Demon’s Childe


Part Seven

Xander waited until the white car pulled away. He knew his mother would be gone for most of the night. That gave them several hours to do what they came here for. They hadn't had any luck in finding out what type of demon Xander's father was. Spike, in his infinite patience, had gotten tired of waiting. So tonight, Xander, Spike and Angel were paying dear old dad a visit.

“Tell me again why I can go in without an invitation?” Xander asked.

"Because it's your house," Spike explained. "If you'd still been just living with your parents then you couldn't have, but you've been paying him rent for the basement. That makes it yours, not his. Understand?"

“Okay,” Xander nodded, accepting the explanation.  “He should have drunken himself into a pretty good stupor by now.”

"Don't let him fool you," Angel cautioned. "Some demons can handle their liquor better than you think."

“I’m used to pussy footing around him,” Xander dismissed.  “Been doing it for as long as I can remember.”

"Alright, but watch yourself," Angel nodded. This was the tricky part. They needed to stay in the shadows until Xander had the door open for them. They couldn't risk being seen entering the house. Not with what they planned to do.

“Yes, Grandpa,” Xander sighed and rolled his eyes.  He placed a quick kiss on Spike’s lips and took off for the door.

Spike growled as he watched his Childe move through the night. Xander was certainly a sight to behold. He was sleek and fast, darting from shadow to shadow just like they'd taught him. Still, he didn't like his Childe being so far away from him, especially here.

Angel placed a comforting hand on Spike’s shoulder.  “He’s beautiful.”

"He is, isn't he?" Spike replied. It was true. Since his turning, Xander had blossomed. Gone was the geeky boy and in his place was a stunning man. Spike had been both surprised and pleased by the changes taking place.

“He'll be a Master some day,” Angel predicted.  “But it will go fine now.  He’s strong.”

"Sire... you ever feel like this with me?" Spike asked softly. Xander was almost there. In another minute it would be time for them to move in.

“All the time, William,” Angel whispered.  “All the time.”

"Sire..." Spike sighed, leaning into the other vampire slightly. He longed to reach out to Angel the way he used to but he didn't. Xander wouldn't understand and Spike wasn't going to hurt him. "I wish I could give you more."

“I let go of you a long time ago,” Angel said.  “I lost that right.  The boy’s in.”

Spike shifted to game face in an instant and he and his Sire streaked across the night toward the house. They would definitely continue this conversation later but there were other matters to attend to now. They stopped when they reached the barrier of the door. Both men grinned as Xander smiled and invited them inside.

“See, piece of cake,” Xander whispered.  “I told you I could do it.”

"Never doubted you for a second, luv," Spike said. He pulled Xander close and kissed him on the mouth. He kept it brief, but he needed to taste his boy's mouth before they began. "Where do you think he is?"

“He probably made it as far as the couch,” Xander predicted.  “That’s on a good night.  It was always better when he passed out early and couldn't come looking for me or mom.”

"He hurt your mum, did he?" Spike asked, his anger rising. He didn't care for blokes who beat on their women. He was going to enjoy making this one pay.

“Yeah, he did,” Xander said.  “Dad always said he wished I was a girl, not that that ever stopped him from hitting me, but I think… if I’d been a girl he would've… you know… been too interested in me.”

Spike felt sick. He stared at Xander hard. "Xander, pet, I want you to tell me the truth now. Has that beast ever... touched you?"

“He never raped me,” Xander mumbled, looking away.

"You don't sound too convincing there, pet," Spike said, trying to keep his tone light. Inside he was seething. The bastard might not have raped the boy physically, but he'd done just as much damage otherwise. Oh, he was going to enjoy making this one suffer.

“I was a mistake, you know,” Xander said.  “My parents never wanted kids in the first place, but they had me.  My dad said I was a waste of space.  Sometimes he’d touch me… tell me I was too pretty for a boy…”

A low, deep growl startled both Spike and Xander and they turned to see Angel, in full game-face, growling menacingly. "Spike, we're gonna rip his nuts off and feed 'em to him," he vowed. Child molesters made him physically ill and to know that his own Grand-Childe had been abused was enough to make him want to rip someone apart.

“Shud-dup!” a slurred voice came in response to Angel’s outburst, followed by the sound of an empty liquor bottle crashing against the wall.

"Look, guys, you need to crank it down a notch," Xander whispered, grabbing onto both men to keep them from charging into the other room and killing his father on the spot. "We still need information from him. After we get what we came for, he's all yours. Okay?"

“He doesn't look too dangerous to me,” Spike growled.  Sure Xander’s father was a big man, but he also had a big beer gut, which would make him slow.  As it was, he was sprawled out on the couch, barely conscious.

"Don't let him fool you," Xander cautioned, just as Angel had done earlier. "He's fast and mean and he's got no problem beating his own son to death."

“The game plan is you two let me go in there and subdue him,” Angel said.

"Alright, but watch your back, Grampa," Xander said. He grabbed Spike's hand and squeezed it. This was the part of the plan he liked the least. They didn't want to take a chance on Spike's chip going off if Xander's dad did turn out to be human. Spike had refused to let Xander take part in subduing the man so that left Angel. Xander didn't like it but he'd been out-voted.

