A Sire's Revenge: For My Childe


Part Five

It was late when Cordelia dropped Alex off in the front of the Hyperion. He was surprised to find the front door unlocked. He couldn’t hear any noise so he assumed everything was all right. Not knowing what else to do, he climbed the stairs and headed to Angel’s room. There was no noise coming from there either. Alex quietly opened the door and stepped in. The smell immediately assaulted his nose, the smell of sex. There was enough light for him to make out the two figures wrapped around each other, in the middle of the big bed. The bed he had shared with Angel just last night. They were lying in the middle, nude, pale bodies shining in the light coming from the open door. He couldn’t tell where one ended and the other began they were that entwined around each other. Alex was biting his lip to keep from crying out. Something must have disturbed the lovers, because they began to rouse. Alex couldn’t stop the tears streaming down his face.

The hyena was howling in his mind. our mate-kill the other-protect the alpha-kill Alex got far enough into the room to snatch his wallet, then took off running. He made it to the stairs before he heard Angel call his name. Down the stairs and out the front door he ran. He didn’t know where he was headed, just that he had to leave. our mate-rejected-not good enough-no pack-outcast Alex rubbed the bruise on his neck, the mark that Angel had made just this afternoon. Now it meant nothing, he was without pack, without family again. He flagged down the first cab he found and asked to be taken to the nearest bar.

The smell of Alex coming into the room had roused Angel. He sniffed at the air trying to figure out what was bothering him. Salt, tears, Alex had been crying. He could smell the stink of despair in the room. Then it hit him, what it must have looked like when Alex opened the door and saw the two of them lying there. Angel yelled Alex’s name as he ran into the hallway, not caring that he was naked. He heard the front door slam and knew he was too late to catch the boy, his boy.

“SPIKE, wake up. We’ve got a problem.”

“Wha..shit, Peaches let me sleep. Tired.” Spike slurred.

“William, get up. Alex just ran out of the hotel.”

“Why should I care about some bloke named Alex?”

“Oh hell, I forgot you slept through it. Xander wants to forget his life in Sunnydale and has decided that Xander exists no more. He prefers to be called Alex now, a new name for a new life. He was just in here and saw us..like this. Wil, he accepted me as his pack leader today. I marked him, a pack mark, not a claiming. Last night we..we..damn, the boy probably thinks I’ve rejected him. There’s no telling what he’ll do. The hyena has been so close to the surface since he got here with you.” Angel was beginning to panic. Alex knew nothing about LA, the only person he really knew was Cordy and Angel doubted he would run to her. While he had been explaining to Spike, he was getting dressed. “Wil, we have to find him, this could be the last straw for him. He’s lost his Sunnydale family and he was so happy today, he found a new family.”

“The whelp wouldn’t do anything stupid, sire. He has good self-preservation instincts.”

“William, you didn’t see him when he carried you into the hotel. You didn’t see him kneel next to you crying, because he was afraid he was too late. Afraid that you were going to die. I was not the only one that fed you that night. Alex fed you as well. He cut his own wrist and offered it to you. He lay in this bed, next to you all night and most of the next day, afraid to leave you. He talked to you, continuously, because he decided you might be able to hear him. He promised to kill everyone in the Initiative for you. He told you he would torture them for you. You could tell him what to do and he’d do it, for you, William. Xander Harris, the Slayer’s white knight is willing to torture and kill humans for you. And now he thinks we’ve..I’ve rejected him. Wil, he’s alone on the streets of LA, unmarked, unclaimed.”

“Shit, hurry up then, let’s get going. Angel, get your gear on and let’s go find him. And he doesn’t leave this hotel again till he’s marked, proper. If you don’t do it, I will.” Angel turned on Spike, game-faced and growling. “Figured that was the way it was, Peaches. We’re gonna have to make the boy understand about sires and childer, it has nothing to do with a mate. You do want him as a mate, don’t you? I won’t step aside for anything less.”

“YOU won’t step aside? Childe, you forget your place.”

“YOU gave the whelp to me, remember? Hell, every time I’ve been in Sunnydale, I tried to watch out for him. Not easy, I tell you, what with him being Slayer’s favorite bait. Sire, I care for the boy, but not enough to take him as a mate. And from what you said, I’d have to fight you for him. You’re his alpha, I’d have to defeat you to get him to accept me now.”

“I do want to claim him. I didn’t realize how much until now. I want to mate claim Alex, not just mark him. Wil, it isn’t just me. Angelus wants the boy; he’s always wanted him. I know he wants me, but there could be a problem. I’ve smelled his arousal when he’s with you, too. I think our boy wants the both of us. Uh, William, you might want to get some clothes on, too.”

Spike looked down at his body. “Sire, you ripped up my jeans up. Where’s my other clothes?”

“They may be in Alex’s car. Things have happened so fast that nothing was unpacked. You clean up and I’ll go check and bring whatever I find up here.” Angel pulled on his boots and headed down to the parking garage. Alex’s car wasn’t locked and he found all of their stuff in plastic bags in the back seat. Not knowing what was in any of them, Angel grabbed them all and carried them back upstairs.

“I don’t know whose is whose, it’s all jumbled up in here. He must have gotten ready to leave in a hurry. Wil, is this everything the boy owns?” Spike was going through the sacks looking for his own stuff.

“Yeah, pretty much. He don’t own much. Lived in his parents basement, called it an apartment, they did. Charged the boy rent, stupid wankers. It was a damp, dark, smelly place, not much better than my crypt. He had a small stereo and a cheap television too. He must have left those.”

“No, they’re in the car. Cheap is the right word. Is everything he owns old or second hand?” Angel was getting a different picture of Alex, he wasn’t like Willow or Buffy as Angel had always believed. He wasn’t raised the way they were. Angelus had always considered them typical spoilt, American teenagers. Too many things, too much money and wanting for nothing. Evidently, he had a lot to learn about the boy that he wanted to claim as his. Spike had finally found some of his own clothes and was dressed and ready to go, thankfully, Angel had found Spike’s boots in the car as well.

“Let’s go, Peaches. We need to find our boy. What about your humans, can they help?”

“Hell, I forgot about Gunn. He’s on patrol with his people tonight.” Angel grabbed his cell phone and punched in the code for Gunn.

Gunn answered abruptly, “Yeah, what do you want?”

“Gunn, its Angel. We have problem. Alex saw something and misunderstood..he..well, he took off and we need to find him. Will you and your people keep an eye out for him? He’s really upset and probably angry. He doesn’t know LA at all and we’re the only people he knows here. No, I don’t think he’d go to Cordy. What happened is kind of personal.”

“Spike and I are headed out now. Yes, I’ll remember the cell phone. Yes, Gunn, I’ll even remember to turn it on.” Spike was waiting for Angel downstairs, pacing through the lobby. He felt alive again. He hadn’t felt this way since the night those bastard soldiers had grabbed him. The repressed rage was boiling, right under the surface, ready to erupt. A hunt, even one for Xander, was just what he needed. It had been almost a century since he had hunted with his sire.


The cab stopped at a small run down bar. The taxi driver turned around and looked at the young man, “This is Morvack’s, it’s a local place, nothing fancy but the people are friendly. It’s a mixed bar though, will that bother you?”

“Mixed how?”

“Human and demon. They both come here to relax and have a few. That’s one of the reasons it’s so peaceful, nobody wants to upset the regulars.”

