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Let's Talk About Sex


Part Thirty-Seven
Practice Makes Perfect (Part II)

All ours! Anya thought excitedly. She almost clapped her hands in glee. ‘Ours’ was one of her favorite words. This must be what children feel like when they get a shiny new toy.  She gave the naked vampire a once over, admiring his lean frame and his promising erection but finally resting her eyes on his face, totally enthralled by the wide-eyed hunger that spilled out of his dark blue eyes.… Definitely shiny, and not because he’s so pale.

Her heart took a happy leap. Smiling, she placed her hands on Spike’s smooth chest and stepped forward, giving him a gentle push - the way a dancer might communicate her intent to her partner. Spike took his cue and stepped backwards until his shoulder blades were pressed against Xander’s broad chest and his lower back met the human’s hard-on. Both men gasped when their bodies touched. They leaned against each other for more contact, more pressure - more of everything. The vampire put his hands on Anya’s hips, and pulled her towards him, until he was neatly sandwiched between the two hot human bodies.

“You are one lucky bloke, Xander,” Spike said and craned his neck to get a look at the man behind him. I’m going to make it good for you, both of you, he silently promised. So good, you’ll never let me go!

“Yup,” was Xander’s unusually brief reply. He swooped down, grabbing the opportunity to press his lips on Spike’s and invade the vampire’s mouth with his tongue. Spike met him with exhilarating fierceness. Anya thought it was one of the most erotic things she’d ever seen.

Feeling Spike’s shaft poke her belly, Anya rubbed against it, enjoying its hardness. At the same time, she let her hands roam over his lean cool body, encountering Xander’s exploring hands here and there. When Xander relinquished his claim on Spike’s mouth to catch his breath, she sneakily took his place. It was a long possessive kiss, hot and demanding. Spike buried one hand in her hair, stroking the nape of her neck with his thumb, while his tongue hungrily plundered her mouth. His other hand traveled the curves of her body, caressing her shoulders and her naked back, sometimes touching her eagerly, sometimes ghosting over her heated skin with cool fingertips. “You feel so good,” he murmured between kisses. “Soft.”

By the time Spike brought his hands to Anya’s breasts, cupping them firmly, her nipples were already hard and sensitive. He circled her peaks with his thumb, sending more shocks of arousal through her. He broke their kiss to trail kisses and cat licks down her throat, down to her shoulder, then dipped his tongue into the hollow of her collarbones - a sensation that gave her goose bumps all over.

When a cool hand slid down her thigh and underneath her thong, Anya’s breath hitched. When a finger slipped teasingly between her legs and dipped into her moist warmth, her knees almost buckled. She pressed herself against that hand, urging for more. The fingertip found her swollen clit and started playing her like an instrument, eliciting sweet little gasps and moans.

Meanwhile, Xander’s hands were urgently wandering all over Spike’s body, stroking and groping. The flesh underneath his fingers was hard and unfamiliar. There wasn’t even a hint of body fat, only muscles and bones and smooth taut skin. Xander explored slender limbs and a waist so slim it spoke of hunger rather than vanity. Everything about Spike was sharp and angular, a strange but appealing contrast to Anya’s deliciously soft and supple curves.

And yet there was a certain feline softness in the way Spike surrendered to his touch, in the way Spike almost leaned into each and every caress. It made Xander realize he didn’t really know that much about the other man. So much to learn and to discover!

He ran his hands over Spike’s chest and began to play with his nipples, causing them to harden by rubbing and pinching them between his fingers, experimenting with rough – the way he preferred it - and not so rough – causing Spike to pant.

As he kissed the vampire’s shoulder and neck Xander noticed faint white lines he’d never noticed before. Scars left by sharp teeth, not as pronounced as the ones Xander had seen on Buffy, that stood out against her tanned skin, but visible from close up. It was a strange reminder of the fact that this strange powerful being had started out as human. Xander leaned down and licked over the bite mark.

The vampire tensed, let out a strangled moan, then inhaled sharply when Xander started to nibble on the sensitive spot he’d discovered.

“God, yes,” the vampire murmured and he tilted his head invitingly.

