Pairing: Spike/Xander
A/N: This is AU. There will be lots of things that are different. You’ll know when you see them.



Part One

Spike watched Xander stumble around with a stake in his hand. Amazing that the whelp had survived twenty years on the Hellmouth. Couldn’t just be pure bloody luck. All the fledges moved closer except one of them. A blond young man. He looked frightened and his eyes seemed glued to the slayer’s boy.

Xander didn’t dust a single fledge. He only got in the way and Buffy finally had enough. Told the git to get out of her way as she made a move in the direction of the blond fledge. Xander looked at the fledge. The fledge looked away and started moving backwards. Stumbled over a tombstone and ended up sprawled on the ground.

The slayer giggled “Vampires. Always so graceful.”

She stormed forward only to crash into Xander. The boy had moved as well. And while the two humans rolled around on the ground the fledge took one look at Spike, turned around and ran.

“Get off me, Xander.” Buffy snapped. Xander looked up. Smiled and got off the girl. Apologized and extended a hand. Buffy slapped it away.

“If your just gonna get in the way…” she started.

“Sorry. I just thought…” Xander looked ashamed but there was something…something else hiding in his brown eyes, in the curve of his shoulders.

“No…Look…I’m sorry Xander. You’re just human.” the slayer didn’t notice the Whelp cringe at her words. She was too busy making sure her clothes looked good.

Who the hell went demon hunting in a miniskirt?


Spike was on his way back to the watcher’s house when he heard Xander’s voice.

“David?” the boy whispered. Spike walked closer. Making sure no one would notice him as he stood hidden behind one of the larger tombstones. Xander was standing close to one of the crypts. The stake gone. “David?”

A figure moved out of the shadows. Stood uncertainly for a second then ran over and hugged the boy close. Xander ran strong calloused fingers thru blond hair.

“Shhh. David it’s okay.” he said and rubbed soothing circles on the fledges back “You’re okay?” Xander pushed the young vampire a little away and looked him over.

“I-I’m fine, Xander.” the fledge hugged the human close again and Xander sighed in relief.

“For a second there I thought…” his voice trailed off.

“I’m sorry.” the fledge, David, mumbled against Xander’s shoulder.

“Hey.” the boy said and smiled down at the vampire “It’s okay…I didn’t have time to warn you.”

“I…” the fledge looked down and suddenly grabbed Xander’s hand “You’re bleeding.” the vampire said shocked. Spike felt every muscle in his body tighten. Getting ready to dust the fledge if he tried to…

“It’s just a scratch, David.” Xander said running his uninjured hand thru the fledges hair. The fledge whined miserably “Hey…” the human said.

“You’re hurt.” David whispered.

“Look…” Xander cupped the fledges face “There’s no point letting perfectly good blood go to waste …is there?” David shook his head. “It’s okay, David. Really. Just remember to stop when I tell you.”

The fledge took the injured hand in his and held it reverently. Looked Xander in the eyes and lifted the human’s hand up to the fledge’s mouth. Xander didn’t stop caressing David’s face and neck with his other hand while the vampire fed.

“That’s enough.” Xander said and the fledge nodded and let go of Xander’s hand.

“Thank you.” David said and smiled. Xander smiled back and pulled the fledge into a hug.

“Sire.” David moaned.

Xander just hugged the vampire tighter and whispered into the blond hair “Pack.”

They stood like that for a few more minutes then Xander gently pushed David away and said “Go home. I’ll be there in an hour or so.” David nodded, turned around and left.

Xander just stood there for a moment watching the vampire disappear. Then he turned around and looked straight at Spike’s hiding place.

“If you tell Buffy…I’ll dust you myself, Spike.” With that the human walked out of the graveyard leaving a very stunned Master vampire behind.

Part Two

Xander entered the old abandoned house thru the backdoor. The front door was boarded up and if he didn’t want the old lady living across the street to call the cops he would have to leave the boards where they were.

The house was silent. David and the others would still be sleeping. At least for an hour or so. That meant Xander had some time to just sit around and think. He slumped on the old couch and watched as the sunlight crawled across the old scratched floor and down the walls.

David had almost been dusted. Almost been lost. The fledge had spent the rest of the week trying to make Xander forgive and forget. What David didn’t understand was that Xander never blamed him for the mistake.

He blamed himself.