“Nah, mixed won’t bother me. Hell, I was practically born on top of the hellmouth. Sunnydale, born and bred, that’s me. There’s not much I haven’t seen, although I am usually fighting the demons not drinking with them.”

“That’s the hellmouth for you. It draws the more worst types. You won’t have any problem here.” The cabby handed him a card. “This is my hack number and the dispatch phone number. When you get ready to leave give me a call, I’m on all night.”

Alex shook hands with the cab driver, paid him and got out of the cab. He stood there for a minute after the cab drove away and just looked at the bar. What the hell. Might as well go in, it’s not like anyone cares where the hell I’m at. Alex pushed open the door and went it. He had been warned, but it still surprised him to see demons and humans sitting together, laughing and joking around. In the back there was a mixed group playing poker. Alex walked over too the bar and grabbed a stool. “I’ll have a beer, whatever’s on tap.” He was already reaching for his wallet.

“Son, I’m gonna have to see some ID, you don’t look a day over 18.” Alex took his ID out of the wallet and handed it to the bartender. There was no way he would be able to tell it was a fake. It had been expensive, but he needed it to work. He had paid good money for a really excellent forgery. “Well, who am I to argue with a good ID?” and turned around to draw a beer for Alex.

Three hours, six beers and eight shots of Tequila later, Alex was drunk. The old-timers in the bar were enjoying talking to the boy. He was regaling them with stories of happenings on the hellmouth, including various tales of the Slayer.

“I swear, I..mmm..I’m not lying, we…we’d jus’ fought this really, really big green hairy thing. Oops, don’ wanna insult nobodies but it was a demony some kinda thing. We gets the nasties in gooood ole Sunnyhell. Anyway, we’d jus’ fought this, this thingie and it went ‘whoooosh’ and ‘sploded. We was covered in the green, slimy…stuff and the only thing the stupid Slayer can do is bitch cause, cause the poor baby broked a fingernail. We’d almost died, we was covered with slimy stuff and she broked a finger nail and the damn things weren’t even hers, they was fake. She…she does shit like that, stupid Slayer.” The drunken boy amused the demons in the group. They enjoyed the tales of the Slayer. He told humorous stories and kept apologizing for them being about demon fighting. He was a cute little human.

“So the Slayer isn’t so tough, eh?” This was a new voice. Alex looked up with drink blurred eyes at the newcomer. His senses might have been anesthetized but he knew a vamp when he saw one, especially when he wasn’t seeing him in the bar mirror.

“Nope, not what I said. Buff’s plenty tough, staked Dracula’s ass, didn’t she? Killed the Master too. A course, he killed her first. Di..did I tell youse guys it was me brought her back? Yep, zeppo boy brung the Slayer back to life..stupid bitch.”

“Boy, I think you are making up your little stories.” The vampire had moved closer and leaned in toward Alex.

“Nope, don’t have to. An..Angel couldn’t breathe air into her, so I had to. Back up, you’re too close. You don’t scare me. Met Angelus an..and I know Spike, you know, he’s William the fuckin’ Bloody. Even know crazy Dru. You know she likes me? I’m her Dark Kitten. So you better leave me ‘lone.” Tears were escaping from the drunken boys eyes, “Jus’ leave me alone, okay? Wanna get drunk and forget. Don’t wanna fight right now. Gotta wait and fight the ‘nitiative.” At that word, the demons in the bar drew back away from the boy.

“What do you know about that..that abomination?” A very large horned demon grabbed Alex by the arm and spun him around.

“Ow, le’ go. Hate ‘em, gonna take ‘em down. We gonna show them soldier-boys. I..I gotta go now, okay? Call this for me and tell ‘em I gotta go now.” Alex handed the bartender the card the cabby had given him and laid his head down on the bar. When the vampire move toward the boy, the bartender pulled out a wooden stake.

“Just leave the boy alone. He isn’t for you and don’t tell me you can’t smell two masters on him. I don’t want them coming here and taking my place apart, because you couldn’t control yourself and their pet got hurt.” The vampire shrugged his shoulders and walked off. The bartender called the number on the card and told them to have the same driver come pick the boy up. He was a good customer, so they didn’t mind sending a particualr driver. He always used them to drive his ‘too drunk to walk’ customers home, demons didn’t bother them.

When the boy wasn’t waiting at the curb, the cab driver went into the bar. The boy was sitting at the bar with his head resting on his crossed arms, passed out. “Hey Mor, he had enough, huh? Knew you’d take care of the kid.”

“Good thing you dropped him here. No telling what would have happened to him somewhere else. As it is, I had to threaten that vamp, Michaels. Was getting a little too close to the kid. Hell, you can smell the vamp on him, idiot was still going for him.”

“It’s worse than that, I picked him up in front of the old Hyperion.”

“Shit, the demon hunter? That must be the vamp he reeks of. I knew it was an old one but never figured it was Angel.”

‘I picked up a few rumors tonight. Seems that Angel is on a tear, all over town, searching for something or someone. They say there’s another master hunting with him, a bleach blonde in a leather duster.”

“WILLIAM THE BLOODY! Shit, that’s just what this town needed. Are your sources sure it was Angel, not Angelus? The boy was rambling about going to take on the Initiative. Do you think, maybe, the demon hunter is in on it?”

“Yeah, they’re sure it was Angel. I figure they’re looking for the boy, so I’m taking him back there. We’ll just wait and see about the other. If Angel and his childe take the soldiers on, I know some who’d probably help.” The driver shook Alex, trying to wake the boy up. “Come on, sleeping beauty, time to go home.”

Alex took a half-hearted swing at him, “Got no home. Pack leader don’t want me, nobody wants me. Might as well be dead.”

“Come on boy, it’ll get better when your head clears. Up we go, let’s get you to the cab. I’ll catch ya’ later, Mor.” The driver had Alex under the arms and was walking him to the waiting cab. He carefully put the boy in the back and took off for the Hyperion.

“What we doin’ here? Don’ wanna be here.” Alex was stubbornly refusing to get out of the cab. “Wait, gotta car. Take me to th..the garage thingie, over there. I got a car in there.”

“Son, you don’t need to be driving. You’ve had way to much tonight.”

“Not gonna drive, got no keys. But it’s mine and I’ll sleep in it. Hell with Angel, Spike can have ‘em.” Alex was crying again. He didn’t want Spike to have Angel. He wanted him. He needed him. He pulled out some money and handed it to the driver. “This ‘nuf?” It wasn’t but the driver just wanted to get the boy delivered safely.

“Sure, this is plenty. I’m gonna stay right here until I see you get in the car, okay? You crawl in and get some sleep, it’s almost dawn.”

Alex climbed out of the cab slowly, “Thanks, mister. I liked the bar. I never got to talk to demons before. Buffy usually just kills them right away. They were pretty nice. Gonna go to sleep now, tired.” The cab driver watched him climb into the back of the old car and waited till he saw the head and shoulders go down before he pulled away. It had been a long night and he was ready to go home.

Alex wasn’t as tired as he pretended. He knew that there was a bottle of Jack Daniels under his seat. It was Spike’s and Alex had put it there when the left Sunnydale. He opened it and took a healthy swallow. He needed to think and as was his habit, he headed to the highest place he could get to, taking the bottle with him.


