The Road to Sex, Lies, and Duct Tape


Part Nine

Xander looked worse than he really was. His work shirt was gone. It had been torn from the nail and blood-covered, and they’d had to cut it off of him. There were bloodstains that ran down his tank and jeans, even a few drops on top of his work boots, standing out in dark contrast against the golden leather. His right hand was bandaged, as was his right shoulder, and his arm was in a sling. He was shocked at everyone in the waiting room. He hadn’t planned on calling Spike or the girls. He hoped he didn’t look too bad, but realized he probably did. He only had a second to react when Spike grabbed him in a hug against his uninjured side and buried his face in Xander’s neck.

“Hey, baby. It’s okay. I’m alright,” he whispered into Spike’s ear. He could feel the vampire tremble against him. Xander ran his left hand up and down Spike’s back, soothingly, then simply held him.

After a few moments, Spike pulled away. “Sorry, luv. Didn’t mean to be such a soppy git.”

“S’okay.” Xander decided something. Could be the drugs talking, but what the heck. He figured it was already kind of obvious anyway. Using his uninjured arm, he guided Spike forward. “Hey guys, I’d like you to meet some people. Manny, Kenny, Linda, these are my friends Buffy, Willow, and Dawn.” He indicated everyone in turn. “And this is my partner, Spike,” he said as he reached over and clasped Spike’s hand in his own.

His co-worker’s eyebrows lifted in surprise. So did the girls. Spike just stared at Xander. What was the term? Oh, yeah. Gobsmacked.

Xander looked at everyone and said, “I’m wiped, guys. I’m gonna be out for a few weeks. It’s not so much the shoulder as my hand. Got some really, really good drugs, so I’m feeling a little loopy. Manny, I’ll call Pete in the morning and let him know, I think you can handle the crew till I get back, okay? Christmas is only a couple weeks away and everything is slow until after the first of the year anyway.”

Manny nodded.

“Kenny? You and Lin came in your car, right? Would ya mind giving Manny a lift back to his car since he drove mine here for me?”

“Uh. Sure, Xan. No problem,” Kenny said, nodding his head. He was obviously in shock.

Linda just rolled her eyes. “Get some rest, Xander. Nice to meet you all. Especially you, Spike. Sorry about the mix-up.” She all but shoved the men through the automatic doors.

“Let’s go home, Spike. You can drive, okay?”


They drove home in silence. Xander’s head kept rolling forward as the drugs made him drowsy. Spike gripped the steering wheel hard. His jaw was set. Now that he knew Xander was alright, he was angry. Angry at the blighters that did this. Angry at the ponces the boy worked with. Angry at Xander for getting hurt in the first place. Angry at himself. So bloody angry that he had allowed himself to fall for the brown-eyed boy dozing in the seat next to him. William the Bloody reduced to tears over a human. Angry because he couldn’t do a goddamn thing about it. Furious because thanks to the fucking Initiative he couldn’t do a fucking thing to the bastards that did this. He couldn’t protect his own. Christ, he needed to kill something. Messily.

The sun was down low enough and was setting behind the apartment building, so Spike was able to scoop Xander up and carry him inside. He knew it must look odd; a man carrying another, larger man cradled gently in his arms…and not appearing to buckle under the burden. He could give a shit. He struggled slightly with the key, got into the flat, and took Xander into the bathroom. The boy stirred when Spike sat him down on the toilet lid.

“Mmm. Spike? I’m sorry I’m so out of it. They gave me a shot of Morphine…”

“’S okay, pet. I’ll take care of you.” He was still distracted by his rage and grabbed the tank to pull it over his boy’s head.

Xander cried out in pain as his shoulder was jostled. “Argh!” But his pain was trivial to Spike’s.

Spike cried out incoherently as the pain shot through his head. He clutched it and fell to the bathroom floor.

“Shit! Spike, are you okay? Please, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry,” Xander said while he stroked the blond’s head. Despite all they had done to each other and for each other, this was the first time during their relationship that the chip had been triggered.

Spike felt the waves of sharp pain ripple through him. As they dissipated, the first thing he noticed was that his head was being cradled against a warm chest that smelled of sawdust, plaster, sweat, blood and disinfectant. The second thing was Xander’s tearful voice.

“Spike, love? Are you alright? Please, baby. I’m so sorry. It’s my fault…”

“I’m okay, Sweetness. Just the chip reminding me it’s here, s’all.” He moved to get up, but Xander held him tighter and began to rock slightly, back and forth.

“It’s been so long, Spike. I almost forgot about it. You didn’t mean to hurt me; I know you didn’t. Why did it go off?”

Spike was still ticked off and opened his mouth to make a decidedly smart-arsed comment, when he felt hot tears hit his cheek. His fury melted away.

“I was upset, Xan. T'wasn’t thinkin’ about what I was doin’. Ya know I wouldn’t hurt you on purpose, right?”

