Demon’s Childe


Part Thirteen

Things settled down over the next few weeks. Xander seemed to calm considerably, accepting that his new family wasn't going to suddenly grow tired of him. Cordelia had given Angel hell for making Xander worry like that but an all-day trip to her favourite spa had gone a long way toward getting her to forgive and forget. For his part, Xander did his best to keep Angel close to them, never letting the older vampire become too far removed.

Spike and Angel seemed to be trying to make up for Xander’s crappy past and their own mistakes.  Spike openly lavished him with affection and Angel seemed intent on showing he cared by spoiling Xander.  One evening he just left a credit card on the table with Xander’s name on it and no explanation.  Cordelia had really enjoyed that particular present as Xander had proceeded to take her shopping on Angel's dime. The two older vampires had been stunned when he'd swooped up the credit card, grabbed Cordy and headed out into the night. They'd had a rather anxious few hours waiting for them to return.

“You’re spoiling the brat, you know,” Spike teased Angel as they waited.

"I know, but it's only money," Angel replied. "From the way he acts I doubt if anyone's ever spent much on him before. His parents certainly didn't. I just can't believe he took Cordelia."

“He’s actually becoming friends with the bint,” Spike shrugged.  “I don’t mind 'cause she’s good for him.  Says she wants to make his outside match his new status as boy toy.”

"I'll talk to her about that," Angel said. He wasn't exactly comfortable with Cordelia doing a make-over on Xander. It was much easier to resist him when he still looked like a dopey schoolboy. That was the reason Angel had ordered him out of his leathers after his first time out with Cordy. It was damn hard to look and not take.

“I don’t think so, Peaches,” Spike made a tsking noise.  “I like the new Xander.  Tight jeans.  Leather jacket.  Yummy.”

"You don't think it's too... conspicuous?" Angel asked.

“Oh, big word,” Spike laughed.  “He’s beginning to like the attention.  But he hasn't dared put back on that outfit he bought a few weeks back and we should have a little talk about that.”

"I didn't mean to make him self-conscious about it," Angel said. "I'll talk to him if you think it'll do any good."

“You haven’t noticed he tends to cover up when you’re around?” Spike asked.  “I even caught him wearing one of your shirts the other night.”

"I didn't mean for that to happen. I was only trying to keep from jumping him on the spot."

“Dead sexy, wasn't he?”

"Too much so," Angel admitted. "It was all I could do to keep from taking him then and there. He has no idea how beautiful he is."

“I didn't tell you I caught him wearing your shirt,” Spike said again, deciding it was time to tuck at his Sire’s heart strings.  “It was while you were out with that weirdo Gunn.  After you’d worked out with him.  I found him curled up on the bed, fresh outta the shower and wearing just your shirt.”

"He was?" Angel asked, easily picturing a freshly showered Xander curled up in one of his long shirts. It was both erotic and strangely innocent. Angel wished he could have seen it for himself.

“Yeah, he was knackered.  He wears himself out in those little training sessions of yours,” Spike nodded. “He wants to impress you so badly.”

"He does impress me. But I don't suppose he knows that. It's been a long time since I had a new Childe. I forgot how they can be."

Spike tried to suppress a smile when he heard his Sire refer to Xander as his Childe.  He wasn't jealous because it was so very important to him that Angel bond with Xander.  “He’s still a handful, but he’s settled into the life like an old sock.”

"You like this, don't you?" Angel asked, seeing the smile his Childe was trying so hard to fight. "Us all together like this."

Spike’s mirth faltered a little.  “Yeah, don’t you?”

"You know I do," Angel said gently. "I'm just a little surprised. I would think you'd want your Childe... your Consort... all to yourself. You've never been one to share with others, even me."

“I shared Dru with you,” Spike bristled.  “You just never asked what I wanted before.”

"You didn't share Dru, I took her," Angel replied bluntly. "That's not going to happen here. I'm asking this time, Will. Tell me how you want this to be between us."

Spike crossed his arms over his chest and turned away.  “He'll always be mine.”

"Yes, he will. If I tried to take him, he wouldn't let me. He'd fight with everything he has to stay by your side. He truly is your Consort, William."

Spike glanced at Angel sideways.  “That’s why I want this.”

"I don't understand," Angel said. "You want to share him because you know I can't have him otherwise?"

Spike huffed and threw Angel a disgusted look.  Angel should just understand.  “I trust him, but I can’t give him everything.”

"You give him everything.  What could he possibly want that you don't provide?"

“What about protection?” Spike spat.

"You can give him that, too. And one day soon, my Childe, you'll be whole again. I promise."

“Is that why you’re holding back?” Spike asked suddenly.  They’d been sleeping in the same bed with Angel over the past few weeks, but besides kissing, he had refused any sexual contact other than watching Spike and Xander together.

"I don't want to interfere. The boy's had enough forced on him. I don't want him to think he has to submit to me simply because of my status."