Xander was the alpha. He made sure the pack was safe. Him. Not the fledge and Xander had failed. Hadn’t had enough time to go back and tell the pack that the plans had changed. That Buffy would be patrolling a different cemetery than planned. He always tried to tell his pack when and where the Scoobies would be patrolling. When and where the pack would be in danger. When to stay at home and wait for Xander to arrive with a few bags of blood or when to wait for Xander to take them hunting.

Xander heard the floorboards creak behind him. He took a deep breath and scented the air.

“Hey Asta.” Xander said as slim fingers played with the hair curling behind his ear. She giggled and swung around ending up sitting in his lap. The bright green eyes always took his breath away. She was such an innocent girl. Turned too young. Only thirteen. She had been a fledge for almost a year before Xander had found her hiding behind a dumpster living off rat’s blood. Asta had been so thin and ready to do anything for a decent meal. Anything at all. Xander had fed her his own blood and told her that all she had to do in return was stay safe. He’d gained an adoring fan for life that night.

“Timothy is getting restless.” Asta said and pouted. Xander ruffled her hair

“Hey…not the hair.” the fledge screeched. Xander just laughed and lifted the girl off him. He stood up just as Timothy came down the stairs. The big guy stepped around the hole in the last step.

“Hey Xander.” the demon rumbled and scratched his shaggy fur. Xander smiled at the giant and just shook his head.

“You really need to comb your fur, Tim.” the human said and Asta laughed. “Is David coming as well.” Xander looked over at the stairs.

“He’s still brooding.” Tim growled and stomped over to the fridge in the corner. The demon grabbed some milk and drank straight from the carton.

“Eewww.” Asta scrunched up her face.

“What?” Tim looked puzzled.

“Dude, I found a couple of hairs in my milk yesterday.” Xander frowned.

“Sorry.” Tim mumbled and fumbled a bit with the milk carton.

“Just drink the rest.” Xander sighed.


“David?” Xander sat down on the mattress.

They all slept in the same room on four mattresses. Tim usually slept in the foot end. Like a huge dog. Asta always managed to fall asleep halfway on Xander’s chest. David would snuggle up to Xander’s side and fall asleep with his mouth nuzzling the human’s neck. Now Alan was another matter. The minion would wait until they were all asleep and then he would curl around Asta.

Alan rarely spoke about his former life, about his human life, but Xander was almost certain the vampire had had children. Maybe a daughter. Alan would fuss about Asta needing to feed more and about Asta needing to stay safe. The girl would roll her eyes but Xander knew she loved the attention.

“David…wake up.” Xander rubbed the fledge’s back. The blond stirred slightly. Mumbled and woke up. “Evening sleepyhead.” Xander smiled.

“Everybody go out?” David asked and sat up blinking sleepily.

“Waiting for you.” Xander said and kissed the fledge’s forehead.

“Sire.” David murmured and purred. Xander closed his eyes and let the sound wash over him. Let his breathing slow down and listen to his pack moving around the house. Asta humming and Tim stomping around. Alan was somewhere reading. David moved closer hands touching Xander’s chest and shoulders.

“No.” Xander whispered against the fledges ear.

“Just so you’ll forgive me, Sire” David mumbled. Xander pulled away and looked David in the eyes.

“David…You don’t have to pay me. For anything…ever. I won’t love you less because you screw up. You don’t have to submit like this…” Xander frowned “Never want you to feel like you need to pay for my love or my attention…Pack!” he growled and David smiled and kissed Xander’s cheek.

“Pack.” the fledge agreed.

Part Three

Spike watched as Xander walked across the street. The whelp scanned the surroundings then looked back at the abandoned house he’d just walked out off. He whistled and a giggling young girl ran out of the house and practically jumped the boy. Xander laughed and swung her around.

The fledge from the cemetery walked out next and behind him a man in his late thirties followed. Xander let go of the girl and the two other men gathered around the whelp. They seemed to be waiting for something.

That something turned out to be a furry giant.


“Where are we going, Xander?” Asta asked impatiently.

“I was thinking we’d go see if we could find some prey.” Xander said and clapped Timothy on the shoulder, well as close to the demon’s shoulder as he could reach. The guy was huge. Tim rumbled his approval. Xander knew how much the demon hated wearing clothes and having to wear a trench coat, a cap and a scarf really made Tim grumpy. And not in a Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs kind of way.

“I was kinda getting hungry.” David said and clung to Xander. The human wrapped an arm around the fledge’s waist and smiled.

“Where?” Tim asked.

“The park…there’re some pushers there selling drugs to kids from the high school.” Xander took Asta’s hand and started walking.