Spike’s wanton sensuality fired Xander’s own arousal, so he reached down between them and adjusted his dick. It came to rest between Spike’s cool cheeks. When Xander rocked his hips the friction was delicious. But not as exhilarating as the knowledge that Spike wanted him. Part of Xander was still nervous. Not undecided, No sir! in fact, he was more than eager to both bury himself in that firm pale flesh and feel Spike’s hard cock pound into him. Only, you know, a little nervous…

He pushed the nervous flutter away and concentrated on giving Spike a proper hickey. After scraping his teeth over the blue veins that ran underneath the creamy skin of the vampire’s neck, Xander began to suck, teasingly at first, but with growing intensity. Spike groaned incoherently.

Sandwiched between the two hot human bodies, enveloped by their warmth, their twin heartbeats and their combined scents, Spike felt like he’d died and gone to heaven. Never mind the clichéd expression. Actually, no, wrong image. He felt alive! With more than a century of experience to fall back on, Spike had fully expected to be the one in control of this little ‘dress rehearsal’, the one to confidently coax two nervous and embarrassed humans into the best orgasm of their lives. Actually, make that the plural: orgasms.

As it happened, all deliberation and that nagging insecurity of maybe just being ‘convenient’ or worse were swept away by the onrush of sensations, and Spike just rode the waves. Xander’s fingers, lips and teeth were setting him on fire and the man’s hot dick was insistently rubbing against Spike’s backside, and – God! - Anya’s fingers were reaching downwards again and wrapping themselves around his shaft, which was almost as good as her sweet mouth!

He brought up his hand, fingers slick with Anya’s juices. Keeping his eyes trained on Anya’s pretty face, he gave them a deliberate lick. “Anya,” he murmured, softly – finding it unusually difficult to form coherent words. “I want to taste you.”

“Couch?” Anya suggested, mesmerized by that agile tongue.

“Bed?” Spike asked after an almost imperceptible pause and craned his neck to look at Xander.

“Bed,” Xander nodded.

“Right,” Spike drawled, pounced on Anya and literally swept her off her feet. Moments later, Anya’s thong sailed through the air and landed on the lamp shade and Spike had her sprawled on the bed. He was kneeling on the floor, his head between her thighs, trailing hungry kisses and licks towards her center. Spike found her wet and ready for him. He looked up and found himself the object of a very proprietary smile, that made more than just his groin tingle.

The bed tilted under Xander’s weight when he knelt on the bed next to Anya. He pulled open the bedside drawer, and pulled out a red silk scarf. Immediately, Anya held out her hands. Xander planted a kiss on each wrist then tied them loosely together. When he was finished, Anya’s hands were tied over her head and lying on the bed.

Xander smiled at Spike, who had watched the preparations with great interest. The vampire’s eyes were almost black with desire and his lips were slightly parted. His chest was heaving. He was slowly pumping his erect shaft. Xander’s own member twitched at the sight. Their eyes met. Spike lifted his eyebrow. Xander’s gaze dropped to Spike’s wrists. Spike’s lips curled into a wicked smile. Xander’s cock twitched again. Xander grinned, gave Spike a quick peck on the lips, then bent over and began to kiss Anya’s flat belly and dipping his tongue into her navel.

“Very fetching, Anya” Spike managed to say. “You should wear red more often.” He let go of his own dick, parted her wet swollen lips with nimble fingers, bent down and began to lick in earnest. He lapped at Anya’s sweet juices with abandon, reveling in her taste and warmth and the softness of her skin.

Anya’s breath hitched, when she felt his cool tongue exploring her heated flesh. More so, when Spike proceeded to tease her pert little nub with the tip of his tongue. Then Xander latched on to her breast, sucking hard on her nipple and rolling the other between callused fingers – and Anya began to tremble. She loved feeling his rough large hands on her body, reveled in their strength. Normally she would have run her hands over Xander’s shoulders and thighs, to feel his muscles ripple under suntanned skin, and to make him burn for her, but her hands were tied. Meaning, all she was allowed to do was think of her own pleasure.

“God, Anya,” Spike lifted his head to look at her. “You taste fantastic.”

