Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Beta: [info]ozsaur, my hero and shit
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: NC17
Category: PWP, Cliche Fic, Willow Made Them Do It
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Word Count: 804
Disclaimer: Don't own 'em - not making any money off 'em. Dern it.
Notes: Written for [info]fall_for_sx

Accidental Charm


1 First Time's an Accident

Synopsis: Spike and Xander have no idea what just hit them.

Spike shoved Harris against the wall, pushing his tongue into that hot mouth, moaning low when Xander sucked on it eagerly in response. Holding his head in place with both hands, Spike tilted it to one side, increasing the angle and making it easier to thrust into the heat that was driving him crazy. Spike pressed their bodies together, his hips moving of their own accord, rubbing his swollen cock against the hard length he could feel pushing against his through two pairs of jeans.

Somewhere in the back of his head, he knew this wasn’t right – just a minute ago they were fighting, hurling angry taunts and vicious words as if they could destroy each other with their contempt. He still wanted that destruction, but now the images in his mind had more in common with spontaneous combustion than they did the visions of bloody evisceration that normally forced him to censor his thoughts before the chip did it for him. There was definitely something wrong, but at this moment he didn’t give a fuck.

That wasn’t quite right though, because Spike wanted to give a fuck. He wanted to fuck Xander bloody Harris right through the bleeding wall. Spike wanted to spread him wide, and show him what it felt like to be fucked by a demon. He wanted to split Harris wide open with his cock, and hear him scream. It wasn’t going to take much, Harris was already close to bursting, moaning needy little words into Spike’s mouth, biting and sucking at his lips, his greedy hands clenching and kneading Spike’s arse.

Turning his head, Harris gasped for air, panting as Spike sucked and nibbled at his neck, trailing a line of red marks from his ear down to where he could feel the blood as it coursed through veins so close to the surface, teasing him with its rich scent full of desire and need. Heady stuff. A man could get used to this – hard muscles and eager mouth, hot blood surging and pounding as strong hands gripped his arms, pushing him away –

“What?” Spike shook his head, trying to focus on Harris’ face. It wasn’t easy, with that succulent pulse pulling at him - a siren’s call that urged him closer, luring him in.

“Spike. There’s something wrong, here!”

The look on Harris’ face was exquisite – lust and need mingled with a healthy dose of fear - an aphrodisiac for a vampire. It took all Spike’s considerable will to hold back and not just take what he wanted.

“Weren’t we fighting…just minutes ago?” Harris gasped. “What’s wrong with this picture?” His eyes watched hungrily as Spike licked his lips, his own tongue following suit, trailing along lips swollen from Spike’s bruising kisses.

Spike moaned, pressing forward to capture that tongue and pull it into his mouth, tangling it with his own as he felt Harris’ capitulation, giving in to Spike’s greedy attack, his whine muffled by Spike’s eager onslaught. Circling his hips to provide more contact, Spike ground their cocks together, over and again. Harris threw one strong thigh around Spike’s, spreading his legs wide and allowing Spike to press even closer. Bleeding hell, but that felt good!

He wanted to rip Harris’ pants off and fuck him right there in the back room of the Magic Box, wanted to throw him to the floor and savor the taste as he came down Spike’s throat. He wanted to do a lot of things, but he knew they were too far gone to last much longer. He could feel the tingle in his balls, spreading out through his body, warming him from the inside out, the way nothing but a good fuck could. This one was going to be spectacular.

He wasn’t about to go alone. He was bringing Harris with him, even if he had to drag him by sheer force of will. Spike slipped one finger into their mouths, coating it with their saliva, letting Harris’ tongue swirl around it for a moment before pulling it out. One good thing about the loose pants the boy tended to wear, it was easy slipping his hand down the back of Harris’ pants, grabbing his ass and pulling apart his cheeks.

“Oh, Christ!” Harris’ head flew back, leaving a dent in the plasterboard, he hit it so hard. “Do it, do it, do it!” Hips pumping, Harris urged him on and Spike couldn’t say no to that, even if he’d wanted to, which he most definitely did not.