“I know. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have let them give me the shot. I should have waited and took drugs when I got home. I didn’t think…” Xander’s voice sounded muzzy and his speech was slurring.

“Hush, luv. Let’s get you out of those filthy clothes, get you washed up a bit, ‘n tuck you in, alright?” He reached up and wiped the tears away from his boy’s face.

The whole day was just too much for Xander. He just nodded and gave in, the drugs making their presence known once more.

Spike ripped the shirt off carefully and helped Xander off with his jeans. He cleaned Xander off with a warm, soapy cloth as best he could without jostling his shoulder or hand. He could see a dark stain under the bandages on his boy’s back and smell fresh blood. He had accidentally re-opened the wound. He clenched his jaw again. Christ, he felt so fucking useless.

He mentally shook himself then finished his task. He pulled an old, soft pair of sweatpants on his boy and tucked him in, the drugs making him barely conscious. He grabbed up the little bag the boy had brought home from the hospital. They’d given him something called Keflex for an antibiotic, Percocet for the pain, and some kind of generic muscle relaxer for his shoulder. He read through the doctor’s diagnosis and instructions. They just made him angrier. The bandages on his hand would have to be changed at least twice a day. The one on his back at least once.

The injury to his shoulder would probably take a few weeks to heal properly and his hand would take up to three months to heal completely. Three bloody months.

Spike knew he had to go out and pound on something. Repeatedly. He had to vent this rage or risk taking it out on Xander. He went into the kitchen and wrote a brief note to put next to the phone so Xan would know where he’d gone in case he woke up. He had a happy expression on his face for one fleeting moment when he thought of Xander’s note collection. The boy had saved every single soddin’ note he’d given him since they’d been together. Something about his handwriting being ‘too pretty to pitch’, or some such rot. So, there was a shoebox in the back of the closet with a collection of ‘Back in an hour, XX Spike’, ‘Tuna casserole in icebox’, and the grocery list with a star next to the word ‘lube’. So now, ‘Just needed to run out for a bit. S.’ would be added to the collection.

As an afterthought, he added ‘I love you’.

Part Ten

Spike had an eventful evening. He dusted 2 fledges, beat the snot out of a Fyarl (literally), and killed one unidentifiable demon that just looked like it needed killin’. He started to feel marginally better. At least till the bloody loan shark showed up.

“Well, Mr. Spike, good to see you’re keeping a hand in, even if you are killing your own kind.” The loan shark was on his own tonight; at least he appeared to be. There were some fledges in the shrubbery. Amateurs.

“Fuckin’ hell. Now what? I thought we’d made an agreement. I did those collection jobs you wanted.”

“A few broken vampire kneecaps and demon tentacle removals don’t erase 40 Siamese kittens. And the price has gone up, Mr. Spike. A penalty must be charged when a client takes a long time to repay their debt. This is a business.” He flicked a piece of lint from his tailored lapel.

Spike narrowed his eyes. “How much?”

“Another twenty kittens.”

He sputtered, “Bugger that! That’s robbery, that’s what it is. I won’t pay it.”

“We could always go back to my original offer. The human could erase the debt…”

“Never, you dead-eyed bastard. No deal.” Spike began to light a cigarette.

The shark grinned, showing multiple rows of teeth. “By the way, Mr. Spike. How did your human like our little present?”

Spike’s hand froze on its way up to the tip of the cigarette.

The shark continued while strolling about in a nonchalant manner. “It’s been rather expensive to keep tabs on him, I must say. Vampires at night, humans during the day.” The shylock continued, “We thought it was time to up the, pardon the expression, stakes. A little reminder was necessary, Mr. Spike. A slight business incentive.”

“What?” Spike’s fingers lost their purchase and the lighter fell to the ground. The cigarette in his lips followed soon after.

“Shame, really. It wouldn’t have been necessary if you’d only cooperated. Do you think you can bring yourself to cooperate now, Mr. Spike?”

Spike hated himself for doing so, but he caved. He couldn’t let his boy get hurt. He couldn’t protect him during the day and they’d been following him. He couldn’t take all of them on himself, and he didn’t know who, and how many, they’d hired to watch him during the day. Christ, he couldn’t go to the Slayer; she could barely take care of herself these days. The ex-witch couldn’t do anything. The fucking Watcher was across the bloody pond. His Sire was more of a problem than a solution. Paingel was a pillock. No. He was on his own.

“What do you want?”


Spike sat on the edge of the bed and watched his lover sleep. Xander was sleeping unusually heavily, probably due to the drugs. He wiped a hand over his face and sighed. He’d do anything to keep his boy safe, even if it was something Xan wouldn’t like; and there was no way in hell he’d like what Spike was gonna do. It’d be better if Xander never found out, and if Spike had his way, he never would.