“Filth!” Alan growled and Tim nodded.

“And they say we’re evil.” David whispered.


Spike watched them hunt. Xander didn’t really participate. The whelp observed. Pointed out the victim and then stood back and let his pack play and feed.

When the vampires were done the huge furry demon took over and munched on the flesh. Xander didn’t as much as flinch when David chastely kissed him right on the mouth. Blood still colouring the fledge’s lips crimson.


“Xander and David sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G…” Asta sniggered happily, high on the fresh blood.

“Shut up.” David said and poked his tongue at her. Xander stood up straight and looked around. Something was different. He felt restless and exposed. The pack immediately stopped joking around and stood still…waiting.

“We’re going home.” Xander announced.


“Hey everyone!” Xander stumbled thru the door and waved awkwardly with one hand while the other was holding on to a box of donuts.

“Xander…My donut hauling hero.” Willow grinned and took the box from the boy. Xander smiled at her then he noticed Spike and for a split second the whelp’s whole demeanour changed.

Spike wondered how the boy did it. How he could be the slayer’s bumbling clumsy friend and the ruthless pack leader the vampire had seen in the park. The two Xander’s seemed to be complete opposites.

“Xander.” Buffy interrupted Spike’s and Xander’s staring match. The boy turned around and the Scoobies started talking about this weeks demon threat.

“Well.” Spike got up from the watcher’s comfy couch “I’ll be leaving then.” Buffy looked at him and nodded “Unless there’s some ugly demon bloke ya need me ta slaughter.”

“Not tonight. But…” Buffy turned and looked at Giles “Is it okay for the blond undead to leave like that?” she asked. Giles sighed and looked much older than he really was.

“Yes. It’s quite all right, Buffy.” the watcher said “Spike knows that he needs to be back here at least four hours before sunrise or I won’t let him in.”


The bloody watcher and his bloody rules.

Don’t use that mug for your blood. Don’t listen to that racket on my stereo. Don’t read my private journal. Like the old git had anything interesting to write about.

Every entry should read: Was bloody boring today. As always. Cleaned my glasses. A lot. Went to bed.

“Fucking white hat!”

Spike was enjoying his internal rant when he saw a certain blond fledge walk out of the cemetery.


“Well well well.” Spike drawled “If it isn’t Xander’s little fuck toy.” The young fledge tried to get away but Spike had a good grip on the vampire’s shirt.

“No…let go.” David went into game face as he started to panic. This was a Master vampire. David knew he didn’t stand a chance if Spike decided to rip his head off.

David had spent a few hours just walking around the cemetery. He hadn’t hunted. Xander didn’t like them to go hunting on their own. All David had done was watch as the other vamps, the normal vampires, had fought a bit among themselves. He had been on his way home. Home to Xander and the pack. He hadn’t expected something like this to happen.

“So what? Ya got him hooked on the vamp bites? He get off when ya feed off him?” Spike asked and slammed David against the dumpster in the alley.

“Feed off Xander…b-bite him?” the fledge looked horrified “No! No man! Are you crazy?” David curled up when Spike’s fist connected with the fledge’s stomach. “He…h-he saved me…” he gasped.

“He’s human.” Spike growled. David snorted.

“He’s Xander…He’s the nicest guy I’ve ever met. He saved me when the soldiers were done with me.” the fledge whispered quietly. Spike let go of the vampire and stepped back.

“What?” the Master vampire asked, his voice strained “Ya don’t have a chip. I saw ya hunt and kill.”

David shook his head “They didn’t lock me up like they did you.” the fledge tried to straighten his t’shirt “Dude, you ruined my shirt.”

“What did they…” Spike was interrupted.

“You okay, David?” Spike and David turned around and watched as Xander and the furry giant walked into the alley. The huge demon rumbled maliciously at Spike but stopped when Xander patted his woolly arm.

“I…I’m fine, Sire.” David mumbled, walked over to Xander and got a hug. “Can we go home?” David asked quietly and Xander nodded. Spike watched the boy and the fledge leave the alley. The huge demon turned his attention to Spike.

“If you touch him…” the demon warned.

“Don’t worry.” Spike said “Won’t be touching your precious fledge.” Spike snorted.

“Wasn’t talking about David.” the demon growled as he stomped out of the alley.

Part Four

Xander was sitting on the edge of the mattress watching his pack. He hated the fact that he had to leave them unprotected while he went out and worked. Well if you could call leaving two fledges and a minion alone with a seven foot fuzzy demon unprotected. Xander ran his hand thru Tim’s dark fur and smiled when the demon started humming in his sleep.