His words brought forth a sweet but slightly unfocused smile. Spike continued to watch her for several minutes: how she arched into Xander’s touch, how her pupils dilated, every time Spike’s fingertips brushed lightly over swollen clit. He didn’t have to study her face to learn her. The furious beating of her heart, the tension in her thighs and the tremors of her body told him everything he needed to know. But the sight was so utterly delectable, he had to commit it to memory.

“Spike, please continue using your tongue,” Anya requested in helpless frustration.

“Your wish is my command, pet,” Spike said with a chuckle. After three or four teasing licks he thrust his wet, slightly raspy tongue deep into her. With a loud gasp Anya began to squirm, but the pressure of Spike’s hands on her hips held her firmly pinned in place.

“Yes,” she told him, more than a little out of breath. “Like. That.”

Xander captured her mouth for a passionate kiss. Anya thrust her tongue into his mouth in the same rhythm that Spike’s cool, nimble tongue was dipping into her cunny. A hot warmth began to build inside of her. Her eyes fell shut as she concentrated fully on the sensation of two pairs of lips and hands arousing her: Xander’s warm palms sliding over her breasts and arms, his hot breath, tickling her skin, Spike’s quick tongue plunging into her, then teasing her sensitive clit mercilessly with soft flicks, while his finger slid into her, faster and faster. Anya responded to their joint efforts with sweet little moans, that sounded like the mewling of a kitten.

Each firm thrust, each lick sent hot shivers through her. Anya felt herself hurtling towards a powerful orgasm, moaning “yes,” and “don’t stop” and “more.” Her body tensed, arched off the bed, when suddenly time froze and she found herself teetering on the precipice. She held her breath waiting for the thrust or lick that would send her over the edge. The silence was broken by an evil chuckle and she realized the men had no intention of allowing her to climax just yet. She groaned in blissful need, collapsed and was about to say something, plead maybe, when the two men resumed their efforts, once more rushing her towards take off.

“Come on, sweetie,” Spike chuckled, “dance the tightrope for us.”

With every flick of his tongue he made her body want to squirm and leap off the bed, arch towards him, desperate for more. Underneath the two strong pairs of hands that kept her steady, her muscles twitched and danced. She missed the silent communication between the two men, she only knew that when the simmering tightness in her belly was finally unleashed, when her body flushed with its heat and her heart seemed to somersault, she felt like she was soaring. Anya yelped, shuddered for what seemed a long time and lay still, boneless.

The first thing she noticed when she was again able to notice anything beside the pleasant afterglow, were two parallel trails of kisses that tickled her waist, then ribs and breasts. Spike was kneeling on the bed, opposite Xander, and both men were working their way up towards her face. Both men were still hard.

“You alright, pet?” Spike asked, when she opened her eyes. She still appeared slightly dazed.

“Hey,” she exclaimed breathlessly, trying to gather her wits. “That was great. Let’s do it again!”

“Your wish is my command,” Spike said with an evil grin and made a move to slide off the bed and resume his place between her thighs.


Spike paused and swiped his thumb over his chin and lower lip, gathering what was left of her juices, then offered it to Xander. The other man didn’t hesitate but started suckling on Spike’s thumb, and quite suggestively too.

“Okay, maybe not at once,” Anya conceded with a lazy smile.

Part Thirty-Eight
Once more with Enthusiasm

There was a smug leer on Spike’s face, but the vampire’s expression soon turned into not-so-smug desire, when Xander mischievously circled the tip of his thumb with his tongue and sucked on it. It was weird having Spike’s thumb in his mouth and tasting Anya on it. The whole situation was weird, Xander thought vaguely, not Twilight Zone spooky weird but definitely out-of-this-world mind-blowingly weird.

“I think I would like to be untied now,” Anya said and held out her wrists.

“Is that so?” Spike asked with a smirk, but he withdrew his hand and turned towards her. “A shame really, when you look so lovely tied up like that. We should try your pretty little chains next time.” He kissed her deeply then proceeded to untie her, managing to caress her hands and wrists at the same time. When she was free he pressed his lips on her wrists, then kissed her palms.

