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Mild-ish het warning b/c of the...alley sex at the start that doesn't involve Xander

Life is Just a Chain Reaction


It was with a stroke of humiliatingly bad luck that Xander found himself dumped by Anya -- in public, after having been asked to an expensive dinner and then forced to sit while she alternately ate, explained why he was incompatible with her and how she deserved much better. He found himself without an appetite, she ended up finishing both plates and he'd been stuck with the bill and in a comically high state of shock.

He hadn't known whether to laugh or cry. Afterward, when he was back at home by himself, the latter chose him.

That was why he practically set up camp at a local bar -- not the Bronze, because Buffy and co. were there and he really didn't feel like getting fawned over and pitied just yet -- drinking as much as his wages allowed, which wasn't a lot because he'd been spending too much of it on Anya and keeping hardly any back for himself.

He ran out of money before he could get properly drunk; he'd been aiming for alcohol poisoning. If he died from over-drinking, he wouldn't have to deal with the pain tearing him apart inside or the fact that Anya had told her new friends -- the ones she'd made when she quit the magic shop to work in a high-end lingerie store where she got discounts and all the latest styles before anyone else -- some embarrassing things about him, some true, most not. They snickered and pointed and mocked him when they saw him.

Which wasn't often, thank God.

His ass was numb when he announced to the amused bartender that he had to take a leak. He headed toward the alley out back, just inebriated enough to forget there were inventions such as indoor toilets.

He stumbled out the door and opened his zipper. He had just begun to relieve his bladder with a contented sigh when he heard something. A noise he couldn't, at first, identify.

Cocking his head, he listened for a moment, frowning. He couldn't exactly stop peeing, so he tried to hurry so he could put his dick away and find out what was happening.

Then, after he'd zipped back up and moved away from his make-shift toilet, he flushed, cock twitching; he realised someone was out there having sex.

He sobered a little and his eyes focused on the grunting figures beside the dumpster. The light was too dim to make out much, though.

At least someone was getting some. He hadn't in a long time and had a good idea why, now that Anya had dropped his ass, much the same as she'd sneered her little button nose up at generic, low priced shoes at Payless.

A flash of knee high boots, leather skirt rucked up around the girl's slim waist, pale skin and long leather coat and jeans, heavy biker boots, long-fingered hands running up and down the girl's body.

The girl was pressed against the wall and the guy was taking the brunt of her weight and pounding her into the rough bricks with fervour.

Xander wondered why they didn't move down even just a little. That couldn't be the greatest smelling place to have sex, especially after he'd just added to the lovely odor.

Though, it didn't seem to be affecting their libidos any, from what Xander could make out as he tilted his head to the side.

He watched them move. The man began to gasp and pant and thrust faster. The girl clutched at a leather covered shoulder and flung back her head. Xander could see her heels press tightly against the man's leather clad ass, jamming her thin boot heels into his buttocks, spurring him onward, forcing him deeper.

Xander thought that maybe he should go, give them the privacy they deserved despite how public their act was, but then the man moved back and the street light diagonal to their position suddenly focused on his bright white hair and part of a razor sharp cheek and prominent jaw; Xander realised it was Spike he was watching having sex.

He really should go now but he found himself glued to the spot. He leaned on the wall next to him for support and struggled to keep his breathing even.

He wondered who the girl was and why she was letting Spike fuck her in such a dirty setting.

He wasn't, however, wondering why the girl was allowing Spike to fuck her. He could see the vampire had skills and was making her feel really damn good if her increasingly loud cries and the way she writhed and clawed at him had anything to say about it.

He saw a glimpse of Spike's face; he still appeared human, but was losing the battle.

Xander frowned. Should he find a piece of wood and save the girl? Spike didn't look like he was taking any great care with her well-being the way he hammered into her.

But she looked like she was still having fun, like she wanted it that way, and the military hardware in Spike's head wasn't making him whimper and writhe on the ground in pain so Xander wasn't going to intervene unless he absolutely had to.

