So [info]milady1844 and I got to chatting one evening, and this is the result.

Disclaimer: Not ours, but we all knew that, just like we all know this disclaimer won't save our big butts should the legal demons decide to come after it. We're making no money, we mean no harm. We'll let them shower before we send them back to Joss.

Notes: Thanks to the lovely GioGio for her beta. She happily stepped in when we needed one. Milady: This is what happens when you collaborate with your beta. *g* I've never collaborated with anyone, and this was fun and easy. But then, this is Firehorse we're talking about, so how could it go wrong? FireHorse: This is my first collaboration with anyone, and boy, did we have fun! It was a blast to write with Milady, and I sincerely hope we do it again.

Rating: NC-17
Pairings: S/X

FireHorse and Milady

Xander paused and read the profile again. Vampire, male. Pretty sparse, but then again, so was his own profile. He'd been just about to shut down and call it a night when the new guy came in. When it was clear the new guy was lurking and not meeting anyone, Xander decided to take a chance. He cracked his knuckles and put his hands on the keyboard.

TwinKie: Hey there, sexy. What's a vamp like you doing in a chat room like this?

WilliamBlake: Lurking. Seeing the lay of the land.

TwinKie: See anything you like?
TwinKie: ::leer::

WilliamBlake: Not yet. But I'm finding you intriguing.
WilliamBlake: ::smirk::

TwinKie: Oh yeah? Why's that?

WilliamBlake: A human hitting on a vamp? Quite a rarity.
WilliamBlake: Unless you've got a death wish.

TwinKie: You must be new in town.
TwinKie: No, no death wish. Just a demon wish.

WilliamBlake: ::snort:: Not bloody likely. Just new to this chat room.
WilliamBlake: A demon wish? Do tell.

TwinKie: Hm. I wish...I wish you'd tell me more about yourself, o mysterious but fangy stranger.

WilliamBlake: What more do you need to know?
WilliamBlake: What do I do for fun? What's my favorite tv show? What turns me on?

TwinKie: Any. All. Especially what turns you on. And why you're talking to a human when there are other vamps in the room.

WilliamBlake: Right. Why would I talk to them? They just yammer on about how *they* were at Jesus' crucifixion or at any other major point in history. Boring. Humans have... that certain je ne sais quoi.

TwinKie: And I'll tell you about me. For fun, I like comics. My favorite tv show? Speed Racer. And He-Man. What turns me on? Hm, I think I'll save that one-I'd like you to find out for yourself.
TwinKie: je ne sais quoi? That's like, flair for life, right?
TwinKie: So you like humans because we live harder? I think it's because we live shorter-we have to pack everything into a few short years. You guys, otoh, know you'll have centuries, if you're lucky.
TwinKie: Mmm. All that experience! :-D

WilliamBlake: More like "that certain something that's indescribable".
WilliamBlake: It's that humans very rarely have that "been there, seen that" attitude that is terribly boring.

TwinKie: and you've been there, done that, and now you're bored with it?

WilliamBlake: I've been to many places, done many things, but I am not, as yet, bored with it. I find humans too fascinating to be completely bored. They keep surprising me. Like you did tonight IMing me.
WilliamBlake: Back to your previous message, comics? I assume you mean comic books and not the humorless idiots who get up on stage to entertain? Speed Racer. I'm not familiar with that. Though He-Man sounds interesting.

TwinKie: yeah, comic books. Only good thing about going to the dentist when I was a kid-he had tons of comic books in his waiting room. I got hooked. I always wanted to be a superhero, y'know? Never happened, but I've still got my addiction.

WilliamBlake: Does your screen name mean anything beyond the typical homosexual usage?
WilliamBlake: I can understand wanting to be a superhero. Know a vamp who's got that addiction. Trying to be a superhero, not comic books.

TwinKie: ?? You telling me you don't know about *Twinkies*? They're the food of the gods. ::leer:: Golden on the outside, smooth and creamy on the inside. Oh man, you're missing out!
TwinKie: ::snert:: A vamp with a superhero complex is just as hard to picture as a vamp with a comic book habit.

WilliamBlake: I have partaken of things that are golden on the outside & smooth and creamy on the inside, but they weren't a, what do you Yanks call it, snack food.

TwinKie: So, screen names. I've heard that name before. He was somebody famous, right?
TwinKie: Really? I thought snacking was part of the experience with a vamp?

