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Heat of The Moment


It was wrong. Very wrong. Wrong-a-mundo.

So damned wrong, in fact, that it was somehow right and that was so fucking cliched it was no joke.

But it was true.

One minute, Xander had been sitting slouched on his couch watching tv and ignoring the fangless, impotent wonder with practiced ease, and the next?

Well, the next moment happened in a blur of bewilderment and confusion but mostly lust and heat that came out of nowhere but Xander couldn't have told anyone exactly how it came to be because he didn't know.

He'd looked over, caught Spike looking at him in this...curiously open way that lacked all the normal smirking and anger and I-think-I'm-better-than-you-and-will-kill-you-once-I-get-this-bleediní-chip-out-of-my-head attitude and all of a sudden the air was charged with tension so thick you could cut it with a chain saw and Xander found himself on top of Spike, trying to suck his lungs out through his mouth.

Spike didn't seem to have any problem with what he was doing. The whimpering moans and clutching hands at his back and ass and the hard-on the size of Texas that pressed up against his own when slim hips bucked up were all a good sign that nothing else was going through his mind other than what they were doing right now.

Xander didn't know how it happened, how he'd gotten on top of Spike and between those narrow hips and muscled thighs that were squeezing him as chiseled calves wrapped themselves around his legs for leverage, pressing them closer. He just knew it was happening right now and there wasn't a damned thing he could do to stop it because...Spike's cock? It felt too damn good pressing alongside and into his own as they writhed and thrust against each other.

He didn't want to stop it. He wanted more.

He wanted Spike.

Spike opened his mouth wider and Xander moaned and let the vampire suckle his tongue, rewarding him with a slow rotation of his hips.

"Fuck," Xander gasped, wrenching his mouth away to stare down at the very picture of debauchery, Spike.

Seconds of silent staring happened and, surprisingly, it wasn't uncomfortable or embarrassing or anything. There were no words between them because there had to be blood going to the brain for that to happen and all of Xander's was centered in his cock; he assumed much the same for Spike because the vampire didnít say anything either. And then Xander thrust his mouth down onto Spike's neck and tried his best to suck a red mark into perfect smooth pale flesh. It didn't work for long, but...he had fun trying.

Spike tasted so damned good, felt so damned good, he just couldn't get enough.

So, he dived back in.

They kissed.

And thrust.

And groped.

And touched.

And licked.

And sucked.

And finally, when Xander's mouth was stuck on the side of Spike's neck, biting and leaving a tingling wet spot that Spike didn't seem to mind in the least, Spike's hands moved to the waist of Xander's jeans and without a word -- just lots of gasping and moaning and loud breathing -- Spike was undoing his pants and plunging one hand inside to cup the bare flesh of one of Xander's buttocks.

Xander moaned and ground his pulsing cock into Spike's groin, enjoying the feel of Spike's slightly cooler hand against his hot skin. He bit Spike's neck hard enough to leave a red mark, just short of drawing blood, and the vampire bucked and clutched his ass hard with both hands.

Apparently, he liked being bitten. Big surprise.

"Do that again. Harder," Spike growled in Xander's ear, throwing back his head and offering his neck in silent supplication.

Xander's mouth watered and his dick gave a twitch that signaled its fervor and whole attention to the situation.

He bit Spike's neck and broke skin, tasted metallic blood that was so different from his own and he sighed and dug his teeth deeper into the muscle until they grated against bone, as Spike's hands were busy undoing his own pants and pushing both pairs of trousers down.

As naked cock touched naked cock, Xander pulled his mouth free and threw back his head, squeezing his eyes shut as pleasure rushed over him in a great wave that threatened to pull him under. He had to fight his own body to keep from cumming immediately because he didn't want it to end so quickly.

The slit at the end of his shaft leaked copious amounts of pre-cum onto Spike's bare belly and he watched it with an almost detached fascination. Pushing Spike's shirt up around his arm pits, he leaned down and nibbled on one of the distended rosy nipples that had pebbled up with Spike's arousal.

The vampireís body was so chiseled, so lean and muscular that it was hard to figure out where to start.

Spike pushed his head back into the couch cushion and panted open-mouthed. He latched onto Xander's head, burying his hands in the boy's hair and held him to his chest.

Xander sucked a wet line up from Spike's nipple, lightly bit his Adam's apple, ground his hips and hard cock roughly into Spike's and finally latched back onto the blond's quiescent and very willing mouth.

