Buffy_loses_the_boys_to_the_boys Third Challenge. Challenge at end of story.
This is the challenge answer that grew and grew and grew. The characters just did not want this story to end

An Amulet, A Virgin and A Frog?


Part One

"Giles, I swear, it was the ugliest thing I have ever seen. It was huge, at least eight feet tall, and almost that wide. It made this
really squishy nasty sound when it walked. It was just ewwww. It made these wheezy squeaky noises like it was trying to talk to me. " Buffy was making a face that looked much the same as a constipated baby.

"And you say it was rather green?"

"Kinda green, kinda brown, really gross. It had these warty looking bumps, and it's mouth was like this huge gash across it's, well I suppose it was it's face. And the eyes..it makes me all squicky just thinking about them, they were big and round and stuck out really far. Giles, I swear they were as big as volley balls, and it's tongue...it was the grossest thing I have ever seen. It uncurled out of its mouth, kind of just shot out. It had to be ten feet long."

"Ribbitt..ribbitt.. Xander was making frog noises from his seat on the counter. Spike, who was standing next to him, nudged him with his elbow and grinned at him. "Buffster are you sure you didn't run into, ribbitt, Kermit the, ribbitt, frog, a really big Kermit the frog?"

"Xander, really, if you can't take this seriously, do be quiet."

"I'd like to see you run into this "frog". It was huge and carried this really big club"

"Golf club?"

"XANDER, enough, this is not a joke. Now Buffy about the weapon, was there anything else you noticed about it?"

"It had spikes all over it. They were long and pointed. They looked like metal, maybe silver. Really nasty looking, but kinda cool."

"Now that's my kind of weapon. Wouldn't mind finding me a club like that. Would be appropriate don't ya' think?" Spike was suddenly looking interested.

"Spike, maybe if we find it and kill it, you can get the club and keep it. That'd be cool."

"Xander, I so don't think so. Big Bad evil there, remember. We are not arming him, and anyway, if I get the evil frog guy, I get the club."

"Only if I don't get him first Slayer. I get the froggie, I get the club, deal?"

"Children please, back to finding out what the devil it is, or nobody gets the frogg..er the demon. We need to start looking for demons with animalistic appearances, especially amphibious."

"Goodie, pizza party."

"Xander, it's research, not an excuse for a party."

"G-man, are we staying here, probably all night, ordering pizza, going for sodas and gorging on junk food?"

"Do not call me that ghastly name again, and yes, that does sound like what you children do when we research."

"There ya' go then, pizza party."

It was approaching dawn when Willow shouted in triumph, "I got it. Giles, I really think this is it. Listen to this," and she started to read from a large dusty old book, "Xthal'pheor'klert, a very rare amphibian appearing demon. It is known to make an appearance once every 400 years, and always at the location of a hellmouth."

"Never mind the particulars Red, how do we go about killing the froggie?"

"Well, if you'll let me finish reading, I'll tell you Spike. Now where was it..okay, here we go. It is extremely difficult to kill."

"Oh like that's a big surprise, is anything on the hellmouth easy to kill? Why can't we ever have something that you just hit and it goes away? Oh, wait we do, fledgies. One good hit and "poof", dustbuster time." Xander was curled up on the floor, using Willow's purse for a pillow, and trying to keep up with the conversation.

"It says here that to kill the Xthal'pheor'klert, and I am so not trying to say that again, the attacker must be wearing the amulet of CHIUACOATL, the ancient Aztec snake headed goddess. Look here's a picture of it. Wow, it's pretty cool. The amulet is supposed to be charmed. Oh Goddess, Giles, it eats babies, demon or human, it doesn't care. That's why we need Chiuacoatl's amulet, she is the Aztec deity that presides over childbirth. Well that makes sense." Spike looked over at the book, tried to sit down, missed the chair and ended up on the floor.

"Oh bloody flippin' hell. It bleeding figures."

"Spike, what is the matter with you?" Giles just wanted this evening to be over, he was tired and wanted desperately to sleep.

"I know who has that soddin' necklace. I've seen it. One of you lot is going to go get it, I'm not doing it, no way, ain't doin' it."

