Road to Poofdom


Part Ten

Spike was edgy. He’d been giving the boy time to decide what he wanted. No pressure. But he wasn’t the most patient of vamps. Two weeks ago, the boy hadn’t been able to make eye contact, or even so much as look at him. Last week, he would occasionally make polite chit-chat, nothing much, just the ‘hi, how are you’ garden-variety kinds of things. The first time it happened, Spike was thrilled. A simple ‘Hey, Spike’ had been enough to make his entire bloody day, especially when the boy made a point of looking at him when he said it.

This week, they’d had actual conversations. Well, a sentence or two, at least. He’d even made eye contact with Spike. Smiled at him. And he could feel the boy’s eyes following him around the room. But the thing that was driving Spike up a ruddy wall was that every sodding time the boy looked at him, or spoke to him, Xander put his hand in his bloody pocket. What the hell was in that feckin’ pocket?

Spike stalked around the shop, lost in thought, when he felt a warm hand on his shoulder. It was Xander.


Xander’s eyes watched Spike move around the room. He was obviously agitated. Time to put his plan into action. He took a deep fortifying breath, got up, walked over, and put his hand on Spike’s shoulder.

"Spike. You okay? You seem kinda twitchy tonight."

"’M fine, Xan."

His mind began a Snoopy dance accompanied by a chorus of he said my name, he said my name, not boy or moron, he said my name.

Xander opened his mouth to speak, but was interrupted when Giles walked rapidly into the room, Anya hot on his heels.

"I said ‘no’ Anya. Absolutely not. What you are suggesting is not proper; it’s not sanitary for god’s sake!"

"But Rupy…"

Xander secretly thought that Giles much preferred the hated ‘G-man’ over ‘Rupy’. He chuckled.

"Please, Anya. And won’t you please refrain from calling me ‘Rupy’?"

"But I don’t see why…"

"Why I won’t have sexual relations with you while rolling about in great wads of currency? It’s positively indecent I tell you!"

"But I did that thing you asked. You know, where you spanked me with a ruler and made me call you ‘Headmaster’?"

Giles suddenly realized they had an audience. "Oh dear lord."

"Giles," Buffy began, "I think I can speak for everybody here when I say yuck much?" Everyone nodded in the affirmative.

"Quite right. I do apologize. Dreadfully sorry. Anya, darling. Didn’t we discuss the difference between private and public conversations?" He grabbed her arm and ushered her out the door. "Do lock up, won’t you?" he threw over his shoulder as they left.

"Giles sure certainly has his hands full," Buffy commented.

"Yeah, with a ruler apparently," Xander quipped, and began to walk back to his seat. He was so nervous. Maybe he should wait till tomorrow. That’s when Spike reached down and grabbed his hand.


"Gotta talk to the boy. Goin’ in the training room. Everyone piss off." That said, he hauled Xander back to the training room and pressed him up against the wall. Xander just looked at him placidly, putting his hand back in his pocket. But he could smell the boy’s anxiety. Spike’s temper flared.

"What the hell is in your pocket that’s so fucking important?" he hissed, pulling the offending hand out of the pocket. The hand holding a black and lace thong with a red satin rosette. Spike was gobsmacked. For about five seconds.

"What the bloody hell is this then? Feelin’ the urge to play dress-up with ol’ Spike?"

Xander calmly looked at him. "No." Spike could hear his heartbeat pick up.

He stepped back and began to pace. "First you ignored me, last week you make pointless conversation, and this week your eyes follow me everywhere. This being patient shite is takin’ too bloody long!" he shouted.

"I know. I’m sorry."

The ‘sorry’ stopped him in his tracks cold. The kid was apologizing? Or was he blowing him off? He stalked forward, hitting the brick wall on either side of Xander’s head, chipping off bits of brick.

"You sure are tough on walls and furniture, Spike. Seems like I’m doing repairs all over the place lately."

"Shut up," he ground out. "What the bloody hell do you want, Xander?" Spike steeled himself for the answer.


An answer he wasn’t expecting.

Xander dropped the panties and reached up to cup Spike’s face. "Just you."