WilliamBlake: But it is much more enjoyable to make fun of the one with the superhero complex, than it would be to make fun of the collector.
WilliamBlake: Yes he was. Blake was a poet.

TwinKie: A poet, huh? Cool.

WilliamBlake: Snacking is. Snack food isn't. Unless those whom I snack upon would like to be referred to as such.

TwinKie: Ah, gotcha. So, snacks. If not Twinkies, what do you like? Are you one of the vamps that like people food? Guess from you calling me Yank, I'd say you were southern. So lemme ask ya, what exactly *are* chittlins?

WilliamBlake: More than those who reside in the South of this country refer to you as Yanks. Chittlins? I haven't the slightest clue. If you do find out let me know. I am rather curious.

TwinKie: So if you're not a good ol' boy, you're English. Um,
*please* tell me you're not wearing tweed. Please? That would be just too weird.

WilliamBlake: As for eating human food, occasionally I will eat hot chocolate. And buffalo wings. And beer. Good beer.
WilliamBlake: Correct. I hail from the British Isles. I do not wear tweed except under the greatest duress. Leather is preferred.

TwinKie: Mm, wings. Plain or spicy? Not so fond of the suds-had a bad experience with bad beer not too long ago, so I tend to avoid it.

WilliamBlake: Spicy is the only way to eat your wings.
WilliamBlake: Unless you're a Grethnmac, that is.

TwinKie: ::whew:: to the no tweed. That'd be just too weird. And yay! to the spicy wings. Guess that means I'm really a human, huh?

WilliamBlake: From your prosaic conversation, I would not have thought otherwise.
WilliamBlake: Are you in the habit of chatting up vamps/demons so much before the 'cybersex'?

TwinKie: Can I be nosy and ask, since you obviously weren't there for the Crucifixion, how long have you been around?

WilliamBlake: More than 100, less than 200. I'd prefer not to be more specific.

TwinKie: Sometimes. I like to talk, get to know people. And, um, you were a little shy, so I didn't want to scare you off.

WilliamBlake: And since turnabout's fair play, how old are you?

TwinKie: I'm between 5 and 10 times younger than you are. :P

WilliamBlake: I appreciate it. While I've been in a few chat rooms, this is one of my first times in a demon/human sex one.
WilliamBlake: Ah, you are quite young for knowing that you like demons and male demons at that.

TwinKie: I've always liked guys. Don't get me wrong, some of my best friends are girls, but guys are...uncomplicated. My first demon lover was sort of an accident, but I decided I liked it. I've had several since, and still like it.

WilliamBlake: Uncomplicated? If I were uncomplicated we would have been done already & you'd be off chatting up the next demon.

TwinKie: Maybe. But uncomplicated in the way that, if you don't see me here again tomorrow, I know your heart won't be broken. Guys get sex for sex. Most women don't. At least, most of the ones I know don't.

WilliamBlake: You are quite correct about the different approaches the sexes take to sex. You might be surprised at how many men would indeed like the complications of a relationship.

TwinKie: Well, yeah. I'd like to have a few messy emotions to go along with the messy pants, but if all I want is to get off, guys are usually a better choice. And there's nothing quite like being held down, spread open, taken. Owned. Heavy hands on my hips, sharp teeth in the back of my neck, cock in my ass... What's not to like?

WilliamBlake: My. You did just jump right into the sex. It is perhaps the Victorian in me that is still shocked. But the more modern aspects of myself would like to add: Owned? You like to be owned? Held down, spread open, impaled upon a cock? You have potential.
WilliamBlake: And what is your tolerance for pain?

TwinKie: Hey, I shocked a Victorian! Cool! But seriously, yeah, owned. Even if only for a night. I love that, the freedom in giving over completely to someone else.
TwinKie: Fairly high, and I heal pretty fast, too. Why? More potential?

WilliamBlake: I know that freedom. It is quite wonderful. But I think for tonight I will allow you that freedom.
WilliamBlake: Yes. More potential. Shall we begin?

TwinKie: Sure, let's. Set the scene or jump right in?

WilliamBlake: What is your preference? You are, after all, the one with the 'experience' here.

TwinKie: Hm, my preference. Us, in a bed somewhere. So dark I can't see, I can only feel. I'm naked, face down, stretched out. You're off to the side, doing...

WilliamBlake: Slowly stroking myself with one hand as I dangle the leather restraints over your bare back.

TwinKie: Mm, leather. I love the smell. I put my arms over my head, stretching, finding the headboard.