Xander and Spike were still kneeling on the bed, Anya between them, but now she slithered to the headboard of the bed, where she could enjoy a front row seat perspective while giving the two men more room to ‘maneuver.’ Meanwhile, Spike ran the red scarf through his fingers and over his own wrists as if contemplating further use. Xander watched in fascination. The contrast of the blood red silk against the vampire’s milk-white skin was breathtaking. In fact, the sight of the other man - his (unnecessarily) heaving chest, his nimble fingers and obvious arousal - made Xander’s dick twitch in anticipation.

Spike grinned, dropped the scarf and leaned over. One hand went to Xander’s neck to pull him closer for a searing hot kiss, his other hand slid around his waist.

Xander gasped as the no-longer-cool tongue gently teased his lips before fiercely plunging into his mouth. Pleasuring Anya and watching Spike go down on her had left him so achingly hard, that Spike’s panting breath on his lips was enough to make him shiver. Xander wrapped his arms about the smaller man’s shoulders, eager for more skin contact.

Spike obliged him by slithering closer, bridging the remaining distance. He caught the human in a tight embrace and slowly began to rub himself against the warm body, gyrating and rocking his hips, creating delicious friction for both. And whenever their dicks touched both men gasped.

It was like a moving piece of erotic art: the tangle of suntanned and pale limbs, groping and touching; the urgency of two strong male bodies arching and rubbing against each other; the hunger of two mouths nibbling, licking and tasting or just gasping for air. Part of Anya was sorry she had no video-camera. But mostly she just drank in the arousing image. Eddies of sheer lust made her skin tingle. And the grunts and moans of the men seemed to send stabs of pleasure right into her. Anya let her hand wander downwards to the growing moisture between her thighs.

“So hot, feels so good,” Spike murmured between kisses. “Like to feel your cock, such a nice cock, all hard for me… leaking.“

There was this joke Xander had once heard…

//God to Adam: ‘I’ve got good news and bad news for you. The good news is, I gave you a brain and a penis.’ Adam to God. ‘Gee thanks, so what’s the bad news?’ God: ‘You never get to use both at the same time.’//

Well, it seemed like Spike was determined to switch off Xander’s brain entirely by making his dick explode through sheer sensory overload. Xander felt blunt teeth scraping the sensitive skin of his neck, strong thumbs circling his nipples, fingernails scraping over his back, strong callused fingers kneading his ass and teasing fingertips exploring the crease between his butt-cheeks. At first he tried to keep up by running his hand over Spike’s muscled back, his long neck and the hard mounds of his ass, but Spike’s skilled hands and experienced mouth soon had him writhing with need.

“Spike, please,” Xander finally whimpered between kisses, not sure what exactly he was pleading for. His grip on Spike’s ass tightened. He felt like a live wire, like a guitar string, humming with tension, ready to snap. He had reached a point where he found it hard to feel anything but the intense want that made his body shiver. “Please…”

“What do you want, pet? Tell me,” Spike’s voice was hoarse with desire.

“You. I want you!” Xander brought out with difficulty. “Suck me, fuck me. Anything!”

“Anything you want, luv,” Spike said, “Anything.” All it took was a little nudge and steering and soon Xander toppled backwards, landing softly on the bed, on his back, right where Spike wanted him. Spike was crouching over him on all fours, licking Xander’s chest and playfully sucking on his hard and perky nipples. Xander arched into the vampire’s touch. He hardly noticed it when Anya stuffed a pillow under his head.

Spike gave Xander’s chest a last lick, then slithered downwards. He briefly admired the thick column of flesh in its nest of dark curls, before he reached for it and began to pump – slowly. Torturously so. Then he bent down and licked the weeping head. His tongue was slightly raspy. “Yeah, Spike, More!” Xander moaned, his eyes glued to the amazing sight of sharp cheekbones, dark blue eyes and that incredible pink tongue flicking out between gleaming teeth. “Suck me, please!”

More licks answered his pleas. This time Spike’s tongue slithered down the underside of his shaft and up again, before swirling around the swollen head. And again. Teasing him. One hand began to expertly fondle his balls. Occasionally a fingertip teased his opening but without breaching it. “Pleeaaaase,” Xander begged.