"Spike, we must have the amulet. It doesn't matter who has it."


"Oh dear, Angel has it?"

Buffy sat up from where she had been asleep on the floor "Angel..?"

The next evening Xander and Spike were in Xander's car headed for LA. Neither one looked particularly happy to be there. Spike was chain smoking and drumming his fingers against the dash. Xander was switching the radio stations back and forth, and mumbling to himself. "Of course, let Xander do it, he doesn`t have a life or anything important to do. No, let's trap him in a car with a snarling vamp, and send him to LA to see someone that hates him. Doesn't that sound like fun? Not."

"Harris, shut the hell up, you're being annoying."

"Well pardon me, `Mister thump your freakin' fingers through my dashboard'. Nervous much? You know I really don't want to be here in this car with you going to see Deadboy."

"Well, I can't say I'm looking forward to it myself, pet." Spike pulled a flask out of his duster and took a healthy swallow. He handed it over to Xander, who took a sip.

"Oh shit..vodka?"

"Not going to see my arse of a sire sober, now am I?" Spike took another swallow from the flask.

By the time they pulled up in front of the Hyperion, Spike was well and truly shit faced. Xander had to open his car door for him, and then lead him into the hotel.

"Peeaacchhees, where are you? Show yerself ya' bleedin' pouf. Oh, Angelus, come out, come out where ever you are. Angel, gets your bloody arse out shere."

Angel came running down the stairs. "What in the hell is going on down here? Harris? What are you doing here...SPIKE?"

"Peeshes, there's me sire. Xanner-poo did..did ya' know that..that's my flippin' shire? Ain't ya' peeshes? He don't wan' me no more though. I ain't good `nuf." Spike sat down on the floor and had another pull from his vodka bottle.

"Xander what the devil is wrong with him?"

"Vodka. He drank the whole bottle on the way down here. I thought all he had was the flask, but when it was empty, he pulled out a bottle from his bag. I somehow don't think he really wanted to see you very much." Xander tried to pick the drunken vampire up from the floor without success.

"We's come fer the amoo..amel..that snaky thin', Peeshes. I `member when yooo got the snaky thing, peeshies. It were, were Guata..Nica..one of them places past Mexshico. You `member shire? We was in..in this alley, nashty dirty place it was and you had me up aginsht the wall with me panshs down to me ankles fixshin to..to..you knows what youse was gonna do. Couldn't wait til we gosh back to the room, oh nooo, big bad `Gelus wanna do it where we's could get caught" Spike was wiggling his finger in the general direction of Angel, "We's got caught too, try to rob ush they did, made tashty shnack though. We..we'd just got them tattoo's..."

"Spike, shut up."

"No, Spike go ahead, what about tattoos?"

"Harris, I think we need to get him upstairs, now."

"Nope, not gonnna go upshtairs, wanna tell Xanner-pet about tattoos. I's gotta tattoo, wanna see?"

"No, Spike." Before Angel could stop him Spike had his jeans unfastened and pulled down to his knees. He lay flat on the floor and pointed down to his penis.

"Shee Xanner, I's gots a ang..angl..a wing on my dick. Peechees show him yours."

"Spike, I really don't think Xander is interested in tattoos."

"Don' be a party poufster, haw, I mades a joke. Show him yours..Peeshees gots a shpike on his.."

"CHILDE, that's enough."

Spike's eyes teared up, "Not yer schilde no more..you don't wan' me. Not good `nouf nomore." Xander sighed, picked the weeping drunk off the floor, and held him.

"Angel we came to get the Amulet of Chia..Chua, shit, this snakey looking Aztec goddess necklace."

"The Amulet of Chiuacoatl?"

"Yeah that's it. We need it then we can head back to Sunnyhell."

"Yeap, gotts to have it so I can kills the big kermie the frog and gets the spikey thing afore Shlayer gets it." Spike slurred. He laid his head on Xander's shoulder and began to snore gently.

"Angel, just show me to a room and we can talk about this tomorrow. I'm beat and bleach boy here needs to sleep it off. I think it may be best if he stays with me. He wasn't too happy about coming here."

