The Very Heart Of Me

Lucy Ash
(aka Dragon's Phoenix)

After the Halloween episode, where Ethan turns everyone into their costumes,
Giles finds him waiting in the shop.

Part 1
After Rupert is influenced by the love spell that Amy created for Xander,
Ethan, in a fit of jealousy, thinks Rupert plans to leave him for Xander.
Ethan decides to get there first.

Part 2
Fighting off a demon attack reinforces Ethan's opinion that there's more to Xander
than the rest of the Scoobies are willing to see. He starts in on his plan to seduce Xander.

Part 3
Ethan looks over a magic shop.

Part 4
Meeting at the Magic Box to discuss training

Part 5
Ethan finds out what Xander wants, more than anything else in the world.
He considers it leverage to seduce the boy with.

Part 6
Hey, where'd Xander learn to do that with a whip?

Xander gets what he most wants.

When All My Plans Have Gone Astray
Sequel to The Very Heart of Me. Spike/Xander. Aww.
It's the boys first time together. How cute!

(Coming Soon)

How Ethan's involvement with Rupert and the Scoobies fits into Season 2.

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