This is a short, schmoopy...well, pointless ficlet. It's Spander. Bet some of you were wondering what had happened to that pairing, eh?

Disclaimer: It may come as a surprise but I'm not Joss Whedon or Mutant Enemy and therefore I do not own Spike or any of his many shagging and verbal sparring partners. I weep for the injustice of it all and play with these characters in the fiction I write because this is pretty much all the fun I have.

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Spike woke up, stretched and got out of bed. He scratched his ass, walked out of the bedroom naked and went to the kitchen. He shoved a hand through his pubic hair, tugging lightly, stirring his cock.

He pondered the merits of wanking himself off but decided he was more hungry than horny at the moment.

He heated up blood, drank it, then walked bleary-eyed to the living room and sat down on the couch. He wriggled, enjoying the feel of the fabric against his bare ass and balls as he spread his legs and made himself comfortable.

He sighed. He really missed Xander when he had to go off to work, leaving Spike to wander about alone in the apartment until he returned.

He yawned, blinking the sleep from his eyes. He looked at the newest accessory the boy had brought home for the living room. The newest, most grotesque thing Spike had ever seen.

Spike snorted at the memory of Xander lugging the bulky thing up the stairs, through the door, hitting several walls and pieces of furniture before finally tossing it onto the floor. He seated himself on the sofa. He wiggled, rubbing his naked ass on the rough fabric. He sighed, glaring at the rug. He wouldn't have had the ugly piece of crap if he'd been paid to take it.

The throw rug was furry and a dark navy colour. It was like one of those real fur skin rugs, only not as aesthetically pleasing.

The more he stared at it, the more he thought about it and the more he thought about it, the more he realised that maybe the rug could be used for deliciously nefarious purposes.

What better time to find out than a time he knew Xander wouldn't be home?

No one would be there to see...

He pushed himself off the couch, crawled across the floor and kneeled in front of it. He reached one hand out and rubbed it thoughtfully.

When Xander had brought it home Spike had stayed as far away as possible. He'd watched in silent horror as the boy had unrolled it right in front of the telly without even consulting him.

Sure, yeah, right it had been the perfect place.

The perfect place for everyone who entered the apartment to get a big eyeful of the ugly piece of shit.


The boy had been ecstatic and who was Spike to squash what simple pleasure this was for him?

He leaned forward to rub it with both hands. It did feel oddly like rabbit fur, though he could tell it wasn't from an actual animal. The boy wouldn't have gotten it if it had been taken from one, kind-hearted little git that he was.

Once Xander had settled the over-sized rug to his liking, he'd patted the thing invitingly and given Spike a come hither look.

Spike had taken one look at the picture and decided a major distraction was in order because he wasn't going within five feet of that ugly thing.

He'd stripped in record speed -- even for a vampire -- and had struck a pose that was guaranteed to bring the boy running.

It had been simple, really.

He'd disappeared into the bedroom, the faux fur had been forgotten and Xander had jumped Spike.

Spike had sucked the boy's brains out through his cock and then he'd fucked him until he was unconscious.

His dick twitched in remembrance.

"What a bloody good night," he whispered in the silence to himself as he continued to run his hands all over the rug. His fingers caught and tangled in the fur. "Boy might've been right about this thing, though. Pity I didn't give him the chance to show me."

He continued to stare at the gaudy eyesore thoughtfully, then lay down on his back and wriggled around a little. With a tiny frown pinching his features, he gasped as it caressed every inch of the back of his body.

It was heaven against his bare flesh. It made him shiver down to his curling toes. His arms and legs moved, splaying out; he enjoyed the feel of the softness against him. His open palms raked through soft strands. His back arched. His eyes shut. His mouth opened.

He moaned.

His cock hardened. He rubbed his ass harder into the carpet.

He bit his lip. If it felt this good on his back...

...he could imagine it would feel even better on his front.

He quickly flipped himself over, letting out a loud groan as his erection came into contact with the silky soft material. He rotated his hips, gasping at the contact, wanting more.

He pressed his face into the rug, rubbing his cheek, his chin, his eyes, his nose, his forehead into it.

He grabbed handfuls of the stuff and began to rock his hips back and forth.

God, it felt so damned good.

He arched, throwing his head back.

He heard a sharp inhalation, smelled arousal that wasn't his own and froze, eyes shooting open.

He turned to see Xander leaning heavily against the dining room table, erection tenting his jeans, mouth slightly open and a dazed expression on his face.

"Spike? God. What are you..."

