NC-17 rated

Warnings: Coercion involved. Starts out as kind of...dub-con. Xander submits eventually but Spike has to be...persuasive about it.

Summary: Spike and Xander meet for the first time under not so great circumstances. Spike saves the day only to end up causing grief for Xander, himself. Though in the end, everyone's satisfied with the outcome.

All in, Balls Out


He licked the blood from his brass knuckles and slipped them in his pocket. He'd always enjoyed a good fight, feeble as this git's attempts at attacking had been. And he'd liked things to go his way, so he'd brought out his little toy and used it.

He'd always liked to win. Even if he had to cheat to do it.

If you had the balls to cheat, you deserved to win was Spike's motto.

The body lay where it had fallen, blood sluggishly pouring from a ruined nose, pooling on the ground beneath the head.

He was dead as a doornail. Brain probably punctured by the bones in the nose.

Spike was pumped. Hard and excited and ready for something else.

Probably should've ate the twat before he'd killed him but heat of the moment and all that.

Spike moistened his lips and zeroed his attention in on the teenager staring bum-fuzzled at the boy that had been attacking him minutes prior to Spike's rescue. He slinked over while attention was elsewhere and the scuffing of one of his boots reestablished his presence to the boy.

He closed in on him and pressed the boy hard against the brick wall. The fight had been fun but the stalking of this young man was all the sweeter. It was almost funny to watch him back up a step for every two or three of Spike's. Spike enjoyed the little whimper of confusion/fear that escaped along with the 'whoof' of air expelled from his delectable little mouth, bloody and swollen from the fight as it was. His head hit the wall with a thud and Spike sized him up good and proper for the first time - he'd been a bit busy up till now.

Bit bloody and sweaty, tall and lanky, smelled scared and defiant and defensive and a bit musky. Just the way Spike liked them.

"What the...? You've got no concept of personal space, do you, pal?"

Spike sniffed at the glistening throat, pulse beat so fast it was visible in a tantalizingly close vein. "So, now you owe me one, don't you, boy?"

"Huh?" A few moments of pointed silence and Spike's pointedly smug stare had realization widening nearly black eyes and a heart thudding even faster. The boy struggled against Spike's grip to no avail, of course, and then sank back against the bricks, wrists slack in Spike's grip. Defeat was almost palpable but defiance was still simmering.

"You saved me from him," he spat, eyes glittering, nodding his head towards the unmoving figure on the ground of the alley behind Spike, "Just so you could beat the crap out of me instead? Way mature, man." He scoffed, eyes lifting to the heavens, "The famous Harris luck strikes again. Fucking great. Could this night get any shittier?" He then added, "Kill me now and put me out of my misery, why don't you?" to the sky, voice full of angry sarcasm.

Spike glanced upwards and smirked as his gaze refastened on the boy. "Haven't decided on that bit yet," he said. Not that the boy caught what he was talking about. "Harris, eh?"

"Xander," mumbled the boy, sniffing a little, sullen. "Can we just get it over with so I can limp home with some of my dignity intact? Gotta save some of it for tomorrow when Larry and his goon squad decide to work my ass over extra hard for revenge. Thanks in advance for that, by the way."

"Oh, I'm not going to hurt you. Much." Spike grinned a tooth-filled grin and Xander inhaled sharply against him. ""And I'll wager you won't have to worry about the big ape over there," He added, listening to the gurgling of the organs settling, the heart still beating a sluggish uneven, ever so slight rhythm as the signals it received from the brain ended. The wanker he'd beaten to a literal pulp was long gone but Xander didn't know that. Probably better if he didn't. "No, a beating is the last thing on my mind at the moment. Physical stimulation of a completely different nature, however, was."

He waited and watched with glee as it finally dawned on Xander what he truly had in mind.

To drive it home even harder, so to speak, Spike pressed their bodies together and rolled his substantial, adrenaline/violence induced erection against a tensed thigh.

Dark eyes goggled and he attempted to back away even further despite the wall being in his way. "Oh, no. No, no. No no no. A million gallons of no! This isn't happening. It so can't be happening. This is... It's gotta be a nightmare. I ate too much sardine, onion, chili peppers and pineapple pizza again and I'm laying in bed in front of the TV waiting to wake up with a massive attack of heartburn and possible painful bathroom time and I'm not trapped here with a perverted freak who..."

He'd been called much worse than a perverted freak, he mused.

Spike tilted his head to the side, enjoying immensely Xander's predictable reaction and the babbling hysteria that accompanied it. "Spoils of war. Ever heard of it? I think it's right and proper of me to get a reward fitting my rescuing you, innit that right? I protected your honour, didn't I?"