Angel strode silently to the couch and pulled out a sword from his leather duster.  There were some things that he still preferred in his arsenal and a good sword in his hand was one of them.  With deadly accuracy, he had the sword pointed at Harris’s throat.

“Go away,” Harris grunted.

"Not gonna happen," Angel growled. He dropped the sword and swooped in to grab Xander's father by the throat. He wanted to simply rip the fucker's head off but he held back. Xander wanted information and Angel was going to get it for him. Lifting the man off the couch, Angel threw him across the room into the far wall, smiling when the man crashed into it and slid to the floor.

What Angel didn't expect was for the big man to grunt and get up unsteadily, only to shake himself off.  “What’s this?” he shouted, sniffing the air.  “A mother fucking vampire?”

"Actually, it's three," Xander said as he stepped out of the shadows. "You really should have killed me before dumping me in that alley. You never know what might come along in Sunnydale."

“I thought I killed you boy,” Harris laughed, his belly jiggling grotesquely.  “Guess your blood sucking boyfriend finally decided to turn you, huh?”

"You got that right, mate," Spike said as he stepped into the room as well. He could smell the demon-scent coming off of Xander's father now and he ached to get in on the fight. "And now it's payback time."

“For what?” Harris snarled.  “For getting rid of what’s mine?  I have every right to dispose of my property.”

"Your son isn't your property," Angel snarled.

“Maybe not under human law, but you've probably figured out we’re not quite human,” Harris laughed.  “His mother belongs to me along with any children she produces.  Her father gave her to me.  The boy belongs to me until he turns twenty one.  My brothers and I decided to dispose of him before he reached maturity.  He was judged unworthy to join the brotherhood.  It’s the law of our kind.”

"And just what kind is that?" Spike asked. He had a pretty good idea from what the bastard had said but he wanted to make sure. After that, he and Angel could cheerfully kill the fucker then go after his "brothers".

“I’m a Purson demon,” Harris laughed.  “Descended from the great line of Purson, Twentieth Spirit listed in the Goetia.”

Angel and Spike glanced at each other. This was more serious than they'd thought. Xander's father wasn't just a run of the mill demon. A Purson wasn't something to tangle with. Still, the odds were three against one. As long as the "brothers" didn't show up.

“Do you really think you can take me on?” Harris laughed.  “I might not have been gifted with the sight or ability to find treasure like my brothers, but that doesn't mean I’m powerless.  I might have to live in squalor and be married to a useless bitch who births a fag, but I always loved the aerial powers!”

Just as Harris finished speaking, he started to float off the floor.  Spike had heard enough. They knew what the thing was and even more importantly, which powers Xander was likely to inherit from it. Now it was time for it to die. Launching himself at it, Spike collided with it in mid air, sending them both crashing to the ground. He wanted to rip the thing's heart out with his bare hands and feast on it.

As Spike and Harris were rolling around, Harris continued to taunt him, “You’re the reason I killed my own spawn! We could smell you on him!”

"News flash for you, Daddy-dearest, we weren't fucking then," Spike said as he slashed at Harris with his teeth.

“You made my spawn unclean… tainted!” Harris shouted, backhanding Spike.

Angel watched his Childe reel from the blow and dove into the fray. He slammed into Harris, knocking him into the wall once more. While staying with Spike and Xander he'd gone back to drinking human blood, albeit from a bag. In any case, he was stronger and faster than he'd been in a long time.

Together, Spike and Angel were able to wrestle Harris into submission after a drawn out battle where most of the first floor of the house was destroyed.  Angel was about to skewer him on the sword when Xander called out, “Stop!  Don’t kill him now!”

"Why the bloody hell not?" Spike asked angrily. He wanted this fucker to die. He wanted to bathe in his fucking blood. He wanted to stand there and watch as the light went out of his eyes for good.

“I need to know I can’t loose my soul” Xander cried out.  “He has to know!”

"What? Xander, no," Angel said. "You can't, trust me. I know a thing or two about Purson demons. You can't lose your soul, I promise."

“Then just one question…” Xander nodded, shaking.  “Why… why wasn't I good enough?  Why didn't you love me?”

"Listen to yourself," the demon roared. "You're fucking pathetic. Chasing after the fucking Slayer. Running around killing demons. The brothers wanted to eat your heart but I told them not to taint themselves."

Xander winced openly.  “What would it have taken for you to love me?”

"I'm a demon, you stupid piece of shit. I don't love anything. By the Gods, I should have drowned you when you were born."

“But… but, I’m a demon,” Xander said the words for the first time.  “And I loved you.  So I know you’re lying.”

Xander turned to Angel who seemed to know the most about demons.  “Some demons live just like humans… among humans, with families and such… and they can love, but not Purson demons.  You must have a little human heritage somewhere.”

"Hey, I'd have known if he was pure demon," Spike said, the taste of his Childe's blood easy to recall. "He wasn't. So either this git's lying or his mom ain't a hundred percent demon. Either way, he's full of shit."

“His mother was a half-breed,” Harris spat.  “That’s why I bought her for so cheap.  A cheap fuck.  Didn't think I’d waste my one chance to spawn on him, though.”

"You bought her?" Xander repeated, incredulity warring with anger in his voice. How dare this bastard talk about his mother like this? He was really going to enjoy watching Spike and Angel kill him.