Angel showed the men to a room, then went to his own. He sat in his chair doing what Angel did best, brooding. He didn't know quite how to tell them that he no longer had the amulet. He'd lost it in a poker game.

Xander got Spike undressed and in bed. He was so tired he just pulled off his shoes and socks and collapsed next to him. Sometime during the night,cool vampire rolled towards warmth and warm human reached out to coolness. They cuddled together, Spike's head resting on Xander's chest and Xander's muscular leg caught between Spike's lean ones. Late in the morning Xander woke up to soft hands roaming under his shirt and playing with his nipples. He stretched and arched his back wanting more. He pulled his bedmate up till they were face to face and attacked the cool pale mouth. He ran his tongue over the pouty bottom lip, then gently sucked it into his mouth. When a sigh came from the lips, he snaked his tongue in between them and stroked against the cool tongue. When he felt the fangs elongate he carefully wrapped his tongue around one and sucked softly. After eight fantastic, secret months with Spike, Xander knew what turned the vampire on."Bloody hell pet, you've got too many clothes on. Naked now." Xander chuckled.

"Like that did you Fang?" Spike's answer was to reach over and rip the tee shirt off Xander then jerk the fastener on his pants open while he yanked the zipper down. He pulled back from the warm body long enough to jerk the jeans and boxers off and throw them across the room.

"S'not nice to tease pet. It might come back to bite you on the arse."

"Mmmmm I hope so." Xander pulled Spike on top of him and arched up to bring their erections together. "Wanna bite me on the butt?"

"Got better things to do with your ass Xan, much better things. Where's the lube pet?"

"In my bag, over there...somewhere. Mmmm do that again, love it when you nibble the neck..ummm and the nipples an..and th..the shit SPIKE!" Spike had nibbled his way down his boy, to his weeping erection and sucked the head into his mouth. Xander clawed the sheets and he tried to thrust his dick further into the cool mouth but Spike was holding his hips down and wouldn't let him move. "Spike please, need to move..please Spike..going to cum..oh God don't stop, please oh please, suck it Spike, harder." Spike sucked the turgid length down to the root, his nose nestled in the crisp black curls. He let go of Xander's hips and the boy began thrusting up into the waiting mouth. One more strong lunge and he erupted down Spike's throat filling his mouth to over flowing with his hot cum. Spike swallowed it down and licked the softening dick cleaning away every trace of cum off it.

Before Xander could catch a breath, Spike had moved off him. Grabbing the lube from Xander's kit Spike was quickly back on the bed turning the sated limp body over and pushing two pillows under Xan's hips. Spike rubbed his hands over the pale warm globes of Xander's ass, he loved the feel of his warm body, loved feeling the way the muscles bunched and moved under the golden hued skin. He leaned down and ran his cool tongue down the crack between Xander's cheeks, all the way down to his balls and then back up to the rosy brown pucker he was aiming for. He kissed it gently then licked softly. Xander moaned and pushed his ass up towards the cool tongue. Spike licked harder working against the grasping circle, softening the opening, getting his boy ready for him. He popped open the tube and squeezed the slick gel onto his fingers. He rubbed down the crack of Xan's ass to the waiting hole and gently inserted one finger into the puckered opening. He slowly worked the digit in and out, twisting it when he pushed it in. The next time he worked it out, he added another finger working them harder into the hole. Then he added a third finger and began to finger fuck the loosening hole.

"Oh shit now Spike, please now...want your dick..please fuck me..Oh god now Spike..fuck me, let me have it now.."Xander was whimpering and pleading, wanting relief, wanting Spike's cool length in his body. Xander moaned when Spike removed his fingers from him, pushing back trying to keep them in his body. Spiked slicked up his engorged cock and lined it up with Xander's loosened hole. He gently worked the head into his boy then plunged deeply until he was balls deep in the warm grasping sheath. He stilled, waiting for Xander's pulsing body to relax around his hard cock. When Xander moaned and pushed back against him, Spike grabbed his hips and began to thrust deeply. "Oh God Spike harder, I wanna feel it in my throat. God I wish, wish..oh Spike please.." Spike reached around and fisted Xander's dripping cock. He began a squeezing, milking motion that was driving Xander crazy. "Gonna cum Spike, harder now..harder.."