Finally, Spike’s lips closed around his shaft and he began to suck in earnest. The feel of strong fingers (the skin rougher than Anya’s) slowly pumping him, the wetness of Spike’s tongue and lips and the sight of his dick disappearing in the vampire’s mouth were too much for Xander. His balls tightened. He tensed, his back arching off the bed, but strong hands kept him down.

“Uh-oh, not so fast,” Spike chuckled, cutting off Xander’s release with skilled fingers. Xander groaned in frustration, tossing his head.

Spike knelt between Xander’s legs, waiting for the other man’s arousal to abate somewhat. He used his free hand to pull on his own erection a few times and contemplated his next move.

Suddenly a scent of strawberries was in the air and a small object landed next to his right knee. A little red tube, already unscrewed. Spike looked up and saw Anya smiling at him. Her features were flushed and her pupils dilated, even so there was an innocent sweetness in her smile, not to mention a possessiveness that caused an exultant little flutter in Spike’s chest.

Spike prowled towards her and kissed her long and deep, knowing she’d be able to taste Xander’s pre-cum on him. Then he gave her a wicked smile, crawled backwards and took Xander’s cock into his mouth. All of it!

Xander gasped. Then Spike swallowed, working him with the muscles of his throat. And Xander bucked helplessly. It wasn’t like he’d never been deep-throated before. But this was Spike! He groaned.

Spike lifted his head. “Liked that, did you?”

Xander nodded, barely able speak.

Spike chuckled and bent down again, this time working Xander’s shaft with hands, lips and teeth. Anya and Xander both watched his head bobbing up and down. It was incredibly arousing to watch Xander’s engorged penis disappear between the vampire’s lips. Especially since Spike was looking at them, avidly watching the effect his efforts were having on them, drinking in their arousal. The hungry look in his dark blue eyes was like an electric current, sending shocks of desire through both of them.

When a slick finger slowly breached his opening, Xander was too worked up to get nervous. On the contrary, the night of the storm, when they’d made out in Spike’s crypt, had woken desires in him he hadn’t known about. So, when Spike continued to prepare him he welcomed the intrusion. He thrust back on Spike’s fingers then upwards again, pistoning into Spike’s mouth with mounting urgency. There was no more room for fear or coherent thought. More more more. That was all he could think of.

Spike wasn’t much more coherent. The abandon with which Xander was pushing against his hand and into his mouth made him tremble with need. But part of him was suddenly scared. Mustn’t hurt him, was the thought that pounded in his head. Make it good for him. No bruises, visible or invisible for Xander and his girl.

He groped around nervously for the little tube. Suddenly, a warm arm reached around him and he felt a soft hand slicking him down, generously coating his cock with something cool. He lifted his head and gasped, inhaling their mingled scents, musk heavily laced with the smell of strawberries.

Anya kissed his cheek, patted his shoulder and scooted back into her corner of the bed.

Suddenly, Spike mouth was gone! And then his fingers! Xander made a frustrated sound. But moments later Spike lifted his legs and draped them over his shoulders and something slick and bulbous prodded his opening. “Do it. Fuck me, Spike”

“Right,” Spike said breathlessly. He slowly began to push, rocking his hips lightly, prodding against Xander’s entrance until suddenly he slid inside. Spike shuddered, exhaling forcefully as he fought down the almost overwhelming urge to simply hammer into that tight hot ass. So tight!

For a moment Xander wasn’t certain if the sensations that were coursing through him were pleasant. Pain? No, not really, just weird, intense - in a good way… oh god, Spike was moving! Slow, careful thrusts. And then one of Spike’s thrusts hit something. Strange bolts of pleasure coursed through Xander. He reached for his own cock and began to frantically jerk off. He could hear Spike babbling something, “so tight… hot… so good…Xander…” and it spurred him on even more.

Neither man lasted long. Xander came with a shout, shooting his load in half a dozen bursts that shook his entire body and the convulsions were enough to send Spike over the edge as well. A dozen more hard thrusts and Spike shuddered. When he came it was with an exhilaration he had seldom felt before. At that moment he knew with unusual clarity that he’d do everything in his power to NOT bollocks this up, whatever ‘this’ was.