“That’s it, Harris, that’s it.” Spike whispered in his ear. “Take it.”

As Spike thrust the first knuckle of his finger into Harris’ ass, and the boy’s shouts of completion and wildly jerking pelvis pushed Spike’s orgasm right out of him, he heard, dimly, the Slayer’s shocked voice.

“Oh my god…”

2 Second Time's a Coincidence

Synopsis: Looks like the fix didn't take.

“I hate you!”

“Yeah? Well, I fucking hate you more!”

As soon as the words were out of Spike’s mouth, Xander attacked. All the rage and anger he’d stored up inside since Willow’s ‘peace keeping’ spell had blasted him far enough into insanity that he’d willingly kissed Spike, of all people, poured out of him, and he charged the bastard, fists flying. Spike dodged his rush, tripping him as he passed and pushed Xander face first into the cold wall of the crypt. He hit with a thud that must have hurt, because Spike howled, clutching his head. Xander laughed. He’d probably feel it later, but there was too much adrenaline in his system right now - he’d hardly registered the impact.

Taking advantage of Spike’s weakened state, Xander shoved him backwards into the heavy wooden door, knocking it shut as Spike staggered into it. He grabbed the lapels of Spike’s duster and jerked him forward before slamming him into the door again. Holding onto Spike’s coat, Xander got up into his face.

“Let’s see how much you like it,” he growled.

Before Xander even realized what he was doing, he’d smashed his lips against Spike’s, shoving his tongue into his mouth, aggressive and hungry, daring Spike to fight back. And Spike did. He wrestled and tugged at Xander, then wrenched his head around until their mouths fit together just right, and pushed his way into Xander’s mouth, where they carried on the fight. Spike used his extra strength to keep Xander on the defensive, his agile tongue darting in and out, keeping Xander guessing.

Damn Spike and his vampirey super tongue. He had to get the upper hand somehow. If he could just stop getting sidetracked with thoughts of all the amazing things that wicked tongue could do to his cock, then he’d be able to figure out how to gain the advantage. Realizing that the light-headed sensation he was experiencing was lack of oxygen, Xander wrenched his head away from Spike’s grip, breathing deeply.

Spike smirked, leaning close to whisper seductively. “A shame, really, you needing to breathe and all. Can you imagine what it would be like…”

Xander’d had enough. It was his turn to be the aggressor, and he was going to take charge right now. He jerked Spike’s head back by a fistful of stiff blond hair and grabbed Spike’s hand, placing it over his hard cock.

“Why don’t you show me?”

Xander had never seen anyone’s eyes change so fast. One second he was staring into ice blue eyes, and the next they seemed almost black as the pupil’s expanded rapidly, revealing a surge of arousal. He felt his own lust explode inside him, and somehow he knew how to get what he wanted.

Leaning in close to Spike’s ear, he murmured, “Get on your knees and suck my cock.”

He was too close to see Spike’s reaction, but he heard his gasp. Spike shouted when Xander bit down on the fleshy part of Spike’s ear, and when he let go, vampire blood tingling on his lips, Spike slid down the wall, falling to his knees, his own human teeth scraping against Xander’s fly.

Spike wasted no time getting his cock out, but Xander couldn’t regret the lost button or the snapped elastic of his underwear, because Spike had his cool hands on Xander’s cock, and if he hadn’t locked his knees and slapped his palms onto the wood of the door, he would have joined Spike on the floor, in an unappealing heap of quivering man-flesh.

The first wet lick of Spike’s tongue against the tip of his cock made Xander gasp, but when Spike took the head into his mouth and sucked, Xander shouted, his hips jerking forward without checking with his brain first. Spike moved with him, obviously prepared for his reaction, and Xander had a sudden surge of jealously – who the hell had he been practicing on, that he knew what to expect?