It took two seconds before Spike pinned Xander to the wall with his body and his lips, kissing him deeply. God, how he’d missed this. He felt Xander’s arms wind around his torso and hold him closely. This time it was Spike’s turn to pick Xander up. He walked them across the room, tossed him unceremoniously onto the couch, and pounced. Straddling one leg, his leg between Xander’s, he began to thrust against him. He felt Xander pull his shirt out of his jeans and warm hands begin to explore the skin beneath.

"God, Spike. I missed this, missed you, so much," he said as Spike began to explore his neck with his tongue.

"Xan. Xander, luv. Need you. Need you so bloody much."

More rapid, frenzied thrusting, more urgently proclaimed endearments. They were both so wound up it didn’t take long. They both lay there, breathless, hands exploring lazily as they recovered from their orgasms.

Xander shifted a little.

"Sorry, luv. ‘M I too heavy?"

"No, stay here. Can I, can I just hold you for awhile?"

They lay there, entwined and basking, until a voice from the front room wavered back.

"Is it safe to come in there now? I left my purse by the pummel horse," Buffy called uncomfortably.

"Yeah, Slayer. All clear."

"I’m not looking, I’m not looking," she murmured as she went past, her left hand shielding her eyes. Too bad that when she turned around to leave, she could see everything. "You’re not naked. Why aren’t you naked?"

"Well, I’m sure that if you wait a minute or two, we could accommodate you, Buffy." At Spike’s remarks, both Buffy and Xander blushed. He found Xander’s blushing much more endearing. "But bugger off tonight, eh? I want my boy all to myself."

"This is me buggering off." She walked away, musing aloud, "What does ‘bugger’ mean, anyway? Still haven’t found out what a stevedore is, either. I gotta make a list…"

Spike smiled, a genuinely happy smile, and looked down at his boy.

"You’re so beautiful when you smile, Spike. You should do it more often."

"Well, I have a reason to now, don’t I? Skipping down the merry road to poofdom with my honey."

"I’m not going to have to spank you while you call me ‘Headmaster’ will I?"

"Hmmm. How’s about I spank you, luv? Get that firm bum all nice ‘n rosy?" Spike felt the renewed interest against his leg. "Found a kink, have I?"

Xander slowly sat up, trying not to disrupt Spike too much. "Let’s take this back to my place, okay? But please try to not tear the place up. It took me most of last week to repair the damage, between you and Buffy."

"I’ll be gentle as a lamb, pet," he drawled, letting his eyes communicate just how gentle he was not going to be.


Spike put his duster on and they made sure to lock up on their way out. When they reached the car, Xander opened the passenger side door for him. "I’m not some bint you have to open the door for, Xan."

"I know that, sorry. Just been so well-trained to treat my gal like a lady, I have no basis for comparison when my gal is really a guy. I just, I just don’t want to screw this up, okay?"

"S’all right. I’ll cut you some slack this time."

"That’s mighty wide of you," he said, grinning as he shut the passenger door, being very careful not to shut the duster in it.

As soon as Xander closed the door, Spike realized something. When Xan got behind the wheel, Spike asked, "Tinted windows?"

"UV protection. Thought I should," he said, blushing again. "You know. I don't know how effective it’ll be but there’s a tarp in back, just in case."

Spike was stunned. He’d never had someone do something special, just for him. Other’n his mum, of course. He reached over and gently kissed Xander. "Thank you, luv."

"You’re welcome."


Xander was practically bouncing in his seat on the way back to his apartment. He really hoped he wasn’t rushing things. By the way Spike had tossed him down on the couch and ravished him, he didn’t think so.

He resisted the urge to open the car door for him. It was a big step. When they were approaching the apartment door, Archie from 3C skittered by, looking at Spike anxiously. Poor guy; only 22 and already had the comb-over of doom.

When they got to his door, he pressed keys into Spike’s hand. "Made ya a set. Go on and try ‘em out."

Spike just stared at Xander for a moment before he used his new set of keys to unlock the door and step inside.

"I’ve done some redecorating," Xander supplied as he closed the door behind them. The apartment looked nice, if he did say so himself. "You can’t be gay and not have a stylish apartment. It’s, like, in the handbook, or something." He’d done a lot to the place, with a ton of help from Horatio. When he hadn’t been dreaming of Spike while he slept, he’d been having disjointed dreams about paint chips and fabric swatches. It was like the Spice channel versus Trading Spaces. Anyway, the place looked great. Dark, rich colors, soft upholstery, black-out blinds, and heavy drapes.