“I think you’re afraid that I'll take off with him if I get that chip outta my head,” Spike accused.  “I think that’s why you don’t want to get too close.”

"Is that what you want? To leave once you're whole again?" Angel asked, redirecting the question.

“No!” Spike shouted.  “I’m tired of being alone.  Call me selfish, but I want it all!”

"Are you sure? You could have the world at your feet once that chip's out of your head. Do you really want to stay here with me?" Angel had to know. He had to know if this was just temporary. He couldn't risk giving himself to the two of them if Spike was going to take off once he was healed.

“You’re so bloody thick,” Spike accused as he continued to rant, his accent getting thicker.  “You and Xander are my world!  I've seen what the rest of the world has to offer for over a century and don’t want any part of it.”

"Spike, calm down," Angel said, getting to his feet and moving quickly to his agitated Childe. "I'm sorry. I just... I had to be sure. Having you back again has been the best thing to happen to me in a very long time. I don't want to lose you."

“I don’t know what this is,” Spike growled.  “Maybe I should just leave that mother fucking chip in my head.  It’d keep me in line living with two souled up vamps.”

"No," Angel said. He knelt down in front of Spike and grabbed him by the arms. "I am not leaving you defenceless. I don't care if it means you try to bite your way through the entire city. I won't have you crippled like this."

“Maybe I should… should get cursed by Xander’s little witchy friend, too,” Spike half laughed, half sobbed.

"No," Angel said again. "Xander loves you just the way you are. You don't have to change for him."

“But I have changed,” Spike insisted.  “I don’t know any other Master Vampire who runs to his Sire like a baby.  Every other Master Vampire is able to control this… need.  I didn't run to you like this before.”

"Every vampire craves his Sire. I still miss Darla, even if I was the one who killed her. It doesn't make you weak. Your feelings, they're what make you strong. Without them, you wouldn't have made it this long."

“I shouldn't need you,” Spike insisted with a half a pout.  “But I do.”

"I'm glad you do. I need you, too. I'm tired of doing this alone. I want my Childer back. I know I can never have Dru or... Penn... but I can have you and Xander."

“Right.  It’s time I stop acting like a right git,” Spike said, looking up at Angel.  “It’s time we talk about my birthday boy.”

"Oh yes," Angel grinned. "He did say he had a birthday coming up. I take it you'd like to do something extra special for him?"

“He told me what some of his crappy birthdays were like when he was a kid.  He laughs about it now, but I know it still hurts him.  Imagine coming home and your parents didn't care enough to even give you a card, or Dad got drunk and ate your birthday cake.”

"We really should have killed him slower," Angel seethed. "But that's not important now. I'll get Cordelia to take care of the cake. She should know what he likes best. Any ideas on what you want to get him?"

“I do, but it’s too expensive,” Spike admitted.

"Tell me," Angel said.

“A car.”

"I think that can be arranged," Angel said. "As long as you weren't thinking of anything too outrageous."

“You know what always makes his eyes sparkle when we pass it?” Spike confessed.  “A classic mustang.”

"I'll see what I can do. I know a guy that moves cars on the side. He might be able to get one by the time his birthday rolls around. If not, we can save it for his Death-day present."

“Actually…” Spike looked like he had when Angel caught him killing someone he wasn't supposed to in the old days.  “Actually, I kinda found it already.”

"Well that's even better then," Angel replied. "What colour is it?"

“Black exterior, red interior.  Blood red.”

"He'll love it," Angel grinned widely. "Is it in good shape? How soon before it'll be ready?"

“It just might be ready now,” Spike confessed.  “I sorta managed to run into this old demon who owed me a favour.  Just so happens he owns a body shop here in LA with a 1970 Mustang Mach One ripe for the picking.”

"Perfect. Tell him to keep it there until we're ready for it," Angel said. "Now that we have his present from you figured out, what about mine?"

Spike actually stared at Angel blankly for a second.  “You mean you want to get him something on your own?”

"He's my Grand-Childe," Angel explained. "I want to make the day special for him, too."

“What did you have in mind?”

"I don't know. I was thinking something along the lines of the outfit Cordy picked out for him. Maybe something in soft black leather."

Spike’s eyes dilated a little.  “That would be… hot.”

"I thought you might like that. And it might help get Xander to wear the first one again. I don't like the fact that he hasn't touched it since that night. I didn't mean for that to happen."

“Makes me feel like a cradle robber to say this, but he’s still a kid.  He can be hurt so easily.”

"So can somebody else I know."

“Are you saying I’m difficult?” Spike huffed.

"Maybe. But you're worth it," Angel replied. Any further discussion was cut short as Xander and Cordelia burst through the doors laughing loudly.

Xander took one look at Spike sitting on the floor with Angel crouched over him and immediately dropped his shopping bags.  “What’s wrong?” he demanded.