“It’s how it works with our kind,” Harris laughed.  “We can only have one spawn.  I thought you’d had half a chance when you hooked up with that hot piece of ass, the Vengeance demoness.  But instead you like being the piece of ass.  If you’re gonna kill me, get it over with so I don’t have spend another second looking at this waste of space!”

"Not a problem, mate," Spike hissed. He turned to Xander, smiling evilly. "You want to do the honours, pet? Or would you rather let Grandpa do it?"

“I… I don’t think I can,” Xander faltered, backing up a bit.  “I always wanted to… every time he hit me or mom… or yelled at me, but I can’t… I’m sorry, Sire… I just don’t want to become like him.”

"You could never become like him," Spike assured him. "But how about if we let Peaches here have him. He's chomping at the bit to rip his guts out. You can watch what happens when somebody threatens one of your Grand-Sire's Childer."

“Do I have to watch?” Xander begged.  Part of him wanted to… part of him wanted to kill his father, but that was the part he was afraid of.  He was afraid of the demon he knew he was and apparently always had been.  The other part of him just wanted Spike to take him away.

"Yes, you do," Angel said. "You're not like him. Just the fact that you don't want to dance in his blood is enough to prove that. But you need to see this. You need to know that when something is done to you it will be avenged."

Xander knew this was part of the obey element of being a Childe that Angel had been trying to teach him about.  He didn't want to watch, but he would because he’d been told to.  

Angel was pleased that the boy had obeyed him. He could see the slight tremor running through him and decided to make this fast. He didn't want to. He wanted to make the fucker sorry he'd ever been born. He contented himself with the knowledge that he could take his time on the "brothers". He'd just make sure Xander wasn't there for those. With one swift move, he grabbed the thing's head and broke its neck. He didn't even bother to feed, not wanting even a taste of the repugnant thing's blood.

When Spike and Angel turned, they were both wearing self-satisfied grin on their faces.  Angel might have been good at handling Childer, but he had never raised a Childe with a soul before and one still not quite a man yet.  Xander was frozen to a spot, eyes distant as he looked at his dead father.

"Xander... pet... you okay?" Spike asked, alarmed by the stillness of his Childe. He hadn't expected Xander to react like this. Sure, he hadn't expected him to jump up and down over the bastard's death but he hadn't expected this either.

It took a second for Xander to respond, twitching a little.  "M’fine,” he mumbled.

"Come on, luv. Let's get out of here. Nothing more for you here anyway," Spike said as he grabbed the boy and pulled him toward the back door.

“W-We can’t leave him like that,” Xander said, shaking his head.  “My mom…”

"I'll take care of it," Angel said. He wasn't looking forward to disposing of the body alone but Spike needed to get his Childe out of there before he fell apart completely. He hadn't expected his father's death to bother Xander so much. If he had, he would never have made him stay to watch it.

“What about my mom?” Xander insisted.  “She doesn't have a job.  She even has to wait for permission to eat… almost to breath…”

"I'll take care of it," Angel said again. "There are places she can go, people who will help her. She might even be able to return to her family now that your father is out of the picture. And if she can't, I'll see to it that she's taken care of."

“He’s really dead,” Xander said.  His hand tightened on Spike’s grasp.  “I killed him.”

"You didn't kill him, pet," Spike tried to assure him. "Your Grand-Sire took care of that."

“Spike, can you take me away now?” Xander asked in a broken voice.  

"Of course, luv," Spike said at once. "Angel can find his own way home when he's done here." He led Xander outside, making sure no one was around to see them exit the house. They kept to the shadows again, Spike not wanting to risk running into anyone with Xander acting so out of it. He breathed a sigh of relief when they made it back home without incident.

“I suppose it’s pretty much a right of passage to off your parents when you’re turned,” Xander laughed in a rather scary tone.  “Guess I’m there already.”

"Not always," Spike said. He sat Xander down in the kitchen and went about making some hot chocolate. It was his favourite comfort food, even better than blood sometimes. "I mean, I turned my mum but not because I wanted to hurt her. I was just trying to make her better... give her eternity."

“Spike… Sire?” Xander asked in a very serious tone.

"What is it?" Spike asked, steeling himself for whatever Xander was about to ask.

“Can I have a sip of hot chocolate?”

Spike frowned at Xander slightly but set the steaming mug of chocolate in front of him all the same. "I was making two," he said, letting Xander know that this had been meant for him as well.

“You’re going to let me have some?” Xander asked hesitantly.  “It’s not your blood.”

Spike understood then and smiled at his Childe. "Yeah, you can have some. Have as much as you want. It tastes good and you always did love your chocolate. I don't mind if you have this. It can't sustain you. The only thing that can do that is blood."

Xander’s eyes lit up and he dipped his finger into the foam, licking if off slowly.  “Man, I have missed sugar.  I mean, your blood… well, there’s nothing that can compare to your blood.  But I just want to trying fanging out on a Twinkie to see if I can drain it.”

"That, pet, is disgusting," Spike laughed. "But you can have all the Twinkies you want if it'll make you happy."

“What?” Xander said between a noisy slurp.  He was trying everything to forget the image of his father’s dead body.  Nagging Spike always helped.  “This coming from the walking ashtray.”

"Ha ha," Spike said. He made a mental note to cut down on the smokes. He knew the boy didn't care for them much. He made another mental note to pick up some junk food the next time they were out. A sugar-laden Xander was a happy Xander, after all.