Spike swallowed hard, raised up onto his forearms and forced himself not to move his hips even though he was so damn close to orgasm he could taste it in the back of his throat.

"'re home early."

Xander cleared his throat, tossed his keys, wallet, spare change and leather case for blueprints and other important papers onto the table. He regained the use of his legs, walked carefully over to the couch and sat down.

"You don't have to stop, Spike," he whispered, still staring just as intently as he had been when Spike had first noticed him. "Keep going. I like how you look. You're hot, beautiful. You're so damned beautiful when you're getting off. You make these...faces...and noises..."

Spike licked his lips, smirking, touched by his lover's words. "You like what you saw, Xan? Fucking your new rug, eh? Rubbing my naked body against it as I do to you..."

Xander's breath hitched as he began to breathe faster. Dilated eyes locked on Spike's bare ass, watching the muscles clench under his gaze. He frantically undid the front of his pants and pulled out his hard cock. He slid down in the cushions and spread his legs; he mirrored the position Spike had held on the couch earlier.

"Yes," he breathed. "Please."

Spike started undulating again, the rubbing and the weight of Xander's heated stare increasing his arousal; he closed in on the edge again quickly. He ground himself down harder, moving his body fluidly. He continued to watch the brunet, enjoying the effect he had on him.

Xander stroked himself in time with Spike's gyrating hips. He thrust into his fist with one hand and stuck the other into his pants to cup and massage his balls. He groaned Spike's name.

Spike whimpered. He moved faster, gripped clumps of fur with both hands and came, eyes fluttering but still locked on Xander's jerking hand.

He collapsed in a sticky mess on the rug once he'd finished and watched Xander's hand move increasingly faster, stripping his cock more roughly, almost painfully.

"Stop, luv."

It took Xander a moment but he did as Spike said with a frown, sweat beading his forehead and upper lip. "What? Why?"


Xander licked his lips and nearly dived off the couch to get to the vampire.

Spike flipped over, grimacing as the puddle beneath spread wetly all over his back. He moaned as Xander's mouth took his and the boy's hardness pressed into his reawakening groin.

Xander rotated his hips, kissing Spike passionately.

When the brunet licked a line down Spike's jaw to his neck, lingering there, Spike turned his head, held onto Xander's shoulders and gasped, "Wanna fuck me, pet? Feels like you've got something you need taken care of."

Xander shuddered, pulled back to look into Spike's eyes and kissed him gently on the mouth. "God, yeah. Been wanting you all day but when I saw you when I got home? I nearly, uh, came."

Spike grinned and pushed the brunet off him. He turned over and spread his legs. "Shove that hard cock in me, Xan. Fuck me. Rub me against your new rug. Get me off again."

"Oh, fuck."

"Yes, Xander."

Xander started to pull off his clothing but Spike shook his head and turned toward him. "Leave it all on. Just stick your prick in me."

The boy's heart rate increased and the smell of arousal was almost stifling. Seemed Spike had hit on one of his kinks. They'd have to explore that later, as they had other things since they'd begun their relationship just a few months previously.

"Don't have any lube, Spike." There was a frustrated edge to Xander's tone as his voice shook with arousal.

Spike sighed, rolling his eyes. He thrust back. "Told you, dammit, just stick it in me! I don't care! Ease your cock in. Don't need any bloody slick. It'll fit. Just slide right in. Home sweet home, your cock in my ass."

Xander shuddered, then shrugged and positioned himself. "You're sure?"

"Yes!" Spike hissed, raising his ass and impaling himself on Xander's cock.

The boy shivered, propped himself up on his hands and shoved his dick the rest of the way with one hard thrust.

They groaned in unison, shuddering against one another.

Xander began to fuck Spike. Hard and fast. Just how they both liked it.

Spike was shoved into the carpet, body moving sensuously against the softness even as he was ridden hard. He arched back into each of the boy's thrusts and then forward, shoving his cock into the slick tunnel that was formed by his own body, his cum and the rug.

It took only a few thrusts for Xander to find his completion. He moved his hips frantically, slamming Spike into the floor and finally came, burying himself deep and hard.

Spike panted, groaning as he felt the heat of Xander's orgasm warming his insides. He bucked on the cock spitting him, trying to find an angle that would get him off too.

Xander collapsed on top of him and he was stuck, just lying there, his own climax hovering just beyond his reach.

"Fuck, Xander..."