He reached out and stroked Xander’s face, pushing a lock of hair off of his forehead. Spike idly wished his boy would grow his hair out longer. He remembered what it looked like in the basement of doom. Shaggy and tousled…almost long enough to reach his shoulders. Well, almost. Definitely long enough for Spike to curl it around his fingers. Xander had the idea in his head that he needed to look more professional since he was a supervisor now, so it was short and neatly trimmed.

He carefully lay down next to Xander and studied his face. Xan had slight, almost imperceptible, laugh lines around his eyes and mouth. Spike both loved them and hated them. Loved them because his boy’s face lit up when he smiled, hated them because it was a reminder that his boy was getting older. Oh, he knew that the boy was still very young, but no matter how long he had, it would never be long enough.

Whether it be a loan shark demon, a run-of-the-mill beastie of the week, or simply time, one day Xander would be lost to him. This whole episode with the nail gun brought that fear, the sheer inevitability of it, into sharp perspective. He couldn’t be with Xander all the time. Couldn’t protect his own…and that rankled more than anything.

So, he’d do anything, anything he could, to make sure Xander was safe, and happy, and alive. Even if it meant lying to him to do it.


Xander woke up late. He still felt woozy from the Morphine injection. Those types of drugs always had him down for the count. He probably would still be asleep if it wasn’t for the throbbing in his shoulder and hand.

He glanced over and saw Spike asleep on top of the comforter, still wearing the same clothes from yesterday. Huh. He wondered why he didn’t get in under the covers. Usually, they cuddled…oh. That was it. Xander was hurt and Spike was afraid of hurting him more which would set off that damned chip. He tried to slide out without disturbing his shoulder or Spike. It wasn’t easy; he had stiffened up from sleeping in one position all night. That in itself was unusual, since he tended to move around and change position a lot while he slept. Spike had bitched about it at first but had eventually adapted, and now moved around whenever he did.

He tended to his needs in the bathroom. It was sorta weird handling his equipment with the other hand. He could still smell the disinfectant they’d used to flush the wounds out on his skin. If it bothered him it must have really bothered Spike’s sensitive nose. He decided to give Horatio a call. Horatio could change the dressings for him and then he could take a bath. His nurse had told him to bathe rather than shower since he needed to keep his bandages dry.

He moved over to the phone and saw Spike’s note. His forefinger smoothed over the ‘I love you’ at the bottom. He put it into his back pocket to add to his collection. He picked up the phone and called Horatio who told him he’d be over in about a half hour after Xander explained the situation. It was really awkward trying to do everything with his left hand. The emergency room doctor said that he was lucky; the nail hadn’t hit any bone. It had bled a lot, though, and would take a couple months to completely heal. He’d have to watch the swelling; right now it looked like Fred Flintstone’s hand and it was as sore as hell. The doctor said he should be able to use it a little in around ten days or so. Shoulder was another matter. Again, he was lucky, because it hadn’t hit any bone, but it was still a deep puncture wound into oft-used muscles. The doc had given him all the technical jargon but he couldn’t remember any of it.

The throbbing pain increased in intensity and he knew he had to take the drugs. The nurse told him to take them with food, so he pulled out the tuna casserole that Spike had made him a couple days before. It was pretty good. He nuked it and ate it right out of the container along with a big glass of orange juice. It was a real bitch trying to use a fork with his left hand. He gave up and got a spoon. As soon as Xander finished, he popped the antibiotic and pain pill. He briefly contemplated waiting to take the muscle relaxer later, but the pain convinced him otherwise. He still had a few minutes before Horatio would get there, so he picked up the phone again to call his boss.

When the call was over, Xander just sat there and looked at the receiver in his hand. That had to be one of the weirdest phone calls ever. Pete, his boss, had started by apologizing to him profusely, since he’d had to deal with a problem that Pete had originated by hiring his asshole brother-in-law. Then praised him for handling the uncomfortable situation in a very professional and by-the-book manner. Then said that time off was no problem; workman’s comp would handle the whole thing, and to top it off, offered him a job as Site Foreman. Foreman. Wow. More pay, more vacation time, the whole shebang. He could hardly wait to tell Spike!


Spike woke up when he heard the microwave ping. Xander was up and by the smell of it, eating the last of the tuna casserole. Good. It stank up the refrigerator. He lay there for awhile thinking about yesterday and last night. Xander was alright, well, relatively…and he would stay that way. Spike would see to it.

He strode into the living room in the rumpled clothes from yesterday just in time to see his boy staring at the phone in his left hand. “Xan?”

Xander turned his head and looked up at him with a huge smile on his face. “Hey, Spike. Guess what?” He put the phone down on the coffee table and patted the spot on the couch next to him.

Spike sat down carefully more than a foot away, so as not to jostle his boy. Xander would have none of that. He got up, turned, gingerly straddled Spike’s lap, and gave him a hearty tuna-flavored kiss. “Sorry, tuna-breath. But hey! Guess who just got a promotion?”

