Pairing: Spike/Xander
Summary: Spike’s not familiar with the phrase “little Spike”
Notes: ‘cause with a community title like littlespikes, someone was going to do it sooner or later, and I figured I’d be first

Your Words, as Sharp as Swords,
Cut to the Very Heart of Me

Dragon's Phoenix

Xander, coming home from a long, hard day of working construction under the hot sun, his skin tanned a shade of bronze that nicely complimented his lover’s pale skin, found the unsuspecting vampire asleep on their bed. By the sounds Spike was making, which were his real snores and not the ones he made when faking, and the thin line of drool trickling down from Spike’s mouth and pooling on the pillow, he knew Spike was asleep. As Xander shifted onto the bed, moving as stealthily as human reflexes would allow, the snoring stopped and the corners of Spike’s lips twitched up into a smile although he kept his eyes closed. “Spike,” Xander singsonged, “can little Spike come out to play?”

Xander had to dodge to the right as Spike flew up into a sitting position, his head almost hitting Xander’s nose. “S’not little.”

“Hey, watch it,” Xander shouted.

“It’s. Not. Little,” Spike said from behind clenched teeth. “Just ‘cause Angel is a huge giant of a poof with those broad shoulders doesn’t mean his tackle is any bigger…”

“Ahhhh,” Xander screamed as he scrambled off of Spike and crouched at the far edge of the bed, as close to the corner as he could get, his back to the wall, shaking as if terrified.

“Xan?” Spike asked tentatively.

“You promised you’d never bring up Angel’s… tackle,” Xander accused.

“Yeah? Well you’re the one who called me little,” Spike counterattacked.

“Little?” Xander’s expression reflected his confusion until the light dawned on his face. “Little Spike you mean? Spike, it’s an expression. You’re about so tall,” he said, stretching his arms out as far as he could, “or, um, taller than that and your cock is this long.” He held his hands out an inch or two past Spike’s actual length, not wanting to get into more trouble. When Spike continued to pout, he explained, “Little relative to the length of your whole body.”

“Oh,” Spike said.

Xander sat there, looking at him for a long moment, and then asked, his arms gesturing wildly, “Why would you even think…” He froze, dropping his arms to his side. “This is about Drusilla, isn’t it? About how she always used to go for Angelus.”


Xander crawled over and wrapped his arms around Spike, who held himself rigid, not accepting Xander’s caresses before he suddenly turned and rested his head against Xander’s shoulder. After about ten minutes of comforting kisses, warm hugs, and softly whispered words reminding Spike how wonderful he was, Spike looked down and said, “Looks like the big bad is out of commission for the evening. You?”

“Yeah, little Xan’s not going anywhere,” Xander agreed.

Their eyes darted aimlessly around the room as they tried to think of something to say until Spike spoke up. “TV?”

“Sounds good.”

The End

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