The boy pulled out and turned Spike over onto his back. The angry, flushed erection jutting out from Spike's groin bobbed in the air briefly before it fell, slapping against his stomach. Pre-cum dribbled from the end onto tensed, quivering abdominal muscles.

Xander grinned wickedly, still breathing hard and recovering from his orgasm. He descended on Spike's cock and sucked it into his throat.

Spike arched, spreading his legs wide and thrust into Xander's mouth with both hands latched into the boy's hair. His eyes slammed shut and when the brunet swallowed around him he came. His cock throbbed and he shot his climax down Xander's throat.

His whole body shuddered and then finally relaxed. His eyes remained closed as Xander cleaned him and he had to forcibly pull the brunet off his cock to keep him from bringing him to hardness yet again.

He was too sensitive and, besides, thought that they should have a little rest before going another round.

Xander lay down beside him, nuzzling into Spike's side, breathing hotly against the blond's naked flesh. He wiggled on the rug, bare flaccid cock rubbing deliciously against it and his lover.

"God, seeing you on this rug was hot, Spike. Why didn't you let me do this last night?"

Spike snorted, simultaneously rubbing cum into the skin of his stomach and playing with Xander's hair. He stared up at the ceiling. "Thought it wasn't the...most attractive thing you could bring home, didn't I? Didn't expect it to feel like that..."

Xander muffled his laughter against Spike's pectoral, causing the vampire to flinch away as it tickled. "Is that a tactful way of saying it's ugly?"


"I know it's ugly, Spike. I didn't get it because I thought it would do something for the decor."


Spike frowned, looking around the apartment. That made no sense. The majority of Xander's things were...ugly. The rug fit right in. "What?"

Xander licked one of the blond's nipples and threw a leg across one of Spike's. "Got it because it felt good when I rubbed it with my hands. Could imagine how it'd feel against other parts. Plus, the contrast between your pale skin and the dark colour?" He shuddered. "Reminded me of sweet marshmallow cream spread on chocolate. Too good and delicious to pass up."

Spike laughed loudly, hugging the brunet tight to his body. "Figures you'd think of it like that. Relating it to food." He rubbed the boy's head. "You did good, pet. We'll have to do this more often. Though, it seems to need a good cleaning, now..."

"Yeah, it's got vampire cum all over it. Ick, Spike."

"It's not ick, Xander. You've lain in it and eaten it. Not any different." Spike rolled his eyes. "It's your fault, at any rate, wanker."

"It so is not!" Xander blinked dazedly. "It's different, though, Spike," he whined, "It's just...different."

"It's not any different and it isn't ick."



Xander straddled Spike's waist and sat on his stomach. "Is so."

Spike licked his lips, grinning. "It's not."

Xander leaned down, grin twitching the corners of his mouth. "Is so."

Spike tugged him down into a kiss and proceeded to map out every crevice of Xander's mouth with his tongue. When he was finished, Xander was suitably confused and appropriately, attractively debauched and aroused again, slumping limply over him. "Not complaining, me, but it's still your fault."

"Mmmm..." was all Xander said as he sucked on Spike's Adam's apple.

The blond gasped and grabbed the boy's ass with both hands. He flipped them so he was the one on top.

He started to explore Xander's body with his tongue, peeling away layers of clothing like the wrapping on a present.

"My pressie," he sighed softly.

What were they arguing about again?

Here Endeth the Story


This is the sequel to Fur. [info]amejisuto requested a sequel...sorta. Hope it doesn't suck, LOL.

Beta'd by [info]kitty_poker1, of course.

Well, thought Xander as he stopped in the doorway, mouth agape, eyes wide, his bedroom looked like something from a bordello. A bordello that was dressed up to star in a porno. A really bad, low budget porno.

It was filled with reds and blacks and...were those silk bed sheets underneath the velvet bedspread and faux fur pillows?

He grimaced.

At least he knew what Spike had been up to lately; he'd been smirking, wriggling his eyebrows, leering and licking his lips, looking all kinds of smug. The vampire hadn't allowed Xander into the bedroom at all the previous day or that morning -- even going so far as making him sleep on the couch. Had sent Xander packing off to work in clothes he'd chosen and tossed out into the hall.

It was a lucky thing the bathroom opened from both the bedroom and the hallway.

Unlucky, though, that Spike had taken his little project so seriously that he'd guarded the inside door to the bedroom.

Xander hadn't been able to sneak a peek at all.

But now, he was seeing the fruits of Spike's labour.

Boy, howdy, was he ever seeing it.