Two hours before dawn and a very agitated Angel was pacing through the Hyperion lobby. They had looked everywhere they could think of and no one had seen Alex. Gunn and his crew had showed up and reported that they had not spotted the boy either.

“Angel man, you better hope that boy shows up soon and in good health. If not, I want advanced warning. I do not want to be here when you explain things to Cordy. She’s going to go nuts.” One of Gunn’s boys came in and whispered in his ear. “Angel, you got somebody on your roof. The boys just spotted him.” Angel and Spike took off running with Gunn right behind them. If Angel had had a beating heart it would have stopped when he opened to door to the roof. Alex was walking along the edge, hugging a bottle and singing to himself. Every few steps, he would stumble a bit. Spike tried to go around him and Angel grabbed his arm and stopped him.

“Don’t, William, you’ll startle him. We’re going to have to take this slow.”

“Shit, Sire, we can’t take it to slow, it’s almost dawn. We need to get the whelp down now.”

The three men carefully walked out unto the roof, trying to make no noise. Something must have alerted the drunken youth. He jerked his head up and was looking around.

“Alex, what are you doing up here?” Angel was talking softly.

“Well, well if it ain’t Deadboy and Deadboy junior. Come up to get a little air?” The boy wobbled again and all three men took a deep breath, two unneeded. “Go away, don’t need you. Gon…gonna leave tomorrow. Go….go somewhere, don’t know where.” The tears started to fall again, making it hard for him to focus on the ledge. “Nobody really wants me, never did.”

“Alex, we have to talk about what happened. It..it doesn’t have anything to do with what happened between you and me.”

“BULLSHIT! Gunn, go ‘way..please? Gotta talk to Deadboy. Spikie the Spike can stay cause he’s Angelus’es little boy. I know all about daddies and their little boys.”

Gunn walked backwards to the door and closed it.

“Alex, we need to talk about what..about what you saw. I have to explain about Sires and their childer, what they expect.” Angel was trying to keep the boy talking.

“Just SHUT UP! I know all about that. I know all about daddies that like to fuck their little boys. ‘Be a good little boy’, ‘don’t say anything, it’s our secret’, ‘you belong to me you little bastard’,” Alex was sobbing now, “It hurt, it always hurt. Does he hurt you, Spike? ‘Take it like a man.’ he said. ‘You’re mine, I’ll bend you over and fuck you bloody when ever the hell I want.’ And he did, over and over, and it always hurt, always…Angel?” Alex was unsteady on his feet and having trouble with his balance. Angel was thanking whatever was responsible for vampiric speed as he grabbed Alex’s arm just as his feet went out from under him. He pulled the boy away from the ledge and sat down with him on his lap. Spike sat next to him and kept touching the boy as if to prove to himself he hadn’t gone over the edge.

Angel had tears in his eyes as he rocked the sobbing boy. “It’s alright love, I’ve got you now. I won’t let you go, never. I want you, I’ll always want you.”

“Pet, we’re going to have to talk about this. Angel’s my sire, he’ll always be my sire, but he cares for you, hell, he loves you.” Spike was rubbing up and down Alex’s arm.

Alex looked over a Spike with tear-filled eyes, “Loves me?” He looked at Angel, “Want me?”


“Angel…I don’ feel so good.”

“Sire, get him up, hurry. Xan-pet can’t hold his liquor too good.”

“Not Xan-pet. Alex-pet. Spikie?”

“Yes, pet?”

“Love you too.”

“Come on, Sire, let’s get the boy to bed. It’s been a long night.”

They walked the boy down the stairs and into the bedroom. Angel learned firsthand just how much Alex couldn’t handle his liquor, while he rubbed Alex’s back as his boy worshipped the porcelain goddess. Angel got him cleaned up and carried him to the bed. He laid the boy in the middle. Alex looked up in time to see Spike heading for the door, “Angel? I..I don’t understand everything, yet. But I don’t want Spike to be alone, please?” Angel gently kissed Alex, then went and got his childe. The vampires stripped off and crawled into the bed, flanking the drowsy human. They curled up on either side of him. Angel spooning him, Alex’s back to his front, while Spike threw one arm over Alex’s waist and snuggled up under his chin. Alex reached back, with one hand and cupped Angel’s face and snaked the other around the blonde’s neck. Soon he was lost in sleep, safely surrounded by his pack. His family.

Part Six

Alex woke up slowly; he really didn’t want to open his eyes. His head hurt, his body hurt, hell, and even his hair hurt. God, what did I do last night? Know better, should know better.. tequila!! Alexander Harris, you’re an idiot, an idiot that is not in this bed alone. Oh shit, I don’t remember! Alex carefully opened one eye and looked down at white blonde hair, short white blonde hair. Hair just the color of Spike’s…SPIKE! He was in bed with Spike and the vampire was curled around him like a python. If Spike is in front of me, what the hell is poking me in the ass? As if hearing his thoughts, Angel began to softly run his tongue up the side of Alex’s neck, stopping to nibble right over the jugular. Okaaayy, I’m dead and in heaven. Nope, can’t be, vampires in heaven…I don’t think so. “Angel?”

“Yes.” Followed by a sharp slap on Alex’s bare ass accompanied by Spike’s chuckling. “Your lucky you’re not one of my childer. After the stunt you pulled last night, you would be manacled to this bed, have your ass beaten bloody daily and maybe, just maybe I’d let you loose in a week.” Angel grabbed Alex and pulled him over into his embrace. “I could have lost you last night, you almost took a walk off the roof. Boy, what possessed you to do something so stupid?”

Alex started to cry, “I..I didn’t think you’d care. Yo..you have Spike again an..an..and the hyena was howling. S..sh..she waaanntted to kiiilll Sppiiikkee.” That was all they could get out of the sobbing boy. The crying was rapidly turning into hysterics and Angel looked over at Spike, a pleading look that screamed ‘help me’. But Spike just shrugged; he really didn’t know what to do either. Dru’s tears were usually calculating and aimed at trying to get her way about something. This was pain, fear, and uncertainty the boy was expressing and it was very real.

Angel sat up and pulled Alex onto his lap. Spike moved over to sit close to the pair and was rubbing his hand up and down Alex’s arm. Angel spoke softly to the sobbing boy, “Alex you need to calm down. Shhh, please love, take a breath and calm down. I do care and I do want you. Spike is my childe; there will always be a connection between us. It doesn’t mean I can’t care about you, can’t want you. I’m sorry you walked in on us like that. I should have talked to you about what goes on between Sires and childer. It was really lousy timing, but Alex, I know that you know enough vampire lore that you should have been expecting something like that to happen. You brought my William back to me, you asked me to accept him back into my protection.”

Alex’s crying was tapering off into hiccuping gasps, “It was just so soon, we thought we had found a home, a pack, a…a..” The boy’s voice tapered off and he burrowed his face into Angel’s broad shoulder.

“A what, Alex?”