Though, if it came down to it, even a chipped Spike would be more dangerous than he was at the moment.

He was still a little drunk and...oddly aroused.

He probably couldn't have hobbled over there and done anything if he'd wanted to.

Spike murmured something and the girl gave a breathless giggle before skimming one of her hands up his back to his hair. She yanked on a handful of the overly-gelled, mucho-peroxided stuff and tugged his mouth to her own.

The kiss was wet and lewd and Xander could almost feel Spike's tongue in his own mouth.

Why was he relating to the girl? Shouldn't it be the other way around?

Spike's hips rolled and Xander's eyes were drawn to the fluid movement. The vampire buried his face in the girl's neck and cupped her naked ass with both hands, grinding himself into her faster and just a little bit harder.

A pale hand suddenly moved across her body and shoved its way between them. His wrist moved as his thumb rubbed her clitoris and she was suddenly choking on a scream and climaxing with great shuddering gasps while Spike began to slam into her to seek his own.

Xander began to pant, as quietly as he could, as his eyes followed Spike's other hand, the one that hadn't been visible, as it reached into the leather duster for something.

A low growling moan announced Spike's orgasm, as did his thrown back head, slack mouth, vampiric visage and the freezing of his body. White fangs gleamed in his open mouth.

What happened next surprised Xander.

Spike had withdrawn a stake and as soon as he pulled out of the girl he smirked and slammed it into her still heaving chest. She turned to dust, an indignant scowl only briefly on her face as she realised too late what he was planning to do.

Xander's eyes went wide as he finally saw what Spike had been fucking the vampire with.

Spike...was truly blessed.

Spike brushed the ashes that had sprayed his other hand off on his jeans leg. He twirled the stake in a flurry of movements Xander couldn't copy in a million years and shoved it back in his pocket. His pretty cock was pushed back into its denim cage and the pants were done up with smooth movements that told of how much Spike actually did it.

If Xander was smart, he'd get the hell out of there immediately and stop ogling Spike's goods but he wasn't feeling the smartness right now.

Then again, when did he ever feel smart?

Spike straightened his shoulders, withdrew his lighter and cigarettes, and lit one. He put the items back in the pocket he'd taken them from and smoked silently for a moment.

"I didn't figure you for a voyeur, boy," Spike said, voice deep and raspy after his apparently very good orgasm, making Xander jump and bite back a surprised, girly squeal. "Have a kink for watching other people have a hot, rough and very satisfying shag, Harris?"

Xander swallowed thickly, emotions warring between disgust and arousal. "You staked her..."

Spike turned around, face relaxed, an easy grin curving his lips. "Yeah, what of it? She was a vampire." He shrugged. "Got what she deserved, I reckon. Gave her a bit of a...happy send off. Good, hard and proper, it was."

Xander scowled. "That's gross, Spike. I don't know how you could...have sex with someone and then kill them..."

The vampire rolled his eyes. "That's the difference between you and me, pup. I take an opportunity when it's given to me. She was hot for it, I was receptive to her charms and we both got what we wanted in the end -- though me more than her, obviously, which is the most important thing. I don't see the problem. Don't know how to mind your own business, do you? Or..." Spike's tongue flickered out, licking the corner of his mouth and lingering there as his eyes, falsely dark in the shadows, glittered and roved Xander's body. "Maybe you enjoy a good perv, then?"

"Hey, I came out here to...it was an accident! I didn't mean--!"

Spike arched his eyebrows and sauntered towards him, hips rolling only slightly less provocatively than when he'd been fucking that female vampire. He tossed the glowing butt of his cigarette to the ground and stopped less than two feet away.

He tilted his head to the side and gave Xander a speculative look that went from the tip of his head to the soles of his shoes and lingered on areas in the middle; it was far dirtier than the previous look. "Yeah, you look like you'd enjoy a good show. Ex-demon bint give you a hard-on for some decent kink, eh?"