Spike curled his body up over Xander's and latched on to his neck sucking gently, nibbling down to the juncture of his shoulder while he pistoned into the greedy hole. As he licked at the spot where neck joined shoulder he could hear Xander moaning `oh I wish, I want..want..' Spike reared back his head, his eyes golden, his true face showing and yelled "MINE". He buried his fangs in the spot he had been licking. Xander hollered and came harder than he ever had in his life. His muscles clamped down on Spike's dick, squeezing hard as it erupted, filling him with cool fluid.

"Oh God YOURS." Xander shuddered violently then everything went dark. Spike swallowed two more mouthfuls of the delicious treat then pulled out, licking the oozing marks till they sealed over. He gently pulled out of Xan's tender opening, removed the pillows then turned his boy around so that his head was on Spike's chest. He ran his fingers gently over the marks on Xander's neck. Mine all mine, finally.

Part Two

Xander's eyes fluttered open but he wasn't focusing yet. That was the most incredible…then he remembered. He jerked up, his eyes wide, "You bit me."


"YOU bit me.."

"Think you said that already, Pet."

"YOU BIT ME!" Xander pushed Spike down and straddled his body, grabbing him by the shoulders shaking him, "How..I mean when..how..you bit..you..you got it back..you got your bite back..when..how." Spike reached up and kissed Xander hard on the lips.

"You're babbling, mine."

"Yours? Really yours now?"

"Really mine, for always. Wanted it to be a surprise, knew you wanted
to be claimed."

"How..I mean.. when..I don't know what the hell I mean."

"'Bout a week ago, I was sparring with Slayer and accidentally hit her arm and nothing, not a twinge. Slayer didn't even notice nothin' was wrong. Xan-pet I'm not going back to the way I was, I like having a place, a family again and I don't want to lose you ever. The best I can do is promise not to kill when I feed and feed on the bad guys. There's plenty enough of them in Sunnyhell."

"Oh shit."

"What love?"

"You just had to do it here, didn't you? Like Deadboy's not going to notice that you've claimed me. He'll be able to tell won't he? The minute we get downstairs he'll what..sense it..smell it?"

"Do you care? Anyway not just claimed, mated"

"Not really just thought you might not want him to know.. did you say mated?" Spike grabbed Xander and thrust his tongue into Xander's warm waiting mouth, then pulled back to nibble on the pouty swollen lips..

"Yes mated, you're mine, if Peaches or anybody else don't like it, that's just too fuckin' bad. Love you Xan-pet, we're forever."

Xander kissed Spike back and said, "Forever, love you too. Well let's get it over with. Then we get the amulet and head home so you and Buff can fight over the whositwhatsits club thingie. Okay shower, clothes, face Angel, stop that..you're evil..we don't have..oh shit do that again."

It was over an hour before Xander and Spike made it down the stairs. Cordy's eyes nearly fell out of her head when she saw the two men coming down the stairs with their arms around each other's waist. They were sneaking soft little kisses as they came down.

"XANDER LAVELLE HARRIS is there something you forgot to mention to me?" Cordy stood up and marched over to the pair on the stairs.

"Well, finally used that Gay for Dummies book..actually more bi now, with Spike, been claimed, love him..other than that can't think of a thing new Cordy. How's things with you?" he smirked down at her.

"Well..well that's, that's.."

"I don't believe it whelp, you've made the cheerleader speechless. Didn't think anything on Earth could do that."

"ANGEL come tell your crazy brat to shut up and leave me alone." Cordy reached over and slugged Spike on the arm."

"Uhhh Cordy.." Xander stuttered.

"What.." Spike grinned and pinched her on the arm then slapped her on the butt. Cordelia screeched and ran over behind the desk, looking for a stake. "Know I have one somewhere, where the hell are they..oh shit..fangless got his fangs...oh shit where in the hell is that stake. ANGEL get your ass out of the office, and get in here NOW! YOUR ROTTEN BILLY IDOL WANNABE CHILDE GOT HIS BITE BACK!!" Angel came running from the office.