“A mate, our mate..my mate.” Angel lifted Alex’s chin with one finger and kissed him softly. Alex leaned into the kiss deepening it, opening his mouth to Angel’s questing tongue. While Angel’s cool tongue mapped the inside of his mouth; another was licking its way up his neck. A cool mouth sucked gently on his sensitive earlobe then bit down on it. Angel swallowed the loud moan coming from the man-child on his lap. Alex reached back and curled one arm around Spike’s neck while the other hand was tangled in Angel’s hair, pulling him in tightly and sealing their mouths together. Angel’s hands were free to roam down the warm, solid chest of this boy who would be his mate. His skin was so warm it felt like it was on fire, and Angel wanted to bury himself in the boy’s heat, forever. He ran his hands down the warm body, slowly, starting at his collarbone. He closed his eyes so he could ‘see’ his boy with his fingers, running them across the collarbone, meeting in the middle and going down to the soft brown nipples, pinching them lightly then twisting, oh so gently, eliciting a low moan from the brunette. Angel’s strong fingers worked the nubs until they were hard and aching. “Angel, please..touch me, harder..oh God, in your mouth please..Please.”

“What do you want Alex? Say it.”

“Suck them, please. Angel, suck them, bite them..God, do something..” Smiling, Angel leaned down and licked across one nipple then blew on it, making it even harder. He gave the other one the same treatment then gently drew it into his mouth, sucking softly..then biting down, Alex arched up, yelling. Holding the wriggling boy in place, Angel treated the other little nub to the same. He couldn’t believe how responsive Alex was; he could probably make him cum by just playing with the enticing brown nipples. He loved the taste and smell of his boy, chocolate and sunshine mixed with something musky and very male. Alex was lost in the feelings Angel was wringing from his body, he was so hard it hurt, he wanted..something, he needed to be taken. “Angel, please..I need you..fuck me, please fuck me..I want you in me.”

Alex leaned his head back and captured Spike’s lips in a crushing kiss, his hand stilled buried in Angel’s hair holding his mouth to his hardened nipples. Angel began to lick and nibble down the heaving chest, stopping to nibble and bite at the enticing indentation of Alex’s naval. Lick, suck, and bite, again and again, all the way down to the nest of black hair the circled Alex’s hard, jutting erection. Angel ran his cool tongue against the large vein throbbing on the underside of the hard cock; he could almost taste the sweet blood pulsing through it. He looked up at his childe and nodded then dove down on the waiting cock and took him in down to the root, with one swallow, at the same time Spike reached around the writhing boy and twisted his nipples sharply. Alex bowed up off the bed with a scream and shot his warm cum down Angel’s throat. It seemed to go on forever, he didn’t think he had ever cum this hard before and Angel didn’t miss a drop, he licked and sucked at the softening member, relishing every taste of his boy.

“Oh God, no more..please..can’t..”

“Oh yes, you can, sweetness. We’re not through with you, not even close to finished.” Angel worked his way back up the sated body until he could latch on to the red, kiss swollen lips. Spike worked his way backwards until be was up against the headboard and leaned back against it, his pale, hard cock standing out proudly from his body. “It’s my turn to play and I want to see you with my childe. Look at him, Alex. You want him, don’t you? You want that cock, you want to taste it, don’t you?” Angel turned the boy over on his stomach; his body resting in the V of Spike’s outstretched legs. “You can taste him, it’s alright, but this, this is mine and only mine.” Angel was running one finger up and down the cleft between Alex’s ass cheeks. The boy wiggled his ass trying to get the questing finger to touch him harder. “You and Spike can play but only I fuck you, only I drink from you. No one marks you but me. You will be my mate, mine. Is that what you want? I have to hear it, you have to tell me that you want to be mine, to be my mate, my consort.”

“Please Angel, please, want to belong to you, want to be yours forever.” Alex was begging Angel to take him; he wanted to be Angel’s mate more than anything. Angel grabbed the bottle of oil from the nightstand and uncapped it. “I’m going to fuck you, boy, I’m going to make you scream while you go down on my childe and suck his cock.” While he talked, Angel was rubbing the slick oil around Alex’s tight little pucker, round and round until he suddenly pushed the finger all the way in. Alex arched his head back with a groan, he looked down at the pale cock in front of him and suddenly wanted it almost as much as he wanted Angel to fuck him. He slowly ran his hot tongue along the underside of Spike’s cock, savoring the taste and coolness of the vampire. When he reached the plum shaped head he sucked it into his mouth and began to tongue the weeping slit, slowly working his mouth all the way down to the crisp curls. When Angel started to use his finger to fuck him, he moaned and growled around the hard cock he was sucking. Spike almost flew off the bed, he seemed to only be held in place by the boy’s mouth around his cock. Angel then added a second and then a third finger in Alex’s greedy, grasping little hole and the feeling was better than the boy could have ever dreamed. He thrust his ass back towards the invading fingers while his mouth engulfed the cock in front of him. He was panting from the delicious feelings that assaulted his every sense, but what Angel was doing to him was driving him crazy. This was the one thing he had never done, he had never voluntarily let anyone fuck him and at this moment he was proud of that fact. Somewhere is his mind, he didn’t think of what his father did to him as sex. It was taken from him but this was given freely, with love and this was the first time for that. He would truly, only be Angel’s.

“God, you’re so tight, Alex.” Angel was thrusting his fingers in and out of the slowly loosening hole, hitting his boys prostate with every stroke. “You’ve never had it like this before have you my sweet boy? No one’s ever made it feel good have they?” He watched as the brunette tried to shake his head no without losing his hold on Spike’s cock. Angel’s unbeating heart swelled, his mate would just be his, no one else had ever touched him like this, even his feelings about being Buffy’s first paled when compared to this. This was his mate, his everything. He couldn’t wait any longer, he had to be in his boy, had to feel the same heat that was burning his fingers, around his cock. He pulled his fingers out of Alex’s ass and carefully poured oil on his turgid length, he had to make sure he didn’t hurt his boy, his first time had to be perfect. He lined up the head of his cock with the loose, slick hole and began to slowly sink his cock into the hot, buttery channel. “My God, Alex you’re so hot, so fucking hot, it feels incredible.” He couldn’t stand waiting another minute, another second and pushed in until his hipbones rested against the tight globes of Alex’s ass. Alex drew in a deep breath, which drew Spike’s cock down his throat and that was all it took for the blonde vampire to cum with a howl. Angel watched as his childe bowed upwards, a look of debauched satisfaction on his beautiful face. Alex let go of Spike’s cock and tried to push back so he could get on his knees.

Spike looked up at the two dark haired men in front of him and was elated that they had chosen to include him. “Xa..Alex, you should see him, pet. His eyes are blazing gold, he’s beautiful, our Angel. He’s looking at you like he can’t get enough, like he wants to sink into your skin and be a part of you.” Spike’s low whiskey and smoke voice sent chills throughout Alex’s body, sending the need in him soaring.

“Please, Angel..I need more. Please fuck me, I want to feel you..harder Angel, harder..” Angel wrapped his arms around Alex and pulled him up with him as he sat back on his heels. Alex screamed as Angel pulled him upright, driving his rigid length all the way into the writhing boy. Spike didn’t hesitate a moment, he wrapped his cool lips around Alex’s hard, leaking cock, taking him in as deeply as he could. “Ohgodohgodohgodohgod, pleasepleaseplease…” Alex was lost in the pleasure of being taken by the two vampires. Angel would lift him a bit then pull him down as he thrust his cock deeper into the warm, grasping sheath, that added to the cool suction of Spike’s greedy mouth was driving the boy out of his mind. Angel began to lick up his neck, from the shoulder to just behind his ear, causing a delicious shiver to run down his boy’s spine every time he did it.

“Are you mine, Alex? Do you want to be mine? Who do you belong to, love..who do you belong to?” Angel purred in Alex’s ear.