"Nothing's wrong, pet," Spike said. "Me and the pouf were just passing the time till you got back. How was your shopping trip? You manage to max out that card he gave you?"

“You’re upset,” Xander said, still standing there, then turning his gaze on Angel.  “Why is he upset?”

"He's not upset," Angel assured the younger man. "He just asked if he was difficult and I told him yes, but he was worth the trouble. That's all, I give you my word."

“We’re not difficult,” Xander quipped.  “You've just gotten sluggish in your old age.”

"Sluggish, right," Angel replied, running a hand through his hair. He turned his attention to Cordelia warily. The last time she and Xander had gone shopping he'd ended up with one very pissed off co-worker. She'd even gone so far as to casually mention using Holy water to brew the coffee with. Luckily for him, Xander drank coffee, too, eliminating the chance of that particular threat being carried out.

“Maybe that explains why he’s so thick sometimes,” Cordelia added with a pointed look at Angel and a raised eyebrow.

"So, did you guys, um, enjoy your shopping?" Angel asked. "I mean, you got a lot of bags. What did you get?"

“I didn't want to buy it all,” Xander hesitated.  “But there was a sale on and Cordelia said I needed to update my wardrobe.”

"It's fine. I wanted you to spend the money. Why don't you show us what you bought?"

As Xander smiled and started to root around in his bags, Cordelia piped up, “We went to Structure for this to die for sale.  Xander seriously needed more new clothes and you can always go there for semi casual through formal tight slinky to shiny as needed.  We got lots of darker colors.  Xander almost looks like a mini Angel now.”

"Oi! Tell me you got him something with a little color," Spike cried out.

“Oh don’t worry, I know how much you like him in colour,” Cordelia giggled.  “I made sure he got deep reds and blue… even made sure his new silk boxers weren't all black.”

"You got him silk, huh kitten? I'm impressed," Spike said, grinning at Cordelia. The thought of Xander in silk was enough to make his jeans tighten. He couldn't wait to get his boy into them so he could turn around and get him right back out again.

“I can’t believe you told them I bought underwear,” Xander hissed under his breath.  He’d almost died when Cordy had dragged him over, insisting he just had to buy them to please his man.  Of course, she’d said this loud enough for everyone in the store to hear.

"Bet you had fun helping him pick 'em out, too," Spike said. He was surprised that he wasn't jealous at all. If it had been Angel helping him pick out his unmentionables he would have been a bit ticked, but the cheerleader didn't bother him in the least.

“He blushes like a dream,” Cordelia laughed.  “I knew he was thinking about you when he bought them.  There wasn't anyone else he could be thinking about with that goofy look on his face.”

Spike simply grinned when Xander began to blush. He glanced over at Angel and was pleased to see a smile on his Sire's face as well. He wished those idiots back in Sunnydale could see his boy now. They wouldn't even recognize the man he was becoming.

Part Fourteen

“You know… it’s my birthday today,” Xander tried to mention casually as heated up blood for both Angel and Spike.  He’d been dropping subtle hints for several days, but it was the morning of his birthday and they were acting like it was just another day.

"Really? That's today?" Spike asked. "Thought it was yesterday." It was all he could do to keep from laughing at the look on Xander's face. He knew they couldn't keep this up for long. It wasn't fair to the boy, but he couldn't believe that Xander thought they'd actually forgotten his birthday.

“Oh.” Xander’s lips tightened and then he sighed, turning back to microwave.  “That’s okay.  No biggie.”

"Pet, take the blood and go into the other room," Spike said. He waited for Xander to do as he was told then followed silently behind. He hoped Angel had everything set up. He wasn't about to let Xander go on thinking they'd forgotten about him.

Xander had his eyes downcast, focused on his shoes even as he entered the room.  “I'll just give the blood to Gramps and then… find some stuff to do.”

Spike waited until they were inside the other room. He grinned at Angel and Cordelia. Even the Watcher and that Gunn fellow were there. "Happy Birthday, Pet."

Xander looked up and his mouth dropped open as he took in the hand drawn banner in pink saying “Happy Birthday Xan Man.”  He realized that Cordelia must have done that if the pink hearts all over were any indication.  Then he took in the cake with his name on it and his eyes started to well up.

"Happy Birthday, Xander," Cordelia said, stepping forward and taking the cups from him before hugging her ex-boyfriend. She could see the emotions starting to overwhelm him and simply held him for a moment.

“I didn't think anyone…” Xander didn't finish the sentence.  He didn't think anyone remembered or gave a shit.  He didn't think anyone thought he was worth the trouble.

"Hey now, you didn't think we'd forget something as important as this, did you?" Spike said gently. "Only thing more important'd be your Deathday but we got a ways to go for that still."

Xander swallowed thickly.  “You got me a cake,” he said dumbly.  It still hadn't all sunk in.