"Gotta lot of candles. Can’t be flaming without a lot of…flames." Okay. Spike was being too quiet. It was unnatural. "Say something would you? I’m all nervous-nelly. Um, forget that last comment, okay?"

"You did all this for me?" Spike asked in a hushed voice, his accent sounding almost as cultured as Giles’.

"Yeah. For us. Come here." He grabbed Spike’s hand and took him into the kitchen. He opened the fridge with a flourish. "I got you some of the good stuff. Human blood. Can’t get it all the time, sorry. But Horatio has connections."

"Horatio?" Spike asked, a hint of jealousy coloring his voice.

"He’s our fairy godmother. Kinda, sorta."

Spike just arched his eyebrow.

"I got you a set of mugs, too. All black. There’s Wheetabix in the cupboard, and…"

Xander was cut off as Spike pushed him up against the wall and kissed him hard.

When their lips finally parted, Xander said, "Well, if I got that reaction from the kitchen, I can’t wait to see what you’ll do for the other rooms."

"Show me?"

Xander took his honey’s hand again and led him through the rest of the apartment. There were several ashtrays scattered in the room. "I don’t mind if you smoke out here, okay? I’d rather you didn’t in the bathroom or the bedroom. Smoky towels and pillows are kinda gross."

The bathroom looked much the same, tile repaired, new towels, and shower curtain. The bedroom was way different. Done all in rich, almost burgundy, reds with a plush chenille coverlet, and a ton of throw pillows. New wrought iron lamps gave the room a soft glow. It was the bed that was really cool, though. He’d gotten it from Manny’s cousin, an antique dealer in the next county over who was going out of business.

"I had to replace the headboard. You kinda killed it. I got this one yesterday. The guy said it was English oak. Really strong." The bed was beautiful; dark wood with a gently curving grain. The carpenter in him appreciated it, but did Spike? He’d gone all quiet again.

"Um, one more thing, Spike," he said, nervously as he led him back into the main room and opened another door.

"I was told this was a closet, but it’s kinda big. No windows. I thought… Oh, hell! I thought that maybe you’d move in here with me, and this could kinda be yours to do whatever you want with. And it’d be safe ‘cause the sun can’t get in here, and, geez, Spike, could ya throw me a bone here?"

Spike just stood there, an unreadable expression on his face.

"Is askin’ you to move in with me too fast? Crap, of course it’s too fast. You don’t have to, you know. I don’t want to pressure you, or anything…"

Spike reached forward and gently put a finger on Xander’s lips before asking him, "Why?"

Well, that was one question he hadn’t actually expected, or even rehearsed for.


Spike was gobsmacked. He couldn’t believe that the boy had done all this. For him. He just needed to know one more thing. He brought his hand up and carefully shushed him with a finger against his warm lips.


Stunned by the question, using wide gestures, the boy burst forth with the truth, "’Cause you’re all I think about. I’ve been denial-boy for a long time, now. Way before the spell. You’d, well, grown on me. I just didn’t know how to deal with it. I repressed everything and threw myself headlong into an engagement for a marriage that really would have been made in hell. The whole mass-murderer thing really helped that along, too, by the way."

He stopped and looked Spike square in the eye and said softly and sincerely, "It boils down to this: I’m different, you’re different, and I think we should give this thing between us a try. I like you. I like being with you. Just getting this place ready made me happier than I have been in months. I can’t guarantee anything, Spike. Neither can you. But, I just want to be with you."

Spike sighed and stepped forward to embrace his beautiful, thoughtful boy. "This is gonna be messy, pet."

"I can deal with messy; I’m a carpenter with a wet-vac. We’ll deal with it together."

Part Eleven

They just stood there and held each other for awhile, simply content to be in one another’s arms. After a few minutes, Xander gave Spike a squeeze and let him go.

"Let’s hang up your coat, ‘kay?" He took the coat and hung it up on a rack by the door. "Make yourself at home, Spike. It is you know…your home. Um, can I get you something? I, uh, got some Jack, well, Horatio did, but it’s over…"

The boy practically exuded nervousness all of a sudden. Now what? Spike interrupted the babble. "What’s got you all nervous, pet? You can tell ol’ Spike."

