[info]jans_intentions asked for Angel/Xander or Angelus/Xander or Spike/Xander.  You get all three, sweetie.  A story told in drabbles.  Hope you like it.


C. Woodhaven


After the cock-up at the school, Spike managed to find the kid’s trail.  He slipped from the shadows, wrapping his arms around the boy as he reached home.

“Hello, pet, hope you didn’t think I’d forgotten about you.”

“S-spike.” Xander tried to pull away, but found he couldn’t move.

“’m touched you remembered.”  

“I’d have a tough time forgetting that hair. What do you want?”

“Give you two guesses.”  Spike’s hips rocked against the boy’s firm backside.

“Ugh, you pervert.”

A cold hand cupped the traitorous bulge in Xander’s pants.

“Oh, pet, you’re gonna be a treat to have around.”


“Well, looky what Spike dragged home.”

Xander wanted to glare, but blatant disrespect caused incredibly painful lessons.

Angelus crouched down and whispered, “You’re in my house now, boy.”

Xander’s stomach clenched at this.

“Let’s see how well you’ve been trained.” Angelus dragged him to his room by the neck.

Days, weeks, months.  Cries of pain slipped into those of pleasure. By the time he was rescued, Xander could no longer remember why he’d resisted the rough possessive touches. Agony and ecstasy blended together until all he wanted was Master.  

Funny how, in the end, they both wound up in Hell.


Angel hoped to be done with humans after firing everyone.  “Get out.”

“No.” Xander leaned against the front desk.

Angel snarled, pinning him in place. “You don’t want to piss me off, Xander.”

Xander didn’t flinch.  “When has that ever stopped me?”

“I could hurt you badly, boy.”

Xander leaned forward and whispered, “When has that ever stopped you?”

Memories of their nights together flooded Angel’s memories. He stopped trying to fight.


Xander nodded curtly, and followed Angel.

Bent over a chair, pants around his thighs.  Plug sliding out, replaced with a cool, thick cock.  

Xander whispered happily, “Master.”

For [info]_sharvie_  who wanted to know what happened to Spike and [info]thatotherperv who just  wanted all three boys playing.



“He looks so pretty spread out like that, doesn’t he?”

Quick nod.  

On his knees in the center of the mattress; shoulders planted firmly, arms wrenched behind him, affixed to his ankles by chains.

“Slick him up.” Lube placed his fingers, and Xander shuffled forward on the bed, sliding them into Spike’s cool tight hole.

Angelus stood at the end of the bed, stroking himself and smiling. He loved seeing his boys play.

“Take him, Xander.”  

Xander lined up and slid home, frozen and waiting for the thick burn himself.  He wasn’t disappointed.

Locked together, all three groaned in pleasure.


Spike walked out of his room. “So you’re heading out?”

“Yeah.” Xander nodded.  He set his worn pack down and leaned back against the breakfast bar. “You could come with me.”

Spike shook his head, reaching for his smokes.  “Nah, I’m done chasing after his royal hairness.”

“You sure?” Xander intercepted the arm, and pulled Spike close, pressing their lips together.

Fingers tangled in hair for what could be the last time.  Both sighed when they pulled away, foreheads resting against each other.

Finally, Spike cleared his throat. “Don’t let him run all over you, yeah?”

Xander grinned. “I won’t.”


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