Spike had changed the curtains, pillows, the rug between the chest of drawers and the foot of the bed, and every aspect of what his bed had looked like before.

He wondered where Spike had gotten the stuff from. Hoped that the vampire hadn't stolen his credit card and charged all this crap on it. It was one of the few times Xander hoped the vampire had stolen.

Xander shook himself and gingerly set his spare tool belt and brief case on the seat of a newly upholstered chair. Grabbing some comfortable sweat pants and a t-shirt -- he'd long since given up on wearing underwear around Spike -- he trotted off to the bathroom.

Thankfully, that room was the same as he'd left it. He didn't know what he'd do if Spike had turned his bathroom into the kind of nightmare that was now his bedroom.

A man had to have some...manliness around him or he'd turn into a real fruit.

At least that was what Xander's father had pounded into him again and again; he'd taken that lesson to heart.


As he dried his hair and went back out into the living room -- he was still in denial of the change to his bedroom and wanted to stay as far away as possible for the moment -- he wondered where Spike had run off to. It was still light out; the sun wouldn't be setting for several hours yet.

He frowned, shrugged, then decided he'd find out once Spike came back.

He settled on the sofa, found a rerun of Friends and watched Rachel and Ross dance around each other.


The more he sat on the couch pretending to be interested in the tv, the more his mind wandered back to the bedroom.

Alright, he had to admit he was getting...more curious. He eyed the open door thoughtfully, speculating about what Spike's reasoning could be for changing the bedroom so drastically without even consulting him first.

His feet wiggled in the long, soft hairs of the rug he'd bought just a week ago and he froze.

It couldn't be that simple, could it?

Spike was paying him back for the rug?

He moistened his lips and turned off the tv. He stood abruptly, went to the kitchen and drank a glass of water to help alleviate the dryness of his throat, then headed back to the newly decorated bedroom.

He stood in the doorway, rubbing sweaty palms on his pant legs.

His eyes narrowed.


As Xander lay down naked on the cool, silk sheets he sighed. His eyes shut and his features relaxed. His body sank into the softness, easing muscles that ached from sitting hunched over a desk covered in blueprints he'd had to edit and going out onto the actual site and doing some of the dirty work, heavy lifting, himself.

He moved his arms and legs, shuddering.

His cock stiffened and he brought one hand up to stroke himself. He arched, teeth biting into his lower lip. His eyes opened and he looked down at the sheets. Tossing a couple of pillows out of the way he took a handful of silk and wrapped it around his cock.

He spread his legs, bringing his knees up.

He groaned.

Oh, that was good.


His hand moved faster, stripping the hard shaft to the point of pain. He panted, throat closing up but still emitting strangled gasps and moans as he drew closer to climax.

The silk grew slick and wet and hot from his touch and it didn't take long before he was spilling into it.

He collapsed against the pillows and grimaced at the wetness in his hand.

As quickly as possible he got up, fell back on the bed when muscles didn't want to cooperate -- he always did feel that way after an orgasm -- and then took a deep breath and started all over. This time he succeeded and went to the bathroom on shaky legs for a wet wash cloth.

He had to get rid of the evidence before Spike got home.


He was back in the living room, wearing his sweats and t-shirt, relaxing on the couch with a beer in one hand and the remote in the other when Spike swept in the door.

He glanced over. "Where ya been, Spike?"

Spike started, nearly dropping the paper bag he was carrying in one hand. He quickly hid his surprise and cocked an eyebrow. "What, are you my keeper, now?"

Xander snorted and rolled his eyes. He turned his gaze back to the television. "Yes, Spike, I'm your keeper, your very master. I need to know where you are during all twenty-four hours of each day. You have to ask permission to go anywhere, do anything...use anything. You have to beg me for sex and ask for my express permission to get off."

Spike licked his lips. He forgot all about his bag, which he'd set on the kitchen table when Xander had started talking. He walked into the living room and stopped in front of the boy. "That right?"

Xander smirked, lifting one shoulder. "Could be...but seriously, Spike? Where were you? Sun's still out and you were gone for a while, weren't you? It's just this know? I like to know where people are so I don't worry."

Spike sighed, shaking his head. He settled on the couch beside Xander, curling into his side. "You're no bloody fun. Could've done something with that. I had me some things to do, didn't I? Things that were private, like. Not for young, mortal eyes."

Spike trailed off, staring at Xander's neck. He edged closer and threw one leg over Xander's. He stuck his hand into the boy's lap and fondled his cock, which hardened immediately under his touch as it was prone to. He licked Xander's ear, then sucked the lobe into his mouth.