“Do you ever feel guilt?” Xander suddenly asked out of the blue.

"Yeah, sometimes," Spike shrugged. "Don't tell the pouf I said that, though. But yeah, I do. Felt right bad about what I did to my mum. Still do sometimes. Why?"

“No reason,” Xander said quickly.  “And this Sire’s right thing… would it apply to Dru, too?”

"How do you mean?" Spike asked.

“I don’t know what it is exactly,” Xander admitted.  “But I heard you and Angel talk about it.  I know it means Sires have some sorta claim over their Childer.”

"Yeah, they do.  A Sire owns his Childer body and soul. And his Childer's Childer, too. Means they can bloody well do what they want with you when they want it. Angel said he'd forfeit his rights with you. I'm not explainin' this very well, pet."

“I know… they’d get a taste of the merchandise,” Xander murmured.  “But, could Dru… would she…”

"Dru ain't my Sire," Spike said. "She drained me, but Angelus is the one that Sired me. She's got no claim on you. Tell me the truth now, pet. You just worried about Dru or about what Angel might try to claim?"

“He killed for you,” Xander admitted miserably.  “He killed for us.  I don’t know what to think of him.  He looks at me.”

"The poof's always had good taste in men," Spike said. "He may be a bit of a pillock but he's loyal. He'll protect his family to the death. That's why he never staked Dru. Couldn't bring himself to do it no matter how evil she was. Same with me. Anyway, you don't have to worry about him. He might look but that's all he'll do unless you tell him otherwise."

“And I won’t tell him,” Xander said.  “I just want to know how to handle it if we’re going to LA… which is sounding better and better.”

"He's your Grand-Sire. Normally, you'd show him respect and defer to him as you would me. We'd both probably end up warming his bed if he hadn't relinquished his rights. He'll fight to the death for you and you'd be expected to do the same for him. You're family now."

“So I’m your bed warmer, huh?” Xander tried to make it sound seductive.  The truth was he didn't feel all that much like sex.  He just wanted to be held, but Spike always held him after sex.

"Well, you would be if you were actually warm," Spike joked. "Look, pet, don't know about you but I'm knackered. What say we catch a bit of kip before His Broodiness returns?"

“Do you think he'll be back soon?” Xander asked.  He wanted Angel there for extra protection.  If Spike was tired, he’d let his Sire sleep and stay up to keep watch.

"He won't be long. Don't worry, though, the door's bolted good and tight. Nothing can get in here unless we let it," Spike told him. "Come on, let's lay down for a bit. Wanna hold you for awhile."

“You can sleep,” Xander said, letting Spike pull him off the chair, even as he yawned.  He didn't think that vampires yawned, but he didn't care.  “I'll keep watch.”

"Not gonna happen, pet," Spike said. "I wanna lay in our bed and hold you and watch you sleep for a little while. You're not gonna deny your Sire what he wants now are you?"

“No,” Xander admitted.  Spike pulled him over to the big bed and began to undress him.  “But I could stay awake if I wanted.”

"I know you could, but I don't want you to. Now be a good Childe and do what your Sire says." He finished undressing Xander down to his boxers and put him in bed. Spike slid in beside him and arranged the younger man next to him with Xander's head on his shoulder.

“I’m a demon,” Xander mumbled, already half asleep.  “That means I’m all kinds of bad.”

"You always were, luv. Just didn't know it," Spike said. "Now close your eyes and rest."

“Grrr…” Xander mock growled before slipping off into a deep sleep.

Angel slipped into the warehouse and crept toward the bedroom. He could tell Spike and Xander were in there. He could also tell that while Spike was awake, Xander was sound asleep. That was probably for the best. The boy had had a hard day.

“So it’s done?” Spike asked.

"Yeah," Angel said as he quietly pulled a chair up to Spike's side of the bed. "I did what I could for the living room but it was still pretty trashed. The body's taken care of, though. How's he holding up?"

Spike smoothed over Xander’s hair and checked to make sure he was asleep before he spoke.  “He’s steadier than most fledglings and considering we just killed his father in front of him… I think that was mistake.”

"I know. I'm sorry. I thought it might help for him to see his tormenter being paid back. I should have known it would be too much. He's a sensitive soul. He takes everything to heart." As Angel spoke he carefully reached out and ran a gentle hand over Xander's shoulder. He'd been on edge since Spike and Xander had left the Harris house. Now that he knew his Childer were safe, he could finally relax.

“Sometimes I forget he has a soul,” Spike admitted.  “We can’t be too careful with him.  He’s more human than he is vampire.”

"We'll be careful," Angel whispered. He would make sure of that. Xander deserved that care after everything he'd lived through. How many times had this man-boy saved Buffy? How many times had he helped save the world? And in all that time Angel seriously doubted if anyone had ever shown him the care Spike was now.

“Sire?” Spike’s tone was serious, if not a little uncertain.  “The boy scares me.”

"How so?" Angel asked. He could hear the worry in Spike's voice and it pulled at him. In the short time they'd been reunited their bond had grown immeasurably. While it felt good to be so connected to his Childe, it was also a bit disconcerting. When his Childe was troubled, so was he.