Xander blushed and looked down at his feet.

"Something I can do for you, luv? Or, more to the point, something I can do to you?" A wicked smile curved up on Spike’s face.

Xander blushed even harder, if such a thing was possible. "Yeah. I, uh… Oh god, this is so embarrassing."

Spike went over to him, took Xander’s face in his hands, leaned in, and said quietly in his boy’s ear, "Just tell me what you want, Xander. Whisper it in my ear."

Xander put his hands on Spike's hips and whispered his request, the warm air tickling Spike's ear. Spike was a tad surprised.

"You want me to do you?"

"Well, yeah. When you say it like that it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal."

"Never done that before, luv. Well, not with a man, anyway."

"Well, the only man I’ve been with is you. You seemed to enjoy it. A lot. I thought… I’d like to give it a shot. So, how about it, Spike? You wanna ‘boldly go where no man’s gone before’?" Xander said, blushing furiously.

"When you put it that way, pet, " Spike said, slinging Xander over his shoulder and slapping his ass, "…how could I refuse?"

Xander laughed from his upside-down position. "You could’ve just said ‘yes’, Spike."

"Where’s the fun in that?" Spike asked as he tossed Xander down on the bed. Spike began to fling the throw pillows off the bed. "Whose bloody idea was all these soddin’ cushions?"

"Horatio. He said it would make the bed ‘soft and inviting’. I kinda like ‘em."

"‘Soft and inviting’, huh? We don’t have to just get our own kit off, we’ve got to undress the bloody bed, as well."

"Bitch, bitch, bitch," Xander singsonged as he stood up and began to take off his shirt. He was reaching for his zipper when Spike pounced on him, shoving him back down onto the bed.

"Tan lines. Bloody hell, you’ve got tan lines." Spike ran his hands over the breaks between lighter and darker skin greedily.

"Uh. Yeah. It was kinda hot this week, I just wore a tank." He took in the eagerness of his lover’s touch. "So, you’re really likin’ the tan lines, huh?"

Spike smirked, and began to lick along the edges of the lines. He raised his head from his explorations to say, "What do you think, luv?" He took in how dilated his boy’s eyes were; darkened with lust. He pulled back a bit and said, "Scoot up on the bed, Xander. Give a man more room to work."

Xander gasped and complied quickly. "God, I love it when you say my name," he breathed out on a sigh.

Spike took his shirt off quickly and tossed it over on top of the throw pillows. He began to inch his way up Xander’s body whispering, "Xander, Xander, Xander," kissing and tasting every inch of sun-kissed flesh on the way up. When he reached his boy’s face, he whispered, "Xander", again, and captured his lips in a fervent kiss.

Xander wound his arms around Spike’s torso and pulled him down so they had full-body contact from their lips to their toes. Xander wound his tongue around his partner’s, letting it explore the cool, wet cavern as he parted his legs so Spike could lay between them. He hooked his right leg over Spike’s left and rolled them, switching their positions.

The sounds of lips and tongues and heavy breathing filled the room, and the soft rasp of skin touching skin. Xander released Spike’s lips to kiss his way down to the blond man’s nipples, sucking and nibbling on them till they were tight nubs.

Spike panted and moaned before he said, "I dunno if I can do this, sweetmeat. Not that I don’t want to, it’s just…the chip. There is some pain involved a-"

Xander stopped and looked up, worried. "Did I hurt you before?"

Spike’s hand reached up to cup his boy’s cheek. "Only in the best way possible, pet. Vampires like a bit of pain. You made it very good for me if you remember."

Relief filled Xander’s expression. "Good. I didn’t, I don’t want to hurt you. But, I really don’t think you have to worry about the chip. And sweetmeat?"

"Fits don’t it? And why shouldn’t I worry? You’re not exactly experienced in this area."

"Well… Pull open the top drawer and you’ll see what I’m talking about." He gestured with his head towards what used to be Anya’s drawer. He blushed again and Spike was momentarily distracted by the sight of the blush spreading across the tan lines.

"Spike? Drawer."

"Right." Spike reached over and opened the drawer, and paused. "Xan. What the bloody hell are those?"