Xander's eyes fluttered shut and he dropped the remote. He toes curled into the rug and he arched up as Spike suddenly moved to straddle his thighs and push their erections together.

Spike left the boy's ear and pressed their mouths together. With a handful of Xander's hair he guided the kiss, plundered Xander's mouth.

Xander moaned, grabbed Spike's hips and ground his hips up.

"God, Spike," he panted, once Spike had let his mouth free so he could breathe.

Spike nibbled his chin, then his jaw line. "What say we go into the bedroom?"

Xander swallowed audibly, dark eyes dilated and wide in his flushed face. His tongue flickered out, licking his lips. "Okay."


Spike practically carried Xander to the bedroom, the boy snorting with laughter as Spike pretended to carry him over the threshold, proclaiming Xander was his blushing bride.

When Spike put him down in front of the bed, noticeable damp spot on one side, his entire body heated with embarrassment.

Spike took a deep breath, scenting the air as he surveyed the wet place on Xander's side of the bed. His lips quirked up. "You've been in here without permission, haven't you? Wanted to introduce you to the luxury of satin and silk and velvet myself. You bad, bad boy. You wanked off with the new sheet, didn't you?"

Xander very pointedly didn't look at the vampire and Spike laughed.

"Knew it. Knew you wouldn't be able to resist. Though," he wilted slightly, "I wish I hadn't missed the big event." He breathed in deeply. "Didn't happen too long ago, did it, luv?"

"No," Xander said in a strangled whisper. He fidgeted uncomfortably.

Spike did those kinds of things, not him.

He was never going to live this down.

"I think you need to be properly punished."

His head jerked up. "What?"

Spike's grin was purely animal; it was predatory and evil and delicious. "Strip your kit off and get on the bed."


Xander watched Spike warily as the vampire tightened silken ropes around each of his wrists and ankles.

Spike had watched Xander remove his clothing and then had taken off his own, revealing an erection that looked painful. That was the only indicator of his arousal; he appeared collected and focused on his 'punishing' of Xander.

Spike straddled his waist, resting on all fours above Xander's body. He stared silently, intently, down at the brunet for several moments before leaning down and plundering his mouth.

The kisses were long and wet and silky as the sheets Xander lay on. Spike dropped his body down on Xander's and ground his hardness into one that matched his own.

Xander gasped, wrenching his mouth away to pant heavily through his mouth. Glazed eyes stared up into Spike's. "I don't know how much punishing I can take right now, Spike."

Spike looked into the flushed features of his lover and ran a hand across a heated cheek, up his jaw line to his hair. He shoved his fingers into thick tendrils and lifted Xander's head toward his own. "That's why we have special precautions to take, pet, that will ensure that you can take as much as I can give you."

"Oh, God."


Spike had emptied the sack he'd brought home with him on the floor and bound Xander's cock with a cock-ring, then covered half of the boy's body in chocolate syrup, gagged him and was now leisurely licking every available inch of the naked skin in front of him.

Sticky chocolate smeared Spike's face and Xander's abdomen by the time he was half finished and Xander couldn't stop moaning behind the gag, teeth biting into the thick leather.

"You are a bloody temptation, luv. Taste so good even without the aid of sugar. Going to rid you of all this then I'm going to fuck you."

Xander moaned and chewed on his gag, eyes wide and pleading in his sweating face.

"Don't give me that look."

Xander glared.

Spike grinned. "Now, where was I? Ah, yes. Here." He started on the inside of Xander's right thigh, sucking flesh and chocolate into his mouth.

Xander breathed unevenly through the leather.


Spike licked clean every line and every crevice of Xander's body, wiped his face with a wet cloth and set to work driving the boy out of his mind.

When Spike began sucking on the bound cock that rose in a desperate flush from between Xander's legs, the boy started panting harder. By the time a few minutes had gone by Xander was having difficulty catching his breath so Spike finally removed the leather from his mouth.

"You asshole. Take the ring off and finish it! I can't take this anymore. Oh, God, please!" He thrashed as much as the ropes allowed him, pushing his head back into the pillow it rested on in desperation.

Spike gave one last long, hard suck to Xander's cock then released it with a loud pop from his swollen, wet mouth. He rubbed his thumb over the end, gathering pre-cum and his own saliva. He brought his hand to his lips and sucked the wetness from the pad of his thumb.