“I've made minions,” Spike dismissed them with a wave of his hand.  “They were nothing.  Never had a Childe before.  He relies on me for everything and that scares the shit out of me.  All that responsibility…”

"You'll be fine," Angel smiled. "Just the fact that you're worried about what kind of Sire you'll make tells me that. It won't all be moonlight and roses, but you'll get by. And I'll help you both any way I can."

“I can’t protect him properly, you know,” Spike admitted his worst fear.

"Then we'll teach him to protect himself and if the time ever comes, I'll protect him for you. Spike... you won't always have that chip in your head. We'll get it out, Childe. I promise."

“Don’t lie to me, Angel,” Spike hissed softly. “I know that if I got it out you’d stake me.  I’m evil.”

"I would never stake you," Angel vowed. "Never. You're not as evil as you think, Spike. If you were, you'd be using Xander to get back at Buffy and her friends for every rotten thing they've ever done to you."

“You used to hate that,” Spike whispered.  He turned his own head away, kissing the top of Xander’s head softly.  In a way, Xander reminded him of the way he used to be, only his Childe was much, much stronger than he’d ever been at the same age. “That’s why I became Spike.  Angelus hated William’s weakness.”

"I'm sorry," Angel said, looking away. "I know nothing can ever make up for the things I did to you."

“It made me the bloke I am today,” Spike tried to shrug it off.  “William wouldn't have lasted very long.”

"No, I suppose he wouldn't have," Angel agreed. Soft, gentle William would never have lasted in their world. Spike, however, was made for it and Xander would learn from him.

“I don’t want him to change… to have to grow up anymore than he has,” Spike almost sulked.

"There's no way to stop that, Spike. But we can try to make sure he doesn't grow up too fast. Besides, I think Xander will always be a kid at heart."

“I don’t like the way you look at me when you say that,” Spike huffed a little.

"You're my Childe," was all the explanation Angel gave. Inside he was nearly laughing. Spike couldn't have chosen a better Childe if he'd tried. They both acted so immature they'd keep each other amused for decades.

“Just for that I think you should have to tuck us in,” Spike grinned.  Behind the cheeky bravado was the truth that he wanted Angel close.

Angel looked at his Childe, surprised by the suggestion. He saw something in Spike's eyes and felt the bond between them pull a little tighter. "Slide over, boy," he said as he got up and slipped off his coat and shoes.

“Oy, you don’t still snore do you?” Spike put up a token protest, but still was moving Xander over inch by inch.

"I never snored," Angel groused as he slid in beside Spike and Xander. He grabbed the blanket at the foot of the bed and covered them up then rolled over until he was pressed up against his Childe. "Go to sleep, Spike. We'll deal with everything else when we get up."

“Should start calling you Snugglebunny now,” Spike quipped, but it had no edge.  He felt safe now pressed between Xander and Angel.  It wasn't sexual, well no more than the ever present sexual tension between Sire and Childe.

"Sleep," Angel said again. "That is an improvement over a few of the things you call me, though."

“Night, Peaches.”

Angel bit back an angry retort and merely pulled his Childe a bit closer. "Goodnight, Will," he whispered, closing his eyes.

Part Eight

Xander was pulled into consciousness slowly.  He could feel a hand cupping his ass.  That was normal, but something just wasn't right.  The hand was a little bigger than he remembered.  Slowly, he opened his eyes and stared at the sight before him. His Sire was in bed with him but they weren't alone. Angel was currently snuggled up next to Spike with an arm draped over the both of them. An arm that ended in a rather large hand that was currently cupping his ass. Xander didn't know whether to be wigged out or pissed off, but one look at the peaceful features of his Sire quieted his reaction.

The question was, how did one extract himself from a pile of vampires that more currently resembled a pack of intertwined octopuses?  He wondered how Angel had ended up in bed with them, but he had to remember as much as he wanted his Sire near, Spike maybe wanted the same thing on some level.

Xander tried to inch away from the pair but as soon as he moved two sets of eyes snapped open and gazed at him worriedly. "You okay?" Angel asked, breaking the silence first. He hadn't meant for Xander to wake up with him still in bed with them.

“I’m hungry,” Xander blurted out.  Okay, he hadn't meant to say that, but he was.  Very, very hungry.  “And your hand’s on my ass.”

Angel jerked his hand back as if he'd been splashed with Holy Water. "Um, sorry," he said sheepishly, glaring at Spike when he had the audacity to snicker.

“Peaches always was grabby,” Spike snorted.  “Likes a good bum, too.”

"Um, Spike, way too much information," Xander said. He slid out of bed then, intent on raiding the kitchen. What he wanted was blood but he knew Spike hadn't eaten yet and he didn't want to weaken him. Besides, he thought maybe the two vampires would like a few minutes alone.

“Don’t fill up on sugar, luv,” Spike called out.  “I plan to let you nurse on my wrist as long as you want soon.”

"You need to eat first," Xander called back. "You both do. I'll start some blood heating up."

“I don’t think so,” Spike insisted.  He didn't want Xander tempted by the blood.  “Wait for me, pet.  Have a Twinkie.”

"I won't drink any, Sire," Xander said softly, knowing they could hear him. "I only feed from you."

Angel reached out and squeezed Spike’s shoulder.  “Trust him,” Angel whispered.  “Baby steps, Will.  Baby steps.”