WilliamBlake: I climb onto the bed, straddling you, so I can fasten the restraints around your wrists and attach them to the headboard. My cock slides against you as I work on your wrists.

TwinKie: Tease. I can feel your cock on my ass, cool and hard. The feel of the restraints closing tight around my wrists only makes me harder. I pull against them and hump the sheets.

WilliamBlake: I lean back & give your ass a smart slap. No moving. Not yet.

TwinKie: If I move, will you spank me again?

WilliamBlake: Yes. If you move I will spank you until your ass is a wonderful rosy red. If you don't move, I will still spank you. Your choice.

TwinKie: I grind my aching cock into the sheets. Your weight holds me down, and I like it.

WilliamBlake: I lean into you more, so you can feel my weight, and it keeps you from being able to grind your cock into the sheets. I start to spank you. You cannot predict where or when the next blow will be. Your ass is beginning to turn a nice pink.

TwinKie: The heat in my ass spreads as your hand comes down. You're making these noises, and if you don't stop soon, I'm going to come.

WilliamBlake: You do not yet get to come. I stop spanking you just long enough to slowly drag my tongue along the pinkened skin. Tasting you. Teasing, but not quite licking your cleft.

TwinKie: Mm. It feels so good. I try to spread my legs, wiggle a bit. Anything to get your tongue where I need it to be.

WilliamBlake: Sliding down, I spread your legs apart and sit between them. I run my hand around your hot ass, pulling your cheeks apart so I can see your hole.

TwinKie: You're teasing me, just breathing on me, little flicks of your tongue coming closer and closer, but never quite there. Your fingers will leave bruises on my hips from holding me down.

WilliamBlake: But you like those bruises, you want those bruises. They'll remind you for days just what a greedy little slut you are. But you're *my* slut. And such a good one too. As your reward, I lightly lick over your greedy hole. I keep up steady, light licks in a random pattern.

TwinKie: I moan, begging. For your tongue, your teeth, your finger, anything. My cock is so hard for you and I'm so empty.

WilliamBlake: You beg so well, I decide to reward you. I pull you up on your knees and push you towards the head of the bed. You end up kneeling right in front of the headboard with your ass up, arms spread wide, still in the cuffs. I'm so hard. Dripping. Wanting inside you. To taste your blood.

TwinKie: My cock hangs heavy between my legs, throbbing with my heartbeat, the tip leaving wet trails on the sheet-you aren't the only one wet. The heat in my ass is fading, and I miss it. I'm spread out, spread open, completely at your mercy.

WilliamBlake: I rub my cock along your crack. Teasing. Pulling back I spank you more. Don't want to have that heat fade. Once your cheeks are nice and rosy again, I start tonguing your hole. No little licks this time, long sweeps, followed by spearing your hole, working my tongue inside you. Tasting you. My hands reach around you and start pulling sharply on your nipples. You will not come until I say you can.

TwinKie: Ohgodyeah, that's it. Like that. Mm, your tongue is melting me, the bright sparks of pain at my chest keeping me present. I ride back onto you, pushing against you, demanding more.

WilliamBlake: Because you're such a good little slut, I give you more. Pressing deeper into you with my tongue, opening you up, preparing you for me. Stabbing you with my tongue. My cock is leaking onto the sheets; I want to be in you. Pushing slowly. But first you must be ready.

TwinKie: I'm ready, I swear I'm ready. But I like what you're doing, so I moan for more, trying not to come.

WilliamBlake: Don't come, not yet. I want to be in you. But to torture you some more, I continue to tug at your nipples and tongue fuck you.

TwinKie: it's too late I'm coming oh god I'm coming and your tongue never stops and it feels soooo good.

WilliamBlake: Fuck it. I pull my tongue out and thrust my cock into your hole. You're still coming, muscles tightening around me as I grind into you. Unable to resist, I lean forward and slide my fangs into your shoulder. Sucking you and fucking you at the same time.

TwinKie: Oh god. Your cock drives into me, your fangs cut into me and I'm torn between sensations, still coming. I push back, wanting more, and you slam forward, giving it to me.

WilliamBlake: I speed up, slamming my cock into you over & over, I'm close. Your blood flows down my throat, rich, perfect. I lose control over my hips and they lose their rhythm. Pounding into you erratically. You tighten your ass, and I'm coming. Howling I pull my fangs out of you, grabbing your hips and slamming back into you.