They kissed.

It was wet. It was passionate. They tried to consume each other. It was completely and frighteningly unlike anything Xander had ever experienced.

Their skin slickened with Xander's sweat and their combined pre-cum and they slid with ease against each other, cocks rubbing into pubic hair and hip bones and balls.

Xander buried his face in Spike's neck and thrust harder, faster, screwing his hips around with a gasp and pulled Spike's head to the side so he could have more access to his neck.

Spike raised his lower body as best he could with Xander's weight and his tight pants hindering his movements, allowing Xander to take command of the situation.

Xander panted into Spike's neck and moved faster, harder, grinding himself down on Spike like he wanted to get under his skin and inside him and that thought made him shudder in all the right places.

Spike scratched his finger nails lightly up and down Xander's back and then clutched two clenching buttocks as he started to cum.

As Spike spilled between their writhing bodies, Xander pulled back and watched his expression. It was like Spike had let go and was feeling all the most pleasurable sensations at once.

It was beautiful.

He was beautiful.

And then Xander came.

He jerked and made a sound that was almost a whine but wasn't. He rubbed against Spike, riding out his own orgasm and prolonging Spike's and then collapsed against the panting vampire's chest when he was through, muscles still trembling, body still tingling.

Spike's hands rubbed his ass as the blond sighed and then he suddenly reclaimed his lost senses and realised what he'd just done.

What the hell?

"Okay, umm, what the hell just happened here?"

Spike snorted and Xander knew even without looking that the vampire was smirking and probably wearing a smug expression.

Spike squeezed his ass until Xander squeaked. "You're a big, clever boy, aren't you? You know what happened." He rolled his hips, causing them both to groan as they slid in the wet puddle between them. "Bloody obvious, innit?"

Xander took a deep breath. "Don't you think it's weird? I don't like you. I never had...those naughty kinda thoughts about you and then...well, all of a sudden I'm on top of you and...and there's bad touching and nakedness and...you're a guy! I don't do stuff like that with guys."

"Well, you just did, didn't you? All sorts of naughty touching and frotting. Was nice, it was." Spike tucked his tongue between his teeth and looked at where their bodies were joined. His cock was reawakening and Xander's wasn't exactly oblivious either. "Want to give it another go?"

Xander looked at Spike, into blue, blue eyes that held all the vampire's cockiness and sexual fire and...God, he had pretty eyes, they were the colour of the sky on a clear day.

Okay, maybe he was gay. Sort of gay. Something. Because this? It wasn't normal.

He looked at Spike's bee stung lips and remembered their taste and texture and how they'd responded to him and...

Well, maybe he was just really into Spike and hadn't known it until he was doing, uh, Spike?

"Do you think it was a spell? It's too weird. You can't tell me you had...umm, those thoughts about me. I know you hate me."

Spike rolled his eyes and went lax underneath Xander. He sighed. "Didn't hate you, exactly, just didn't like you, either. One way or another, you know? Think you're a bit of all right, didn't mind the thought of shagging you till we were both unconscious, but...why the hell are we going on about this shit, anyway? We could be shagging."

Xander stared at the blond, mind on over-load, synapses firing or possibly imploding, because this was new and unexplored territory he'd never thought he'd have to deal with.

After unsettling moments of being stared at, Spike frowned and started to say something but Xander finally decided that he'd better take what was being offered.

It was too good an experience to miss out on, despite the fact that it was Spike.

He pushed himself off Spike, grimacing and inhaling sharply as the semen sticking them together yanked his short hairs. He pushed himself inside his jeans and zipped them up, face expressionless, body tight but not tensed.

Spike sat up slowly and prepared himself to get his ass staked or kicked or something.


The scarred eyebrow went up curiously. "Well, what?"

Xander turned around and walked toward his bedroom, took a deep breath and passed over the threshold. He paused, looked over his shoulder and leisurely eyed Spike's reclining form.

"You said you wanted to shag, right?"

Spike's eyes widened and, before Xander could fully blink, Spike was in front of him and had the whole length of his body pressed up against his, half-hard cock digging into his hip.


"Oh, yeah," Xander breathed, letting Spike back him up and push him onto his unmade bed with a bounce.

As Spike divested them both of their clothes, pushed himself between Xander's quivering, spread thighs and finally swallowed his cock down to the root, he thought that if it was a spell it didn't matter.

Because it was just too good to be wrong.

Here Endeth the Story

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