Tim had been banned from his clan. He hadn’t been bloodthirsty enough. Wasn’t into playing with his prey. Didn’t revel in causing humans pain. The clan had turned its back on the gentle giant. Xander snorted. Gentle his ass. Xander had seen Tim rip an Initiative soldier apart. The giant could be ruthless and cruel to those that threatened the pack.

Xander remembered meeting Tim. Remembered how filthy the demon had been. Fur matted and caked with dirt. Xander had craved, wanted and needed a pack. Tim had provided an outlet for Xander’s need to protect and the two had been the beginning of their pack.

Xander hadn’t had any intentions of expanding the pack. They didn’t need anyone else. At least not until Alan had come along.

“Xander.” Asta mumbled and turned around.

“Hey pretty girl.” Xander said and kissed her cheek. She sighed and stretched.

“Always so cold when you leave.” she pouted and Xander shook Tim’s shoulder.

“Wake up, Tim.” Xander said quietly “It’s your turn to be the hot water bottle.” Tim grumbled but slowly made his way over Alan and plumped down between Asta and David.

“Xander?” Asta propped herself up on her elbows and watched the human stop by the door.

“What, Sweety?” Xander asked.

“I need some new clothes.” She knew Xander didn’t earn much so she rarely asked for anything.

“We’ll go to the mall after sunset.” Xander smiled and left for work.


“Bloody hell.” Spike cursed “Ya bints only got one body.” The vampire put the bags of newly acquired clothes down on one of the benches in the mall “What do ya need four pairs of jeans for. Can only wear one at a time.” Of course the slayer, the witch and Dawn didn’t pay him any attention. How could he compete with a 70% off sign?

The Master vampire sat down on the bench and sulked. Then he noticed a certain young girl rummaging thru a pile of clothes outside the shop opposite the bench he was sitting on.


“Xander…What about this one?” Asta held up a pink shirt. Xander walked over and looked at the shirt.

“Well…” the human said and tilted his head.

“What’s going on?” David asked and made sure to stand as close to Xander as possible. Asta noticed the sales assistant’s disapproving expression. She just turned her back to the woman and looked at the shirt David had found for her.

“Well it’s very different than the one I wanted,” she said and touched the fabric.

“Yeah.” David admitted “But if you buy this one you still have enough money for a pair of jeans or a skirt.” the blond fledge pointed out. Xander was checking the exits…just in case. You never knew when a hasty exit was necessary.

“I’ll go try it on.” Asta squealed. David laughed and dragged Xander over to the jeans.

“You’d look really good in these.” David said.

“Naw.” Xander smiled “They’d look much better on you.”

“Yeah. Ya should listen to your Daddy.” Spike smirked when David flinched.

“Spike.” Xander simply said and walked past the vampire dragging David along.

“What?” Spike followed “Ya really think ya can keep this a secret. The slayer’s gonna find out sooner or later.”

“She hasn’t noticed yet.” Xander was trying to get to Asta. “Four years and she hasn’t noticed.” Get Asta and get out. He stopped outside the fitting room. He could hear the girl sobbing.

“Asta?” Xander saw David move closer. The fledge’s hands hovering over the curtain.

“Sweety?” Xander slowly pulled the curtain back revealing a curled up fledge clutching the shirt in her hands. “You okay?” Xander asked kneeling down next to her.

Asta clung to Xander. Mumbling against his neck “T-t-the m-mirror,” she stuttered. Xander looked up and into the mirror. He was alone. No Asta, no David, no Spike. Just him holding on to a green t-shirt and thin air.

He hugged her closer and whispered “You know about the mirrors, Honey.” she nodded. “Then why?” she burrowed her fingers into his back.

“Mom was the last one to take me shopping…W-we spent the whole day trying on clothes…” she sobbed. David helped Asta up and kissed her forehead murmuring soothingly.

Xander closed his eyes and got up. He stood there for a moment looking at himself. When he turned around Spike was standing right there. Watching him.

“Fragile little one.” Spike said quietly looking over his shoulder at David and Asta. The two fledges were hugging.

“She was turned too young.” Xander said. As he walked past Spike the vampire grabbed hold of the human’s arm.

“Ya sure you know what you’re doing, Xander?” Spike asked looking him in the eyes.

“No.” Xander admitted “But there’s nothing else I can do.” The vampire let go of his arm but Xander didn’t move “Don’t tell Buffy.” And it wasn’t a threat. It was a request.