The blond was surprised by the kiss and could have given a shit about the tuna breath. Xander seemed so much better than last night, but still rather woozy and obviously in some pain, despite the excitement of the promotion. He was also trying to act like he wasn’t in pain. As if Spike couldn’t tell. He gave his love a small smile and said, “I suppose that would be you, Xan.”

“Bingo! And it gets better. I only have to stop by before Christmas to get the paperwork rolling, and don’t have to go back to work until after New Year, and I’ll just be on desk-duty for a few weeks to give my hand time to heal. Manny got my old job and Pete has made me a Site Foreman! It’s seventy-five hundred more per year and I’ll be supervising all the crew chiefs and taking meetings, ‘n everything. They’re going to start me out on smaller sites at first and then, when I get the hang of it, they’ll give me bigger jobs to supervise. Geez, I gotta go buy some jackets and ties. Steve said that the company will pay for me to take some college courses if I want to!” Xander practically bounced in Spike’s lap. Well, as close an approximation of bouncing as a guy who got shot twice with a nail gun and had been drugged to the gills could.

“That’s wonderful, pet. Get you feelin’ better and there’s all sorts of things we can do with the time off.” Spike let his eyes rake over Xander’s’ body while sliding his hands up the muscular thighs straddling his own and up the broad chest, gliding his cool fingertips through the hair to circle the small, rose-colored nipples. Letting his hands see for themselves that his boy was alright…or would be. God, he wanted him, wanted to taste him, touch him, love him. Crawl inside him and never come out. Protect him.

“Spike,” Xander all but moaned, trying not to buck his groin into Spike’s while he tangled his left hand in the blond, sleep-tousled mane. “Baby, we can’t do this…Horatio’s on his way over to change my bandages.”

The vamp pulled back from his boy’s left nipple, which had been tonguing fiercely. “Bugger.” Xan wasn’t up to this even if the Puerto Rican poofter wasn’t on his way over.

“Only if you’re very, very good,” the brown-eyed boy said before moving forward to capture his lover’s lips in his own.

That’s when they heard the knock at the door and “Yoo hoo! Xandarrrrr,” as they heard Horatio trilling the ‘r’.

With one more quick kiss, Xander carefully and rather stiffly got off Spike’s lap and went to the door. “Hi, Horatio. Come on in. This is Spike.”

Horatio sashayed into the room, took one look at Spike, and said, “Ooo. He is butch, isn’t he?” He obviously liked what he saw.

Spike arched an eyebrow at the fairy as he walked in. ‘Cause that’s what he was. A fairy. Not just a poofter, thought he was obviously that, too. An actual bleedin’ fairy. Aside from that, he looked like Peter Pan and Tinkerbelle combined. About the same height as Spike, but thinner, more lithe, with slightly pointed ears, pursed lips, impeccably groomed, and eyebrows that had been plucked all to hell ‘n gone. He appeared young, about mid twenties, but due to his species, was probably a great deal older than that. He had the most extreme accent that Spike had heard in a long time. His first comment came out more like ‘Hee eez bootch, eezn’t hee?”

After checking Spike out, Horatio got down to the business of cleaning Xan’s wounds and changing his bandages. But Spike noticed that he was checking his boy out a bit, too. Xander, as usual, was completely oblivious. He never did realize how feckin’ hot he was. The Puerto Rican fairy flitted about, gesturing wildly while he talked.

“By the way, Xander. I brought chu those movies you wanted, honey. West Side Story y a boonch more.”

Xander’s eyes got as round as saucers. “Really? Thanks, Horatio. And thanks for fixing my bandages.”

“Es no problem, mijo,” he said, patting Xander’s uninjured shoulder. “Mierda! Fucking humans!” He turned and nodded to Spike coquettishly, placed one manicured hand on a slim hip and proceeded to check him out from the tips of his toes to the top of his bleached-blond locks while Spike stood there, gobsmacked. “Si, very butch. Mmm, mmm. Is too bad about the chip.” He spun around and let himself out singing, “I like to beee een Ahmerrrrricaaaa! O-kay by mee een Ahmerrrricaaaa…”

Xander smiled and closed the door behind him. “So whatcha think?”

“He’s like Carmen Miranda on crack.” Spike still appeared shell-shocked.

“Who’s Carmen Miranda?”

“Never mind, luv. How did he know about my chip? And did you know he’s a soddin’ fairy?”

“The Initiative took some of his friends, and I told you it’s not nice to call anyone a fairy!”

Spike rolled his eyes. “’M not talkin’ about him being a nancy-boy…tho’ he is. He’s a fairy as in a non-human.”

“Oh, yeah. I knew that. And he prefers ‘fey’. Be nice, he’s your blood connection, Spike.”

“He knows that I’m a vampire and he knows about the chip?”