Xander's eyes widened, chest rising and falling rapidly.

Blue eyes blinked impishly at him as the vampire kneeled between his legs. The ropes that bound his ankles were ripped apart with a casual tug and his legs were pushed up against his ribs before Xander could fully form a thought.

Spike retrieved some sweet smelling lube from the pile on the floor and squeezed some into his palm. "This'll be a bit cold, brace yourself."

He unceremoniously shoved two fingers up Xander's ass, causing the boy to yelp and shift away. "You don't like to ease into anything, do you, Spike? Jesus!"

Spike chuckled, moving his fingers around, stretching Xander quickly but efficiently. "Nah. Never much one for patience or a pre-show. Get right down to the nitty gritty kind of bloke, that's me. Relax, pet, you're tensing up and it's going to hurt you."

He massaged Xander's lower belly with his free hand until the boy's muscles relaxed and Spike was soon removing his fingers and replacing them with his lubricated cock.

As he sank in he groaned, eyes fluttering shut. He braced himself on either side of Xander's chest and began to fuck him.

Xander's teeth bit into his bottom lip and he arched into each thrust, pulling the vampire in deeper with his legs.

"Oh, pet," Spike purred, moving just a little faster.

"Please, Spike."

A smooth hand removed the cock-ring.

The bed rocked and banged rhythmically against the wall as Spike's hips surged faster. Xander tensed as one particularly hard, perfect touch against his prostate finally gave him the orgasm he'd been desperately trying to achieve for forever, it seemed.

He cried out, mouth open, eyes shut, entire body shuddering under the intense pleasure of his completion. He spilled over his abdomen and part of his chest then fell back against the mattress, relaxed and replete. He panted.

Spike licked his lips and continued to fuck him.

When Xander was finally able to prise open his eyes he grinned and pushed his heels into Spike's clenching ass to pull him deeper and harder into his ass. "Fuck me, Spike. C'mon, you bastard. Give it to me. Fuck me till you cum inside me. Fill me with your jizz."

Spike growled and pounded the boy into the bed. He threw back his head, spine arching, unearthly snarl escaping his now fanged mouth and jerked into Xander's ass as he filled it.

"Buggering hells," the vampire said as he came out of his bowed position and fell forward onto Xander's chest.

Xander laughed.


"So, you got new bedroom stuff."

"Mmm," Spike drowsed at Xander's side after having untied the boy.

Xander ran a hand through Spike's disheveled curls, smiling as a vibrating purr began that he knew Spike would deny later. "Looks like a whore house, Spike."

Spike's purring tapered off in favour of an amused snort. "Whore houses weren't as nice as all this, pet. This is a high-priced porn set, if anything."

"Ha!" Xander exclaimed loudly, making Spike jump. "I knew it had something to do with the porn industry."

"What's it matter? Feels good against your skin, doesn't it?" Spike wiggled to make his point, sighing as the side he was on remained cool yet comfortably soft. "Thought you'd enjoy it since it's like your rug in there, only different. Looks a mite better too."

"Well. They both have their uses, yeah, but...honestly? Can't stand the sight of any of it."

Spike rolled his eyes and tucked himself more firmly into Xander's side. He shoved one of his legs over and between both of Xander's as he idly traced a nipple with his forefinger. "We both know appearances aren't everything."

Xander frowned, then tightened his hold on the vampire. "Yeah, you're not wrong about that."

Spike sighed. "Shut the hell up and go to sleep, you git. All your yammerin's putting me off my kip."

Xander pouted and purposely destroyed any semblance of organization to Spike's hair.

The blond yelped and shot away from Xander's side to sit up in bed. He held a hand to his head, glaring and growling. "What the ruddy hell'd you do that for?"

Xander blinked innocently at him. "Do what for?"

Spike's eyes narrowed. He propped himself up on hands and knees and leaned forward. He stopped when mere millimeters separated their faces and they had to cross their eyes to focus on each other. "You are being a contrary little shit."

Xander giggled. "Don't know what you're talking about."

Spike smirked and dove for the restraints.

As they wrestled for control, Spike said, "Going to teach you another lesson, pet."

"You and who's army, dipshit?!" Xander pinned the vampire underneath him. He wiggled in between Spike's thighs, spreading them with his knees. "Now who's the master?"

Spike undulated beneath him, all too eager to let Xander have a hand at domination. "Tie me up and show me. Master."

Xander's mouth dried up. His cock rehardened. "Damn."

Spike smugly smirked.

Here Endeth the Story

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