But the thought slipped away almost as soon as it appeared, because Spike was bobbing his head and sucking and – Oh. My. God. He’d never even thought about how powerful your suckage would be if you had vampire strength. This was going to be the shortest blowjob on record if he didn’t do something, quick.

Keeping one hand on the door to hold him up, Xander used the other one to grab the back of Spike’s head, gripping the crunchy hair tightly as he flexed his hips, showing Spike what he liked best. He was a quick study, and Xander found himself lost in the rhythm of sucking and licking and holy hell – when Spike twirled his tongue around like that it took all his willpower not to scream out loud, it felt so good.

“Oh, you sexy fucking bastard. You like this, don’t you? You like being on your knees, taking my cock like a slut. Yeah, that’s it. Play with my balls. That’s good. You’re the best fucking cocksucker I’ve ever had.”

Xander barely recognized that he was the one talking, although if he’d thought about it, he’d have realized that Spike was far too…occupied, to speak. The words just flowed out of him, and Spike? Well, it was obvious that Spike liked what he was saying. The moaning was a dead giveaway. It felt damn good, too. Too good to last. He was about to pop, and he was nowhere near ready for this to be over.

It wasn’t like he had a lot of choice, though. Spike was too fucking good to resist. Xander shoved his shoulder up against the door so he could free up his other hand to hold Spike’s head in place while he rammed his cock down his throat. Spike just took it, opened his throat wide and let Xander have at it, swallowing around his cock and sending waves of pleasure crashing over him. When he felt a wet finger probing at his asshole, Xander lost it, shooting his come down Spike’s open throat and shouting almost loud enough to wake up Spike’s neighbors, which is saying something since he lived in a graveyard.

The last of Xander’s energy drained out of him with his come, and he collapsed onto the floor of the crypt and lay there panting harshly. When he realized that he wasn’t the only one in the room panting, he opened his eyes to see Spike kneeling over him, the purple head of his long cock disappearing and reappearing as he jerked off over Xander’s body. His hair was a mess of kinks and curls from Xander’s hands and his lips were puffy and red, pulled back in a snarl as he came, eyes rolling back in his head as his come spattered over Xander’s cock and stomach.

It was the most incredibly erotic thing Xander had ever seen, and if he hadn’t shot his load down Spike’s throat just minutes ago, he’d have gotten hard in seconds. Spike collapsed to the floor beside him, and Xander rolled over, trapping Spike beneath his body, attacking his mouth, eagerly seeking out the taste of his come, moaning into Spike’s mouth as he returned the kiss.

He didn’t realize the door had opened until he heard Buffy’s annoyed voice.

“Willow. I thought you said you broke the spell?” That little squeak would be Willow, and to make his night perfect, Giles chimed in next.

“Dear god in heaven.”

Xander sighed, dropping his head onto Spike’s chest. “No, Giles. I’m pretty certain we’re in hell.”

3 Third Time's the Charm

Synopsis: This time, Spike's determined to show Xander who's got the upper hand.

He loved it when Harris begged. The bastard had seized the upper hand last time with that tasty bit of aggression, but this time Spike was securely in the driver’s seat. Not that he didn’t appreciate a bit of rough and tumble from time to time, and that had been an impressive bit of domination. Who the hell would have thought old Droopy Drawers had it in him?

But now it was time for Harris to learn what over a hundred years of experience could teach him. Spike had him down on the exercise mats, one leg over Spike’s shoulder as he worked his slick finger in and out of Harris’ tight ass. He was gasping and pushing his hips up to meet Spike’s thrusts, as if he would die if he didn’t get more right now. A second finger slid in beside the first, and Harris shouted, his eyes wide in surprise as Spike grazed past his prostate.

“Oh, my god! Oh, my god!!! Do that again!” His face was flushed, his mouth open as he gasped in pleasure – a lovely sight.

“Oh, you like that, do you?” Spike teased. “Want more?”

“Yes! Please? Please!” Christ. Spike’s cock felt like it was carved from granite, just from listening to him beg. He needed to be inside Harris, and it needed to be soon.