Uh, oh. Spike looked a little ticked. “He knows you’re a vamp. I didn’t tell him about the chip; he kinda guessed it on his own what with the blood ‘n all. He thinks it’s sweet that we’re together. One of his best friends is a phlebotomist at the hospital and I don’t think he’s exactly human either, but that’s how he gets your blood.” Xander sighed, obviously already worn out and in pain. “Spike, I’m feeling less than fresh here. I really, really need a bath.” He waggled his eyebrows. “I need some help keeping my bandages dry. Wanna have some good clean fun?”

Spike taped plastic over the wound on his boy’s back and helped him into the bath, treating Xander like he was made out of spun glass.

Xander had enough. “Spike! Relax, I’m not an invalid. Well, not totally. I’ll be okay.” He gave Spike more tuna-flavored kisses while Spike gently washed him with a soft cloth. Spike released his lips and Xander carefully leaned back against the tub with his left side, letting the heat and the drugs relax his sore, injured body.

Spike gently stroked Xander’s hair as he watched the drugs take effect. His comment was so hushed that Xander almost didn’t hear it. “I could’ve lost you, Xander.”

The young human pulled Spike down to him and placed a soft kiss to his temple. “You didn’t. I’m here. We Scoobies are hard to kill. We’re like cockroaches in white hats. It takes a real pointy shoe to take us out. And why did I wander off into the land of bug analogy? Must be the drugs. Sorry to conk out on you again, but I really needed to take them…”

“S’okay, luv. I’ll just tidy up in the bedroom a bit then come back and tuck you in for a nap.”

Part Eleven

Spike watched his boy sleep. The drugs really knocked him out, but sleep was what was best for him. Would help him heal. Xander slept for the better part of four days, waking up to eat, take his medicine, have Horatio change his bandages, and get cleaned up. He woke up enough to go to the doctor’s two days after he was injured, but Xan was mostly out of it.

Spike had insisted on going along despite the daylight. The Hispanic, hot-house tulip from across the hall was decent enough to drive so Spike could ride with Xander in the backseat. The fairy wouldn’t shut the bloody hell up, though. Kept nattering on the whole sodding way there and back. Spike decided to be magnanimous and not rip his throat out, even though the fairy was most certainly non-human and he could, since the light-in-his-loafers Latino was good to his boy and supplied all of Spike’s favorite vintages in lovely red bags.

Plus, Horatio would stay with Xander for a few hours at night, without asking any sodding questions, so Spike could take care of business. The business that Xander need never know about. Ever.

On the fifth day after the accident, Xander asked Spike to break the pain pill in half. He was still muzzy, but not unconscious, at least.

Xander decided he wanted to cut down on the pain meds and muscle relaxers. Spike called the doc to make sure it was okay, and he said as long as Xander was comfortable, it was fine, but he had to stay on the antibiotic to avoid infection.

By that evening, Xan was feeling relatively perky, at least a hell of a lot perkier than he had been. Spike was feeling rather ragged. That’s when the doorbell rang. Spike got up to answer it. It was Tara on the other side. The vamp’s scarred eyebrow twitched up in surprise.

“Well, now, witch. What brings you by?” He asked casually while blocking the entry with his body.

Tara looked up at him nervously. “I-I saw Willow at school. She told me about Xander. I th-thought I could help.”

Help? That would definitely be of the good. Christ. His inner-monologue was starting to sound like Xander now. Any moment he would start tossing in words such as ‘so’ and ‘like’. “Come on in, luv. I suppose the boy could use some company.” The girls had tried to come by, but Xander was so out of it, Spike hadn’t wanted them to disturb him.

Tara walked in warily, giving Spike a wide berth. So, the chit was still afraid of him. Good. At least someone was. She walked over to where Xander was tucked in on the couch and smiled gently at him. She knelt down on the floor next to the couch.

“Hi, Xander. How are you feeling?”

“Hey, Tara. I’m really glad to see you. I’m feeling better. Still sore and the drugs make me all fuzzy. Thanks. How are you?” he asked in a gentle tone of voice. “I know the whole thing with Will has been rough…on both of you. You okay?”

“I’m alright. It is tough, though. Hard to see her…” she gave Xander a sad smile and drifted off.

Spike rolled his eyes and sank down into the armchair. “Yeah, yeah, witchling. You said somethin’ about helping Xander,” he said harshly.

She appeared to flinch slightly when Spike talked to her, seemed startled. Xander looked at him reproachfully.

The young blonde woman began to speak. “I don’t know if I mentioned it, but my mother was a healer and midwife as well as a witch. She knew some spells that would speed up healing.”

“I doubt we’ll ever need midwife-ing, witch, but what about the healing spells?” Spike asked sardonically.

“Um, not to be a doubting Xander, or anything, but I thought that you couldn’t use magic for healing. I thought that was what we’d decided with Joyce.”

Spike noticed the inflection of Xander’s voice when he said the name. Saw his boy’s face. The loss still hurt him. Couldn’t blame him. He still missed the lady. He could really use someone to talk to over a nice cuppa.

