For [info]lillianmorgan who requested: Spike&/Xander, pizza, basement of doom.

Thanks to [info]savoytruffle for all her support!

Best Seat in the House


“Shove over.”

“No way, buddy. This is my place so I get the best seat in the house, even if it is the old – hey!”

“You didn’t move. Give me a slice.”

“This is one of the few – okay, only – perks of my job and I’m not sharing with some vampire who doesn’t even need to eat.”

“Who said anything about need? Want it.”

“Did you just leer at me? Fine. Whatev – is that your hand?!”


“Yes it is. I – ah! Fingers!”

“Alright, you got me. Notice you’re not moving.”

“Try all you want, you’re not getting my seat.”

The End

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