"Those. Those are butt plugs. In varying sizes. Gifts from the ex."


"Well, according to the helpful salesperson that Anya talked to at the sex shop, they can be used for stretching and getting used to the sensation of being filled. Also as a sexual aid. Anya said, and I quote, that ‘every homosexual man should experience anal penetration from both positions. How else are you going to know whether you prefer being a top or a bottom?’"

"So you’ve been trying these out?"


"That should help a bit, pet, but…"

"There’s more."


"I, uh, had a little conversation with Tara, and, boy, wasn’t that embarrassing. Talking to my lesbian best friend’s semi-ex girlfriend about taking deliveries in the back door. I think I’m traumatized for life. Anyhoo, she cooked us up a little special lubricant, of sorts. We’ll still have to be careful, but it should ‘eliminate any extreme discomfort’. That’s what she said anyway."

"So we got some ‘Sorceress’ Special Slick’, eh?"

"So, um, you up for it?"

"Definitely, luv," he said, grinding his erection into Xander’s hip.


Spike kissed his way back down Xander’s torso. He unbuttoned his trousers and began to draw the zipper down slowly while he looked into Xander’s eyes.

Xander returned the gaze, but his eyes flicked from the blue eyes to the lips drawn into a wicked smirk. He knew where he wanted those lips next.

"Please, baby. No more teasing," he said, his hands twisting in the bedcover.

Spike stood up and pulled Xander’s pants and underwear off in one swift tug. Xander’s heavy erection bobbed out of the clothing and smacked against his abdomen. He felt like his dick was hard enough to cut diamonds.

Spike’s eyes followed the prick, even down to the slight bounce it made against Xander’s belly.

"Now you, Spike. I want to see you, all of you."

"Happy to oblige, sweetmeat."

"Again with the sweetmeat?"

"Get used to it, luv," Spike said as he shucked off the tight jeans, exposing his turgid length. As Spike stepped forward, Xander stood up and reached out, drawing his work-roughened hand down Spike’s staff.

"I want you, Spike. Want you so much. Hurry."

Spike climbed on top of his boy, settling between his legs.

"Kiss me, Spike."

Spike obliged, opening his mouth and running his cool, slick tongue over Xander’s teeth and over his palate, his lips a tight seal around the warm mouth. Xander’s hands were everywhere. He ran them down the smooth skin on Spike’s back and cupped his ass, his fingers caressing his lover’s crease. God, how he loved that ass.

Spike pulled his mouth away from Xander’s with an audible ‘pop’. "Sure you don’t want to do me, luv? Save your deflowering for another night?" He took in a sudden breath when the pressure against his anus deepened, and he writhed against his beautiful boy.

"Nope. Onto the deflowering. Just love your ass. What can I say?" he asked, panting slightly between sentences. "I’ve gone from being a straight breast-man to a gay ass-man."

Spike leaned down for a quick kiss and said, "Gay ass-man?"

"Yup," he replied. "Your ass makes me all kinds of happy. Looking at it, touching it, fucking it." Xander dove in for another kiss. "Besides, we can always make tonight a double-feature. You do me, then I do you." He punctuated his statement by squeezing the cool cheeks tightly in both hands.

"Sounds like a plan," Spike replied, echoing his boy’s words from three weeks ago. He pushed himself downwards to the brown-eyed boy’s navel, flicking it with his tongue, taking the warm, thick cock in his hand. He licked along the pleasure trail and around the base of the shaft, his tongue wriggling through the thick nest of curls.

The phone rang.

"Bloody hell!" Xander exclaimed and Spike laughed.

"Don’t answer it."

"If I don’t answer it, then they’ll be over here knocking down the door again."

At Spike’s less-than-pleased nod, he picked up the phone.

"Hi. Is anyone dead? Almost dead?" He put his hand over the receiver and mouthed ‘Anya’ and rolled his eyes. "Anya. I’m going to say two words to you that I know you’ll understand. Coitus. Interruptus. Bye." He hung up and turned the ringer off on the side of the phone. "I think we can let the answering machine get iiiiiit…oh, god! Do that again!"