“W-well, magic won’t work on natural illnesses – at least as a cure. It can help boost immune systems, help with basic body functions, but can’t be used to cure things like cancer, or heart disease, or brain tumors. But it can help with un-natural injury.”

Spike’s tune changed really fast. He leaned forward and his facial expression softened somewhat. “Really?”

Tara ducked her head down and blushed. “Yeah. I can’t completely heal him, but I can, um, speed it up a little.”

“Like watching a movie on fast-forward?” Xander asked hopefully.

“Uh huh. Like that. It’s pretty simple, really.”

“What do you need, Petal?”

Both Xander and Tara looked up at Spike in surprise, taken aback by the gentle tone of Spike’s voice.

“I have everything I need, except the blood of a loved one,” Tara answered in surprise as she tilted her head up to look Spike in the eye.

“How much do you need, luv?”

“N-not much. About an ounce, I think.”

Spike nodded. “Done.” He got up, got one of his black mugs, vamped out and bit into his own wrist. He filled the mug up halfway before he put his mouth back on the wound and stopped the flow of blood.


After the incantation and the incense had been put out, Xander was sleeping on the couch. The ritual, while not complicated, had drained the boy somewhat and the witchling had said he’d probably sleep for awhile.

Spike reached out and touched Tara’s hand as she busied herself by putting the components back into her carry-all. She flinched.

“Not going ta hurt you, Petal.”

Tara looked up at him with apprehension in her eyes.

“Just want to talk for a bit, alright? Let’s go over here for a mo’ so we won’t disturb Xander.”

She nodded and followed Spike into the kitchenette area.

“Tara,” Spike began.

She looked at him in surprise. He’d never used her name before.

Spike couldn’t believe he was saying this, and to a human no less. “I’m not going to hurt you,” he repeated. “I just, oh, bloody hell. I just wanted to thank you, alright?” he said, almost angrily. “The boy means a lot to me…”

Tara cocked her head at him and placed a soft hand on his wrist. “You love him, don’t you, Spike?” she asked as she looked at him with searching, penetrating eyes.

He simply nodded once.

“I can tell, you know. I can see your aura. I also know that if it weren’t for the chip, you’d be killing.”

Spike opened his mouth to protest, but thought better of it. Chit would know he was lying anyway.

She continued, “But, I can also see that you love Xander, and he loves you…he trusts you. If that chip stops working, I’d think long and hard about returning to your old ways, Spike. I know you love him, but do you l-love him enough?”

Well, now. Who knew that chit had a pair o’ stones? He returned her gaze. “I love Xander. I won’t hurt him. I won’t hurt anyone the boy cares about. That’s what I promise you. Won’t hurt the Nibblet, the Slayer, nor your redheaded girl, luv. ‘N not you. Can’t rightly think past anything else now.”

Tara gave him a soft smile. “I won’t lie to you, Spike. You scare me a little. You’re a demon. But, you’re a demon who has a t-tremendous depth of feeling and capacity for love. You’re special.”

Spike looked at her in surprise.

“Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone,” she said with a quirky smile. “You did me a favor once. You helped me when I thought I was a demon and my f-family was going to take me away. I never thanked you. I’m sorry. So, just know that if you need to talk or need help, I’ll be there. Thanks, Spike.”

Just at those few simple words, Spike felt like there was a lump in his throat that he couldn’t swallow down. The emotion of the past few days, his frustration, Xander’s pain, it all came rushing back. This little girl, even though she was afraid, was willing to be there for him. He bent his head down, picked up her tiny hand, and kissed it. “Thank you, Petal.”

Tara placed her other hand under his chin and lifted it up so she could look in his eyes. What she saw there surprised her, even after seeing his aura. She pushed down any fear, stepped forward, and drew Spike into a hard hug.

Spike was shocked at first, but felt his own arms creep around and return the witch’s hug. She smelled of lavender and lilac, sunshine, incense, and innocence.

“What was that for, luv?” he asked when she stepped back.

“You just looked like you needed it,” she replied before picking up her satchel and heading for the door.

Part Twelve

He sat by the couch trying to will Xander into waking up. After staring at him intently for over an hour he decided to go and take a nice, long shower. He had to relax. The frustration of Xander’s injury, the stress of taking care of him, the worry of what he had to do…Christ. Spike stepped into the tub, stood under the shower, and let the water pound down on him as he tried not to cry. Fuck, since he was with Xander it seemed like he cried constantly. Turnin’ into a soddin’ poof…well, poofier.

Suddenly, the shower curtain was jerked open and Xander popped in with him.

“Xander! What? No, your bandages will get wet!”

His boy shook his head and indicated his injured hand. He had a Wonder Bread bag over it and it was tied off with surgical tape. “Horatio taped a baggie over my shoulder, too.”

“But what…how?”