Spike frowned but stayed where he was. He didn't want to. He wanted to go to his Childe and make sure he drank nothing but the blood of his own veins. Instead, he lay hard and unmoving next to his Sire as he listened to his Childe prepare their food.

Angel’s hand started to massage Spike’s stiff shoulder.  “Do you really think he’d choose some cold human blood over his Sire’s fresh blood?  Do you remember what it was like when you were that young?  The craving…”

"Still have that," Spike admitted. He'd never told his Sire before, but he'd never lost the craving for his blood. Even after becoming a Master in his own right, Spike still craved what only Angelus could give him.

“Ah, Will,” Angel sighed, he reached out and cupped the back of Spike’s head.  “I think… as long as you’re under my protection…”

"Sire?" Spike queried softly.

“As long as you’re under my protection, I'll give you this,” Angel whispered, continuing to hold Spike’s head and now holding up his wrist.

Spike stared at his Sire, his eyes going wide at the implication. Angel had fed him only rarely and that was when he still tolerated him. For Angel to offer now... Spike wanted so badly to reach out and take the proffered wrist but he held back. He knew all too well how Xander felt about Angel. He also knew that his boy didn't like to share.

"Go ahead," Xander said from the doorway, startling both vampires. "You want it. He wants you to. Go ahead."

“It will make your Childe stronger when he feeds from you with my blood in your veins,” Angel said.  He wasn't sure if he was trying to give himself or Spike an excuse.

Xander walked forward and knelt down beside the bed. He reached out and took Angel's hand and lifted it toward his Sire's face. "Drink, Sire," he said again, understanding shining in his eyes.

“Just a little bit,” Spike whispered, licking his lips.  He leaned foreword, slipping into game face and bit Angel’s wrist.  At the same time, he bore his own wrist to Angel.

Angel looked to Xander, asking silent permission to feed from his Childe. He felt the pull within, but he had to know Xander was all right with it. The boy had allowed so much already, he didn't want to overstep himself now.

Xander nodded his permission silently.  Sure a part of him was jealous, another part understanding the craving, but another part of Xander knew what a turn on the two vampires were together.  His cock was already hard from watching Spike feed.

Angel took the hand and slid his fangs into Spike's wrist almost tenderly. He kept his eyes on Xander as he fed, amazed at the emotions flitting across the boy's face. He wasn't surprised by the arousal. Feeding always aroused vampires, regardless of who was doing the feeding. What did surprise him was the fact that Xander was letting him do something so blatantly intimate with his Sire.

Again the exchange between the two Masters was little more than a token exchange, each taking just enough to replace what the other was taking.  They pulled away only after each licked the wounds carefully.

Xander stood then and walked soundlessly from the room. He gathered the two mugs of blood he'd been heating and took a deep breath. He was still incredibly aroused and wanted to calm down before he went back into the bedroom. A few seconds later and he was calm enough to pick up the blood and carry it to the two men.

Angel took the first mug that Xander held out, but then made a face, handing it over to Spike.  “Marshmallows?”

Xander only smiled and handed Angel the other mug. He knelt back down beside the bed and waited, his eyes darting between the other two men. This was his family now. Sure, he still had the others, but none of them would understand him the way these two would. It was time to show them both that he could handle all this.

“Still hungry, pet?” Spike purred as he sipped on the mug casually.

Xander nodded his head mutely, unwilling to break his silence.

“You want to please me, don’t you pet?”

Again Xander silently nodded. He wanted to please Spike more than anything.

Spike held out the same wrist Angel had fed from and instructed his Childe with a seductive smile.  “Then come feed, baby.  But when you do, I want you to pleasure yourself for me.”

Xander's eyes flashed to Angel for a split second, but he did as his Sire instructed. He took Spike's hand in his and sank his teeth in. As he began to suckle, he snaked his free hand down to his pants and pulled out his erection.

“That’s it,” Spike cooed, petting Xander’s head. “I knew how hard watching us made you.”

Xander stroked himself as he continued to feed. He could smell his own musk and knew the other two vampires could as well. His eyes darted to Angel again and this time he saw lust burning in the man's dark eyes. Still, Angel made no move toward either of them, apparently content to simply watch the show.

With his free hand, Spike moved to echo Xander’s action.  He quickly unbuttoned his jeans and released his cock.  Between watching Xander and the feel of his Childe on him, it didn't take long before he was as close to cumming as Xander was.

"Oh God..." Angel moaned, unable to help himself. He'd refrained from joining in but just barely. He was achingly hard in his pants and he wanted nothing more than to find release.

“Bite harder,” Spike moaned.  Xander was always so gentle, but right now he needed a little something to push him over the edge.  

Xander knew what his Sire wanted and bit down hard. He felt a fresh gush of blood in his mouth and gulped it down a second before his entire body tightened and he came.

“Xander!” Spike threw back his head and howled, cumming in his hand.

Finally, it was over and Xander drew back his fangs from his Master's wrist. He licked it clean, just as Angel had done earlier then tucked his own spent cock back into his pants. He smiled as his Master gasped for breath and when Spike went to wipe his now cum-covered hand on the blanket, Xander quickly stopped him. His eyes locked on Spike's, he brought the hand to his mouth and very carefully began to lick it clean.

Spike’s head lolled to the side, taking in Angel’s stunned appearance and tented trousers.  “Isn’t my consort a wet dream, Peaches?” Spike purred, the nickname bearing no menace this time, only teasing.  He might be reformed a little, but he was still a bad boy at heart.