“YOURS, YOURS, YOURS..Love you Angel, love you forever.”

That’s all it took, all Angel needed to hear from his boy, his mate, his forever. He licked up Alex’s neck one more time and could feel his balls begin to draw up, he was so close. He pulled Alex up, almost off his cock, then slammed him back down as he thrust up yelling, “MINE, FOREVER MINE!” He reared back, fully vamped and struck quickly right at the juncture of shoulder and neck. Everything seemed to happen at once, Alex screamed and came in a torrent, shooting his hot cum down Spike’s throat so quickly, the vamp couldn’t swallow it all. As he came, his strong ass muscles clamped down on Angel’s thrusting cock, squeezing his completion from him, the cool cum filling his quivering hole and dripping down Angel’s cock. Angel drew two more deep swallows from Alex’s neck then carefully pulled out, taking care not to tear his love’s skin, he bit down on his own wrist and offered it to his mate. Alex licked at the wounds with tiny, little, kitty cat licks, then latched on and pulled the cool liquid into his mouth, liquid that infused the essence of his mate throughout his body. After one more swallow, he shocked both vampires when he took Angel’s wrist and offered it to Spike. The blonde cocked up one eyebrow as he waited for his Sire’s approval. “Drink, Childe. My mate is recognizing you as pack, second to only myself and my mate, above all other pack members.” After Spike drank from his wrist, Angel gently lifted his mate up off of his body and settled him on the bed.

“Sleep now..sleep is good. Angel love, sleep with me?” The dark haired boy snuggled his head down into the messed up sheets and started to snore softly.

“Sleep later, mine. We need a bath, then we sleep. Wil..” Angel looked at his childe.

“I’m gonna go clean up in another room, peaches. You need to be alone with your mate now, so I’ll clean up and let your humans know they won’t be seeing you tonight. If anything demony happens, I can handle it.” Angel reached over with one hand and cupped Spike’s face for just a second.

“The room next to this one is empty and has been cleaned, consider it your room as of now. I want you close to us, I won’t loose you again childe.” Spike shook his head in affirmation and left the room. Angel looked down at his dozing mate and smiled, he was sprawled out over most of the big bed, arms and legs spread wide like he was laying claim to it. Angel walked into the bathroom and began filling the tub with water, he added a capful of the mossy-woodsy smelling bath oil he had become addicted to and went to get his mate. He turned the boy over gently and picked him up off the bed, carrying him into the bathroom. Angel stepped into the bathtub and set down, carefully lowering his mate into the very warm water. Alex woke up and tried to jerk away from Angel.

“SHIT, hot, water’s hot..water? Is the roof leaking, I’m in bed right?” Angel was grinning then just gave up and broke into gales of laughter.

“No sweet, the roof isn’t leaking and you’re not in bed. We needed a bath and you need to soak in very warm water or you’re going to be too sore to move around.” Angel was delighted when Alex blushed a deep red; even after all they had done together his boy was still such an innocent. He leaned over and nuzzled at the tempting neck in front of him. “Love you, mine.” Alex leaned back against the strong chest and sighed deeply. “What’s wrong love? No second thoughts is there?” Alex sat up and turned his head to look Angel in the eye.

“Never! I love you, I am yours, and you’re mine and you’re never getting away from me and if you try, I’ll hunt you down.” Angel laughed with pleasure and pulled his mate to him for a quick hard kiss then settled him between his legs for a nice, long soak.


An hour later, Spike came marching down the staircase into the lobby of the hotel. Wes and Gunn were at the desk talking quietly while Cordy sat by the telephone doing her nails. They all looked up when Spike approached.

“Okay you lot here’s how it’s gonna be. You won’t be seeing Angel tonight unless it is a big emergency and I mean apocalypse big. So you’ll have to make do with me if there’s demons to take care of. Angel and his boy need to be left alone, for now.”

Wesley blushed brightly and stuttered, “Ah, are we t..to, that is, d..did Angel and Alex come to an understanding?”

“No watcher, they didn’t come to a flippin’ understanding, they fucked each other stupid and they’re in the bath now, relaxing. Angel took the boy as his mate, it’s finished, settled and it’s about time too. Poof’s been needin’ a decent mate to make him bearable to be around. Bet you there won’t be a lot of his brooding with the whelp around. So, anybody got a problem with any of that?” Spike was looking directly at Cordelia when he said it. If anyone gave them any problem it would be the cheerleader.

“Nope, don’t see a problem as long as he never hurts Xan. He hurts Xan, I put a case of whoop ass on him like he’s never experienced before.” Cordy continued with her manicure.

“Cheerleader, you’re alright. I think I could tolerate you.” Spike smirked.

“Well, whoop de do, that just makes my day, junior.”

“What about Angelus, Spike? If he ever makes a reappearance, what would it mean for Alex?” Wesley seemed genuinely concerned about the boy. “I mean, he is a raving, homicidal maniac.”

“No he isn’t. You lot have never met the real Angelus…”

“Wait right there Junior. What do you mean I never met Angelus? I was there when Angel and Buffy decided to do the nasty. That WAS Angelus wasn’t it?”

“That wasn’t my sire. That was a demon that had been trapped in a body with a soul for a hundred years, of course he was a lunatic, but that was not like the vampire that was my sire. He was a right bastard, but he would not have tried to destroy the world, he wasn’t crazy. Have you ever seen Angel in a raging temper? That’s more like my sire. Sire will never hurt Alex, they’re mated, s’not just the soul, it’s the demon too. Anyway, sire and the whelp are incommunicado for the rest of today so I’ll be here to help if there’s any demon fighting to be done.”

“Uh, Spike? It was my understanding that the soldiers..” Wesley quit talking when Spike vamped out and began to growl.

“Owww, Ow, soddin’ hell, wasn’t gonna hurt him none.” Spike had grabbed hold of his head. He finally lifted his head back up and looked at Wesley. “It’s only humans, found out when I punched sire, didn’t hurt at all. So demons better watch out, Big Bad’s gonna be after them.” Spike looked really happy at the idea of a good fight.

Unfortunately for Spike the rest of the evening was very quiet, no demons, no problems so they sent Cordy and Gunn home. Wesley stayed to do some research and work in the library and he was shocked to discover that Spike was very adept at research and knew at least a dozen demon languages, when the vampire decided to help him. When he wasn’t trying to be the ‘Big Bad’, Spike was a very well educated, intelligent person. Wesley realized that there was much more to the blonde vampire than any of the group in Sunnydale ever realized. He discovered that he could talk to Spike about any subject and get a stimulating, intelligent conversation, but he learned very quickly not to try and debate a subject with Spike, there was no winning against him, he would destroy you point by point and totally tear apart your stand.

“Spike? I..I well..I don’t want to upset you..but..”

“Just spit it out, Wesley.”

“What did you do? I mean, before, before Angelus turned you.”

Spike just sat there thinking for a minute. “If you tell anyone this, I’ll find some way to kill you. You know that don’t you?” When Wesley shook his head, Spike continued, “I read law at Oxford, had just finished up and joined my uncle’s firm when Angelus and Dru got me. I..I wanted to study literature and poetry, write poetry and maybe become a professor eventually. The family didn’t approve. Actual Victorian here, remember? What your family wanted counted for a lot and most of the men in mine went for law. None of it soddin’ mattered once Angelus decided he wanted me and that was the end of William George Edward Birdwell. Okay, that’s enough of that or I’ll turn into a broody git like Angel. ‘Bout daylight, gonna get some sleep, night watcher.” Wesley watched the vampire head up the stairs knowing he wouldn’t underestimate the blonde ever again.