“That’s the way. Let me know how much you want it.”

“Give it to me. Please?”

Such desperation. Who was Spike to deny such a pretty plea? He slid another finger inside, stretching and filling, smirking at the way Harris’ cock jumped, droplets of pre-come smearing on his stomach.

“Do it, Spike. Do it!”

“Do what, then, Harris?” Spike wanted to hear the words. “What do you want? Tell me.”

“Oh, god,” Harris moaned. “Don’t make me say it. You know what I want.”

“Oh, no. You’re not going to hang this all on me. You want it as much as I do.”

Harris shook his head in denial. “If it weren’t for Willow’s spell…”

“Won’t fly, Harris. Lie to the others all you want, but you can’t lie to me. You want me. You want what I can give you. When they break this spell, you’ll still come back to me. Tell me what you want.”

Harris slipped his leg off Spike’s shoulder and wrapped it around his waist, pulling them together, their cocks sliding up against each other producing powerful sensations that caused them both to cry out.

“You know what I want, Spike. You’re the one who talked me into it, with your sexy damn voice and your seductive ‘I want to fuck you’ words. So do it, you bastard, do it!”

Close enough.

Spike couldn’t have held off much longer in any event, so he eased his cock into Harris’ slick hole, not taking as much care as he should, but risking the blinding headache for the chance of relief for his aching balls. Bloody hell but that boy was tight! And Christ but he felt good.

Spike set up a steady rhythm, using every trick to make Harris cry out and beg for more and harder, his legs pressed up against his chest as he held himself open for everything Spike had to give. Neither of them was going to last more than another few minutes, they’d been so worked up before they’d started. Spike slipped his arms up under Harris’ knees and opened him up just that tiny bit wider, shifting his hips to make sure his cock ran across Harris’ prostate with every stroke.

The boy was babbling now, his words making little sense – a steady stream of beautiful bastard and arrogant, sexy cocksucker and something about never forgiving Spike for ruining him for everyone else. Spike took it as his due. He knew he was good. It was about time somebody else did, too, even if it was only Xander Bloody Harris with his fucking gorgeous, begging eyes and his eager tongue. Fucking hell but Spike wanted him. Not just now, but from now on, and he’d be damned if he let those goody-two-shoes busy-bodies take his boy away from him. Xander was his.

He could feel his orgasm sneaking up on him, and Spike shifted his knees to get better traction on the slippery mat. He started grinding into Xander’s ass, eliciting a shout of pleasure from Xander, who clenched his muscles in retaliation and Spike almost lost control.

“Bloody fucking hell!”

Holding himself up off Xander, Spike locked eyes with him, pushing them both harder and faster until Xander cried out Spike’s name, his back arched as he came, his cock spurting between them. He held on tightly to Spike’s shoulders as Spike continued to pump into him, getting closer and closer. Then Xander turned his head and bit sharply into the side of Spike’s neck. The unexpected mix of pleasure and pain shattered the last of Spike’s control and drove him into a blinding orgasm.

“Bloody bastard!” Spike gasped when he could speak again. “That’s twice you’ve done that. Where the hell did you learn that trick?”

It was Xander’s turn to smirk. “When you’re forced to read dull, dusty books on a daily basis you learn to keep your eyes peeled for anything that might prove interesting.”

Spike eased himself over onto his side, ignoring the tendrils of jealously that scratched at the back of his mind. He asked casually, “Has the sex life of vampires long been an interest of yours?”

Xander shrugged. “Well, it was more interesting than reading about the reproductive cycle of giant demon slugs.”

Spike snorted. “There’s not much that isn’t more interesting than Arlglacg demons.”

“My point exactly.”