"He always was," Angel said, realizing a moment too late that he probably should have kept that particular opinion to himself.

“So you aren't blind after all,” Spike snorted.  “Thought you might have been blinded by that blonde pussy…”

"Leave Buffy out of this," Angel said, the words lacking any real heat. He'd already chosen his Childe over the Slayer and Spike damn well knew it. "And no, I'm not blind. He was a beautiful boy and he's grown into a beautiful man."

Xander had buried his head in Spike’s lap.  “Hello, boy still here,” Xander mumbled.  He’d never been able to take compliments well.  The truth was, he'd never gotten that many compliments.

"We kind of noticed that," Angel laughed. "You were magnificent, you know. I could see everything you felt for him as you fed. It was amazing."

“Awww, c’mon guys,” Xander mumbled again, still hiding.  “I’m still new to this whole gay thing.”

"Alright," Angel relented. He didn't want to make the boy uncomfortable. And speaking of uncomfortable, he had a little problem of his own that he needed to take care of.

Under other circumstances, Spike would have asked his Sire to pleasure himself in front of Xander.  But the boy-man wasn't ready for that just yet, still having amazingly maintained a certain naiveté.

Angel caught the glint in Spike's eyes and knew he'd better get out of there while he still could. "I'll just leave you two to clean up your mess," he smirked as he slid out of bed and headed for the bathroom.

“Lube’s in the cupboard, mate,” Spike called out with a hoarse chuckle.

Angel faltered in mid-stride, his face going red as Xander chuckled behind him. He clenched his fists as he stormed to the bathroom and slammed the door behind him. Even getting angry hadn't cooled his desire and he wasted no time in stroking himself to completion.

Part Nine

Xander had to wait until sunset before he could go check on his mother.  Angel had assured him the body of his father was taken care of, but that the house was still a wreck.  There had been no blood.  He knew his mother would have silently cleaned up the mess and waited for her missing husband.  It wouldn't be the first time that Xander’s father had trashed the house and taken off for days at a time.  That’s probably what his mother thought.  She had no idea her husband and tormenter was dead.

As he approached the house, Xander wished he'd taken Spike up on his offer to come with. He had refused, though, thinking his mother would feel more at ease without Spike's rather overbearing presence. He knocked on the door, amazed that his hand wasn't shaking at all.

The door didn't open, but instead he heard a muffled, “Who is it?”  He’d learned at an early age never to let people into the house.  It was usually the cops or some brute to see his father.  Either that, or his mother and him were sporting bruises that one didn't want the general public to see.  Now that he knew the dark family secret, the secretiveness made sense.  They were demons and that wasn't something you advertised to the outside world.  All those men visiting his father had been members of the Brotherhood.

"It's me, mom. Xander," he said. Slowly, the door creaked open and his mother stood there regarding him warily. "So, um, can I come in?"

“Xander?” Mrs. Harris squawked in surprise.  “How did you… You’re alright.”

"Yeah, mom, I'm fine," Xander said. Her words surprised him but he pushed that away for now. He had to get this over with before he lost his nerve entirely. He walked inside the house and closed the door behind him. "Mom, listen, there's something I have to tell you."

“You haven’t seen your father and his friends in the past couple of days, have you?” Mrs. Harris said.  “The would explain… that would explain this mess maybe.  Your father was looking for you, Xander.  Family business.  You shouldn't have hidden from him, you know that only makes it worse.  He must have been so pissed when he couldn't find you and trashed the house.  Now he'll take it out on me whenever he crawls out of the hole he’s drunken himself into.”

"Oh, he found me alright," Xander said. "But you don't have to worry about him hurting you ever again. He won't be back, mom. Some friends of mine, they made sure of that."

“Didn't you ever learn not to get the law involved in family business!” Mrs. Harris hissed. “Now tell me which jail he’s in so I can go bail him out.”

"He's not in jail. The fucker's dead. Now he can't hurt either one of us ever again," Xander spat. It was then that his mother's earlier words began to register. She knew his father and his friends were looking for him. She knew they were coming for him and she hadn't done a single thing about it.

“You killed him!” she yelled at the top of her lungs and shoved Xander away from her.  “You killed my husband!”

"He killed me first!" Xander shouted back then clamped his mouth shut. He hadn't meant to say that but he couldn't believe his mother's reaction. "You're free now, don't you get it? He's gone and you're free."

“Free?  There’s no such word for a Purson demoness.  I belonged to your father and now that he’s dead I have to go back to my father!  Your father was my freedom!  Because he was willing to buy a defective half-breed, my father let me out of that fucking basement,” Mrs. Harris screamed.  “I don’t want to go back to that basement.  It’s so dark and with your father I at least saw sunlight!  He let me have so much freedom.  He treated me better than I deserved.”

"How can you stand there and defend him?" Xander shouted angrily. "He killed me. They beat me to death and left me in an alley to die. If Spike hadn't come along..."

“Spike?” She cut him off.  “You mean that blood drinker… he… he turned you?”

"Yes, he did," Xander said, shifting into game face. He wanted to shock her now, wanted to scare her. She'd known all along and she hadn't tried to protect him. She'd known that bastard was going to try to kill her own son and she hadn't done anything.

