Five 100-word drabbles about the stages of love.
Rated: NC-17
Parings: Spike/Xander
Word Count:500
Posted: 3/9/05
Setting/Spoilers: Summer 4/5, I guess

Five Stages of Love


1. Attraction

Xander -

It was as the vampire executed a perfect spinning back kick that knocked the head off the demon trying to kill him that Xander realized that Spike really was sex on a stick. After that, he couldn’t stop watching how Spike moved. Damn his sinister attraction!

Spike -

Why did the whelp keep watching him? It was hard enough to ignore the fact he wanted to make the boy take some pride in himself. Spike could see the intelligence and beauty under that mop of hair. If only he’s stop looking at him so hungrily. It was distracting.


2. Romance

Xander –

It had become to much. He couldn’t stop thinking about the vampire, couldn’t stop looking at him whenever he was near. Anya had grown tired of his inattention and left to join Cordelia in L.A., so what did Xander have to loose? “Hey, er, Spike. WhouldyouliketowatchtheHellraisermarathonwithme?”

Spike –

What did he say? Okay, translating babble. Hellraiser movies? There’s maybe, what, six of them now? As little as 4 or  as much as 12 hours alone with the boy? Hell, yeah. Shugs. “Guess so, not like I got much better to do right now. You got chips? I’ll get beer.”


3. Passion

Xander –

They started spending all their free time together. Eventually, Spike hauled a bed in and moved into Xander’s closet / spare room.  For a while, Xander used Spike’s presence like a hidden dirty magazine. He only allowed himself to think about that lean, strong body every once in a while.

Spike –

Spike heard him at night, masturbating behind a closed door. Spike allowed himself release at these times. He didn’t want to overdo it, but these nights came more and more frequently. Finally, Spike just let himself in Xander’s room and stood naked beside the aroused boy.


4. Intimacy

“Spike! What are you doing in here?”

“Look, Xander. I can hear you in here. And while you do what you do, I’m doing it, too. So, why don’t we just get together and have some fun?”

Xander blushed, but couldn’t help but look at the beautiful body so shamelessly presented to him.

“Say go and I’ll go but I think…”

Xander just raised the blanket, allowing Spike to slip in.

“Spike, I…”

“If you blush any hotter, you’ll catch fire, Pet. We don’t need to say anything.”

No more was said, but much was shared. A bond was formed.


5. Commitment

“Xander’s gettin’ some,” Willow sang.

“Am not,” he declared, but the grin slipped out.

“So it’s a secret,” Buffy nodded.

“Blow up doll,” Willow stated.

“So not!”

The bell tinkled and Spike strutted in, largely ignored.

“Come on! Who is she?”

“Is the whelp getting lucky?” smirked Spike.

“You’ve got vampire senses. What can you tell us?” Buffy ordered.

Spike stalked a suddenly nervous boy, sniffing. “Older. Musky, yet clean. Smokes. Peroxide.” He circled his secret lover, moving close. “Mmm. You know, he does smell really good.”

“Okay, it’s Spike! Ilovehim. Iknowitswrong. Don’t kill him!” Xander pulled a startled Spike close.

The End

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