One month, actually, one month and three days, Alex had been Angel’s mate for one month and three days and he had never been so happy in his life. He had a mate, a pack and a purpose.. bringing down the Initiative. His life had settled into studying, training and loving his mate, studying with Wes had shown him that he was intelligent and had just needed a push, training with Gunn and Angel had proved he could fight and fight well, loving Angel? That had been the best, he was loved and he loved with his whole being. Much to Wes, Gunn and Cordy’s delight he also cooked and kept the Hyperion family well fed. Of course he and Angel still fought, like when Angel insisted that he WOULD buy new clothes and if he didn’t, Angel would just send Cordy out to get them, that was a battle that had all the Hyperion group looking for hiding places. He ended up with new clothes, clothes that fit and made him look like a different person, no longer the ‘donut boy’, but a trim, sleek fighter, ready for anything. Today was his ‘study’ with Wes day and they were studying different classifications of demons. He was going through a book identifying demons that the scoobies had fought against when he came to a drawing of a group of human sized, furred demons.

“I’ve seen these before. They were in Sunnydale just before I brought Spike here.”

“You..you’ve seen a pod of Mer’keesh demons? Do you realize how rare that is? These are very rare, secretive creatures. Are you sure this is what you saw??

“Yeah, there was about fifteen of them all standing together with two or three littler ones in the middle. I wasn’t supposed to be there, but was watching for Buff and the soldier boys, I guess you could say I was spying. About ten of the commandos came out of the woods and attacked the group, Buffy was right in the middle of them. Man, these poor guys didn’t even try to fight back, the soldiers just kept attacking until there was only three left and they took them with them. I..well..truthfully, Wes, I was too busy hurling in the bushes to see where they went. They probably took them to the same place they took Spike.” Alex just stared as Wesley’s face turned from red to purple and he started screaming for Angel.

“ANGEL, WHERE IN THE HELL ARE YOU?? ANGEL!!” Wes took off running out of the library and headed to the lobby still yelling for Angel, Alex following behind him trying to figure out what was going on. “ANGEL??” Angel came flying down the staircase carrying a broad sword, sure they were under attack.

“Wes, what in the hell is going on? What’s wrong? Alex?” Alex just shrugged; he had no idea what was going on.

“I’ve decided, I’m in, I am going to Sunnydale and personally destroy those fuckers. They’re dead, do you hear me? THEY. ARE. DEAD! Not one walks away.” Everyone was staring at Wesley in shock; he just didn’t talk like that or act so crazy.

“Okay, Wes, you’re in and you want to kill them. What happened to change your mind.”

“Mer’keesh demons, an entire breeding pod of Mer’keesh destroyed by those bastards. They brutally destroyed an entire pod, over fifteen of them and their cubs. Alex said there was at least two or three cubs with them. My god, don’t those cretins study before they destroy?” Angel and Spike were white and shaking with anger. Alex, Gunn and Cordy were just confused.

“Uh guys? Wanna fill in the unknowing among us? What’s the deal about Mer’keesh?” Alex asked.

“The Mer’keesh are called ‘the Peaceful Ones”, they don’t even have a word for hate. They are incapable of causing pain or distress to any living thing, they won’t even pick a flower, because it is considered killing something alive by them and they only have a child every hundred years.” The group had been concentrating on Wes and hadn’t heard the door open or anyone come in until Giles had spoken. Giles stood in the middle of the lobby, he had a bandage around his head and another on his upper arm, and his clothes were torn and bloody. Tara was leaning against him holding on to him, her clothes in the same condition and in his arms, he carried Willow, the witch was paler than usual and unconscious. “Xander, you were right. They demanded the girls help them and when they refused, they came for them. It took every bit of magic we had at our disposal to get away; Willow was hurt protecting Tara…from Buffy. She was with them, helping them to attack us. She..she knew our weaknesses and exploited that fact. Angel, I realize you more than likely do not want us here, but would you please consider letting the girls stay until they heal. I can care for myself.” Giles started to sink down to the ground when Angel finally spoke.

“Alex, go get your girl, love. We’ll take care of them, all of them.” That seemed to release the group and they all ran to help the three injured people. Alex took Willow from Giles arms; tears streaming down his face. “It’s okay Wills, I’ve got you, nothing else will hurt you.” Alex cried as he gently kissed his oldest and best friend on the cheek.

Spike shocked them all when he picked Giles up and headed to the stairs, “Well, come on then, lets get them settled. I think our army just grew by three or don’t you lot think we could use two witches and a ‘Ripper’.” Angel followed with Tara in his arms, he knew to turn these three away would hurt his mate. Even though they had hurt Alex, they were still his pack and he would protect them. That meant they were now Angel’s as well. His family was growing and almost ready to return to Sunnydale. God help anyone who got in their way.

Part Seven

Giles and Tara were helping Willow slowly come down the stairs. She had regained consciousness and wanted to see Xander right away. She wanted to…no, she needed to apologize to her oldest friend. Xander had been right and deserved an apology; she just hoped he could forgive her for her blind acceptance of whatever Buffy wanted.

“Willow, I really think you should rest at least another day. You are still rather weak.” Giles was concerned that she was pushing herself too fast.

“I have to do this now, Giles. I have to. See, resolve face.” Giles didn’t have the heart to tell Willow that her ‘resolve’ face was too bruised to be effective. “Ouch! Okay, maybe a little too soon for resolve face, that hurt.”

Cordy looked up from her desk when she heard the three arrive at the bottom of the stairs. She wanted to cry when she saw how bruised and battered they were but shook her head and looked up with a smile.

“Willow, sit down before you fall down. I so do not want to have to pick you up off the floor. Besides, this floor isn’t exactly sanitary.” Cordy got up and walked over to the trio with her hand held out. “Hello, I’m Cordelia and you are?”

“I…I’m Tara,” Tara said as she grabbed hold of Willow’s hand.

“Cordelia, this is Tara, my girlfriend. Tara, this is Cordelia Chase. Ex-cheerleader, ex-Scoobie and Xander’s ex-girlfriend.” Tara shook Cordy’s hand, but turned it loose very quickly.

“That’s to many damn ex’s, Willow. Now I’m receptionist extraordinaire, actress and Angel’s seer.”


“Yeah, I’m Angel’s connection to the Powers That Be. They send me head killing, painful visions and I send Angel and Company out to take care of whatever they show me.”

“That’s quite extraordinary Cordelia, and a great responsibility.” Giles was amazed at the changes in what used to be the most shallow, self-centered creature he had ever met.

“Cordy, I need to talk to Xander. Where is he? I mean I don’t remember, but Giles said he was here when we arrived. Is he still here?”

“Where else would he be? He lives here. He’s with Angel, Fang Junior, and Gunn in the training room. Go down that hallway and follow the grunting, cussing and occasional scream. That’s where you’ll find him.” Cordy wondered if she should break the news about Alex, but decided it was up to him to tell them about his relationship with Angel. She so did not want in the middle of that conversation.