“Your father was right about you,” his mother hissed, backing away from him even as she started to babble.  “He said you weren't worthy of joining the Brotherhood.  No matter how much I cried and begged him, he said he knew best.  He always wanted a little girl… I wish I’d have had a little girl.  She would have had to stay with me… I wouldn't have kept her in a basement, just kept her inside until your father sold her.  You know I even had a bride picked out for you?  She was a pretty thing I saw when I visited one of the brother’s wives… she was fifteen and hadn't even seen the light of day… she was so docile, she would have been a proper wife.  I would've been a grandmother after you turned twenty-one and joined the Brotherhood.”

"I can't believe you," Xander shook his head backing toward the door. "You're just as much a monster as he was."

“A monster?” This actually made Mrs. Harris laugh as she took in Xander’s game face. “If that’s what you want to call me, why not?  I was never normal.  I was cursed with a human mother.  I was born a monster to both demons and humans.  But your father took care of me.  And you killed him!  You’re the monster now!  You’re not my son!”

"I was never your son," Xander said softly, his features slipping back into their human guise. "From now on you can consider me just as dead to you as he is."


The goodbyes with the Scooby Gang had been eerily tense.  Both Willow and Dawn had cried liked they’d never see him again.  Buffy had glowered the entire time, still trying to convince Xander he could leave Spike and stay with her.  But to top it off, Giles had taken him aside for a “talk”.

It was then that Buffy's attitude had changed dramatically. Angel was still seething from the things the Slayer had said to Spike as soon as Xander was out of earshot. He'd even opened his mouth to tell her just what she could do with her threats but Spike had touched his arm and shook his head. The last thing Xander needed was this to turn into any more of a circus than it already was. So Angel had bitten his tongue and wondered, not for the first time, what he'd ever seen in Buffy.

Xander looked over nervously at the two brooding vampires, standing away from the group.  Giles was doing that nervous thing with his glasses and wiping beads of sweat from his forehead.  “Xander… I feel… I mean to say, I think it’s time you and I had a serious talk.”

"About what, G-man?" Xander asked, causing Giles to frown. "Oops, sorry about that. Guess you'll be glad not to have me around calling you that anymore, huh?"

“I never liked that name,” Giles made a slightly confused sound and then shook his head.  “But I've been called worse.  Listen, son… I was never good at this kind of thing…  Buffy rather figured it out for herself.”

"Giles, listen, whatever it is you feel you've got to say, just say it. We've known each other a long time. I'd like to think we're friends. So spit it out already."

“Alright, I didn't think you’d be the first of my kids to get married… or close enough to it,” Giles coughed uncomfortably.  “If Spike does anything he shouldn't, I want you to call me.  I want you to know that you can come to me for anything.”

"You... you really mean that, don't you?" Xander asked in awe. He always thought Giles merely tolerated him, but this sounded like Giles actually gave a damn. It was... nice.

“Of course I do,” Giles said, putting his glasses back on. “You’re one of my family.  And I need to talk to you about something else.  Like I was saying… you’re as good as married now, so…”

"What?" Xander asked when Giles fell silent. He could tell the older man was having difficulty saying whatever was on his mind but he didn't know what to do about it.

“I had a relationship like you had once,” Giles said rather bluntly and quickly.

"You've had a relationship with a vampire?" Xander blurted out, shocked. A moment later he realized what Giles had really meant. "Oh! You're talking about with another guy. I get it. And can I just say, way to go G-man."

Giles groaned and pinched the bridge of his nose.  “That’s not exactly what I meant, well… yes, I did have a… conjugal relationship with another man.  Do you remember Ethan?”

"Now who could forget that wacky Chaos guy?" Xander joked, earning a somewhat wan smile from the Watcher. "So what? You guys used to do the deed?"

“I was in love,” Giles said softly.  “But I want you to understand that I know what it’s like to love someone who’s not perfect.  Whom other people would think of as evil.”

"You still love him, don't you?" Xander asked, suddenly reading much more in the man's eyes.

“Y-Yes,” Giles whispered.  “And that’s what I want you to understand.  Spike loves you, I see that.  But if he ever crosses a line and you can’t live with what he did… if you have to leave him… you can come to me.  I won’t judge you.”

Xander didn't know what to say. No one had ever done anything like this for him before and he didn't know how to react. He ended up pulling Giles into an awkward embrace and whispering, "Thanks."

“Just don’t lose yourself completely in your love,” Giles whispered another deeply personal warning.  His love for Ethan had changed him into Ripper for a part of his life he didn't want to remember.  “Because it might change you into someone you may not like.  Stay true to yourself, son.”

"I will," Xander said, pulling back. "And I'll keep in touch, too. That way you can remind me if I start to change too much."

Giles reached out and once more patted Xander’s cheek.  “You were always a good boy and now you've grown into a fine man.”  A part of him mourned that the boy would forever be locked in this form, never growing a day older outwardly.

"I had a good role model," Xander said. He glanced over at Spike and Angel and noticed the tense posture of the two men. "I think I better get going, Giles. Look after the girls and if you need me, I'm a phone call away."

“Of course,” Giles said, his mask of propriety slipping back into place.  “Oh, and Xander?”


“Don’t make it too easy on them,” Giles said with a slight smile.

"You got it, G-man."

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