"Cordy said you liked chocolate," Gunn said, trying to draw the rather startled young man out. "Glad to see you got good taste."

“It has my name on it,” Xander smiled goofily.  “Never had one of those before.  Usually a Twinkie with a candle if I was lucky.”

"I don't think that'll ever happen again," Cordelia said. Not if the other two vampires in the room had anything to say about it. She had a feeling Wes and Gunn would be in on it, too. From what she'd learned about them, their childhoods hadn't been a whole lot better than Xander's had. "Now come on. Time to blow out the candles so we can get to the presents."

Xander took Spike’s hand and dragged him over to the cake.  As his friends sang happy birthday he blew out the candles enthusiastically.  Well, Angel and Wes both mumbled the words, but it was the thought that counted.

Wesley did the honours of cutting the cake, handing out huge slices of the triple chocolate monstrosity. Cordelia knew her thighs were going to kill her but she took her piece from Wesley and settled down to eat it. She was going to enjoy Xander's birthday cake even if she had to starve the rest of the week to make up for it.

Xander refused to let go of Spike’s hand and ended up perched on a couch, eating his cake happily with one hand as he juggled the plate on his lap.  “You said presents?”

"Finish your cake first," Cordelia instructed. "I don't want you choking when you get a look at what we got you."

It wasn't that Xander was very childish, he just liked presents.  At least that’s the excuse he told himself when he wolfed down the rest of his cake in one bite.  With a full mouth he asked, “I can always have more later, right?”

Cordelia shook her head with a smile and set her own cake aside. Spike's present was being saved for the grand finale so they started with hers. She handed Xander her present, watching expectantly as he tore open the package.

Xander opened the lid to the box and then slammed it shut, his blush rising immediately.  “Cordy!” he gasped. “I can’t believe you bought me that!”

"What? I thought it might help spice things up a little bit," Cordy said wickedly.

Xander put his hands securely over the top of the box.  “Ah, thank you.  I think, but things are spicy enough already.”

"Cheerleader got you something naughty, huh?" Spike grinned. He hoped it was something the boy wouldn't be too shy to use.

Xander opened the box just enough to show Spike what Cordy had gotten him.  “You were involved with this, weren't you?”

"Not me, Pet," Spike said, grinning even more at the sight of the box's contents. "But I like it."

“Do I want to know what that is?” Angel groaned.  His entire brood here was a handful.

"We'll save it for a surprise," Spike said. "But come on, time for your next pressie. Oi, Watcher, your turn."

“What I got was rather hard to wrap,” Wesley coughed uncomfortably.  Wes pulled a sword from behind his back with a bright bow attached to it.  “It’s a kopesh blade.  I wanted to get you something practical.”

"Wow, Wes, thanks," Xander said, taking the sword from the slightly flustered man. He ran his hand over the curved blade, careful of the razor sharp edge. The sword looked extremely well made. He'd have to ask Angel about it later.

“Now for my turn, man,” Gunn spoke up.  He handed an envelope to Xander.  Inside was a pair of season tickets to the Lakers that he’d managed to get from a scalper who owed him big time.  It might be in the nose-bleed section, but he still thought it’d be a cool gift.

Xander opened the envelope and just stared. He looked up at Gunn, opening and closing his mouth. Finally, he managed to get words out. "Oh... oh wow! Thanks! This is so great. I can't believe you guys did all this."

“You just have to promise to take me to at least one game,” Gunn said.  “Wouldn't hurt to get you away from your old man for awhile.  Spend some time with someone your own age.”

"You got it," Xander said quickly. "And yeah, it might be nice to get away sometime. Do some normal guy stuff."

“Yeah, with someone who isn't so vampiricly gay?” Cordelia added with a pointed look at first Angel and then Spike.  “Can’t have you too flaming yet.”

"Hey, I'm not flaming," Spike groused. "The pouf might be, but I'm not."

“You bleach your hair, honey,” Cordy said gently.  “Let’s not mention leather and the way you suck on those cigarettes you sneak in the alley when you think Xander won’t notice.”

"Lots of blokes dress this way. That don't make them nancy boys," Spike argued.

“What about the fact that you sleep with two men?”

"Well, yeah there's that," Spike admitted, not about to deny either of his lovers. He wasn't the only one that got his feelings hurt kinda easily. "But that don't mean I'm on fire."

“What ever makes you happy,” Cordy said.  “But you should know there’s nothing wrong with it.  Hell, the word’s already starting to get around.  I bought Xander’s toy at the sex shop down the street and he gave me a discount when he found out it was for one of Angel’s boys.”

"Oh my God! Cordy, tell me you didn't," Xander pleaded, turning an alarming shade of red for a vampire.

“That I didn't what?”  She was obviously confused.  Of course she’d needed to ask the clerk for help and he wanted to know who it was for.  She wanted to get the best for Xander and it wasn't like she knew about gay sex toys.