Spike did it again; he sucked in the other testicle and rolled them both around in his mouth. Jesus, he loved the feeling of that cool mouth and slick tongue gliding over his balls. He was almost disappointed when the blond released them, lifting them gently with his hand. His hands were so soft for a man, so smooth. He spread his legs wider. Then that wonderful tongue moved farther south, (or would that be around the equator?), as it stroked and sucked on his perineum. Which he now knew the name for thanks to Anya. She was all kinds of helpful.

At the first touch of his lover’s tongue against his hole he tensed up and grabbed the pillow under his head with both hands. Spike chuckled, he could feel the vibrations against his asscheeks.


Spike loved Xander’s reactions. Having experienced the same thing at the boy’s hands three weeks ago, he knew just how wonderful it felt. He wanted to make this good for him, because for Spike, it was all about the one he was with. Everything he had was for his wonderful boy.

"Let’s turn you over, try another angle, eh, pet?" he asked as he rolled Xander over and placed him on his knees, his bum in the air. Spike knelt up as well, running his hands and his lips over the warm back and ass. He thought back to their little discussion about spanking. Hmmm. He gave the firm butt a light smack. Xander made a cute little ‘eep’ noise. Not even a spark from the chip. Brilliant. He slapped the ass a little harder, hard enough for Xander to cry out, startled, as he wriggled his ass.

"Like that do you, sweetmeat?"

All Spike heard was a muffled, "Oh Jesus, Spike, please", as Xan’s head was pressed into the pillow.

"Gonna teach you why they call us pillow-biters, luv. Hold on." Spike grasped the buttcheeks in front of him and held them apart while he stabbed his tongue into the hot channel.

Xander, indeed, bit the pillow. "Baby, yes! More!" he cried as he turned his face away from the pillow.

Spike continued tonguing the tight ass furiously, curling his tongue inside the spasming passage. He had a very long tongue, and he put it to good use. Xander’s hole quivered and grasped at the slick muscle as Spike savored the earthy essence of his boy. He reached under and took the dripping cock in his hand and began to stroke in time with his tongue. The boy’s legs began to quiver and Spike felt his balls begin to tighten. He pressed hard with his tongue and slapped the boys arse with his other hand. Xander came hard, shouting out Spike’s name and shooting his come out over the blond’s hand and the bedspread.

Xander keeled over, panting and shaking, and Spike spooned behind him, lightly stroking his arm and thigh with black polish-tipped fingers. "How was that, then?"

Xander replied, his chest heaving, "Absolutely smashing, to borrow a phrase."

Spike chuckled, reminiscing, "That’s right, luv. Absolutely. Ready for round two?"

"J-just a minute, baby. Gotta catch my breath."

Part Twelve

"Got all night, no need to rush. Why d’ you keep calling me baby? I am more than a hundred and twenty years your senior, Xan."

"Dunno. Just a pet name, I suppose. Why? Does it bother you?"

"I suppose I can put up with it," he said giving Xander an exaggerated sigh. "I’m not giving up calling you sweetmeat any time soon."

"You did call me baby before."

"I like sweetmeat better."

"Well, I can try something else. Um, poopsie?" At Spike’s glare, he added, "Sweetheart?"

"Nope. Too close to sweetmeat. Try again."

"Love-muffin? Pumpkin? Um, cookie-face?"


"I’m grasping at straws here."

"I suppose I could put up with baby until you come up with something better."

"That’s very magnanimous of you."

"Ooh. Big word pet."

"Willow got me a word-a-day calendar. Did you know coming out of the closet was a gift-giving event?"

"Clem gave me Cheetos."

"Geez. I gotta get something for Wills. Say, you still mad at her?"

"About the memory spell? No. I suppose I could be magnanimous about that, since she helped bring us together ‘n all. Still hurt the nibblet, though. Right pissed about that one."

"You’re right, but she is trying Spike. Could you make an effort, for me? Please?"

"I just love it when you beg. Gets me all a-tingle, it does."

"Really?" Xander queried. "Please, baby, do it for Xander. Pretty please with sugar on top?" he asked huskily, turning in Spike’s embrace so he faced him.

Spike captured Xander’s lips in a soft kiss. The boy was a bloody fantastic kisser. Could kiss him for hours. Would, too. But not tonight. Kissing was just the cherry on top of the sundae. And speaking of cherries… "Ready to get the show on the road, sweetmeat?" he asked against kiss-swollen lips.