Xander flushed and started backing away. "Anya showed me a lot of things but she didn't make me like watching people fucking in some alley..." And then he realised what he'd implied and groaned. "And can you just forget I said that? I think I'm drunk."

Spike chuckled, wet, velvet chocolate skittering along Xander's nerves, and followed him. "You're not as drunk as you pretend. I know what you're after. I know all about what you want. Naughty little boy, you are."

"What? What are you talking about? What's with the...? You're nuts."

Spike snorted "Yeah, you're playing dumb, and maybe you are a bit daft in the melon, but you can't hide what your body wants. I can see it and even if I couldn't see...I can smell your desire. You smell cloyingly sweet and bitter, like almonds and dark chocolate."

Xander's body flashed hot, his pupils dilating. Leave it to Spike to hit on a few things that turned him on: chocolate and sex talk. "What? You...you shouldn't say things like that. That's...umm...gross. I don't know what you're talking about."

Spike backed him up against the alley wall but didn't touch him. He didn't have to. Head cocked to the side, he leaned forward and breathed on Xander's neck. "Play coy all you like, it's real cute, but in the end I know your desires better than you know them yourself and I bet you'd love to have my dick in you...one of your holes filled with me while you fumble to touch yourself in desperation, on your knees, quivering. Or maybe," Spike's voice grew hushed and dark and deeply sexy and why was Xander allowing him so close? He was pinning him to the wall without so much as a touch and all Xander could do was lean against that wall because he knew if he moved away he'd probably fall down.

"Maybe you'd like to stick that big bad cock in me, eh? Fuck me good and hard until you pop. Ream my tight, virgin ass until I'm begging you for more? Because, that's how it'd be...tighter than you've ever had, squeezing your prick till you think you'll die from the pleasure. Was turned a virgin, after all, and that's how I'll always be..."

Xander couldn't breathe! He was having a heart attack!

His dick leaked into the front of his boxers, so much that he could feel how wet he was. He throbbed and pulsed and struggled with control.

His dick was having a heart attack, too!

He swallowed hard and breathed in deeply and unevenly. "Sp--"

"Shhh, not done talking. Figure I'm about to be, though..." Spike leaned back and leered and looked into Xander's eyes as he continued speaking. "You're a viking in the sack, your ex-bint said, eh? Bet you could prove her right. Seen what you're packing in those baggy clothes...you probably know what to do with it real well, don't you? You're hard and big and you'd fill me up till I couldn't move and then I'd scream for more and you'd give it to me, wouldn't you, big boy?"

Xander's heart pounded. His fingernails scraped the wall behind him for purchase but couldn't quite hold onto anything.

When had Spike seen him naked? Not that that was especially important at the moment.

"Why are you doing this?" he finally rasped out, cheeks flushed and glistening with sweat along with the rest of him.

Spike's smile was slow and dangerous and too sexy for the bastard's own good. "Because I can," he said, not an inch from Xander's quivering mouth.

And Xander bucked, climaxing without a single touch, clawing at the bricks behind him.

Spike moved away, lit another cigarette and strolled toward the mouth of the alley. He threw back over his shoulder, "Was it good for you, then?"

Xander shuddered, watched him leave, and locked his knees to keep the trembling to a minimum; he knew he'd fall flat on his face if he didn't.

He breathed hard.

Well. That got him thinking.

If Spike could get him off that hard without a single touch...how would it have been if he'd actually touched him?

He blinked rapidly, got himself together, grimaced at the sticky wetness in his shorts and hurried home to shower and change.

But when he got there, his keys fell unheeded and unused from his frozen fingers and his lungs decided to not work. He shut the door behind him absently, unable to take his eyes off the tableau in front of him.

Spike was sprawled on his couch, sans duster, looking very pleased with himself. He waited with his legs spread wide, hands framing the large bulge beneath the skin tight denim of his jeans, head leaned back on the sofa cushion as he watched Xander. His feet were bare.

Xander decided against having that shower right then and also decided that he didn't care how Spike had gotten into his locked apartment.

Here Endeth the Story

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