"That you didn't tell the guy down the street that runs the porn shop that you were buying a... a sex toy... for me," Xander explained, speaking as slowly as he could manage. He just knew he'd never be able to walk past that shop again without all the blood rushing to his face.

“Of course I did,” Cordy beamed.  “He was a little confused at first, but then I explained to him that you’re my ex-boyfriend and now you’re sleeping with my boss.  He thought you were hot.”

"Man's got good taste, Pet," Spike said, trying to ease Xander past his embarrassment. He was going to have a talk with the cheerleader about discretion. It was clear that Xander wasn't happy with people knowing about the three of them just yet. Spike tried not to let that hurt, telling himself that Xander was young and not far removed from his humanity. In time, he would lose his mortal inhibitions.

“Can I have more cake now that we’re done?” Xander muttered.

"What makes you think we're done?" Angel asked, speaking up for the first time. He'd been content to let Spike enjoy the moment with Xander. Now, though, he wanted to give the boy his own gift and then watch while Spike unveiled the grand finale.

“You guys have already gotten me too much.  A sword, Laker's ticker and... a... well…” Xander’s hand tightened on the box.  “A something.  I hope you didn't get me anything too big.”

"Nothing more than what you deserve," Angel said cryptically. "I'll go first." He handed Xander a large box. He had picked this outfit himself, knowing exactly what he wanted to see the boy in.

Xander opened the box, but faltered when he opened the lid and looked at the leather outfit within.  He lifted wounded eyes to Angel and croaked, “This is a joke, right?”

Angel moved over to Xander and knelt down beside him. "No joke, Childe. I'm sorry for before. I wasn't thinking. It would please me very much to see you in this some time."

“But I've been good,” Xander protested.  “I haven’t been wearing anything too whorish, have I?

"You've been very good. This is my treat to you. I picked this out myself. I could picture you in it when I did. Believe me, Childe, you would look magnificent." Angel gently stroked Xander's hand as he spoke, trying to calm him. He realized he should have given him the gift in private but it was too late now.

Xander did the only thing he could.  He didn't pull away from Angel, but he gazed back at Spike for permission to accept the gift.  “Master?”

"Take it, Pet," Spike said. "Wouldn't mind seeing you in that getup myself."

“Okay,” Xander said, knowing he’d accept the gift.  He was still leery he might incur Angel’s wrath somehow.  “But I won’t wear it out in public.”

"No," Angel said shaking his head. "This, you wear only for us."

“We'll have to buy you something else just as tight and leathery to wear when you use Spike’s present,” Cordy chirped.  She definitely didn't think it was fair that only Spike and Angel would get to see him in that type of outfit.

“Huh?” Xander said, his gaze shifting to Cordelia then over to his smirking lover.  “Um, Spike, what’s she talking about?”

“Well, why don’t you follow me outside so I can show you your pressie, Pet?”

"Outside?" Xander queried. He took in the too smug expression on Spike's face and the gleeful smile on Cordy's and started to worry. Still, he let Spike take his hand and lead him toward the door.

Sitting right in front of the hotel, highlighted by the shadowy case of a streetlight was a classic car.  It was shiny midnight black with custom red decals and red leather interior.  “That’s for you,” Spike said, pointing to the car.

"You... you got me a car?" Xander gasped. "Spike, I can't take this. It's too much."

“Of course you can take it,” Spike said, already pushing Xander out to it. “Don’t you like it?”

"Of course I like it," Xander said quickly. "But this had to cost a fortune. I don't have any money, Spike. I..."

“Repeat after me,” Spike started.  “I will accept this wonderful pressie from my Sire, no questions asked.”

"Sire... " Xander trailed off. He'd never been given anything like this before. He didn't know what to say.

“C’mon, Pet,” Spike said, pulling him towards the car.  “It’s a nice practical gift.  You needed a car anyway.”

Xander spun around quickly, startling the friends that had followed him outside. He grabbed Spike and pulled him close, squeezing him hard enough to bruise. "I love you," he whispered hoarsely as he fought for control.

Part Fifteen

Xander was unsure of how he looked.  He’d locked himself up in the bathroom to try his new outfit on without prying eyes.  He ran his hands over the pants and muttered, “Well, at least I know Angel likes tight, black leather.”  He adjusted his package again.  “Really tight leather.”

"You gonna come out any time soon, Pet?" Spike called from the other side of the door. He was starting to get anxious. Xander had been in there a really long time. He was beginning to doubt if they'd get to see his boy in his new leathers tonight.

“It’s so tight it’s obscene,” Xander called back. “I know I look stupid.”

"I promise you, Xander, you do not look stupid," Spike called back. "Now come out here and let us see you already. Your Grand-Sire's about to do his nut waiting for you."

The door creaked open and Xander peeked out.  He saw Angel pacing in the corner.  “Just promise me you won’t laugh?”