Xander snorted, shifting uncomfortably between Spike and the bricks. "You protected my honour and now you want to take it for yourself? Like it's a friggin' prize to be won, huh? How does that even make sense? It's like something out of the 1800s," Spluttered the boy, mouth going a hundred miles a second with his spitting hatred rising.

The literal spitting kind because he hocked up a Lugie and spat in Spike's face.

Spike didn't really like that much. He froze, jaw clenching as his reflexive eye closing saved him from the worst of it. He repositioned Xander's wrists above his head and clamped them in one hand while he wiped his face free of the spittle and wiped it on Xander Harris' own jeans. "You're going to regret that, boy."

This was going to be good. A bit of entertainment before the main event. He was liking the boy more and more despite the prattling.

The show of balls had truly peaked his interest despite the disgusting gob that had run down his face.

Maybe he wouldn't kill him, after all.

Depended on how good a fuck he was in the end, though.

"Anyway, it makes perfect sense if you think about it, pup. Ages back when a hero rescued the damsel in distress, usually a princess, she was given to him as a reward for his bloody good deeds."

"I'm not a damsel or a princess!" Xander said shrilly, beginning to struggle once again.

Spike moved with him, only in opposite directions, and ground his erection into a spastically flexing leg. He groaned. "Yeah, do that some more. Feels good when you wriggle."

Xander made a face. "Gross. You're getting off on this?"

Spike's eyes raked a hot trail down Xander's body, the bits he could see. His scarred eyebrow rose haughtily. "Well, I agree with you on the one thing and heartily contest another. You're by no means a girl, though, you scream like one, but you, mon petit choux, are getting off on this nearly as much as I am. The body doesn't lie, now does it?"

Spike's hips rolled in a shimmy that made his balls ache and he watched Xander's unwilling reaction through pleasure-narrowed eyes. "Now, that's not so bad, is it?"

Xander panted, face flushed and angry but also filled with arousal. "Stop," he said softly, voice strained. "My body lies plenty. I get hard watching the old linoleum in my kitchen curl up. I'm seventeen. It's what we do."

Spike chuckled, a dark and velvet sound that echoed in the darkness. He moved his hips again and leaned forward to whisper huskily, "Make me stop. You force me to stop and I'll stop."

Of course, he lied, but this was quite fun.

Xander gave an aborted scream and sagged against him. "Don't you have any honour? You were going on and on about all of that knights of the round table crap with the honour thing and... It'll be rape! Don't you want someone willing? You're a nice looking guy I'm sure you've got 'em lined up around the block to get in your pants! You have to force yourself on me to get some? That's really sad."

Spike knew the desperate little speech for what it was -- a last ditch effort of panicked firing synapses in the boy's brain telling him that this was it, now or never.

Spike didn't give a rat's ass about desperation, other than the fact that it gave him what he wanted.

Those who panicked were more likely to give him what he wanted if they thought he'd allow them to go free afterward.

And sometimes, he even let a few of them go. If they offered the right incentive.

"Who said I had any honour or that I was concerned about a pesky little thing like free will? It's all a matter of perspective, anyway. What's a little coercion between rescuer and rescuee? Besides..." Spike gave him a seductive glance from beneath his lashes and positioned himself more comfortably between Xander's spread thighs, quivering as they were, bumping their erections together through denim and cotton. "...I highly doubt you'll be thinking the bloody word 'no' after I'm done with you. In fact, I predict quite a bit of begging when it's all said and done," he said silkily.

Xander swallowed hard and if Spike wasn't mistaken that twitch against his thigh wasn't disinterest so much as an exuberant hello! how you doin'?

And the spicy sweet tendrils of the aromatic bouquet of arousal filling the space between them wasn't all Spike's.

Spike leaned in and kissed his mouth. Hard and wet and with lots of tongue into the slack opening. After a minute the kid was helpless but to respond. He wasn't the most experienced but that was pretty much what Spike had expected. He could teach him a thing or two.

He had a soft spot for virgins. Angelus' fault, of course.

But, he couldn't fault the old man's taste. It had always been impeccable.

As he kissed Xander, he began riding his thigh and moaned at the rough feel of denim against his sensitive, leaking prick.

Xander shuddered against him, hips working independently of his brain, and suddenly he froze and inhaled sharply, wrenching his mouth away as he stared at Spike in horror.

"Oh, crap," he muttered as his spunk soaked through the front of his pants and he spasmed through his orgasm with a self-disgusted look on his face that was also pleasure.

