[info] weasel_words wanted slashy sonnets so I wrote one.

A Shakespearian Suicide Note


Oh vampire with thine eyes of bluest stars
Upon my breast trace patterns with your lips,
Then plant your kisses lower t’wards my arse,
That mouth divine excite me with one kiss.
My ardour shall increase in length and might
Til thou be shower’d with proof enough of love.
But you the darkest creature of my night,
Whose cock embeds as if I were its glove,
Shall never know such truth exists inside.
My heart locked safe away from wicked charms.
A fuck to thee is nothing, so I hide
My fears and feelings, wrapped within thine arms.
And when you read this sonnet think of me
Your Xander who is now forever free.

ETA verse two

Just one more kiss upon cold lips I steal.
Your blood, once sweetness on my tongue now spill’d.
Chill flesh so like my own I now reveal
And take one final taste ‘til I am fill’d.
What once was hard for me will never wake.
My lips and tongue they fail to bring thee back
My boy I was too foolish then to take
Lies broken, bleeding, spoil’d and turned to black.
My sanguine stream is wasted as it pools
Drips off your skin and still I won’t believe.
I fill you up with death, forsake all rules,
But still your shell I cannot bear to leave.
I crave you, lay your body over mine
And know, my Xander, I was always thine.

The End

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