"What in the hell is wrong out here? Cordelia what…got his bite back?"

"Cordy, calm down. Spike, that wasn't very nice. Cordy he won't hurt you, promise." Spike was obviously enjoying the scene. He vamped out and snapped his teeth at the screeching Cordelia. "Spike knock it off, that isn't helping. Cordy, put the stake down you don't need it. Spike has sworn off cheerleaders, honest."

"You're a big help ain't ya whelp?" Spike looked over at his sire. "Got my bite back Peaches. The chip just quit working one day, don't know why, don't care, just know it quit. And before you start the moralizing I'm not going blood crazy, I learned didn't I? Don't want to loose Xan-pet. A Master never has to drain his prey, that's for fledges. I won't say I won't hunt and feed but it'll only be those deservin' it and not to drain." He looked at his sire waiting for some acknowledgment. Angel walked over and shocked everyone when he grabbed Spike in a crushing hug.

"William, I'm happy for you childe." Spike looked up at his sire in wonder and hugged him back.

"Well now that that's settled dad.."

"Xander, I am not your dad.." It was then that Angel realized what was setting his senses off, a familiar smell in the air "William, something you need to tell me boy?"

"He's mine, Peaches. Did it up proper for a master in the line of Aureleus, we're bound in blood and sex, claimed and mated, sire."

"Well, that's just, ewwww? Too much info there guys." Cordy grimaced, "So, you're like going steady or something?"

Angel looked from Spike to Xander, and answered for them. "No, Cordy, they're like married now. A mating is for life, there is no divorce, just death." Angel walked over to Xander, and took both his hands in his. He kissed him on both cheeks, then the forehead. Xander seemed to know what to do instinctually; Xander tilted his head, exposing his neck and offering it to his mate's sire. Angel slid into game face and gently bit down on his neck, he drew in one strong swallow then pulled out and licked the wounds. He bit down on his own wrist and lifted it to Xander's mouth. Xander licked the wound and swallowed. "Witness that Alexander, mate to William, child of Angelus, has been bound by blood, accepted and welcomed as consort into the line of Aureleus." Spike's eyes glowed with amazement at the ritual words from his sire. He never conceived that Peaches would do this for him. He stood before Angel and offered his neck to his sire. Angel gently repeated what he did to Xander. "Welcome home William." Xander put his arms around Spike and held on tight, tears streaming down his face. He looked over at Angel and for once really saw him. He had seen Angel, he had seen Angelus, but this was the first time he really saw the Master of the line of Aureleus in all his power. He would never forget again who Angel truly was. .

Cordy wiped the tears from her eyes, and grabbed Xander in a bear hug. She cautiously approached Spike and hugged him too. She turned around and hit Xander on the arm, "Next time you have a wedding at least invite me." Xander started choking while Angel and Spike were laughing hysterically. Cordy looked at them and innocently asked. "What?"

"Cordelia, when Spike said they were bound in sex and blood he meant that, literally."

"Oh, can I just say ewwww again? Well, maybe I'm glad I wasn't invited. Xander, never mind."

"Now that that is settled, you were saying something last night about needing the amulet of Chiuacoatl. What do you need it for."

"This major bad frog demon thing showed up, and Willow found out that to kill it, the person has to be wearing the amulet."

"Frog demon? Xander would that happen to be a Xthal'pheor'klert you're talking about?"

"Yep, what you said Dea..umm Angel. Big nasty green Kermie the frog demon and he eats babies, little human babies and little demon babies. Buff and Spike are fighting over who gets to keep his club when one of them kills it."

"Well, we have two problems. One, I don't have the amulet, I, well, there was this poker game, and I wagered the amulet. But I know who has it so we can try to get it back. Two; Spike, neither you nor Buffy will be fighting this thing. You're not..well, there's certain restrictions..hell, you have to be a virgin." Cordy snorted, Spike snickered, Angel grinned and Xander fell on the floor and laughed till he started to choke.