Spike could almost taste the cum that he could smell soaking into the front of Xander's jeans. He sucked hard on the soft skin below Xander's ear and the boy moaned against him, body curling forward into Spike's unconsciously.

"I let you go, you gonna make a break for it?"

"Wha...? Uh... You're letting me go?"

"No. Just need you in another position."


"On your knees, boy."

"You're kidding right?"

"Does this look like the face of someone that would be kidding?" Spike asked, expressionless features staring intently, hungrily into Xander's.

"Uh, no, not really."

"Then, get on your knees. You run, I'll just catch you and it might not be as...pleasant."

Xander swallowed hard, dropped to his knees in the muck with some cursing and glared up at Spike defiantly. "Know that I do this under extreme protest."

Spike's mouth curved upward on one side. "Yeah, yeah. The orgasm staining your jeans speaks loudly of protest." Hot skin flushed red, tips of the ears burning. "Open my trousers. Then, your mouth. On me."

"Uh..." Xander's eyes widened, then dropped to Spike's bulging crotch. "I don't exactly..."

"You've had a popsicle, right?"


"Same principle. Though, rather than keeping your teeth off the frozen treat because it's painful to them, you keep them off my treat because I'll knock them down your throat. Understand?"

"Perfectly," he grumbled, wetting his lips and taking shaking hands to release Spike clumsily.

Warm, moist hands took his cock out and held him stupidly. He'd have laughed if he didn't think the boy would try to run and he'd have had to kill him.

He didn't want him dead, yet.

"Open your mouth, kid."

Xander made a face and slammed his eyes shut but opened his mouth.

Spike shoved his cock in but showed him some mercy by not fucking immediately into the back of his throat, though the boy still gagged a little at the unfamiliar sensation.

Pesky reflex, that. Spike was glad his was long gone.

Another thing he'd have to show gratitude towards Angelus. Though, not aloud.

"Breathe through your nose," he said breathlessly, watching his flesh disappear slowly into the back of Xander's convulsing throat. "Take it easy, now. It's not as scary as you're thinking."

Xander glared up at him, mouth stretched around his prick, lips swollen red and wet.

Spike had to shut his eyes and clench his fists against the brick above his head to stop himself from having a quick finish.

He'd leave that to the boy. It wasn't so far-fetched that he'd shoot too quickly. Spike had a reputation to think of here.

He inhaled sharply through his mouth, teeth clenched, a whistling noise turning into a growl as Xander's mouth unconsciously began to suckle him as Spike's hips shifted forward and back involuntarily.

"That's it. Take it. Use your tongue. Suck. That's a good boy."

Spike began to pant as he rolled his hips forward and back into the wet cavern of Xander's mouth. Saliva and pre-cum dripped down the side of Xander's face. His hands clenched on his thighs in front of him -- defiant to the last and cutting his nose off to spite his well-fucked face.

Spike rasped, "Take yourself out. Use one hand on yourself and the other on me. This is not a spectator sport, mate. Participation's a big part of this, so you'll have to get used to it. It's called catering to your lover's needs, also known as not being a nancy."

Xander sighed wetly thru his nose but clumsily opened his jeans without being able to see and without much hesitation. His cock sprang out of his boxers and smeared wetness into one palm. His brows scrunched together as he began pumping himself. His other hand reluctantly rose upwards and by touch found the few inches of Spike's prick that wouldn't fit into his mouth. He began stroking in tandem with his sucking.

Spike's spine curved and a shiver rose up and down it. His thighs parted further and he thrust a little harder, choking Xander, alarming him if his rising heart rate was anything to go by.

Spike looked down into open, fearful eyes filled with tears. "You're doing well. Nothing to be scared of. Just keep doing what you're doing. That's a good boy.

Play with my balls."

Xander huffed and shifted his hand down beneath Spike's prick and cupped the tightening sac in his hand. He rolled them in his fingers and palmed them up into his body almost roughly.

Spike was willing to bet anything this was how the boy masturbated; he was far too good at the massage and stroke combination. He could picture quite vividly the boy naked on his bed, door locked, telly up just enough to cover wet sounds and soft furtive moans, with a hand wrapped 'round his prick and the other clenched on the bed until he snaked it between his thighs and played with his balls.

He couldn't stand the image any longer, as it sent sweet, hot tingles through the soles of his feet straight up his spine and to his bollocks. Spike's spine nearly cracked in two as he shoved himself deep into Xander's throat, shooting his orgasm down Xander's throat with loud moan muffled into the crook of his leather clad elbow.

