Pairing: Spike/ Xander
Rating: M
Summary: Xander finds out something that pisses him off while playing ‘I Never’ with Spike.



“Come on Spike,” Willow said as she giggled uncontrollably, “you have to play.”

Spike looked at the intoxicated red head and gave her his best scowl, “I bloody do not.” He said folding his arms across his chest.

Willow rolled her eyes and crawled over to him, “come on, Spikey, please, for me,” she said her big green eyes shining sweetly at him.

He gave a huge put upon sigh and nodded his head, “fine, but you owe me, Red.”

Willow jumped up and clapped her hands, “yeah, Spike’s going to play.”

She hopped down to the floor and patted the ground beside her a little too hard.

“Come on, Spikey,” she said happily, “sit next to me.”

Spike groaned but couldn’t help the small smile when she grabbed his upper arm and gave it a squeeze.

“Do you even know how to play, 'I never'?” Buffy asked immensely disliking the fact that Willow was so close to the vampire.

Spike rolled his eyes, “Slayer, I’m two hundred years old,” he said as if he was talking to a simpleton, “there’s little out there I don’t know how to play.”

“I don’t know how to play,” Tara whispered wishing desperately for the ground to swallow her up.

Spike nodded his head, “People will say things they have never done before and if you have done it, you drink.” He explained.

Tara nodded and looked down at her shot glass, “I guess I won't be drinking much,” she said giving Spike a tiny smile, “I haven’t really done anything.”

Spike chuckled and gave the girl a wink, “I’ve done it all so I’ll share.” he said making the girl smile brighter.

As the game went on Spike was right of course, he had done it all and had stayed true to his word and shared his shots with Tara.

It wasn’t until an intoxicated Xander looked around the room with a full blush that Spike knew the game was about to get interesting.

Xander muttered something softly making everyone but a chuckling vampire shout, “what did you say.”

“I said I’ve never been rimmed before.”

Everyone giggled and gasped as a crimson Willow drank, “what, you all knew Oz was an animal, that didn’t stop when we were in bed.”

Everyone shuddered at the mental picture except Spike who was busy taking his shot. Buffy raised her brow, “another non-shocker.” She said, “Is there anything you haven’t done?” she hissed.

“Not my turn, is it Slayer,” he said back and looked over at Anya.

Anya who was looking at Xander in shock couldn’t care less about the drama going on around her as she said loudly, “you told me you didn’t want me to rim you.”

Xander slapped his hand against his forehead and looked at her pleadingly, “Anya, Please, Shhh.”

Anya gave him a dirty look and hissed that they would talk about it later when she realized it was her turn. “Oh, um…”she said finding this game extremely difficult, “I’ve never slept with…Spike,” she said clapping her hands as she thought of one.

Everyone looked at each other closely and Willow giggled as Spike took a shot, “What, I have sex with Spike every day,” he said pointing to his hand.

Willow bit her lip and quickly took the shot followed by a timid Tara.

Xander jumped up and stared at his friends, “Are you telling me that you two have had sex with Spike,” he hissed.

Willow was the first to talk, “Well, Tara was wondering about male sex and I said we could try a three...

“You had a threesome with them,” he screeched at Spike.

Spike gave him a smug smile and nodded his head. “Yeah, what of it?”

Xander opened and closed his mouth but no sound came out. He had been jacking off to the vision of having a threesome with the witches since the two got together and Spike just got it freely handed to him.

“Why didn’t you ask me,” he asked looking at Willow and wincing as Anya hit him hard on the knee.

Willow giggled and pointed to Anya, “Um, that’s one of the reasons.”

“One,” he screeched again making everyone moan.

“Yeah, well, we just…um well…it’s just that…”

“I picked him,” Tara said saving Willow the trouble of coming up with a lie. The truth was Willow could never look at her childhood friend in that way and that was why they had chosen Spike.

Xander didn’t have the heart to screech at Tara so he let it go but turned and glared at the vampire, “So, you slept with my best friend, huh,” he said getting into the vampire’s face.

Spike leaned back as he looked at Xander closely, “yeah, well it was…,” he wanted to gloat and rub it in the boy’s face but the hurt he saw there confused him. He turned and shrugged, “just shagging is all, nothing more.”

Xander swayed and mutter something under his breath that no one heard but Spike and it made the vampire’s head snap forward and stare at the boy in shock.

Xander noticed that Spike had heard him and quickly moved away. He sat back down staying silent and hanging his head. The game was called to an end and everyone stood up to get some much needed sleep.

Anya narrowed her eyes and got into Xander’s face, “you’re jealous of Spike because he slept with them but you forgot the most important thing.” She hissed.

Xander looked at her in confusion, “what?” Anya growled and hit him hard over the head with her purse, “I didn’t sleep with him.” She barked and ran out of the house as she yelled that she was sleeping in a motel tonight.

Xander slumped down and ran a shaky hand over the place Anya just hit him and was shocked to see blood on his hands. “Shit,” he muttered.

Everyone had already gone upstairs and he didn’t notice Spike was still there until he felt a damp cloth being pressed to his forehead.

Xander looked up startled and took the cloth mindlessly from the vampire, “why didn’t you make fun of me and tell them all what I said?” he asked.

Spike sat down next to Xander and looked at him closely, “what you said…” Spike whispered then looked down at his hands, “did you mean it?”

Xander looked down at the cloth and cursed again at the amount of blood that was on it. He leaned back and closed his eyes and thought about what he had muttered to Spike. He knew it was the truest statement he ever made and wondered how in the world he hadn’t realized it before.

He nodded his head not sure if he could speak and kept his eyes closed.

He heard Spike’s sharp intake of breath and he held in his own as he waited to hear Spike’s response.

“I think you’re right.” Spike whispered and moved a bit closer, “that’s why I didn’t tell them what you said. I could hardly believe it myself; let only saying it out loud.”

Xander opened his eyes and looked at him closely, “you…you really think I’m right?” he asked.

“Yeah,” Spike said looking into those deep brown eyes, “with you it wouldn’t have been just shagging, it would have been making love.”

The End

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