"Nobody's going to laugh," Angel promised. A few seconds later the door slowly opened and Xander stepped out. He was dressed in the outfit Angel had gotten him and the sight almost set his heart beating again. The young man looked good enough to eat in the tight leather pants and silk shirt. Angel had been a bit unsure about the shirt but it hugged Xander in all the right places, showcasing the boy's beautiful body to perfection.

“No one’s saying anything,” Xander said quickly.  He could feel his palms getting sweaty.  “I told you I looked stupid.”

"You look... exquisite," Spike said, moving forward to take Xander's hands and pull him more fully into the room. "If you'd dressed like this back in Sunnyhell, I'd have bitten you a long time ago, chip or no chip."

“I would have been laughed off the street if I’d dressed like this back there,” Xander laughed.  “You two can pull it off, I can’t.”

"Oh you are so wrong there, Pet," Spike continued. "You would have had to beat them off with a bloody stick. You look like a walking ad for sex. Makes me want to throw you down on the bed and see how fast I can get you back out of those things."

Xander held out his arm in mock surrender.  “Sounds like a plan to me.”

"Wait," Angel called out when Spike started forward. He walked over to his Childer and slowly circled Xander. He wanted to look his fill before Spike got hold of the boy. He knew it would probably be a long time before Xander wore that outfit again and he wanted the memory of it clear in his mind.

Xander watched Angel watching him as his Grand-Sire circled them both.  After several moments of silence, he cocked his head to the side and took a deep breath.  “Can I have something else for my birthday?”

"Anything," Angel said without pause. "Name it and it's yours."


"What?" Angel asked, going completely still behind the boy.

“I want you,” Xander said, pleased that his voice didn't waver.

Angel glanced over Xander's shoulder at Spike. At his Childe's nod, he smiled. "Then you shall have me."

“Oh.” Even though he’d asked, he hadn't really expected Angel to say yes without at least some more begging.  “Ummm, so… yeah…” He grinned at Angel and Spike, showing his young years.  “So what now?”

"Now we love you to within an inch of your unlife," Spike said. "You've never been loved by the likes of Angel and me before. Promise you, pet, this'll be a night to remember."

Xander actually gulped.  “You’re both going to fuck me?”

"If that's what you want," Angel said, slipping in close and whispering in Xander's ear. "Or you could take us. Whatever you want tonight, as much as you're ready for. We're yours for the taking."

Xander gulped again and he could feel his erection already straining against the tight leather pants.  In the past few weeks, Angel had watched Spike and Xander together in pretty much every position conceivable.  It was a turn on to know they were being watched, but he’d been having fantasies of Angel slipping into the bed and taking him after Spike was done.  

“I've been thinking about…” Xander blurted out.

"Go on, you can tell him," Spike coached softly. "I want it, too."

“When you watch…” Xander started uncertainly.  “I've been thinking about after Spike’s done… about you taking me…”

"You want that, my Childe?" Angel asked, pressing his full length against Xander's back. "You want to give yourself to me like that while your Sire looks on?"

“Yeeeeesss,” Xander moaned. “I want to know what he felt when you took him.  I want…”

"Then you shall have." With that, Angel turned Xander around and kissed him. It wasn't a gentle teasing kiss. This kiss held all the promise of what was to come that night. It let Xander know, in no uncertain terms, just what he was in for.

When they broke away, Xander was clutching at Angel and was able to finish his previous thought.  “I want to be closer to you.”

"You know you don't have to do this to be close to me. It would never be required of you," Angel said, giving Xander an out. He didn't want the boy in his bed out of some sense of obligation. He wanted Xander to want to be there or not be there at all.

“But I want to be closer to you,” Xander repeated again, emphasizing his point by rubbing up against Angel in all the right places.

"Gods, Childe," Angel groaned. "You're enough to tempt a saint.  Spike, let's take him to bed already. I'm dying for a taste."

At the mention of taste, Xander decided now was the time to ask for another aspect of his fantasy that he hadn't even told Spike.  “When Angel takes me… can I feed from you Spike, please?’

"Course you can," Spike said, leering widely as he led Xander to the bed. "Figured I'd hold you while he did it anyway."

“Oh, I like that idea,” Xander nodded.  “Now I need to get out of these pants, they’re killing me.”

"Very well then," was all Angel said before dropping silently to his knees in front of Xander. He reached up and undid the clasp on the pants then carefully pulled the leather down.

“Angel… you shouldn't be doing that,” Xander gasped.

Angel didn't reply. Instead, he held Xander's pants as he stepped out of them, leaving the boy standing in just his silk shirt.

“You’re a Master,” Xander gasped.  He didn't want his Grand-Sire to lower his pride for him.

"Nothing we do here will change that," Angel said, getting to his feet. "And the faster we get you naked, the better."