When he was done, he pulled out of Xander's mouth and practically fell against the wall, panting. "Don't."

"What?" Xander asked, hand stopping the rapid working of his prick, as he stared up with disbelief.

"You're not to come until I want you to. We're not done here."

"What do you...? Holy shit, dude, are you a machine? You're still hard!"

Spike grinned an evil grin and said, "One of the perks."

"The perks of what?" Xander asked, still fixated on Spike's unwavering erection.

Spike was a snake charmer. His snake doing the charming.

Spike licked his lips and yanked the boy to his feet, maneuvered them so he was pressed into the wall and plundered his mouth. "Christ, I like the taste of me on you. Always have liked me and someone else mixed. Like inventing a new flavour."

Xander's head fell back, mouth open and panting. "I'm a freakin' teenager and I can't get it up so fast. Did you take some Viagra or something? You're not old enough for erectile dysfunction, are you?"

He was stuck on the same verse, still.

Spike sighed, rolled his eyes and showed some fang and yellowed eyes, expecting Xander to scream and faint like a little girl.

If he did, Spike had no qualms about fucking an unconscious body. Certainly wouldn't have been the first time. Probably wouldn't be the last, either.

Xander's mouth fell open and he staggered to his feet, erection bobbing. "You're a fucking vampire! Another demon to add to my repertoire. I shouldn't be shocked but I am. Might as well call me a demon magnet, already, since you guys are drawn to me like flies to shit. I've had more passes from demons than humans! Oh, now my humiliation is complete. Not that it'll matter in the long run. You're going to kill me, aren't you?"

Spike tilted his head to the side. Interesting. "You know about vampires? You have more than just that simpering puppy layer to you, then, don't you? I'm almost impressed."

Xander scowled a bit, eyes darkening. He crossed his arms, erection poking out the front of jeans stained at the knees obscenely and comically. "I know a lot of things. I get around. I'm a man of the world."

"I'm sure you are. Know about everything that goes bump in the night or just me and my vampire brethren?"

"You mean there's more than just you? Colour me surprised and awed," Xander deadpanned.

Spike sensed a story there and he'd get that out of him sooner or later but for now: "Get your pants down."

Xander's eyes widened, flashing rapidly from Spike's still hard cock to his face. "You can't be serious. I just lost my oral virginity to you. Isn't that enough sullying for tonight? How about we reschedule the ass raping for another day? It'll make it that much more special."

Spike snorted and yanked Xander closer so their faces were no more than an inch apart. He lifted him by his collar, showing off his strength a bit. "There can never be enough sullying or plundering or whatever you want to call it. Don't forget what I am, pup." He lowered him and licked Xander's mouth open and so plundered it, fangs scraping gently against the boy's quivering lips. "I want all your cherries, Xander. When I do things I go for broke. Can't leave things unfinished. When I'm done you won't have even a little virginity left in you, and you'll bloody well thank me for it."

Xander's breath quickened. "You sure know how to sweet talk a guy."

One side of Spike's mouth drew up. He stuck a hand in his pocket and withdrew a small tube. He never left home without it. Much like some people and their American Express cards.

Xander's eyes read the label and he backed up so fast he nearly tripped over his own feet. He hit the bricks again.

"Come on. You knew it was coming. No pun intended. You didn't honestly think all the babbling would make me forget I wanted to plow your young virgin ass, did you?"

"Well... I kind of hoped. My mouth's been good at making scary people forget what they were originally going to do to me. I had to give it a shot."

"Nice try, young blood."

Xander snorted. "Right." He made an oofing sound as he was quickly turned and slammed against what was becoming his new best friend, the brick wall. "Hold on a second! Don't I get a say in this? I mean, it's my ass that's on the line. Literally."

Spike kicked Xander's feet apart. "I'm listening. Don't bore me."


"Well?" Spike asked, impatience colouring the tone of his words as he yanked on a belt loop hard enough to rip one end away from the jeans.

"Hey! I don't have very many pairs of these. Lay off the wardrobe, pal."

"You're still trying to delay the inevitable," Spike sing-songed, pushing his erection against the boy's ass and riding the seam of denim. "Your tactics won't work. Now, take down your trousers before I rip them off and you end up having to walk home half naked. I'm sure I wouldn't be the only one to take advantage of your ass if you went home looking and smelling like a whore."