"Yesss," Xander hissed out as he stroked the marble-hard cock in front of him.

"How do you want to do this then, luv? What position?"

"Well, the ‘Joy of Gay Sex’…"

"’Joy of Gay Sex’?"

"Another Anya-gift. Anyway, it said that, um, spooning is a good position to start with," he continued, his hand never ceasing in its rhythm. "I can’t believe you haven’t come yet. Doesn’t it hurt?" he asked, looking down at the relentless hard-on in his hand.

"A little, but I want to wait till I’m inside of you. ‘Sides, it’s not like I haven’t been wanking away like a soddin’ teenager all week."

"Thinking of me?"

"No one else, sweetmeat. I think your ‘carpenters like to nail things to the wall’ t-shirt is done for."

"Wow. And eww."

Spike chuckled and prodded the relaxed boy next to him. "Turn over luv. Now, where’s the magic grease that the little blonde witch cooked up?"

"It’s the kinda sparkly stuff in the same drawer as the, uh…"

"Gotcha. Hold that thought." Spike reached over Xander, and he took advantage of the situation by grabbing that pale ass for a quick squeeze. "Now, now, luv. Let’s not get distracted," Spike suggested.

Xander waggled his eyebrows and said, "I'm a very bad boy. You should punish me by sliding that hard cock inside my hot ass over and over until I scream."

"Oooh. Little boy thinks he’s a contender with the dirty talk," Spike said as he resumed his position behind Xander on the bed.

"Been practicing. Do you have any idea how long it took before I could say something like that and not giggle like a hyena?"


"So not discussing that right nowwwwww, oh geez, Spike, please," Xander hissed out as Spike began to glide lube-slicked fingers along his moist crack.

"Bring your leg up, Xan," he said, the cool air puffing against Xander’s ear, his body snuggled close.

Xander brought his leg up and Spike pressed one finger into the balmy heat of the boy’s hole. Xander threw his head back, nuzzling Spike’s smooth cheek with his own, slightly stubbly one.

"Spike, god, Spike, that feels so good. More, baby," he demanded enthusiastically.

Spike responded to the demand by sliding in another finger, and spreading them gently. Xander was so ardent in his passion, so demonstrative. He knew he could never give this up. Never would want to. His boy. His.

He pressed the magic spot inside of Xander and the boy cried out, spurting forth nonsensical utterances, utterly devoid of any meaning other than ‘yes’! He whispered urgently in his boy’s ear, "Tell me Xander. Tell me you’re mine."

"Yours, Spike. God, yes. Yours, only yours," he rasped out desperately.

Spike brought his mouth forward to Xander’s and seized it in a zealous kiss. "Oh, luv," he breathed out against his boy’s neck licking and sucking it, listening to Xander’s grunts and moans. He slid in another finger, fueled by a burning need to be inside him, to be as close as he could be. The finger slid in with relative ease, so he tried for a fourth. He wanted to make sure that Xander was relaxed enough. Even with the ‘special sauce’ as he had dubbed it in his head, he didn’t want to risk hurting his Xan.

"You ready, baby?" Spike asked, panting in Xander’s hair.

"Now, yes, now. I want to feel you inside of me."

Spike’s erection hurt, throbbed painfully. He’d put off his orgasm for so long, he’d be damned, (again), if he’d go off before his lovely boy did. He took a deep breath and held it as he slid his cock into Xander.

"Oh my god, Spike!" Xander shouted, grabbing Spike’s arm and pulling it around him, clasping their hands together in front of his chest.

Spike rolled his forehead against Xander’s shoulder and said, "So warm, so bloody tight." Then, in wonder, "I can feel your heartbeat surrounding me."

"Please, please move. I need you. I need to feel you."

Spike began to move slowly, thrusting leisurely. He wanted this to last as long as inhumanly possible. He could feel his own prick warming up from the friction and from the heat surrounding it.

"Spike, hold me, hold me tight," Xander pleaded.

Spike tightened his hold and sped up his thrusts. "Am. Never gonna stop. I'll hold you forever, Xan."

As Spike’s thrusts became even more rapid and deeper, they both lost all ability to speak, merely moaning and grunting and whimpering. Spike could feel the sweat roll off Xander’s back; his hair was damp, his skin slick. He was desperate to come, but the boy had to come first. He tried to pull his hand away so he could give Xander’s dick some much-needed attention.