“Hello, no pants here,” Xander sputtered.  “How about we get you naked, Mr. Pants Wearing Vamp?”

Angel shook his head and stood up. He kissed Xander again then set to work on his own clothing. If the boy wanted him naked, he wasn't going to complain. He glanced at Spike and saw him disrobing as well. At least he wasn't the only one in a hurry to tumble Xander into bed.

Xander slipped his silk shirt off and stood naked, watching the elder Vampires undress.  “You know you'll only be my second male lover, right?  So don’t expect anything too spectacular.”

"You're spectacular enough just the way you are," Angel told him. "I'm glad Spike and I will be the only ones to have had you like this."

Spike decided to use this change in conversation to tease Angel even more.  “You have no idea how tight he is, Sire.  So sweet and tight… just like the first time I took him.”

"Oh I can imagine," Angel said, a look coming over his face that Xander had only seen once before. "The boy's still fresh. And before tonight's over I'll know exactly what it feels like to have him wrapped around me."

The possessive attitude should have pissed him off, but it only made him shiver in anticipation.  “Would that please you?”  He wanted to be coddled and reassured now more than anything else now.

"Very much," Angel told him. "But the real question is would it please you?"

“It would mean I’m loved,” Xander whispered, already moving back to the bed.  The line between love and sex was still blurry for him.

"You're already loved," Spike said as he pulled Xander onto the bed with him. "By the both of us. Peaches doesn't have to fuck you to love you, Pet."

“But I want it,” Xander insisted.  Spike sometimes forgot what a mess the emotions of a fledgling were like.  The needs Xander felt still confused him on some level.

"Then you'll have it," Spike promised. He pulled Xander in close and kissed him hard on the mouth. The time for talk was over. The boy needed reassurance and the way he needed it at the moment was through sex. Still kissing Xander, Spike manoeuvred him onto the bed so that he rested on top of his Childe.

When Spike was nuzzling at Xander’s throat, Xander whispered, “I’m ready for you…”

Spike stared down at his Childe then let his hand ghost down to Xander's buttocks. His fingers slid inward until they found his boy's slick hole. He smiled wickedly. It seemed somebody had been doing more than trying on clothes in the bathroom.

Xander licked his lips and pushed back against Spike’s fingers.  “On my back,” he instructed quickly.  “Please?”

"Yeah," Spike agreed. "Wanna look at you while I take you. Want you to see it's your Sire fucking you."

“Yes!” Xander ground out and pulled his legs back, opening himself up even more.

"Oh that's a good boy," Spike whispered. He pulled back and positioned himself at Xander's hole. He was a bit leery about not stretching him first but trusted Xander's judgment. Carefully, he began to push forward, not stopping until he was all the way in.

Xander could feel Angel watching them like he always did.  There were no signs such as heavy breathing or even movement.  Angel wouldn't move when he watched them, not even to touch himself.  His dark serious gaze from the shadows was enough to drive both Xander and Spike crazy.

Angel watched the pair on the bed silently. He fought to keep from touching himself, the need even stronger than normal this time. He ached to be in Spike's place, to slide into that tight flesh and claim it for his own.

He watched Spike increase his speed, pounding into the boy.  Spike was capable of lasting for hours, but he usually had trouble remembering patience most of the time.  He was likely to let his Childe cum several times, rather than making him wait.  Well, it was time Xander learned the benefit of waiting.  He broke his usual silence and commanded, “Don’t let him cum, William.”

"Didn't plan on it, Sire," Spike said without breaking stride. He saw Xander frown and stroked his face lovingly. "Trust us, Pet, you'll love it. If there's one thing my Master knows how to do, it's shag."

“But you’re so close,” Xander protested.  He even squeezed his internal muscles to emphasize his point.

"Oh, I'm gonna cum, Pet," Spike said. "You're the only one that's holding back." With that, Spike slammed forward again and came. He howled as his seed flooded into his Consort, marking him.

Xander whimpered in protest, thrashing on the bed.  “I want more!”

"You're gonna get plenty more," Spike said as he slowly withdrew. "In case you forgot, my Sire's just itching for his turn with you."

Spike moved behind Xander and pulled his Child against his chest.  Xander spread his legs and grabbed at Spike’s wrist, nuzzling at it.  He wouldn't bite it without permission, but his blood lust was rising.

"Wait until he's inside you, then you can feed," Spike instructed.

They both watched as Angel slowly stood and moved over to the bed. He didn't say a word as he settled between Xander's thighs. They boy was still stretched and loose from Spike and Angel wasted no time in positioning himself and sliding in.

“Please!” Xander wailed.  He didn't know if he was asking to be fucked, to cum or to feed.  But he needed all of them.

Spike quickly slipped his wrist to his Childe's mouth, hoping to soothe some of the savage need coursing through him. He knew his Sire was going to keep him on edge for a bit, wanting him to reap the benefits of being loved by two vampires. Angel, he knew, could last for damn near ever if he set his mind to it.

