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SUMMARY: It's really not as hard as it looks. Listen up and take notes. (There will be a test.)



Notice new girl.

Meet new girl.

Nurse crush on new girl.

Become new girl's close friend.

Notice new girl's new boyfriend.

Harbor resentment for new girl's new boyfriend.

Be too busy entertaining murderous thoughts regarding new girl's new boyfriend to notice new kid in town.

Meet new kid over "lunch".

Notice him.

Hate him too, because it's the right thing to do.

Be almost killed by new kid, several times.

Get snooty girlfriend, somewhere in there.


Hide your glee at boyfriend's sudden departure.


Notice you no longer have a thing for new girl.

Continue calling new girl 'new girl', even though she ain't new no more.

Notice new girl's boyfriend is back in town.

Resume not liking him.

Notice that new kid is back in town, too.

Get hurt and kiss your best friend.

Regret it.

Begin to feel left-out.

Get up with people.

Get strangled by people.

Try not to think about it.

Check out a copy of Kerouac's 'On the Road'.


(Shake yer thang.)

Come back.

Get involved with demon girl.

Grudgingly allow homeless new kid to crash in your Lay-Z-Boy.

Feel slighted when he moves into a place of his own.

Move into a place of your own, too. Neener.

Root for the new guy in new girl's life.

Slightly acknowledge new kid's increased presence.

Be the voice of reason.

Watch new guy go.

Get a purpose.

Get sidetracked by news of new girl's new sister's origin.

Get sidetracked by death of new girl's mother.

Learn about new kid's infatuation with new girl.

Hide your reaction.

Laugh, even.

Feel like crap.

Don't know why.

Get ready for the End of the World.

Spend an inordinate amount of time with new kid.

Share a moment.

Share another moment.

Begin to lose track of moments shared.

Begin to care.


Propose to demon girl.

Fight the apocalypse.


Watch new girl die.



Marry demon girl.

Cry some more.

Lose your job.

Lose your girl.

Lose your will.

Bask in apathy.


Come to.

Wonder where new kid has been all this time.

Wonder why you still think of him as 'new kid'.

Wonder why you still thought of her as 'new girl'.

Remember new girl for a moment.


Stop it.

Go look for new kid.

Watch years pass.

Keep looking.

Find yourself in another country.

(Notice how everyone there speaks French.)

Find new kid.

Smack him out of his stupor.

Get new kid drunk.

Wallow some more, for old time's sake.

Get new kid back home and to bed.

Let one thing lead to another.

Wonder why you've never done this before.

Wake up with someone for the first time in ages.


Begin healing.

Say three words.

Hear them back.

Age some more.

Write a few postcards.

Always have something to reach out for.

Know bliss.


The End

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