He collapsed, boneless. Xander’s hot sweat-coated body was heaving underneath him, panting. After a moment, Spike rolled himself off, ending up lying between the two afterglowing humans. *Fucking amazing!*

Suddenly a hand patted his chest. Anya. He craned his head to look at her. She looked radiantly happy. “You’re warm,” she observed.

“So I am. Guess that makes me poikilothermic,” Spike said warily, momentarily forgetting to deny ever having had an education.

“Jeeez, I hope that’s not contagious,” Xander mumbled and propped himself up on his elbow. “Oh, and before I forget: Wow!”

“I bring your ‘wow’ and raise you a ‘holy shit.’” Spike replied. When it was pretty certain that he wasn’t on the verge of being kicked out of bed, he allowed himself a smug grin.

“That was most satisfactory,” Anya agreed. “I think I’m the luckiest ex-vengeance demon in the whole world.” She pulled Xander into an embrace and kissed him tenderly. “Thank you,” she whispered. “I like my present very much.”

“So, what else have you got in there?” Spike asked in a mixture of genuine curiosity and mischief, as he peeked into the open bedside drawer.

Xander blushed. Spike thought he looked adorable.

“Oh, all kind of things,” Anya said. She reached past him into the drawer and came up with a little plastic container that bore cheerful pictures of cute little babies.

“What’s that?” Spike asked.

“Diaper wipes,” she informed him as she opened the box and pulled out a tissue.

“You’re kidding,” Spike blurted out. “Right?”

“I never joke when it comes to sex and the possibility of an encore,” Anya said with a straight face but an impish twinkle in her eye. She tossed two tissues towards him and pulled out some more for herself and Xander

“Encore, huh?” Spike smirked, immediately focussing on the vital part of Anya’s utterance. He quickly cleaned himself up and tossed the tissues into the trash. “Ready when you are.”

When Xander tried to clean his soft cock, belly and chest, Spike knocked the hand with the tissue away. “Hey!” Spike complained. “What do you think you’re doing?” He swooped down and started licking the traces of Xander’s orgasm away, and waking Xander’s dick up in the process.

“You up for another round of rumpy pumpy, then?” Spike asked with a leer.

About half an hour later Spike was looking into Anya’s beautiful face as he slowly almost lazily thrust into her. He was lying on top of her, feeling warm all over. Comfortable. He caressed her cheek, and threaded his fingers through her soft hair, then caught her lower lip between his teeth. Such luscious lips!

He gasped when he felt slick fingers preparing him, gently stretching and scissoring. “God, yes!” he hissed. He pressed his lips on Anya’s and thrust his tongue into her mouth, echoing what Xander’s fingers were doing to him.

“Patience is a virtue, Spike,” Xander lectured him. He sounded hoarse.

“Not mine!” Spike answered him with a backward push of his ass. But it seemed Xander had no intention to be rushed. Apparently he was trying to find the spot that had made him see stars, experimenting with angles.

For god’s sake, get on with it,  Spike wanted to urge him on, as he continued to make love to Anya. He felt strangely nervous, almost vulnerable, a feeling he normally hated – and very sappy to boot.

He couldn’t explain it. He’d been sandwiched before, between Drusilla and Angelus, feeling loved and wanted, part of a family, but it had been nothing like this. If he’d still had a poetic streak – which he didn’t! – he might have been able to put the difference into words: Part of him still loved Drusilla and her delirious but wicked absinthe-flavored love, that smacked of sin and evil and insane ritual. And here he was, eager to get fucked by a young American who’d barely made it out of high school. What was this - compared to absinthe? Soda pop? A sweet and stupid vanilla-love, fluffy like cotton candy, complete with a white hat (he’d have a hard job trying to fill) and some second-hand sunshine, absorbed from the tanned skin of two humans?

Spike groaned, as Xander trailed wet kisses down his spine. Then – at long last! - he felt the tip of Xander’s thick cock pressed against his entrance. Inch by inch Xander entered him. It was an exquisite sensation. Spike stopped moving altogether, as he adjusted to the intrusion.

Anya studied his slightly slack-jawed face, the softness of his expression and ran a hand through his by now truly unruly hair.

“You alright?” Xander asked anxiously, stopping halfway in. “Everything okay?”