Giles and the two girls walked down the hallway towards the noise Cordy had described. It actually was cussing and grunting. They eased open the door and stepped inside the room. No one noticed them come in so they had the chance to observe what was going on. They were shocked to see Xander and Spike in the middle of the floor, dancing and weaving around each other, barefoot and wearing nothing but black drawstring pants. They were both grinning as they bobbed and moved, suddenly Xander let out a holler and went low, wrapping his arms around Spike’s knees as he took him down. Spike arched his body upward and grabbed Xander’s hips, bringing him up and over his body, breaking Xan’s hold on the vampire’s knees as he threw him backwards. Xander hit the mat and rolled into a standing position, spinning around as he kicked his leg up catching Spike in the chest. Spike went flying backwards and landed on his back. The fight was over.

“Very good, pet. Of, course I let you do it you know.”

“Bullshit Fang, I beat your ass fair and square.”

“Oooo, getting cocky are we?”

Gunn decided to stop the arguing, he knew from experience that when the put downs started these two could go for hours. He walked over to the pair. “Time out. Alex, you’re still broadcasting when you plan on moving to the left. You don’t want to give anything away, not a hint. You need to work on that when you spar with Angel later. And I do mean spar! Not that…that whatever it is you two call sparring and no, I don’t want to know what you call it. Tomorrow we’ll work with the sword again. You’re getting better, but better isn’t good enough.” Gunn threw each of them a towel and a bottle of water for Alex and a bottle of warm blood for Spike.

“Ta, pet.”

Angel stood up from where he was leaning against the wall watching. “You’ve improved a great deal Alex. You think you’ll be ready to go in two weeks?” Alex dropped his towel and ran to Angel, knocking him down and sitting down on him, straddling his hips.

“Two weeks? You’re sure? Everything’s going to be ready? We’re going to be ready?”

“Alex, we’ve got company love. You might want to calm down a bit.” Angel nodded his head towards the door. But in typical Alex fashion, he shrugged and kissed the vampire hard and fast, whispering ‘mine’ against his lips. “Yours, always.” Angel stood up, bringing Alex up with him. “You are all sweaty and smelly. You need a shower. And since you just dripped all over me I think I need to join you.” Angel drawled out the words with as much innuendo as he could. Alex stuck his tongue out at Angel and walked over to the trio by the door, laughing at the crestfallen look on his mate’s face.

“Wills, I’m glad to see you up and around. You weren’t looking too good yesterday.” As Alex walked over the where they stood, he reached up and pulled off the piece of surgical tape he used to hold his nipple ring down. Angel’s eyes dilated with desire as he watched him uncover the gold ring.



Angel stretched out his arms and met...empty bed. He reached out with his mind trying to sense Alex, but could not find his mate anywhere in the hotel. They had only been mates for one week and were still in the ‘honeymoon…vamp does not want me out of his sight’ stage. Angel wasn’t even aware that he was growling. Last night had been wonderful, he had taken Alex out for the evening and had surprised him with a platinum signet ring engraved with two joined A’s. He knew that his mate needed more than just marks to signify what he meant to Angel. The ring was something tangible that was there for everyone to see. Alex wanted everyone, demon and human, to know that Angel was as much his as he was Angel’s.

Angel was still growling softly as he stomped down the stairs. Cordelia met him at the bottom.

“Before you go one step further, I have a message for you, so quit your damned growling. Alex said to tell you that he is with Spike, so don’t worry about him. He had something to take care of, some kind of a surprise for you, I think. Him and bleach-boy have been whispering and plotting for two days now every time you’re not around. He said to tell you that you know damn well that your kid won’t let him get hurt, so do not sit around being broody all day.”

Angel let out a deep sigh but he wouldn’t stop worrying, Alex and Spike were up to something…together. That did not bode well for Angel’s peace of mind. “He didn’t give you any idea what they were up to?”

“Nope, for some reason he said he couldn’t trust me to keep my mouth shut, that I would just have to spoil the surprise.” Cordy shrugged and went back her desk. “Just be patient, they’ll be back soon enough. They left really early for Spike to be up and around. Alex said they’d be gone most of the day but would be back by dinnertime, then left by way of the sewers.”

Angel sighed, huffed dramatically and went to his office. He obviously wasn’t getting any more information from Cordy. After an hour of pretending to get some work done, he went back into the Hyperion lobby. Angel caught a hint of a familiar scent in the air and could now hear the heartbeat he had been waiting for. Alex was right outside, his Alex. It was still new enough that Angel got a thrill at the thought of Alex truly being his, body and soul, forever. Alex and Spike came stumbling into the hotel, happily arguing about something. Knowing those two and the fact that they just loved to argue, it could be about anything. “Spike, no smoking in the lobby, remember?” Spike stuck his tongue out at his sire, but went back to the door and tossed his cigarette out.

Alex looked up, spotted Angel and ran to him. He jumped at Angel, wrapped his long legs around Angel’s hips and kissed him hungrily. Angel cupped Alex’s ass with his big hands and held him in place. “I missed you, love. Where have you been and what have you and my childe been up to?” Angel did a double take when he looked at his mate. It was obvious what part of the surprise was. There was a golden yellow stone in one of Alex’s ears. He’d gotten it pierced. Angel reached up and flicked the earring lightly. “Why yellow?” Alex blushed, a deep red, at Angel’s question.

“Can we take this somewhere else?” Alex asked quietly looking over at Cordy and Wesley, who weren’t even pretending not to listen.

Angel looked at the earring again and it suddenly struck him why Xander had chosen the golden yellow stone and why the color looked familiar. “Cordy, Wesley, would you excuse us for a minute, I need...there’s something…I need to talk to Alex. Dinner will be…dinner. Hell, I don’t know…order something.” Angel was carrying Alex away from the lobby, the sound of his team’s…no, his family’s laughter following them into his office.

“In a hurry, Angel?” Alex laughed as Angel took him into the office and slammed the door. Angel turned, unwrapped his mate’s legs from around his waist and pushed Alex against the door covering him with his body.

“Mine!” He growled as he licked gently at the new earring. “Why yellow, love?” He knew but wanted to hear it from Alex’s mouth, that sweet warm mouth he loved to ravage.

“It’s the color of your eyes when you change, they get this deep golden yellow and that’s when I know I’ve really made you crazy, when you loose just enough control to change. It makes me feel...shit, I don’t know, kinda mushy inside to know I can do that to you.” Angel leaned in, thrusting his groin lightly into Alex’s, causing the younger man to gasp. When he leaned against him, Angel felt something else new. Alex just raised his arms and waited. Angel pulled the jacket off him then started to raise the bottom of Alex’s shirt slowly up his body, lost patience and just jerked it over his head. He looked down at the perfectly healed, pierced nipple. It was pierced with a thick gold ring and inset in the ring there was a stone that matched the one in his mate’s ear. Angel leaned down and ran his tongue over the hard little nub, then grabbed the ring with his teeth and gave it a little jerk. Alex moaned loudly and rubbed up against Angel’s hard cock.

“Oh, sweet boy, we’re going to have fun with this.” Angel tugged at the ring again.

“Please, Angel, more.” Alex’s eyes were nearly black with lust and wanting.

“Anything else pierced I need to check, boy?” Angel asked as he ran his hand lightly over his mate’s erection.

“Ummm, nooo..” Alex was blushing again and hid his face in Angel’s neck.