Xander’s grin pulled Spike in like a magnet, and he leaned over, his hand going out to run through Xander’s hair as they kissed. They just got better and better. Spike was trying to decide which kind of Xander kisses he liked best - the hot, passionate ones, the slow, languid ones or the aggressive, domineering ones – when he heard the door open behind him. He didn’t stop kissing, as a matter of fact, he kicked it up a couple of notches, leaving Xander dazed and blinking as they drew apart. Fuck but he looked good like that.

“Not again!”

Xander’s breath caught as he realized who was watching, his face bright red as he stammered, grabbing his shirt off the floor to hide his nakedness. “But I locked the door!”

The Watcher’s heavy sigh was answer enough.

“Xander, how could you?” Red’s voice was heavy with disappointment.

“Hey, it’s your spell…”

“They broke the spell last night, Xander.”

The Slayer’s voice held equal parts frustration and disgust, and Spike sneered at her over his shoulder. He desperately needed to teach Bitchy to respect her betters. No one had the right to speak to his Xander like that.

“Broke it?” The look on Xander’s face was priceless. It restored Spike’s good mood, and he lay back on the mat, stretching, not even thinking about hiding his smug smile, or anything else that might be on view.

“Told ya.”

Xander’s eyes wandered a lazy path up Spike’s body, his admiration evident in the heat in his gaze. His hand reached out, idly running along the trail of hair that led down to Spike’s cock, which responded eagerly to Xander’s attentions.

“Xander!” Red’s high-pitched squeal made his boy jump, his hand jerking back as if he’d touched a hot coal.

“Naked!” Xander threw the shirt he’d had in his lap at Spike, who snorted laughter as his half-hard cock made the fabric tent obscenely.

“Naughty bits!” If Red’s voice got any higher, she’d have dogs howling for miles around.

Snatching the shirt back to cover his own lap, Xander realized his mistake as Spike’s cock sprang into view, and he yelped, almost high enough to challenge Red’s ear-bursting cries. He scrambled wildly, flinging himself over Spike in an effort to cover up both their ‘naughty bits,’ and bringing their cocks into contact with each other. They moaned at exactly the same time.

Spike grabbed a double handful of Xander’s ass, and rolled his hips, laughing breathlessly as Xander’s eyes crossed from the pleasurable sensations.

“Oh, god!” Xander’s heated cry made Spike grin.

The Watcher spoiled Spike’s fun, pulling Xander off him, and wrapping him in Spike’s coat.

“Oi, Watcher! We aren’t finished yet!”

“You’re quite finished, Spike. I want you out of here, now.” He threw Spike’s jeans at him and turned back to Xander. “Put your clothes on, Xander. We’ll be waiting for you inside.” Then he was gone, hustling the witch and the Slayer out ahead of him.

“But…” Looked like Red wanted to stay for the show, but the Slayer pulled her out of the room and the door slammed shut behind them.

They dressed in silence, Xander avoiding Spike’s eyes. Spike threw on his duster and lit a cig, stomping into his boots before heading for the back door. He turned back to Xander, who was looking back and forth between Spike and the door his friends had left through. Spike couldn’t help him with his friends, but he could make sure Xander knew he had options.

“Coming, Xander?”

He looked at Spike in shock. “You called me…”

Spike shrugged casually. “What? Think I didn’t know your name?”

“Well, it’s just that you never use it…I mean…”

He trailed off hesitantly, and Spike rolled his eyes. Bloody humans. They were such high maintenance creatures. Good thing this one was such a good shag. Spike pulled out the heavy guns.

“You know,” Spike drawled seductively, “it’s been years since I was fucked.” He smiled at Xander’s wide-eyed stare. “You want that, Xander? You want to fuck me?”

Xander gasped and grabbed his cock through his pants. “Don’t say things like that while I’ve got clothes on…it leads to unsightly wet stains!”

Spike smirked. Oh yeah, he still had it.

Xander glanced back in the direction of his friends.

“Don’t worry about them, mate. Give ‘em some time, they’ll come round. In the meantime…”

Xander grinned at him. “Right. Let’s get the hell out of here.”

That was more like it. They walked out the back door together.

The End

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