Xander uttered an explosive sigh, back tense and straight, clearly unhappy. "Well, excuse me for trying to save a little face, here. Or my ass or whatever. At least use tons of lube. I've heard it hurts a lot and it'll be worse if you don't. You can never prepare a guy enough for his first venture into the big gay sex. Especially when it's not really by his choice but at least you're being courteous with the lubing and all."

Xander pushed his pants down his hips and exposed his ass to the night air. Spike watched goose flesh erupt all over his skin and patted one cheek reassuringly before giving it a rub and a light slap.

Xander jumped. "God, your hands are cold!"

"It's cold out. Besides: Vampire. No circulation, remember?"

"Oh, yeah."

"Now, if you'll shut the hell up we can get down to business. You'll be screaming my name and begging for more before you know it."

"Uh...speaking of that. What the hell is your name? I feel I should actually know the name of my deflowerer. It's just good manners."

Spike paused, brows drawing together in thought as he squeezed some lube out onto his fingers and capped the tube, stuffing it back into his pocket for later use. He rubbed his fingers together and abruptly began massaging it into Xander's entrance, slowly easing one and then two fingertips inside. "Didn't introduce myself, did I? Name's Spike. I'd wager my DeSoto you won't ever forget it."

"Good Goddamn, that's cold!" Xander exclaimed, body jerking in response.

"Quit your bitching. You're not a girl. Although, the way you can't keep your mouth shut I'm beginning to wonder. You hiding a cunt somewhere I haven't seen?"

Xander grumbled beneath his breath, angrily, what sounded like some pretty enthusiastic and well-thought out insults. Boy thought on his feet quite well.

"Spread 'em a bit more," Spike said, tapping two non-busy fingers against Xander's hip.

Xander accommodated him and sighed as he leaned his forearms against the wall and let his forehead rest on them. He inhaled sharply when Spike's fingers found his prostate. "Boy, howdy! What the hell was that?"

"That, Xander Harris, is the reason men fuck other men."

"No wonder gay men take it up the ass. If it feels like that, I'd buy one of those, umm, plug thingies and never take it out."

"Going to be a bum boy from now on, then?" Spike asked, amused, slipping his fingers out and slicking up his cock with economical and quick movements of his wrist. He watched his skin glisten and moistened his lips as he stared at the slick hole waiting in front of him.

"I wouldn't say that. Then again, I wouldn't say I'd never do it again under the right circumstances."

Spike pressed against Xander's hole and began to nudge inside. "Open up and say 'ah'."

"Now, that's sick--" Xander started, ending on a high-pitched squeal as he was breached. "Fuck!"

"Yeah. That's exactly what we're doing. You know your action words, don't you?"

"Grammar lessons? You've got your dick up my ass and you're expecting me to remember something from English class I don't think I ever learned? Oohhhhh," Xander moaned. "Forget it. Talk about whatever the hell you want. Just keep doing that," he groaned, hips moving backwards into Spike's next thrust.

"I suggest we don't talk period, boy. Just let me do the fucking and brace yourself for quite the bumpy ride."

"This is me being quiet," Xander groaned, fingers grasping at mortar.

Spike rolled his eyes, clutched Xander's hips and started pounding into him, sliding in on the veritable sea of lube he'd used while preparing him. The skin was hot and tight and grasping and fuck it felt good.

The smell of arousal poured off both of them and he listened to Xander's nails scrape wildly against the wall as he braced himself. He whimpered every time Spike thrust into him and every time he pulled out. His hips followed Spike's when he moved, as if he couldn't wait for Spike to fuck back inside.

Spike grinned slightly, mouth open and panting as he drove the boy forward until he grunted with the impact. He could feel his orgasm sneaking up on him, the tendrils of fire racing down his spine.

Only a matter of time, now.

The boy was close, too, but he couldn't touch himself because if he removed one hand from the wall he'd go face first and kiss bricks.

Spike reached around to help him out a bit, feeling generous, and grasped leaking flesh wanking roughly.

Xander keened and jerked against him, pushing back harder onto Spike's cock as Spike began pounding into him until their flesh smacked loudly.

Spike moaned as he began to unload inside the boy and panted harshly into his neck as his fangs lengthened and sought out flesh and blood.

Xander inhaled unevenly, twitching against and around him as his own orgasm began.

Spike rasped, "How do you feel about eternity, boy?"

"Huh? What are you...? Wait...!" he called, as it finally hit him what was happening.

Spike sank his fangs into Xander's throat and drank down orgasm infused blood.

Maybe he'd buy Xander one of those plugs and keep it in him all the time until he was ready to slide it out and sink himself into his tightness.

Sounded like a good plan to Spike.

Here Endeth the Story

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