“I just feel so much better, Spike. That spell must have really helped, ‘cause I feel great. You feel really great, too, Spike,” he said as he slid his unbandaged hand over his lover’s torso.

Spike just looked at him, surprised, as Xander turned them around so his back was to the shower.

“Hmm, Spike. You look, um, what’s the expression? Oh, yeah. Out-of-sorts. Must be lack of sex. Yup. That’s it. You’re suffering from a severe shortage of nookie. Gotta do something about that.” Xander smoothly dropped to his knees and swallowed Spike’s half-erect cock whole.

“Oh, Jesus! Xander!” Spike’s eyes rolled back in his head at the warm suction. God, how he’d missed this. His fingers scrabbled for purchase against the slippery tile, eventually locking around the unused towel bar at the back of the shower before he began to thrust gently into the moist cavern of his boy’s mouth.

Xander had missed this so much. He’d been in so much pain and so out of it that he hadn’t felt up to much of anything. When he’d woken up after Tara left, he’d felt so much better. He’d known immediately what he wanted to do next, so he called Horatio over to fix his bandages for him. The youthful fey had taken one look at him and got a lascivious look on his face. He quickly fixed the bandages and coyly said he wanted to be called later and given all the details.

Xander sucked Spike hard. He slid his tongue all over the surface of the marble-hard cock in his mouth like it was a particularly tasty ice-cream novelty that was melting too quickly on a hot summer’s day. He pulled off of the turgid cock to suck both the soft balls into his mouth, laving them teasingly with his tongue and humming softly around them. God, he got so turned on from Spike’s body and its reactions. He loved the feel of Spike’s nuts in his mouth, the soft, velvety skin covering the firm globes as he laved them with his tongue. He pulled back, releasing his lover’s testicles and sucked on the middle finger of his left hand, covering it with his saliva, before he slipped it into Spike, firmly and persistently massaging the blond’s prostate. He kept his mouth busy, too, as he traced the large vein on the underside of Spike’s cock with his tongue. He relished the sounds Spike was making, the grunts and groans and the unnecessary panting. He never knew you could feel so powerful, so in control, when you were on your knees – even with a Wonder Bread bag taped around your wrist.

When Xander’s tongue finally reached the head, he gently swirled the tip of his tongue around the edges of the foreskin before placing his lips around the head and sucking hard.

Spike looked down at his beautiful boy as he continued to thrust cautiously, enjoying the soft slurpy sounds of his lover’s mouth on his dick. Xander’s hair was plastered to his head from the shower and drops of water clung to his long eyelashes. He looked up and his eyes locked on the crystal blue of Spike’s. They held the gaze as Xander slid his mouth to the base of Spike’s prick and swallowed.

Fucking. Hell!” Spike’s back arched as he shot his load into his love’s mouth, his body taught as a bow-string…and he ripped the towel bar right off the wall.

Xander stood up, chuckling. He gathered Spike’s trembling body into an embrace as his blond lover rode out the aftershocks of a very powerful orgasm.

When Spike recovered, he noticed he was still holding the bent towel bar in his right hand. “Bloody hell. There’s another fucking trip to Wal-Mart.”


Spike began to suspect that Xander had blown him in the shower so he would cooperate and watch the sodding musicals with him now that the boy could stay awake for more than two hours. Shit. Xan wouldn’t even let him reciprocate. That just drove Spike crazy. Said he wanted to wait until he ‘couldn’t stand it any more, until he was panting for it’. Double shit.

Spike wanted his boy again now. He’d been taunted by his boy’s erect cock bouncing around as Xander puttered around the apartment and ate a sandwich…naked. Entranced by his boy’s nice round bum. Well. Two can play at that game. After Xander sat down on the couch, Spike handed him his meds, waited for him to swallow, and dropped trou.

“So, luv. You panting yet? No? Well, let’s see what we can do about that.” Spike turned around and put West Side Story into the DVD player, making sure to bend over more than was absolutely necessary. He clenched his buttocks together and heard Xander gulp behind him. He looked over his shoulder while still bent over and gave Xander an evil smirk. He clenched his cheeks again and Xander whimpered.

Spike stood, turned around to face Xander, and looked at him pensively. “Nope. No panting.” He sighed as he brought his fingers up to twist and pull at his own nipples.

Xander started to drool.

“Well, I suppose I’ll just have to find some other way to occupy my time.” His left hand slowly made its way down and lightly stroked his hard cock.

He watched Xander’s eyes begin to glaze over as they followed the hand moving up and down, up and down. He turned around and walked into the bedroom, flexing as many muscles as inhumanly possible on his way.

By the time Xander’s lust-fogged mind had cleared sufficiently to allow him to get up and move, Spike was ready and waiting for him. He didn’t want Xander to hurt himself in one of their most typical positions, so he had slicked himself and ‘assumed the position’ against the wall. He looked over his shoulder at Xander as his broad-shouldered frame filled the doorway. He really would have to thank the blonde witch for that spell. “So, Sweetness. You panting now? Hmm?” he all but purred.