“Perfect,” Spike sighed truthfully. And then he began to move to the music of their heartbeats. It was the next best thing to being alive.

“Is that the time?” Xander suddenly said. The alarm clock at the bedside showed 7:37 pm.

“S’pose so,” Spike said with a yawn.

“What?” Anya said, propping herself up to get a look at the clock.


“I beg your pardon?” Spike said.

“Buffy and Dawn are coming over today, ETA minus twenty-three minutes, to watch a few movies. Shit, I’d forgotten.” Xander explained. “Anya. Why didn’t you remind me?”

“I forgot.” She exclaimed in wonder. “But I never forget things…”

Spike stretched out like a lazy cat and ran his foot teasingly along the inside of her calf. “I’d say you were concentrating on more important matters…” His suggestive smirk softened into a warm smile. “But unless you want Buffy and Dawn to freak out you might consider making a dash for the shower…”

Half an hour later, Buffy and Dawn walked in armed with video rentals and snacks.

“Hey Anya, hey Xander,” Buffy said cheerfully.

“Hey Buff,” Xander answered, unable to keep a certain nervous sheepishness out of his voice and squirming ever so slightly. He felt like crawling into bed for a long sleep. Plus his ass was sore. In short, he felt like he had the words ‘just had mind-blowing three-way sex and intend to go back for more at every conceivable opportunity’ tattooed on his forehead. He needn’t have worried, though. Buffy carried her usual self-involvement before her like a shield and never noticed anything out of the ordinary. And Dawn’s imagination was not yet wayward enough to venture THAT far.

“Hey,” Anya greeted them cheerfully from behind the kitchen counter, where she was preparing coffee. She was radiating happiness, positively glowing, but that, too, went unnoticed by the two Summers girls.

Spike strode out of the bathroom, humming, then stopped in front of the visitors. “Oh, hello ladies.”

“Spike,” Dawn exclaimed, visibly pleased.

“Spike,” Buffy echoed, noticeably less enthusiastic. She turned to look at Xander. “So, he turned up again, huh? Told you he would.”

“Yup, last night,” Xander said truthfully.

“Well, I’m glad you’re back,” Dawn announced. “We were getting kinda worried. It was like, is he gone for good, or what? I mean, hello, you could have told us, left a note or something.”

“I heard, sorry.” Spike said in a good mood, the bad boy persona not yet back in place. “Don’t worry, I like it here. Not planning on leaving town any time soon.”

Buffy studied the vampire, taking in the unruly wet hair that was sticking out at odd angles. Something else was different, but she couldn’t put her finger on it. But since her Slayer danger radar remained un-tingly, she allowed herself to relax.

“Say Spike, what’s with the hair?” she said and crossed her arms in front of her chest. “Is that your new style? Cause it looks kinda…”

“Cute.” Dawn finished the sentence for her.

Spike’s hand shot up self-consciously, to comb the hair back into its usual slicked back style – much to Xander and Anya’s regret. “No, I… um… shower?” he mumbled, even less articulate than usual and flicking his thumb at the bathroom door behind him. “Well, I better be off. Thanks,” he said, a little uncertainly.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Anya asked, genuinely astonished.

“Yeah,” Xander joined in, less surprised. “Stay. Movies and snacks. Plus good company. What could possibly make you wanna give that a miss?”

Dawn almost squealed.

Buffy’s jaw dropped. All those friendshippy vibes, where did they suddenly come from? Even Spike looked happy. Did I miss something? Maybe something in the water. Or maybe, maybe… She couldn’t come up with anymore maybes. Okay, she was so not going to look the gift horse in the mouth. Happy everybody had to be a good thing, right? Buffy realized everybody was looking at her expectantly. She affected an eye roll. “Sure, stay.”  But then she grinned. “You think you can watch ’10 Things I always hated about you’ without slagging off Freddy Prince Junior?”

“That ponce?” Spike asked with a grin of his own.

“Hey!” Anya and the Summers sisters exclaimed as one.

They got into a good humoured argument, while bringing out bowls and making fresh popcorn. Buffy smiled. When her eye fell on the dining table she frowned and took a step closer. “Scrabble?” she said incredulously. “You two and Spike are playing Scrabble? How lame is that?”



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