"No, don’t let me go," he begged.

"’M not, here hold my other hand. I need to touch you luv." He brought his other hand down from where it lay under Xander’s head on the pillow and took a hold of the empty hand. He let his other hand, now released, begin to stroke Xander’s shaft.

Xander came hard and fast, clamping down on Spike fiercely. Spike cried out loudly, his eyes rolling back in his head as he shot his load deep into his boy. They lay there, breathing harshly, still joined together, but reluctant to lose any contact. Spike could feel Xan’s ass throbbing around his sensitive prick, could feel the boy’s heart pounding through his back like a drum.


Xander brought the hand that he held to his lips and began to kiss each fingertip in turn. "That was wonderful, baby. And hey, you called me ‘baby’, too."

"Yeah. Well, it’s a back-up endearment. Sweetmeat’s still the first option. Doesn’t get you out of coming up with one for me."

"So. Let me get this right. I still have to give you a pet name, but we share custody of ‘baby’?"



Spike smiled and kissed his shoulder. He pulled out of the boy carefully, saying, "Don’t want you to get too sore, sweetness."

"Unh, oh," he said softly. "Sweetness?"

"Variation on sweetmeat."

"You’re really pushing the bar high on this pet name thing."

Spike chuckled and rolled onto his back. Xander rolled over and snuggled into his side.

"So, what’s the verdict?" Xander asked.


"Yeah. Which do you prefer, bottom or top?"

"Do I have to choose?"

"Well, no. It would just be nice to know what you like better. I don’t want you to do something you don’t want to do, or feel uncomfortable doing," he said, drawing random patterns across Spike’s muscular torso with his fingertips.

"Liked both, really. T’was amazing; you inside of me, pounding into me hard. Bloody terrific, that. Bein’ inside you was lovely, too. Wonderful feelin’ that close to you. But I felt so connected to you when you were inside ‘o me, as well." He sighed, "I suppose I liked you on top the best, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to roger you on a regular basis."

"A bottom with option to top?" Xander smiled and laughed lightly. "Yeah, I really liked what we did before, too. I guess as the act itself goes, I liked that best. Still liked tonight, though. Really, really liked it. But I think that what made it extra-special tonight was that it was you. Not that it wasn’t before," he hastened to add. "It’s just that this time I was Xander and you were Spike. I’ll always remember what we did as Alex and Randy. But tonight was just us, no magic; nothing was in the way."

"I wouldn’t say there was no magic, Xander. I certainly felt it. Bein’ with you…I’ve never felt this close to anyone. Ever."

Xander swallowed and closed his eyes briefly. When he opened them and looked into Spike’s, his eyes were filled with unshed tears. He reached up and touched Spike’s face. "I know this is sudden, but, I, I love you, Spike."

Spike’s eyes flew wide open in astonishment. "God, pet. If you only knew… I love you, too, Xander. So bloody much. I’ve waited several lifetimes for someone to say that to me."

"Drusilla never…" Xander trailed off disbelieving, his thumb caressing Spike’s lower lip while he spoke.

"No. Not the official words. Danced around them a bit, but it was all for Angelus." He sucked the thumb into his mouth, swirling around the tip with his tongue.

"I’m sorry."

Spike released Xander’s thumb to speak. "None o’ that, luv. It’s all water under the bloody bridge, now."

They kissed languidly, sweetly, whispering ‘I love you’ over and over while slowly mapping out one another’s bodies with their hands. Both too worn out from the sex and the emotion to do much more than that.

"Just think, Spike. This all began with a pair of black satin panties."

"Yeah, still got them don’t you?"

"I thought you got them out of my pocket."

"Nah, luv. You had ‘em."

"Oops. Musta left them in the training room."

"Eh, we’ll get ‘em tomorrow."

"Yeah, tomorrow’s good."

They drifted off to sleep in the rumpled bed, each holding their love in a cuddling embrace.


The next morning, Buffy opened up the shop. Anya said she’d have to get used to it, but it sucked getting up this early on a Saturday. As she walked into the training room, her toe caught on something. She looked down.

"Eww. Panties?"

The End

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