Xander came up behind him silently and forcefully pulled Spike against his chest with his left arm. Spike began to pant himself, as he felt the crisp chest hairs against his back, the wiry pubic hair against his ass, and the thick dick tucked in-between his cheeks.

“God, Spike. I want you. Want you so much. Need you now,” Xander said, rubbing his unshaven face against the smooth skin of Spike’s neck.

Ooo. Boy was all monosyllabic. He was going to get a nice, hard coring. Fan-fucking-tastic. He ground his firm ass against the hard cock behind him. “Then fuck me, luv.”

Xander made sure that Spike was prepared before he hurriedly slicked himself and rammed his cock into Spike so hard that the blond’s feet came off the floor for a moment.

“Christ! Xander!” Spike’s unneeded breathing came out as grunts. He could feel the prick buried to the hilt inside of him, feel it throb in time to the beat of Xander’s heartbeat against his back. It was almost like his own dead heart was beating in time with his boy’s. Spike quickly pulled his left hand off the wall to pinch the base of his erection. Fucking hell. One thrust and he had practically shot his load. He felt his muscles flutter around Xander’s cock while the boy sucked hard on his shoulder. Grinding his unshaven face along the creamy skin. It was one of Spike’s kinks - he loved it when Xander had just a slight beard, loved the burn of it chafing his sensitive skin.

“You ready?” Xander whispered in his ear before he bit down on the lobe.

“Yes!” Spike almost squeaked as he put his left hand back up on the wall to brace what he knew was coming. Xander had learned his ‘on’ switches quickly. Even the ones he didn’t know about himself, including his left earlobe. Sucking on it, nibbling on it, licking it, kissing it. Anyone of those; and his engine went from zero to sixty in two seconds flat.

Xander sucked on the earlobe harshly, let it go with an audible ‘pop’ and began to fuck Spike in earnest. Deep and hard, skin slapping against skin. That wonderfully copious cock splitting him open over, and over, and over. Owning him. He pushed back into Xander just as hard, their grunts, breathing, and slick sounds of sex filling the room.

His boy was fucking him so hard that he had to use both hands to keep himself up. Xander rammed into his prostate again and again. Driving his cock against it relentlessly, repeatedly, shattering Spike with each plunge. Spike began to tremble and clutched at the wall, feeling the plaster crack slightly under his grip. He felt his balls draw up a second before he came all over the wall, painting it with spurt after spurt of cool, ropey fluid.

And still his boy kept fucking him.

Xander pulled out and spun an almost boneless Spike around. He hooked Spike’s right leg over his left elbow to open him up again, and plunged back into Spike’s tight, clenching ass. Spike cried out and clung to the wall, arms over his head, and his head thrown back as he was pinned to the wall by Xander’s prick. His boy grunting harshly with each thrust. He could feel his own release on the wall rubbing into the small of his back.

Spike was incoherent. This was the best, most thorough fucking he had ever gotten in his very long unlife. His own prick was once again hard enough to cut diamonds. Every thrust sent off a cascade of sparks behind his eyelids. Xander latched onto his left earlobe again, sucking, and drawing it between his blunt teeth before his mouth released it and latched onto the smooth, white neck like a lamprey, sucking the borrowed blood to the surface.

Xander pulled away from his neck and attacked the slack, panting mouth, kissing deeply, harshly. Dominating him. Taking him. The muscles of Spike’s arms bulged, the chords of his neck extended, his eyelashes fluttered while his eyes rolled up in his head from the pleasure. Moans came from his kiss-swollen lips.

His beautiful boy began to speak. “Christ, Spike. You’re so gorgeous. Beautiful. Your body, your eyes, your mouth. All of you, beautiful and mine. Tell me you want me, baby.”

“G-god, Xander. I want you; I want you so bloody much.”

The brunet’s hips kept snapping rhythmically. “Tell me. Tell me you need me.”

Why did the boy want to keep talking? At this point, talking was a hell of an effort for him. He struggled to respond. “Need you. Only you.”

Xander clutched Spike against him even more tightly, trapping Spike’s cock between their bodies, giving him the friction he needed. He could feel Xander’s sweat trickle down his own body.

“Now,” Xander commanded, “tell me you love me.”

He could feel Xander’s hot breath on his face. His boy was looking deeply into his eyes the love in them shining forth brilliantly. “Love,” Spike panted out. “You.”

Spike felt Xander’s hand dip down and heard a quiet ‘snick’. Then Xander was coming with a guttural cry, thrusting shallowly and hard, completely losing the rhythm as he came and came. Then, in the throes of his ecstasy, Xander bit him. Hard.

Spike came for the third time that day, gasping, “Unh, unh. Xa-.” Just before he lost consciousness.

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