TwinKie: I'm coming I'm coming is it still or again? I don't know I don't care, your cock in me fangs in me wanting me owning me. You slam into me, hitting the sweet spot again and again. Perfect, oh god so good and you're coming, I can feel the coolness you pour into me.
TwinKie: The way your hands tighten on my hips leave bruises on my bruises but you're right, I'll be rubbing them for days, remembering you and getting hard again.

WilliamBlake: I lean against your back, my cock still buried in you, and lap at the wounds in your shoulder. I have your taste on my tongue, rich and sweet. I rub your bruises, not sorry at all that I put them there. Glad that they'll make you hard again.

TwinKie: I breathe and shudder, trying to come back to myself. You reach over me and unbuckle the restraints. We sag to the mattress, wrapped around each other.

WilliamBlake: I pull you close, licking occasionally at your still bleeding wounds. Petting you while you come back.

TwinKie: Slowly I do. Your hands cradle me, so gently, petting, soothing.
TwinKie: I turn to face you.

WilliamBlake: My hands slide over your warm skin.
WilliamBlake: I slowly come in for a kiss. We taste each other. Languidly.

TwinKie: And now it's my turn to pet you, to run my hands over your smooth skin. I lean into you, touching you all along our lengths, allowing myself to get lost in the hazy pleasure of your mouth.

WilliamBlake: I trail my hands down your back to your ass. I pull you towards me, feeling the delightful friction of our cocks.
WilliamBlake: I start a gentle rocking motion, keeping us in contact, increasing the friction.

TwinKie: Mmm. I rise to the occasion *g* and push you over onto your back, then straddle you.

WilliamBlake: While still kissing you, devouring your mouth.
WilliamBlake: I moan and thrust upwards, enjoying the feel of your weight against me.

TwinKie: We build a rhythm between us, one that has me groaning for relief. I pin your hands over your head.
TwinKie: And rock harder. Faster. So close...

WilliamBlake: With my hands pinned, I writhe and moan, loving your weight, the feel of you holding me down.

TwinKie: I shift my hips forward and

::over the loud speaker:: Your attention, please. The library is closing in 10 minutes. Please gather your materials and take them to the check out desk.

TwinKie: Shit.
TwinKie: Aargh!

WilliamBlake: Damn.

TwinKie: ::sigh::

WilliamBlake: Perhaps tomorrow we can finish what we started?

TwinKie: I *hate* it when that happens.

WilliamBlake: As do I.

TwinKie: I'm all for that! Same room?

WilliamBlake: Yes. Same time?

TwinKie: Um, yeah, but don't panic if I'm not on the dot. I've got some stuff to do with friends tomorrow night first, but I'll cut and run as soon as I can.

WilliamBlake: Sounds like a plan. Until then.

TwinKie: ::leers:: There's no way I'm going to miss finishing what we started!

WilliamBlake: Glad to hear it. Good evening.

TwinKie: It's Good. Really good! Please stop me before I babble more. See ya!

WilliamBlake: ::logs off::

TwinKie: ::logs off::

Xander stealthily removed the soggy Kleenex from the front of his pants. There was a reason he liked baggy pants. He stuffed the tissue into his unauthorized but empty Big Gulp cup.

Looking around, Xander made sure he'd logged out and picked up everything. He could hear the guy across from him doing the same thing. Both chairs screeched against the floor as they pushed back at nearly the same time and stood up.

"Well, and what have you been looking at that's caused such a distinct aroma?" Spike smirked. "Naked pictures of the Slayer up on the net again?"

"Spike?!" Xander cleared his throat and hoped he didn't squeak again. Deciding boldness was the better part of valor, or something like that, he smirked right back at Spike and said, "Nope. Cybersex. What about you?"

Spike paused, looking at Xander. "Same's you."

Xander's brain clicked into high gear. Same as him? At the same time he'd been talking to a vampire? An English vampire? An English vampire more than 100 years old? Looked like he and Spike had a lot to talk about. "So, Spike. Your pants look a little tight there. Beer at my place?" He leered hopefully.

Spike smiled, "Sure thing, pet. Lead on."

As they walked towards the door, Spike said, "Think we should tell the Watcher about this? He really could use a chance to get his end away."

"Nah. You know how Giles is about any sort of technology more complicated than a teapot. Although, this might be the thing that gets him interested in 'the infernal machines'. You never know."

Spike looked Xander up and down. "You're right, pet. You never know."

The End

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