander tipped his head back and poured himself a mouthful.

Spike nodded his assent and barely had time to brace himself before Xander was sprinkling the red candy crystals everywhere he'd licked. He groaned and wiggled when the candy on his cock popped and hissed, and groaned again when Xander sucked his nipple into a mouthful of popping torture.

Spike thrust futilely into the air, trying to get away from the sensation, trying to get closer, trying to get--more--of something, anything.

Xander worked his way across Spike's pale chest and down his belly, leaving a mouthful of ticklish torment heaped in Spike's belly button.

A small voice in the back of Spike's mind informed him that he didn't have to put up with this. He was stronger than the mortal on top of him, and not really tied down. He could get up and walk away, or better yet, sit up and take over this little scene.

Another small voice, this one louder than the first, reminded him that he hadn't had this much fun in a long, long time, and that he'd be a fool not to cooperate. Besides, he could always get revenge later.

Xander poured himself another mouthful and leaned in to kiss Spike, who remembered to shift out of gameface just in time. Hot mouth met cool, and their tongues did battle, trading foamy candy back and forth. Xander's cock throbbed against Spike's thigh as he ground slowly against the vampire.

"Now, Spike, can't wait, now..." Xander groaned as he tore his mouth away from Spike's and sat up. Fishing under the edge of the couch he came up with a half empty bottle of water. Unceremoniously, he sloshed it across Spike's crotch and his own, then dumped the remainder of the Pop Rocks on them both. With a savage yank, he pulled loose the licorice ties and threw himself down on the cool body beneath him.

Using strength Spike didn't know he had, Xander rolled them over so that he was on the bottom, spreading his legs and hooking his calves behind Spike's thighs, locking them together.

Spike was delighted. He buried his freed hands in Xander's dark hair and kissed him savagely, reveling in the freedom to do so.

Xander's hands clawed their way down his back and Spike thrust hard against an answering firmness. He buried his face in the offered throat, sucking hard, feeling the whoosh of hot blood just under the surface.

Hard length stroked against hard length. The sharp grains of candy added a high note to the throb of growing pleasure as they ground into tender skin and gave way, foaming and popping.

Spike braced himself on his elbows and dug his toes into the mattress for more leverage. Xander responded, spreading his legs wider yet and putting his feet down flat, thrusting up hard enough to lift Spike's feet clear of the rumpled sheets.

Curling his hands under Xander's shoulders, Spike pulled his knees up under himself and spread them, forcing Xander to arch up into him.

Xander was panting, face streaked with sweat, eyes screwed shut in ecstasy. Spike wasn't much better-he was growling low in his throat, the muscles in his arms bulging with effort as he thrust hard against the warm mortal body.

"Xander. Look at me." Spike's voice was hoarse.

Xander opened passion-drugged eyes and stared into Spike's unblinking yellow gaze.

"See me. This is what I am. This is who you're with." Spike didn't know why it was so important that the mortal acknowledge who he was with, what he was, just that it was.

Carefully, Xander kissed him, flicking his tongue around razor-sharp fangs. Spike felt the shudders of impending orgasm rock through them both.

The feel of Xander's teeth around the corded tendon in his neck sent him over the edge. White heat surged through him, and he froze as it spent itself in a splatter of come between them. Two quick, hard thrusts and Xander's heat joined his, the last of the candy fizzing away.

He rested his forehead against Xander's, kissing him gently, human again. Realizing that his weight was part of the reason Xander was fighting for breath, he attempted to roll off. Xander rolled with him, and they ended up still tangled together, side by side. They drifted for a while in a haze of satiation and peace.

Spike was roused by the feel of Xander's fingers stroking over the place he'd bitten. It had already healed, of course, but it made him shiver anyway.

"I guess you can't get hickeys, huh?"

"No, pet, I can't, but you keep right on trying. Like it, I do." He eyed the massive hickey he'd left on Xander's neck and wondered if he should tell him it was there. "What brought this on?"

"You did, you and those illegal jeans. Every time I tied you into the chair I wanted to climb into your lap and fuck you stupid."

"Why didn't you?" Spike was genuinely curious. He'd smelled arousal on the whelp before, but had never attributed it to his presence.

"Didn't think you'd be interested. I read your history at Giles'. You've never had a mortal lover before." Xander yawned and snuggled closer to Spike.

"Not one those bloody wankers would know about. And the candy?"

"Wasn't sure you'd want a relationship, but I thought you might play a game with me. I tried to let you know I was interested, but you weren't catching on. This way, you could say no without ever figuring out how bad I wanted it."

"Mm, devious. Kinky, too." Spike had one last question to ask before Xander faded away. "Do we have to wait for next Halloween to do this again?"

The sweet, sleepy smile he got in return stunned him.

"Nah, just until I've had a nap." Xander kissed Spike again, tucked himself under Spike's chin and with a mumbled "Happy Halloween" fell asleep.

Spike used a t-shirt from the floor to wipe up the worst of the mess, then pulled the rumpled sheets up to cover them. Tossing the gooey shirt back on the floor, he snuggled down beside Xander, kissing the pulse point under his jaw.

"G'night, luv. Happy Halloween to you too."

The End

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