[info]cordelianne's final drabble prompt: Spike/Xander, reluctantly working together. It's 200 words, but I hope she won't object. :)

Rating: R



“Let’s kick some demon butt!” Buffy was positively dancing.

Giles coughed. “Ah, Buffy? May I remind you, we don’t know where they are nesting.”

“So we go find them, then we kick them! C’mon, Giles. You and Willow drive around – you can do your locate-y thing, Will! – I’ll check the warehouse district. Spike, Xander, you take the cemeteries.”

Spike growled. “I can’t work efficiently, dragging him around with me! Breaks my focus.”

“Says the poster-vamp for attention deficit disorder,” Xander mumbled.

“Harris, by the time you notice there’s demons in the vicinity, I’ve already killed them, and had to save your ass. I could do without the distraction.”

“Hey! I’ve been patrolling longer than you, blood-breath. I’m an old hand at this.”

Buffy glared them both into submission, handed out weapons, bounced a bit more, and headed out to find herself some demon butt-kicking action.

Twenty minutes later, pinned against a tombstone by a determined vampire, Xander privately admitted Spike was right. They were pretty inefficient, patrolling together. He would have told him so, but he didn’t want Spike to be even more insufferable. Besides, he didn’t think he could speak coherently just then. Maybe after the blowjob.

The End

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