"Oh, God, please, I wanna tell Buffy, please, let me do it. And boy, can Spike forget it. You know there's not many of those left in good old Sunnyhell." Xander was off and rolling again.

"You know whelp this could be serious, who in the hell can do it? Cause it sure can't be us, and Red can't do it, what with wolf boy and all. Niblet is off with her dad and I don't think Slayer would let her do it."

"What about Tara?"

"She's with Red ain't she?"

"Angel are we talking about a technical virgin, like never with a guy type person?"

"I believe that's what it means why? And who's this Tara?"

"Tara's with Willow and she's like really gay and we haven't known her for long. If she hasn't well, you know, with a guy, but has with Willow is she technically, well physically still a virgin."

"The text says a female never having knowledge of a male so I think it would work."

"Maybe Tara can do it then. She isn't a very strong fighter though."

"Xander, with the amulet she doesn't have to be. All she has to do is strike the demon while wearing the amulet. The power of Chiuacoatl is what kills the demon."

"She can do that. Well let's go get that baby so we can go froggy giggin'" Everyone groaned at Xander's awful joke. "What? Don't tell me you all didn't want to say it first?"

They had to wait till dark to go to the club where Angel had lost the amulet. The owner worked the night shift and he had the amulet or at least he was the one who had won it. Angel spent the afternoon hiding in his office because Xander was asking about tattoos and Angel did not want THAT conversation. Finally Xander gave up trying to pin Angel down and dragged Spike back upstairs for more of what he called their Honeymoon. Cordy decided she shouldn't have to be exposed to their shrieks and yells so she left early…about six hours early.

The business in the bar was rather anticlimactic. The owner was more than happy to loan them the amulet. It always paid to have people like Angel owing him a little favor. They would have gotten away with no problems at all if a very large, very drunk Bierc`chashta hadn't decided he wanted to buy Xander from Spike. Needless to say Spike wasn't thrilled with the idea. But he might have remained calm if the demon hadn't grabbed Xander by the arm, and pulled him away from Spike. As the demon grabbed Xander his claws cut into his arm and blood started running down over his hand and dripping on the floor. Spike sniffed the air and howled, "MINE, you hurt my mate you bastard." A fully vamped out Spike flew at the demon. The impact broke his grip on Xander and the human fell to the ground holding his arm and groaning.

Angel heard the groans, snatched up the fallen boy, and moved him away from the fight. He sat him by the door and grabbed the bar owner by the throat, "This is my childe's mate, see that he stays safe or you will be next." Pushing the man back to the bar Angel threw himself into the fight. No one hurt what was his, and by mating with Xander, Spike had made him his, part of his family.

The demon's friends were coming forward to join him against the blonde vampire, until they noticed the large, dark vampire rushing forward. To fight one master vampire was a good fight, to fight two masters at once, was suicide. They weren't very smart demons, but they were smart enough not to join in this fight. The demons knew of Angel, and his fight against the dark. They knew that those who fought him usually ended up dead. They had heard him call the blonde maniac "childe" and knew that their friend was already dead. They crept out of the bar and left the drunken demon to his fate. Tomorrow they would come back and drink to his memory.

The battle was short but bloody, Angel had grabbed the demon's arm and when he did Spike lunged forward and tore out his throat. Angel let the demon drop and put his arm over his boy's shoulder..

"You haven't changed much boy, still go for the throat don't you." Angel led a disheveled and bloodied Spike over to where he had left Xander.

"Masters I..I cleaned hi..his arm and wrapped it. The cuts are clean an..and not too deep." The man did not want the vampires to focus their anger on him for any reason. Spike picked Xander up, carrying him like a child.

"Spiiike, it hurt my arm not my legs."

"Shut up whelp." He snuggled Xander up closer to his body and headed for the door. Xander looked at the upset vamp and knew he needed this.

"My hero, take me away.." Xander sighed dramatically and put his uninjured arm around Spike's neck. Of course he had to totally spoil the effect by giggling. Angel watched the two heading for the door and smiled.

"Causto, my thanks for watching over my childe's mate. I do not forget favors done to my family." With that Angel was following the others out the door. When he got to the car, he wasn't surprised to find the two snuggled down in the back seat, Spike still holding Xander on his lap.