“What else did you do, love?” Alex wouldn’t look him in the eye and kept pressing his back up against the door. “Turn around, sweetboy. Let me see.” Angel eased his body up just enough to allow Alex to turn slowly. Angel looked down in shock at what his mate had done. On his right shoulder blade there was now a tattoo, a tattoo that matched his, just not quite as large. It had a slightly smaller A added to it, connected to the original A. Angel leaned down and kissed the tattoo softly. “It’s healed. How long, I mean, I would have noticed it before now.”

“Spike found a place that works with demons and humans, the guy has a warlock that does a healing spell if you want one. Spike checked them out real good for me, he wouldn’t let me go until he did. Don’t get mad at him, okay? He was just doing what I asked. I...I wanted something that was forever, that could never be lost. I wanted to be marked as yours, before we left for Sunnydale. I love my ring but it can be taken off me. No matter what happens, this shows that I’m yours and you’re mine. I wanted it to be obvious. You’re not mad at me, are you?” Alex anxiously looked over his shoulder at Angel.

“How could I be mad at you for loving me this much? I think you and I are going to go back to the same tattoo artist. Think he could add another A to mine? If he works with demons then he will know how to tattoo a vampire.” Angel leaned in and gently licked and kissed the new tattoo, as he ran his hands down Alex’s ass, reaching around to unbutton his jeans. “My mate, my love.”

End Flashback


“XANDER! What, I mean, you…Angel…you…Angel…kissage with Angel…Xander you’re pierced…and…and that’s a tattoo. Xander, that’s Angel’s tattoo. Xander, what in the hell’s going on? I’m confused.” Angel walked over and hugged the confused redhead carefully.

“Willow, don’t ever change. I’ve actually missed your Willow-babble. Alex you want to tell them?”

“Who’s Alex and what do you have to tell me?”

“I’m Alex, Wills, a new name for a new life. A lot of things have happened since I got to LA. You can see for yourself, Spike’s better.”

“Yes, obviously he is but Xander I don’t understand. I thought the chip kept him from hurting humans, but he was fighting with you. How?” Giles was bursting with questions.

“The chip still works just not with me. We think…well…it’s probably because…oh, man…becauseAngelishisSireandI’mAngel’sconsort…hismate.”

“MATE!” Willow and Giles yelled in unison.

“CONSORT!!! XANDER!! ANGEL, WHAT IN THE HELL DID YOU DO TO MY XANDER?” Willow yelled at the same time as Giles.

“XANDER, DO YOU REALIZE WHAT YOU’VE…” Before the two could get another word out, Alex was pulled behind Angel as Spike raced to his Sire’s side, both vamps were in game face and growling. Gunn and Wesley flanked the snarling vamps on either side, armed and ready to fight.

“Alex is no longer your gofer. He no longer hides his abilities or intelligence. YOU WILL NOT DISRESPECT MY MATE. Alex is recognized as consort and mate in the line of Aurelius and as consort to the Master of Aurelius WILL be treated with the respect he deserves. I don’t choose to have an active court, but that does not mean I am not Master of the line.” Angel’s tone made it clear that this was not a subject up for debate. Alex was trying to work his way around the two vamps but was not having any luck. He finally had enough of the posturing, grabbed both vamps by an ear and twisted.



Alex worked his way between the two vampires, turned and kissed Angel then kissed Spike as well, but did not let go of their ears. “I love you, but I am perfectly capable of taking care of this. Bad Vamps. Wills, G-Man, you know I love you both. You were the first family of my heart but I am Angel’s mate and he’s mine…my mate and my alpha. Please don’t make me choose between you.” Xander let go of Angel and Spike’s ears and Angel wrapped his arms around him and pulled him into his embrace.

Angel decided to be up front with the trio and let them know exactly what was planned. “We’re heading back to Sunnydale in two weeks. The mansion is almost ready and our allies are in place. The question is whether you three want to help us take down the Initiative or not. We need all the help we can get.”

“Angel, may we have a day or two to think…” Giles was interrupted by Willow.

“I don’t need a day or two. They tried to capture Tara and me. They planned to do ‘tests’ us. Giles, they said they were going to dissect one of us and use the knowledge to control the other one. I’m in. Tara?”

“I d…d…don’t know if I’ll b..be much help, b..but I’ll t..t..try.”

“Giles, I know it’s hard for you because of Buffy, but these lunatics cannot be allowed to continue. We may have to face the fact that Buffy is lost to us. They put a chip in Spike’s brain to control him; there is no telling what other means of control they may be using on their own members. The Powers are behind this as well. They are worried that the demons may begin to join forces for protection. We can barely handle the demon problems we have now. Can you imagine what it will be like if the different clans join together?”

Giles had removed his glasses and was carefully cleaning the lenses. “Angel if the Powers are behind this effort, I’ll do what ever I can to help. But if it is at all possible, I want to help Buffy. If we can get her away from these people, there may be a chance…”

“Rupert, we will do whatever we can to help Buffy, but stopping the Initiative has to be our first priority.” Angel extended his hand to the Watcher and they shook. That seemed to release the girls and they ran to Alex and began to hug him.

“Married huh??? And I wasn’t invited to the wedding!” Alex began to turn bright red as he remembered what his ‘wedding’ consisted of. “Xan…er…Alex you’re turning kinda red, what’s the matter? I just asked about you being Angel’s ma…and Angel is a vampire and that means that you and him…him and you…biting and…and…Oh goddess, you and Angel and somebody please stop me any time.” Willow’s face was very close to matching the shade of her hair.

“Oi, you lot forgot that I was there with them too!” Alex hid his face against Angel’s shoulder when Spike made his announcement about being involved in their mating. It took all of three seconds for everyone to be roaring with laughter.


In a secret complex under Sunnydale:

“Has there been any change in the subjects?”

“No, Dr. Walsh. We placed hostile L56 in with Hostile 49 but she hasn’t harmed him. She hasn’t attempted to attack or feed from him. She just sits there and sings to him. She treats him, well, almost like a child.”

“I don’t want her to be fed without my permission. Let’s see how long her control lasts as she gets hungrier.” Maggie Walsh did not like hostiles that didn’t act like she expected them to. The female vampire should have ripped the other’s throat out by now. She watched the pair for a few more minutes then turned to her assistant. “If there is any change call me immediately.”

“Of course, Dr. Walsh.” He turned to watch the dark haired vampire as she crooned to the small man whose head rested in her lap. The creature was obviously demented, even the other vampires they put her in with wouldn’t touch her. They actually acted afraid to touch her, something about her sire and retribution. The man left the observation window and went back to checking the other subjects.


In the white room:

The vampire stroked the man’s hair as she murmured softly, “It will be alright, puppy. Daddy will help us. He will be here soon with my sweet William and my new Papa. Papa will scratch their eyes out and play in their entrails like a good kitten. They will all be here soon. Daddy, Papa, William, Little Tree and the quiet one, such a lovely bright light she is; a good match to our dark Little Tree. Rest easy puppy.”

“Hurts Dru, it hurts. Da…daddy? Isn’t that Ang…?”

“Shhhh, must not say it loudly, sweetling. Look into my eyes and see what I see, puppy.” The man looked into the vampire’s dark eyes and was drawn into her world of visions and madness.

“Xan…Dru that’s…”

“That’s Daddy’s mate, my new papa. Everything will be all right soon. Rest now, my sweet Oz. I’ll watch over you.” Drusilla went back to her singing, running her fingers through the werewolf’s hair trying to ease his pain so he could rest.


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