Xander whimpered as he bit into Spike’s wrist.  Angel was pushing into him steadily, but never enough to cum.  “Just nurse, Childe,” Angel instructed as he fucked Xander slowly.  “We’re going to be here for a long time… and don’t touch yourself.  You cum on my cock, or don’t cum at all.”

Xander whimpered a bit louder but never took his mouth away from Spike's wrist. He was careful to only sip at the punctures as Angel had instructed. He felt like he was on fire, his body burning wherever Angel touched him. Slowly, he reached up and began to pull Angel down toward him by the neck. When he was close, Xander turned his head a bit, offering his neck.

Angel looked to Spike for permission.  “As long as he never drinks from you,” Spike whispered.  The idea of his Sire feeding on his Childe was disturbingly erotic.

Angel nodded and lowered his head. He bit into Xander's neck hard, revelling in the first gush of blood over his fangs. He began to pound into Xander harder and faster as he gulped down the sweet elixir flowing from the boy's veins. Ironically, he realized he wasn't going to last much longer than Spike this first time and set about making sure that Xander came as well.

Xander simply felt everything on a new level.  He felt the blood sliding down his throat and felt it draining at the same time into Angel’s hungry mouth.  He felt Angel pounding into him to the point that his cock was ready to explode.  It was like every nerve in his body was screaming and over sensitized.

Spike could tell how close they both were and leaned down to whisper in Xander's ear. "Cum, Childe," he commanded softly, then leaned back to watch.

Xander arched his back and his fangs bit down hard into Spike’s wrist as he screamed against the flesh.  Darkness overtook him as his Sire’s blood gushed down his throat and he came harder than he’d ever done before.

Slowly Xander's eyes fluttered open and he stared up into two smirking faces. Angel and Spike were both looking down at him as they touched and stroked his arms and chest. He didn't remember Angel cumming or even moving away. He supposed he must have blacked out for a few minutes. That was the only logical explanation.

All he knew was that he felt light and happy.  He closed his eyes again and dove deeper into the feeling.  He felt lighter, like his body was weightless.

"Um, Xander," Spike said, keeping his voice as calm as possible. "I think maybe you should open your eyes again."

“Don’t wanna,” Xander whined quietly. “Feel too good.”

"Xander, open your eyes," Angel said, his voice sounding slightly alarmed. As well it should. Because Xander was currently floating a good two feet above the bed. Angel looked to Spike and saw wild panic barely held in check in his Childe's eyes.

Xander opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling.  It took him a few seconds to register that it was closer, so he looked to Spike for an explanation and noticed he was floating.  “Shit!” he screamed a second later crashing back onto the bed hard.

Spike immediately went to his startled Childe. He pulled Xander into his arms and held him. He looked to his Sire, hoping against hope that Angel would have some sort of explanation for what had just happened.

“Xander, tell us what happened,” Angel said carefully.

"I-I-I-I don't know," Xander stammered, starting to shake. "I was just resting. I cl-closed my ey-eyes and then... "

“You were floating.  I should have expected his,” Angel sighed.

"Really?" Xander asked, calming a bit at Angel's distinct lack of panic.

"Care to share, Peaches?" Spike asked coolly, trying to cover his own fear.

Angel didn't want to bring up Xander’s family, but it was the only way to explain what had just happened.  “I think your demon heritage is asserting itself.  You were supposed to fully mature on your twenty first birthday.”

"And that means I can... float... or whatever?" Xander asked shakily. "But that doesn't make any sense. They didn't initiate me into the club, remember. They fucking beat me to death instead. Shouldn't my vamp demon overrule my other demon?"

“The fact that you still have your soul…” Angel was trying to think on his feet.  “I think that answers a lot of questions.  You’re obviously part human, with a mixture of two demons.”

"Can you get rid of it?" Xander asked. "I don't want to be like him. I only want to be like you guys. Can you make it go away?"

“These are gifts, Pet,” Spike tried to calm Xander.  “You’re still you.”

"No!" Xander said hotly, pulling back from Spike's embrace. "They make me like him.  I don't ever want to be like him. Please, Spike, you have to help me."

“Xander, I don’t know if we can get rid of this,” Spike implored, trying to pull Xander back into his arms.  “I don’t even know what this is.”

"Please, Master," Xander pleaded but he allowed Spike to pull him close again. He buried his face against Spike's neck and held on. He didn't want this. He didn't want to be a freak to his own Sire. He just wanted to be like them.

“I don’t know what to do,” Spike answered, holding Xander close.  He turned pleading eyes on his own Master.  “Angel?  Master?”

"We'll think of something," Angel said, responding immediately to the plea of his Childer. He moved closer to the pair and wrapped his arms around them both. He doubted if they could do anything to remove Xander's powers but they could help the boy learn to accept them.

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