"You know pet, you're not going to be able to drive back don't you?" Spike smirked.

"Oh No, you are so not driving back to Sunnydale. Last time I let you drive, I saw my life flash before my eyes, twice. I do not have a death wish. If we crash, you get to walk away. You are the only one I have ever seen that thinks road rage is caused by turning the key on. You..you play chicken with the other cars."

"Pet, other people play chicken too ya' know."

"In parking lots and at rest stops???" As the car drove on, people on the sidewalks could hear Angel roaring with laughter.

Xander had to give in to Spike. His arm just hurt too bad for him to drive and they needed to get home before dawn. Saying goodbye to Angel was harder than he thought it would be. He had really enjoyed his visit, and was still shocked by what Angel for done for him and Spike. He couldn't quite get his head around the fact he was a member of Angel's family. He was thinking about it as he drifted off to sleep, leaning up against his mate and resting his head on his shoulder. Xander was still sleeping soundly when Spike pulled up at the Watcher's apartment. It was almost dawn and he needed to get in. He shook Xander by the shoulder, "Come on pet we're here. Got to get out of the car now, wakey wakey pet."

"No..go way..not goin' to school..holiday..sleep good, sleep more." Spike smiled and left him in the car while he went to get Giles to open the door.

"Come on Rupes, open the soddin' door. Getting' light out here." Spike continued banging on the door until it was thrown open.

"Spike, enough. It's open." Giles was yawning and trying to get his glasses on. "Where's Xander?"

"Pet's still in the car. Sleeping soundly he was, couldn't knock and hold him too now could I?" Spike went back to the car and gently picked up his sleeping mate and carried him into the apartment. Willow was asleep at the table bent over her computer, Tara was asleep, curled up in a chair, with a book in her lap and Buffy was sprawled across pillows thrown on the floor. They were starting to rouse when he carried Xander in and laid him on the sofa. Willow looked up and immediately spotted the bandage on Xander's arm.

"Spike, what happened to Xander, he's hurt. How bad is it, did he go to a doctor? What happened to him? Is he going to be alright?" Willow had jumped up and run to the couch. The others had heard her and were getting up as well.

"Take a breath Red. Whelp's all right, we had a run in with some demon in a bar and he got a little too close to the claws. Didn't need stitches or nothin'." Willow leaned down to look at the injured arm and noticed the marks on his neck.

"SPIKE those are fang marks! Did you..no you couldn't..who bit him, Spike." When Buffy heard the words `fang marks', she grabbed Spike and threw him into the wall.

"What did you get him into Spike? You were supposed to protect him. How did he get bit?" Spike's head hitting the wall punctuated every word. Xander sat up and looked at the fighters with blurry eyes.

"Buff stop it, they're Angel's." Xander's eyes got huge when he realized what he'd said and Spike hit his own head against the wall.

"ANGEL'S? Why in the hell did Angel bite you? Oh God, is he…is Angelus back again?"

"Let Spike go and I..we'll explain. Please Buff just let him go," Xander said as he sat up. Spike walked away from the slayer and sat beside Xander taking his hand and entwining their fingers. He brought the hand up to his mouth and kissed it. Giles and the girls stood there, their mouths open, gasping like fish out of water.

"Xander, you..Spike..you, kissage on the hand..Xander?" Willow didn't know quite what to say.

Spike decided to dive right in, "Xander didn't want you lot to know just yet. He knew there'd be trouble." Xander put his finger up to Spike's lips.

"Spike, I need to tell them. Spike and I have been together for almost a year. We..I didn't want anyone to know yet. Figuring out I was bi was hard enough, but when it hit me that I wanted Spike, I didn't know what to do. I knew how it would go over, especially with you Buffy. I know, Big Bad, evil vamp, gonna hurt me, can't trust..yada yada. It's more than just being together. While we were at Angel's..we..well, we're mates now, not just together. I was claimed and Angel did this neat ceremony that made me part of the line of Aureleus. That's what the marks are from. It's part of the bonding thing."