“Not telling the slayer.” Spike said and watched Xander walk out of the shop with the two fledges.

Part Five

“You’re staying at home.“ Xander said.

“What?“ Asta looked at Xander “Why?“ The teenager ran a hand thru her brown hair “It’s not fair!“

“Asta.” Tim growled and stomped past her and over to the backdoor.

“No. I wanna go with you!” she pouted.

“Look Asta…” Xander tried and took her hand in his “Buffy is out there tonight and Riley is back…“ David shivered and Alan gave him a one-armed hug. “His team is gonna be out there as well.”

“So?” Asta was so not going to stay at home while the rest of the pack went out to hunt.

“Asta…Please.” David begged and moved closer to Xander. The human put a hand on the small of the fledge’s back “Just stay in tonight…We’ll get you some bagged blood.”

“And you guys can just go out and feed.” She crossed her arms “It’s stupid.” Xander took a step forward and grabbed on to her shoulder.

“You stay here!” he growled “Or do I have to tie you up and lock you in the bathroom?” Xander’s eyes looked more green than brown and the girl gasped. She shook her head. “Good.” Xander let go of her shoulder and took a step back “We’ll bring back blood. We just need to get our hands on some money first…Okay?” the fledge nodded silently.

“We should go now, Sire.” Alan said “You still have to go to the Scooby meeting.”

“Yeah.” Xander said and walked over to the backdoor “Go to bed and wait, Asta,” the human said as he opened the door and left. Tim and Alan followed him. David looked back at Asta and smiled apologetically.


“Yeah…” Xander said and looked at Willow “I lost my job. It was even something I liked doing. Building stuff.” Buffy made a sympathize sound as she ate her pizza slice.

“That sucks.” Dawn said and munched on one of the donuts Xander had brought along. Xander smiled at her and thought about Asta. David would be buying the blood now. Alan was probably with him. The blond fledge never went anywhere without company. Not since the Initiative had messed with him.

“So have you found a new job, Xander?” Giles asked and put a huge tome in front of the boy.

“Um…” Was tracking down drug dealers and letting his pack feed on them so he could take their ill-gotten gains a job? “Yeah I kinda did.” Xander said and lied “New construction site downtown.”

“Oh well that’s nice.” Willow said and started flicking thru the pages of a smaller book.

Spike smiled. He could smell the blood. Xander didn’t have any on his clothes so he must have stepped in it. Deceptive little bugger.


Asta looked at the door. It wasn’t fucking fair. So what if the slayer was out tonight. Asta had survived alone for almost a year before Xander had found her and made her a part of the pack.

She shivered. She still remembered the things she had done in order to survive. Not nice things. No. But she had survived. Alone. She didn’t need to be cuddled.

She wasn’t a baby!

Asta put on her sweater and walked out of the house.


Xander felt the need to get back to the house. He couldn’t explain it. Maybe it was his argument with Asta. Maybe it was something else but he needed to make sure she was okay. That they were okay.

“Come on, Xander.” Willow pulled him along with her as they entered the graveyard “Buffy says she’s found a new vamp nest.” Xander’s stomach turned.

“Yeah. Okay.” he mumbled and followed her. After a few minutes she let go of his hand and ran up to Buffy leaving Xander alone with Spike.

“How’s the Bit?” Spike asked as he scanned the shadows.

“If you mean Asta…” Xander looked at Spike. The vampire nodded “Then she’s okay.”

They walked for a while in silence.

“Got a pack, Harris.” Spike pointed out “How’d that happen?” blue eyes studied the human.

“Long story…” Xander said “that I’m not telling you.”

Someone burst out from behind one of the crypts and grabbed hold of Xander‘s arm.


“Fuck, Alan!” Xander hissed and dragged the minion with him so they could stand behind one of the larger trees. Spike followed the two men and watched with interest.

The minion was a little shorter than the whelp but seemed bigger. Strong arms and broad shoulders. Red hair cut short and freckles making the vampire look like a big kid in his daddy’s clothes.

“Sire.” the minion looked frantic and was breathing unnecessarily.

“What?” Xander pushed the man against the tree and looked him in the eyes “Is it David?” the minion shook his head and gasped. “God not Tim…Tell me they didn’t get their hands on Tim!”

“N-n-no, Xander. No.” Alan calmed down and looked over at Spike.

“It’s okay., Alan…just tell me.” Xander said.

“It’s Asta.” the minion whispered “She’s gone.”

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