Paring: S/X (duh)
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Just a ficlet, Xander’s POV
Disclaimer: Sadly, the boys do not belong to me – I’m only playing with them.



Xander switched off the headlights and turned off the ignition, but left the keys. He climbed out of the cab and shut the truck’s door, smiling as he heard the echo bounce back from the rocks in the distance.

He stood there for a moment, breathing in the damp night air, shivering at the crisp bite of the wind as it blew in from the north. He gazed out at the open sea, unable to tell where sea met sky. Xander’s whole world was wrapped in midnight and sprinkled with millions of blazing lights.

Tonight, the full moon was close to Earth – large and towering over him, tingeing everything in pearly powder blue. It shone bright as midday but hid its secrets within the witching hour. Shadows of blue and gray, violet and black lunged from rocks and fence posts as Xander made his way down the beach.

Just before the shoreline, he stopped short and gazed again at the satellite that seemed to affect so much. He understood at that moment why the moon was worshiped in ancient times. It was the cause and the creator of cycles that no man or woman could ever hope to understand or ever seek to tame. It was majestic and sacred, something to be awed at and something run screaming from. There was no turning back from this magical being, no denying its power.

Standing there beneath the moon with the stars and the sand as silent witnesses, he stripped off his clothing. He felt the day’s heat escaping from the sand as he sifted his toes through that captured sunshine. Shivered once more as he felt the contrast between the cooling air and the steaming earth.

He closed his eyes and extended his arms, letting the cold light of a phosphorescent beacon seep into his bones, cleansing him and searching him. He allowed his thoughts to be churned away by the sound of the waves and the whisper of the wind’s silent siren. Allowed his breath to slow and his heart to calm. Allowed everything but his body and this experience to slip away from him.

One slow step, another, and another until he was waist deep in the still-warm water. His eyes still closed, his senses commanded the environment for him. The pull of the midnight tide was everywhere around him, twisting him like a toy spindle and lapping against him like the cliffs of Gibraltar. He felt the waves roll over and around him, felt the current weave through his legs and caress his flesh like a thousand cherubic kisses.

He opened his eyes and all he found was the moon, a giant white iris that gazed only at him, searched only for him. Xander felt the command and before he could even understand, he felt his arms stroking and his feet kicking as he torpedoed towards the horizon, towards the pull of that lunar pendant.

Stroke left, stroke right; hard and fast he raced towards an unachievable goal. Time stopped as time often does in the presence of majesty, and Xander knew nothing, only that he needed to touch the moon. That he needed to feel its weight under him and its touch upon his skin.

Stroke right, stroke left, and he kept swimming, kept going. He looked back to shore only once to find that it was only a tiny speck in the distance – no larger than a grain of sand that had slid against his flesh.

When at last his legs could no longer kick and his arms no longer stroke, he stopped. He had no breath to give and no hope of attaining such an impossible goal.

There he waited, floating and bobbing in the almighty ocean’s unreliable grasp, staring at what once was a goddess to be worshiped and was now an undetainable nemesis. Such as it was for Xander.

A silent prayer of acceptance and apology to this lowly hellish creature that draped itself in the night sky, and Xander turned his back on it. A second wind helped him to fight the current and overcome the tide as he pushed his way back. He felt the gravity of the sandy shore pulling him in as a mother would to a wounded child.

Larger and larger the vast coastline became as Xander pushed and plowed his way towards the heat and the velvet of the fading daylight seeping from the pebbles and sand. Craved it.

At last, when his chest felt as if someone had pierced it with so many tarnished daggers and poison arrows, he felt the familiar anchor of rock and sand beneath his feet.

As he stood in the water and started his slow trek towards the beach, he saw a figure standing at the shore, watching him.

Hair as brilliant as the light of the moon, coat as black as the midnight air and eyes that could rival any ocean in the world, the man was smiling at him with his lips and with his eyes. In one arm he held a towel, in the other he held a cigarette.

Xander finally made it to the beach, wading out of the water and shaking his hair dry. He took the towel that was offered and the kiss that he yearned for. He briefly wondered how he could stray from this magnificence to that of the moon, that that thought quickly left.

“Did you get there, love?” That low sweet voice as soft as crushed silk whispered against his ear.

Xander only shook his head and wrapped his arms around the man was worth more than all the cycles and moonlight and mystery in the world.

“Maybe next month, yeah?”

Xander nodded and sighed a heavy breath as he felt those strong arms wrap around him.

The End

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