"Oh dear Lord, Xander do you realize what you've done?" Giles had his glasses off and was pinching the bridge of his nose hard enough to leave red marks.

"What, what did he do Giles?" Willow asked.

"Giles I know what I did. I'm not stupid. You may not know it, but I've read most of the books you have on vampire lore. I know that this is forever, there's no separating, there's no divorce, and we're bound together till death. It's what I want; it's what I will always want. Please, I just want you guys to think about it, and try to accept it. I don't want to lose my friends, but if it comes down to you guys or Spike..I'll have to leave."

"Xander, you have been my best friend since we were in diapers. Do you really think I would turn my back on you? But Spike, you and me have a little talk to take care of. I need to explain all about Mr. Shovel." Willow squeezed in next to Xander and put her arm around her best friend.

"Xander I won't say I understand, I don't. Still trying to process the bi thingie. But I'll try." Buffy suddenly had an evil grin on her face; "Does this mean you can call Angel "daddy"?"

"Well I kinda..yeah I did." Xander giggled. That broke the ice between the friends and everyone started talking at once. In the midst of the babble, Spike yelled out.

"Oi, we need to get on with the frog killing, Slayer."

"No Spike, I get to do it, you promised. Buffy you can't kill the froggie demon."

"Xander what do you mean I can't kill it. I'm the Slayer it's my job to kill things like froggie demony things."

"Angel knew some stuff about the amulet and you and Spike can't use it. Well hardly any of us can use it. You need..well..you've got..youhavetobeavirgin." The looks on the faces of the people in the room were just what Xander had hoped for. Buffy was sputtering, Willow was trying to look anywhere but at Xander, Giles was furiously cleaning his glasses again and Tara was blood red and trying to hide her face.

"We know none of us can do it. There is only one we're not sure of." All eyes turned to the blushing, quiet blonde witch.

"XANDER, you know Tara's not, well not, oh Goddess, you know what I mean."

Spike took over the discussion, "Glinda we're not trying to embarrass you, but Peaches said that the text just says you can't have been with a bloke. Women don't count."

"Oh, very subtle love of mine."

"Well they get the idea don't they? If it's not Glinda, we're going to have to find someone else."

Tara held her head down and whispered "I can do it. But I don't fight very well, I won't know what to do."

"All you have to do is get near enough to hit it, the amulet does the rest. Peaches was sure about that. I say tonight we go frog hunting."

The end was almost a joke. They found the Xthal'pheor'klert in the park heading towards some old apartments the group knew housed some harmless demons. While the rest of them distracted the demon, Tara snuck up behind it and hit it across its bulbous head with an iron bar. The minute the bar made contact a warm golden light surrounded the witch and the demon. It became so bright that the others had to close their eyes. When the glow disappeared, all that was left of the demon was his club. Willow ran to Tara, hugged her tight, and was leading her away. Giles was walking with Xander, earnestly questioning him about what went on with Angel. As they walked away from the scene, knowing they had done a good job, the four turned around…Buffy and Spike were still fighting over who got the club.

"Ummm, Giles do you think now is a good time to let Buffy know Spike got his bite back?"

"Oh, dear."

The End

The Challenge:
There's a new demon in the town of SunnyHell called... some very twisted and hard to pronounce name. Buffy has described it as an 8 foot frog that walks, talks, and carries a mean looking club. As usual the gang goes into research mode and finds out what it is and how to kill it. The thing is, the demony magical talisman that they need is in LA and Angel has it. Now the only people who can be spared are Xander and Spike.
Must Haves:
a) S/X, S/A, X/A, and/or A/S/X
b) Spike doesn't have his chip and only he knows it
c) vodka
d)Angel lost the trinket and they (Angel, Spike and Xander) must go out and find it
e) a drunken bar brawl
Choose Three:
a) the mention of a tattoo that both Angel and Spike have on somewhere that isn't very appropriate
b) someone getting hurt and bleeding causing both vampires to go a little crazy
c) a "*blank* for Dummies" book (you choose what it's for)
d) whips, chains and handcuffs
e) someone reminiscing about a time when they had been caught in a compromising position

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